Inside the Dome on The Temple Mount… A rare look inside.

Rare look inside what is suppose to be the altar of the slaying of Isaac….NOT Ishmael. The Romans tore down The Temple in 70 AD.  The Jews went into the world to proclaim The Torah that now looks back to The Seed that was planted to die and then rise again.  It is to Jerusalem that this same Seed will return to reign from a renewed earth.  It will be He that builds an incredible Temple on the earth at the PI of the earth.  Israel sits at 31.4 latitutde longitude…with the same numbers that represent pi 3.14.

The featured picture shows what The Temple looked like.  Now it is desecrated by having Torahless religions sitting on it.  Rome, Methodists, Muslims etc….with the “Jew” only having access to one wall, known as the ‘western wall’ which actually was never part of The Temple….it remains to remind them of what once was… truly was there.

This small area will not hold what is planned for the earth.  It will encapsulate so much of the land of Israel that the mountain is split in two and water will run down the middle giving LIFE to all.

We do NOT need to argue over whether The Temple will be renewed on the earth…because it will.  But, the ‘abominiation of desolation’ is any religion that does not follow God’s instructions known as, The Torah.  When Torah is established back to the earth, men can look back to that stake as see their Messiach’s sacrifice.  Before the Stake they looked forward to The Messiach’s coming.  They saw The Seed planted and then they saw it rise up and remain for 40 days and nights.  Now we look back to a hill that it may have happened on.

I just realized that today day that I write this, is that Day 40 of the Counting of the Omer.  May 10 2018 is 25 Iyyar.  The Ascension of Yeshua… He returns to the heavenlies.

What we see in Jerusalem is DESOLATION….  What our Creator desires is a set-apart people that come together to worship ONE God.  He set apart this small people and small city to declare His ways on the earth.  The fight over this dirt mound is not what is important.

Since Mohammad’s death (Islam’s founder) in 632 AD even his followers are confused on who they should follow.  Thus, two houses exist within Islam.  Ali, cousin and son-in-law to Mohammad, became known as Shia, a contraction of “shiatt Ali”.  Sunnis back Abu Bakr, a friend of the Prophet and father of wife, Aisha.    Thus, we have a father-in-law of Mohammad and a son-in-law to Mohammad battling for headship of Islam today.  Perhaps the world should vote for them so their fighting can stop….but then it seems God’s sets up patterns where brother kills brother….thus eliminiating enemies of Torah.  (Are you Torahless?  Are you an enemy?  God forbid you are….)

Two houses always have division as did the two houses of Israel when Jeroboam and Reaboam split up….into the Northern Tribes and the Southern Tribes of Judah and Benjamin.  Isaiah 66 tells of their dispersion to go out into the world and yet he tells how they will come back after being witnesses to The Torah.  Isaiah also says that when people who know Torah and then go against it will be cast out with those same corpses that ate pig, reptiles and mice…(meaning any unclean food).

Food laws have always been part of God’s way of determining ones heart.  It wasn’t the fruit that cast Adom and Chanoah out, but it was their attitude.   It was the food that showed their heart of disobedience….an ‘I don’t care’ attitude.’   Did they return to God’s instruction?  Yes, but they had a 42-day time of silence before God would talk to them again.  They sinned on  Cheshvan 17 and were not removed until Tevet 1.  Amazingly, they remained in the beautiful Gan of Eden being purified before set into their ‘land from which they were created.’

There are many points to bring out but to keep this short…today I reviewed this video in my archives and decided to post it.  These people secretly filmed this so the world could see what is kept in ‘privacy’ from the world.  Only a MUSLIM can see this rock that is suppose to be Isaac’s sacrifical altar.  Which then patterns to be the ‘crucifixion stone’ of Jesus.  Hmm….how do you get a stake to stand in stone…3 stakes….must be some other location with softer dirt!

Let us stop arguing over the location of The Temple.  But, a Temple should go up unless our Creator will put His feet down directly on top of these false temples and split them apart..and then it will be He that builds the new City.

I’m not going to argue about The Temple but I am for it.  Scripture declares that The Creator does set His feet down on it; so something representing it has to be on the earth.

Let us look at this video and see the rock that they worship and yet we know that we are not to have any item set before us to worship….but only His ways.   It is His blood that was shed in this City for those that want to say YES to His ways.  Following the renewed Torah  with high fences removed kept the original Feasts of The Lord.  They show The Seeds sacrifice of death and shows His return.  The Feasts MUST be put into our hearts and we observe them because we desire to…not because you think you have to.   They are NOT part of salvation….but they are there to celebrate what causes us to be saved….The Lamb’s Blood….40 Jubilees ago.

When a new King is installed, it automatically is a Jubilee year.  In that first year of reign….all things are set in place and can not be changed.

Isaiah 66:22 “For just as the new heavens and the new earth that I am making  will continue in my presence,” says ADONAI, “so will your descendants and your name continue.”

Isaiah 66:23-24 – “Every month on Rosh-Hodesh and every week on Shabbat, everyone will come to worship in my presence, ” says ADONAI.  “As they leave, they will look on the corpses of the people who rebelled against me,  for their worm will never die, and their fire will never be quenched; but they will be abhorrent to all humanity,”

Why?  Some want in the garden but don’t want to apply for citizenship.

Isaiah 66:17 “Those who consecrate and purify themselves in order to enter the gardens, then follow the one who was already there, eating pig meat, reptiles and mice, will all be destroyed together.” says ADONAI.

Adom and Chanoah purified themselves 40 days and Chanoah 80 days before entering the Gan of Eden.  After 7 years they succumb to the one that was already there…a snake who ate reptiles and mice…and perhaps he was big enough to eat a PIG…afterall rats are part of the pig are Havelina’s that I’ve seen in Arizona.   Amazingly, we even make them our pets.

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