Prayer Shawls of Blood

‘Remember the Alamo!

‘Remember the 4 Prayer Shawls of Blood!

NOVEMBER 18, 2014. Cheshvan 25, 5775

Noah’s flood waters began being released 17 Cheshvan for 40 days~

Four men in their prayer shawls were hacked to death. Twenty-six other worshipers, including children, were injured. As the two PA masochists fled they were killed by Israeli police. One policeman critically wounded later died that evening in the hospital. This officer did not know the people in the synagogue but gave his life for justice. Seven souls departed into eternity.

Where did this happen? In Jerusalem! The Palestinian cartoons immediately released showed the pre-meditated ill-intent of the Palestinians. A cartoon with a car driving to the temple mount displayed an axe in the windshield. More cartoons degrading the Jews showed the weapons that were used. One of the cartoons depicted Jordan being involved.

Jordan holds the rights to care for the Temple Mount only. In the last few weeks it’s been said that the Fourth Intifada against Jews has been issued.   How will that care for the Temple?  Cars have been running over Jews and killing them as they sit in public places such as bus and train stations. Today, was a very unusual occurrence to the spilling of blood in a synagogue.

The comments on Face Book have been more than ‘shock and awe.’ Horrific beyond measure to take meat cleavers and mutilate humans. I just returned to the Midwest after visiting The Alamo in San Antonio Texas. I came back to read every detail I could about how men could brutally murder those that desired to surrender. It is the same story line that runs through history. Men that do not value life annihilate while the others just desire change and life.

The load on Israel has been so heavy and yet United States Secretary of State Kerry keeps pressing Israel to STOP building. This was the job of Hilary Clinton during her ‘watch.’ I saw the small little piece of land that she personally drove by to see if any buildings were being erected. It is called the Kidron Valley where the blood of the animal sacrifices would run. It is no more than a mile long and very narrow. The priests would dress in a structure that now held a complex where we were visiting having a meal with friends. The priests would walk through this valley to the Temple. So, you can see that it was not a long walk.

Does brutality bring respect?

Spaniard Mexicans. General Anthony Lopez de Santa Anna did not like that his brother-in-law signed an agreement to end the revolution. Many of the Texican shooters had gone home and left a small group to support the people. It would be a surprise attack by General San Antonio that offered no escape to the men like Davy Crockett, Travis, and James Bowie. A flag of surrender was offered, two Texans captains pleaded personally with San Antonio for men’s lives that desired to surrender and after thirteen days of battle a personal face-to-face final plea by Bowie’s wife would not be heard by the Spaniard Mexican General Antonio. There was only total annihilation offered with NO escape. The besiege lasted thirteen days with a final surprise attack in the cloud-covered cold dark night on March 6, 1936, Adar 17 (full moon).

General Antonio thought the brutality would bring respect to the Mexicans. A call for help from the Texans at the Alamo Mission had gone out to all of America and the world. Fannin was ordered to help, but retreated. (The world of nations hear the cry from Israel, but they also retreat.) When word came of the slaughter a burning desire of justice stirred in the souls of men around the world. Leader James Bowie had fallen sick and lay in his bed. Those who had waited for Fannin’s troops now joined Fannin and others from many states to avenge the death of the Texans. General Antonio had divided up his 2500 remaining men to attend to three different cities. Antonio’s group of 700 terrorists were surrendering in 18 minutes of being attacked. (7 is the number for refining and sifting. They had sifted so severely that they would be put to rest.)


December 7, 1835 Alamo Mayor Veramendi died at his door broken-in.

December 7, 1941 Japan bombs Pearl Harbor. Americas door broken down

December 7, 1944 Japan 8.1 Earthquake

December 7, 2012 Japan 7.3 Earthquake

(December 7, 1941 was 15 Kislev – Japan hosts large earthquakes on 15 Kislev as well; showing God, The Avenger.)

15 Kislev is when the temple was won back in 164 BC by the Macabees with 25 Kislev being the day of re-dedication after 3.5 years…it is known as Chanukah. It took TEN days to clean it up from it’s idolatry.

I want us to ‘Remember the Alamo’ because it reminds us of what is happening to Israel in our time-line. It is the reason for the saying, “Remember the Alamo!” We MUST “Remember Israel!”

Capernium Temple
Capernium Temple

When General Antonio Santa Anna himself was captured, they reminded him of the Alamo! Santa Anna was forced to order his troops out of Texas, ending Mexican control of the province and giving some legitimacy to the new republic. These battles were to remind men of their agreements previously made. The Spaniard Mexicans had to commit to uphold The Constitution of 1824. In this battle on December 3-14 we find a Captain Patton. It would be on December 7, 1835 that the doors of the Veramendi House was breached with Texan Capt. Milan being shot in the head. He is buried where he dropped. If you visit the Alamo you will see the door that was breached on display.

It is also the doors of Israel’s house that has been breached. Not only was a synogugue in Jerusalem the place of slaughter this week on November 18, 2014, 25 Cheshvan, The door is represented in the letter Dahlet and is the number four. The Dahlet, ד letter appears to look as a door that swings.

The Torah is trying to be destroyed as it is the DOOR to our worship that draws us to God. The Alamo was a mission whose doors were destroyed and this door, synagogue (place to meet G-d) has now been violated. It represents faith on this earth being destroyed and cast down. The door to God is being closed unless righteous men keep it open. Repentance to God is critical. Isra’el means, rules with el (G-d). Jacob’s name was changed to Israel. Jacob’s manner of birthing even indicates that his spirit would overcome that of Ishmael. God gave Jacob the name Isar’el after he struggled with God at Bethel all night long. He desired God and would not let go until God would bless him.

Temple Mount Slaughter Fall 2014
Temple Mount Slaughter Fall 2014

Men wave their hands in praise of these slaughters when instead they should be rushing to defend the righteous. Scripture says that It is a fearful thing to be in the hands of an angry God.

Israel, to appease the world, has honored the agreement of not building. Now that agreement has expired. Foreigners invade and take over any country where building is NOT allowed by the original owners. America is feeling these pains as her own land is invaded by those that enter it illegally. Perhaps God is avenging her children by issuing that curse on a nation that will NOT stop telling Israel to divide her land. An eye-for-eye is seen in Americas judgment.

A righteous anger has risen in my being that I find myself just crying out to our Creator. It is He who has been cast out and mutilated. Do we NOT understand who ‘The People of the Book’ are? The Torah reading this week was on the Life of Sarah. We learned that in order to be blessed you must be a blessing to God’s children. There is only one way of blessing and it is through the words of the Torah. Sarah’s children carry the words of God to the world.

These four men with their families were seeking the face of G-d when they were slaughtered with hand-axes and guns. One dead victim was laying on his back with no blood showing on the front of his prayer shawl. You can not see his head. Thus, we see he was struck from the back and was unaware of his attacker. What sense of victory is that for a warrior terrorist? There can only be SHAME in such weakness. It is Shame to Allah who teaches such wickedness. Shame on King Abdullah for encouraging such actions. These are not Jews hiding behind a bush as Allah says to chase them and kill them! These are Jews NOT in hiding, but openly serving their living God.

It was brutal and blood filled God’s temple floor in Zion. As I saw a blood path from a body that must have been drug across the floor leaving a wide path, it reminded me of the crucifixion of our Messiah. Psalms tells us every one of his joints was out of place. The Temple Mount is stained with blood and the Torah is trampled on.

The black leather bands on the arms of the slain represent the scriptures that instruct us to have God’s instructions (Torah) on our minds and on our arms so we walk daily instructing our children as we walk. By removing these symbols, men are removing God’s instructions. This is man’s problem and yet we don’t recognize the signs given to us. God’s instructions are for all men and not just the Jew. They are our example to follow and yet we call the Jew a wretched people. SHAME! Jesus never stopped being a Jew.

The Alamo Mission had been turned into a fighting fortress. It had started as a worship place by Spaniards. Oh, how appropriate it is for Spain today that after two hours of these horrific murders occurring in a synagogue, they stood up at an European Union convention and recognized Palestine as a state. The EU as no rights to recognize any state. Israel’s accord is with the United Nations.

The Spaniard Mexicans at the Alamo had no respect for life nor do Spaniards today. Today’s terrorists are applauded for their destruction on humanity. And, it was Spain who kicked the Jews out in 1492. It was Columbus who brought God’s children in his boats to scatter them into the world away from Europe’s annihilation. There is only SHAME on Spain today and thirty-two nations who have joined to support the PLO in their plea for a state.

Today’s slaughters were an Israeli Policeman, three of God’s children were American/Israeli and one was an British/Israeli; four wrapped in prayer shawls. These sacrifices came from the corners of the world returning home. If the world does NOT open their eyes to this slaughter, from the sake of propaganda that has been spread, then it deserves to feel the discipline of their Creator. They are no better than the Fannis Force who retreated and did NOT bring help to the Alamo.

It was the Texicans who changed the government of tyranny to justice in the west. Will it be the Americans who rise up and remove the people of tyranny on this earth. When will we say NO to Sharia law? It starts with Israel. If we let them make their human sacrifices on the altar of Yahweh, then we are guilty above all. This is an abomination of abominations. The sacrifice of the children in Jerusalem in our modern day is NOT permissible. This ultimate sacrifice of God’s children was allowed for an entire Shemittah cycle (7 years) and is known as the Holocaust of 1938 – 1945. Six million Jews, gypsies, any non-Ariel lead to thirteen million plus deaths. And, we must remember that those people never had a chance to reproduce which is a command from Creation.

The massacre of innocent blood in Jerusalem MUST stop. The enemy has to be removed. It is the ‘Yood of Elohim’ that people MUST see. But perhaps, “if they won’t believe one that comes back from the dead,” they won’t believe what is written either.

WHAT DAY WAS IT 58 Years ago, Cheshvan 24 1956?

2014, Seven men lie dead!1956, Seven key objectives had been met!

It was the ‘Cease Fire’ of the Israeli Sinai War. Gaza, Sham’el Sheikhm. Israel had gained access all the way to the Indian Ocean. Egypt had closed off this ocean to Israel so Israel was forced to fight. Read about the Sinai War. God was truly in charge and He gave them Gaza and MORE…………

This my readers is what God is still talking about today! It was a mistake to give the fake Palestinians a city to call their own. The world continually declares Israel unfair if she expands. World pressure gave the PLO Gaza in 2005. Gaza had beautiful gardens and was very productive. Today, it is a haven for terrorists and is a SHAME to the earth.

Palestinians are not the Philistines of the bible; but are Jordanians were told they could not come home. In today’s cartoons, Jordan is represented and thus behind the slayings. It is the King of Jordan last week who refused to send his leadership to attend a ceremony recognizing the 20th Anniversary of the 1994 Peace Accord. At that Peace Accord Clinton shook hands with Yatzar Arafat with him claiming The Nobel Peace prize. This was the beginning of the world associating the name Palestinian with the Arabs. Even as far back as 1920’s when Jews would make aliyah (return) to the home land, it was called Palestine. It’s always been Palestine to the Jews. It would be President Truman in 1948 that crossed through the word Palestine and wrote in Israel when recognizing them as a nation.

The Jordanians now live in Gaza where the Philistines lived, but they are NOT the Philistines. Let’s not forget Goliath of whom David slew was a Philistine and lived in Gaza. Samson also lived in Gaza but as a righteous Philistine before God.

It is Jordan that the bible shows us that will come down and try to put it’s name on Jerusalem. The State of Israel is the State of Israel. Prime Minister BB Netanyahu said it correctly last week, “If anyone is found to hurt Israel and it’s people they will no longer be a citizen of Israel and there will be JUST punishmen.”

The Jordanians not only refuse to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the 1994 Peace Accord, they have slaughtered on holy ground.

In the Torah Lesson this week, Abraham’s life is reviewed. He was a rich foreigner living amongst non-Torah people. His love for his wife caused him to buy the first real estate recorded for the Jewish nation in the bible. That cave holds the remains of his children and their wives. The Cave of Machpelah in Hebron today is held in control by Muslims. Israel gave Hebron and the Temple Mount in Jerusalem to the Arabs to control for the sake of peace. Israel deemed that if they were in charge of protecting the sites, then they would not destroy the treasured sites. But, if peace is NOT Jordan’s goal, they need to be returned to Israel of whom won them in their battles.

God has established Israel a foot hold with Jerusalem as the footstool of God on the earth. Jerusalem is where God is to be recognized as Yehovah through the people that live there. He promised Abraham much more than that city. He gave Abraham every place that Abraham had set his foot. He was a wanderer and set his foot in many places. This shows us that God desires ‘The Book of this People’ to be taken to all the world.

The Battle for Jerusalem as the capitol of any nation was never in dispute in our time-line because as Christians we all recognize Israel and Jerusalem as being synonymous. It is Satan working through Allah that has crept in the deceit of this matter. The current Rome hopes to rule from there. Satan has influenced Islam to want it even thought their history surrounds Medina and Mecca.

Israel has allowed Arabs to control places in Israel only in appeasement for peace. God has his time table of true peace and the scales of the eyes-of-deception must fall.

I’m going to liken this to a brother-in-the-Lord whose name is Sh’ual. The scales from this Jewish man’s eyes fell off as God quickened him to stop persecuting the Jews. The disciple Paul was killing followers of Jesus/Yeshua known as g-d-fearers. Sh’ual did not stop being a Jew once he preached Yeshua. Yeshua was a Pharisee as well and did NOT stop being a Jew once He died on the stake. He arose from the dead fulfilling prophecies about himself. He arose and walked for forty days confirming Torah, never removing one tittle. He did not have a new message to give them except for the fact that now he could openly reveal that He is all that the Torah speaks of. Torah is the way of life and He is living it out so they now see it and we can live it out as well.

It was a shock to every Jew that all foreigners following Torah could be counted as righteous. In the first century we see them called God Fearer. It did not take circumcision of the flesh to become a Jew, but it was a circumcision of the heart.

Paul was a Pharisee above other Pharisees. Once he heard Yeshua tell him to stop kicking against the goads (teachers), Paul stopped. They both were in agreement with the studies of Gamaliel. The converts to Yeshua as the Messiah did not abandon belief in The Torah given by Mosche. Yeshua’s coming actually showed how he filled-up or completed what is still the Torah. There is one body and it is in The Torah. Yeshua/Jesus is the living Torah in the embodiment of God.

Today’s Palestinians, persecute Jews, Christians and anyone not following their religious beliefs. They have made themselves judges over the earth. Palestinians are misunderstanding their role as Ishmael’s children through Abraham. Ishmael was an heir as well as Issac. But, Issac represents the heart and not works. It is the spiritual side of us that determines our eternity. It will be the spiritual heart that comes close to serve in the sanctuary. Ishmael was not rejected and actually told he would become many nations. Those nations would submit to the heart that was in Isaac.

Parenting is difficult as we continue to see in the personalities of Jacob and Esau, the children of Isaac. Jacob won the heart of his mother who was more conniving perhaps, as we see she took her father Laven’s idols when leaving that land. She saw the soft heart in her son Jacob that she desired for herself. Isaac was soft-hearted and admired Esau’s skills. Parenting is for us to develop children who are obedient to God. It is not to fill a need we have in our own lives.

Today we have many people who desire to please their parents by perhaps following in their foot steps to become a doctor or dentist, or a teacher or truck driver. Or, perhaps that child is being groomed for a political career or spiritual life. My husband has always told our children to do what their heart desires and not just what will make them the most money in this world.

Scripture tells us that men devise their own ways, but God directs their path. God does not tell us what to do, but we seem to find paths that we’re on and then it is up to us to follow or go against that path. People want to know the will of God, but they don’t ask if this path is God’s will for God. Whose will do we really want in our lives?

In the Battle for Jerusalem, nations try to prove why it should be there capitol. Again, it is not for man to decide on that city as Jerusalem only belongs to God. Jews understand this very well as they never own land in Israel. It is a city for all nations to come to in worship the true and living God. God is the one that has the say-so as to what represents Him from His foot stool.

I came from a Roman Catholic up-bringing in my youth to a bible believing person to a Hebrew-studying individual. As I view religions and what they have done to our world, there is one thing I can confirm: God is the maker of all human flesh and He desires that none perish. There has been way too much blood shed, all in the name of a religious belief.

God is not a god of religion, but He is a god of relationship. God cleanses the land that He desires His children to obtain. God opens the eyes of the blind to Torah. God opens the eyes to Messiah being Yeshua. God directs the paths of men so they can choose to follow or not.

Have these four men, who were seeking to learn God’s Torah, died in vain? It has moved me to be angry at senseless slaughtering; and yet I find myself writing of what I’ve been learning. It is those that desire to be as Abraham and live as foreigners on this earth that God will raise up and bless. It will be they that the world is blessed through.

We are NOT without hope…..we have a living God who is active in men’s lives. It will be He that is the avenger. The synagogue masochists did NOT make it to a place of hiding. The ‘place of refuge’ is only for those that harmed someone and did NOT mean to cause harm.

Cartoons were ready to show the world the moment the massacres occurred. Jordan was at the head and should have it’s head cut off. It should now ‘take back’ its refugees. They should be sent home… never to return. They are foreigners in the ‘land of Israel.’ They are in a land that has a God that responds to prayer. God’s response to Israel’s enemies is, “No, you must move on as you are no longer welcome. There is room on the outside, but not on the inside.”

Abraham’s family are no longer foreigners. They have their own land and God intends for them to keep it. This land will be purified and cleansed just as Joshua cleansed it when crossing without Mosche. Joshua stayed obedient and became a soldier of purification. He lead the charge to remove the foreigners as he witnessed the ‘Yood of Elohim’ win their battles. They went in as a team and even set up families on the outside to protect their backside.

Today, it is those of us on the outside that will support those on the inside. If we don’t, God will bring a curse of destruction. We must not be Fannin’s Force that retreats and does not show up for the battle. We must NOT forsake our brothers. This slaughter at The Alamo will be avenged. It should make us angry and make us willing to give our own lives for justice.

Joshua 10:12-14 begins the verses of how Adonai listened to the words of a man, Joshua, “Sun, stand motionless over Giv’on! Moon, you too, over Ayalon Valley.” 13. So the sun stood still and the moon stayed put, till Isra’el took vengeance on their enemies.” 14 There has never been a day like that before or since, when Adonai listened to the voice of a man; as it happened because ADONAI was fighting on Israel’s behalf.

This is the picture of what it will be like when God take vengeance. There will only be light and no darkness. God will throw men into confusion and kings will hide in caves. These kings will be removed, displayed for public viewing and then buried right where they hid. Men can NOT hide from their Creator. Messiah is that light that shines from Zion and darkness can NOT prevail.

Joshua 1:6 “Be strong, be bold; for you will cause this people to inherit the land I swore to their fathers I would give them. 7 Only be strong and very bold in taking care to follow all the Torah which Mosche my servant ordered you to follow; do not turn from it either to the right or to the left; then you will succeed wherever you go. 8 Yes, keep the Torah on your lips, and meditate on it day and night, so that you will take care to act according to everything written in it. Then your undertakings will prosper, and you will succeed. 9 Haven’t I ordered you, ‘Be strong, be bold’? So don’t be afraid or downhearted, because ADONAI your God is with you wherever you go.”

Remember Pearl Harbor

Remember The Alamo

Remember ISRA’EL

Ezekiel killed 450 false prophets
Ezekiel killed 450 false prophets -Megiddo Valley

IsraEL is our Battlefield!

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