He Went Out – TURKEY Gog

Vayetze, ‘He Went Out’

Genesis 28:10-32:3, Hos 12:13-14:10 Matt 3:13 – 4:11

Jacob’s third set of Shemittah’s

7+ 7+ 6 = 20 Years with Laban

21st Year – Shamat – Year of Shaking

Pope Francis ‘went out’ to Turkey/Gog 3-day visit Nov 28-30, 2014.

Christians, Muslims and people of all faiths to end fundamentalism.”


Turkey Day (Thanksgiving) 5 Kislev in America, November 27, 2014

6-8 Kislev 2014

  1. Pope meets with world’s orthodox Christians spiritual leader 3 days, Friday. Saturday, Sunday.

  2. Friday, at Capitol Ankara Turkey, Pope urged Muslim leader to condemn barbaric violence.

  3. Sunday, on feast day of Orthodox Church, Francis and Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew declared joint declaration. 1054 AD church had a split.

  4. Saturday, Pope Francis bowed to Bartholomew and asked for his blessing hoping to end schism.

  5. Saturday, Francis stood next to Turkey’s Grand Mufti of Istanbul in 2-minute silent prayer in sultan Ahmet Mosque, showing respect to Islam, desiring stronger ties between their two faiths.

  6. Saturday, Francis visits main Byzantine church in Constantinople/Istanbul, Haghia Sofia museum.

The Catholic and Orthodox churches split in 1054 over differences on the primacy of the papacy, and there was a time when patriarchs had to kiss popes’ feet. Francis bowed to Bartholomew and asked for his blessing in Francis’ hope to end the schism.

Shabbot…Yaran gave Francis a tour of the mosque, blue tiles and cascading domes known as the Blue Mosque. Francis took part in a Muslim prayer alongside the grand mufti of Istanbul. Francis stood with his head bowed and hands clasped in front of him in two minutes of silent prayer inside the 17th-century Sultan Ahmet Mosque, aiming to show respect for Islam and encourage stronger ties between the two faiths. “May God accept it,” Rahmi Yaran, the grand mufti of Istanbul, told Francis at the end of the prayer.

Francis visited the nearby Haghia Sofia museum which was the main Byzantine church in Constantinople – present-day Istanbul – before being turned into a mosque following the Muslim conquest of the city in 1453. They desire it to be a mosque again.

In meetings with Turkish leaders in the capital Ankara on Friday, Francis urged Muslim leaders to condemn the “barbaric violence” being committed in Islam’s name against religious minorities in Iraq and Syria. He reaffirmed that military force was justified to halt the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) group’s advance, and called for greater dialogue among Christians, Muslims and people of all faiths to end fundamentalism.

Report 11.30.2014 AlJazeera and agencies

What day was this? Kislev 8

Vayetze “He went out”, Genesis 28:10-32:3, Hosea 12:13-14:10; Matt 15:16.

It was Jacob’s instruction (torah) on leaving Laban’s camp of false idols. He took his two brides, children, concubines, servants and all belongs with him. His father in-law chased him for ‘seven’ days to retrieve what Laban thought was his. God intervened in a dream to stop Laban from harming Jacob. Rachel did not tell Jacob about the idols when they were approached by Laban. She did not return the stolen idols to her father. She sat on them saying she was on her period and could not get up. We see she will have Benjamin on this trip and thus she was a thief, deceiver and liar.

False religion grows larger when one false religion joins another false religion. Orthodox Christianity, Catholicism, and Islam are seen as praying together and blessing one another during the Pope’s visit to magog (Turkey). The Pope requested that all faiths get rid of fundamentalism.

Question: What is fundamentalism? “The term usually has a religious connotation indicating unwavering attachment to a set of irreducible beliefs.” You may want to look this word up as it continues to change in its definition. But, if we take it as ‘a set of irreducible beliefs,’ then these religious leaders are all compromising their standards of worship to the god they believe in. The Koran says what it says, or it doesn’t. The bible says what it says, or it doesn’t. Is this why there are over 38,000 religions today? Everyone sees what is right in their own eyes.

Should people believe ALL the words of an infallible Pope? Should Muslims believe ALL the words in the Koran spoken by Mohammad? Should Christians believe ALL the words of Jesus? And finally, should Jews believe ALL the words of Torah? If men take only the parts they feel comfortable to live with, then are they really full Catholics, or full Muslims, or fully a Jew? Thus, we feel the frustration of Muslims who want to follow Allah in how they see his teachings that seem peaceful to them. But, these peaceful Muslims find themselves at war with their brothers who take their religion verbatim as it reads. The early crusades killed people, ‘all in the name of Jesus’, forcing people to convert to the state religion. Today, the Fundamental Christian is being black-listed by the government as dangerous.

Our world today has many religions, witches, Satan worshipers, atheists and those that just do not care to think about it. These writing are stories that hopefully should bring sense to the ways of God. They are from our lives today connecting to the ways of the past. If we do NOT learn from the past, we repeat it.

Let’s review the Torah reading that Jews and Christians around the world are studying this week. As they study the scriptures, the headlines of world religions meeting together do not surprise them. They see the pattern of Adonai and the patterns of history repeating itself. It may not identical, but it is similar. It may have the same theme or lessons. It is a deeper study known as ramez. The ‘handprints’ of our Creator will show up as we search for the deeper meaning.

Yeshua said there is no place on this earth to rest his head. There is to be no building, but the one temple will be built per God’s instructions and in the places that He designates. Man is the temple of worship as the spirit dwells in man today. A cathedral or blue-tiled building turned mosque and now museum are just facades made by man to their own edification. Churches turn into business centers and exercise establishments.

When Jacob ‘went out’, he left empty-handed. Easu was the hunter and herdsmen and had wealth. Jacobs attempt at home to get an inheritance was carnal and did not work. Let’s watch as we see Jacob change.

Genesis 27:41-46 reveals Rivkah (Rebecca),his mother, telling Jacob to leave as she heard that his brother, Esau, wanted to kill him. This story is not just about selling an inheritance for a bowl of soup. It is about the heart. We see this same story-line as today’s brothers of blood seek to kill each other and take each others blood. Spiritual and blood brothers having problems for over a thousand years are trying to be resolved as the Pope, Orthodox Christianity and Turkey’s Grand Mufti meet to resolve hundreds of years of differences. Jacob did not resolve his differences with Esau and therefore had to leave.

Genesis 28 reveals what type of wife Jacob was to choose. She could not come from Kena’an/Canaan. Jacob’s first choice of Rachel for a wife was for vanity. Leah was not dark and beautiful, but fair with blue eyes. Rachel, as Jacob, having deceptive spirits and thus it will be Jacob’s first wife, Leah, who will birth Y’hudah (praise) Gen 29:32. This is through whom the Messiah will come.

Rachel, as much as we love her, is seen dying giving birth to her second son, Benjamin. She is buried outside the city of Jacob’s destination. Jacob will settle at Hebron where King David will set up his reign. It is Leah that is memorialized at Hebron today with Jacob (Isra’el).

Sarah Abraham IsraEL Leah Adam Eve
Sarah Abraham IsraEL Leah Adam Eve

The patriarchs and matriarchs, Abraham, Sarah, Isaac, Rebecca, Jacob and Leah lie in state in Hebron at HaMacphelah. Ariel Sharon came through Hebron’s gates at this huge memorial building claiming the city.

Rachel was only familiar with her fathers ways of worship. Once Jacob found the idols with her, he removed them from his household. Genesis 31:32 Jacob’s words witness against his favorite wife as he speaks to Laban, “if you find your gods with someone, that person will not remain alive. So with our kinsmen to witness, if you spot anything that I have which belongs to you, take it back.”

Rachel has given birth to Yosef /Joseph (may he add), but will later die giving birth to Benjamin. Genesis 35:18-20. She names him ‘son of my grief’, but Jacob renames him ‘son of the right hand, son of the south.)

Jacob/Isra’el set up a standing stone for Rachel. Rachel’s memorial is outside of today’s Hebron, held tightly under Arab control. It was full of weeds and not managed when I visited it in 2009. It was a sorry site for such a person of renown. It has a small military stone platform on it that we climbed into with a single Israeli guard protecting tourists. Arabs discourage Jews from this site. We were in an armored bus in Hebron protected with Israeli guard supervision. It reminded me of Cairo Egypt with shanty Arab shops down a row of streets. I believe God designed history this way so humans are not lifted up and exalted. Today, the problem is that evil humans are lifted up and exalted. Shame! Shame! Shame!

Rachel could not seem to give up her father’s idols. She was not trusting God and clulng to her false gods to help her get pregnant. She was even using mandrakes to help her infertility. Rachel’s heart was bitter. It must be in our heart to send any false god away from our ourselves and our kinsmen. Our kinsmen become witnesses to what we consider, ‘truth’. It is not God’s instruction (torah) that is cast out, but falseness in our lives.

We see God revealing Himself to Jacob in dreams and Laban will see God in a dream. Jacob’s dream stirs in him a desire to establish his house for Adonai. Laban’s encounter only stops him from destroying Jacob and his own daughters with their children. After twenty years of seeing Jacob being blessed by God, Laban is still clueless on how to tap into that blessing. He only desires to retrieve his false idols. The Shemite line of Noah is struggling with idolatry. Jacob could not take a wife from Canaan and yet his mother’s family is full of idol worship as well. The clans of our generation are still battling over who has the right god.

King David desired to build God a house as he himself had a great place in Hebron and felt guilty. God did not desire a house but allowed Solomon to build a temple at Salem/Jerusalem. We see Jacob’s struggle at “Beit-El’ and what it took to get a name change.

These are somber verses, but we see them in action this weekend in the religions these men represent and in the Torah story called, Vayetze, “He went out.” These men have ‘gone out’ and as Jacob ‘went out.’ Abraham’s children have influenced the world for 3895 years when finally the Jewish people were given a nation in 1948. Count this as ‘amazing’: Abraham was born in 1948 BCE and the State of Israel was born 1948 AD. The Nation of Isra’el is 67 years old in 2015. The Jews were designated to be given Palestine in 1945 as a place to return. 2015-1945 is SEVENTY YEARS – 10 Shemittah cycles. Shemittah year to Shemittah year. They have been sifted through the current holocaust and proven worthy by our Creator to be a Nation. A pact was made for a people the world still rejected.

Today, December 3, 2014 Rueter news reports that Prime Minister BB Netanyahu has fired his cabinet. He was re-elected in 2013 having to bring with him two nationalists. His term went to 2017. He fired those two as they badgered him with the world’s view that Israel should NOT build in certain areas. They also disagreed with a mandate being presented that Israel be called a ‘Jewish’ state.

Twenty percent of the people in Israel are Arab. The land of Israel has to be purified of ‘idolatry’. It can have NO other gods mandating legislation. It can NOT have Esau’s influence of Canaan in it.

March 17, 2015, Adar 26; in the year of the Shemittah (7th cycle), new elections will be held. 70 years of being sifted by this world and God has brought them to an election of strength: Ultra Nationalists and Orthodox Jewry. The beautiful wife of idolatry will be left at the gate and not brought in. The fruitful Leah will manifest the ‘first’ anointed stone in the bible. That stone was the Aleph-Tav stone. God’s name including every word spoken by God. Tav is the sign of the covenant. The sign of a stake of which Messiah died on for our sins.

There is no ‘it’ in Hebrew. The name of the ladder was ‘salvation’. The angels name that was ascending and descending was “Salvation.’ The struggle with this Angel brought Jacob salvation and changed his name to Isra’el. The ladder’s name was ‘Yeshua’ (Salvation).

Revelation 22:11 “Whoever keeps acting wickedly let him go on acting wickedly; whoever is filthy, let him go on being made filthy. Also, whoever is righteous, let him go on doing what is righteous; and whoever is holy (set apart), let him go on being made holy.”

Jacob’s first dream was going to Paddan-Aram, to Lavan, son of B’tu’el the Arami, the brother of Rivkah, Jacob and Esau’s mother.

Verse 28:16 “Jacob awoke from his sleep and said, “Truly ADONAI is in this place….and I didn’t know it!” Then he became afraid and said, “This place is fearsome! This has to be the house of God! This is

the gate of heaven!”

He had put his head on a stone as the sun set and now he gets up early in the morning and took the stone, Eben, from under his head and set it up as a standing-stone, poured oil on top of it and named the place “Beit-El” (house of God).

This was the same place that Abraham had set up an altar for Jacobs’ father, Isaac, who allowed himself to be a sacrifice. Jacob heard the stories of faith from his father, Issac, who as a man of thirty-seven years old at the time, of whom walked with his father Abraham carrying the bundle of wood three days. Jacob had just walked three days as well, to find God’s angels descending and ascending ministering on earth.

Abraham knew about Adonai’s power to resurrect. He was trusting for Isaac to be resurrected by God. It was that three-day walk to separate from the world’s ways that brought them to Mt. Moriah. Mt. Moriah is where the Biblical Jewish Temples once stood. It is where the Al-Aqsa mosque now sits. It is where the Catholic Orthodox Church sits. It is where religions from the world have set up their sites. It is this site that the Grand Mufti, the Pope and the Orthodox Christians desire to obtain as their holiest of sites on the earth. These kings unite together to keep it from Jacob.

The world has a Greek manner of thinking that buildings mean occupation and rights. At Ground Zero in New York City the One World Trade Center opened on November 4, 2014. I will write more about George Washington and the prayers he lifted up at this exact site where a little church still stands. It took fourteen years to see it open and $3.9 billion dollars. Three blocks from it sits a new mosque. They wanted it directly on the site, but America did say, “No.” Three blocks to a large mosque I can see from the new skyline. I am all for freedom of religion, but this is what says God will not tolerate at His foot stool.

Ezekiel discusses the days situation and then he also goes into the future. Ezekiel 43:7-9, “He said, ‘Human being, this is the place for my throne, the place for the soles of my feet, where I will live among the people of Isra’el forever.’

“The house of Isra’el, both they and their kings, will never again defile my holy name by their prostitution, by (burying) the corpses of their kings (on) their high places, or by placing their threshold next to my threshold and their door-frames next to my door-frames, with only a common wall between me and them.”

“Yes, they defiled my holy name by the disgusting practices they committed; which is why I destroyed them in my anger. So now, they put their prostitution at a distance and the corpses of their kings far away from me; then I will live among them forever.”

Our Creator Adonai has many more things to say, but let’s speed up to Ezekiel 47:8. He brought Ezekiel back to the entrance of the house where he sees water flowing eastward from under the threshold for the house faced east. It’s an incredible description as I can relate to it because I saw the stones marking the graves pushing right up against the current temple walls. I saw clothes hanging out to dry on the wall that is the temple wall. Pop cans were dropped onto the Temple Mount from this apartment. I witnessed the churches that share a wall with this holiest of holy places known as the Temple Mount but today it called by the Muslim.

But, I have to share one last thing that shows you this is future. Have you visited the Dead Sea? I have and I have floated in it. It is full of minerals and heals the body. It’s going to have living animals in it. When?

Ezekiel 47:8 “He said to me, “This water flows toward the eastern region and continues down to the ‘Aravah. When it enters the sea, the sea of stagnant water, (the Dead Sea,) its water will become fresh.

When this happens, swarms of all kinds of living creatures will be able to live in it wherever the streams flow…….”

Lavan agrees to have Jacob help with his sheep even though Lavan and Jacob’s sheep are three days apart. Today it is Isra’el that helps rescue people in other nations. It will be another three days before Laven realizes that Jacob has gone back to his home land in Kena’an. Genesis 31:22-23: Laven travels seven days to catch up with Jacob to retrieve his idols. His anger is fierce within him but God intervenes in calming Laven not to destroy Jacob and his own daughters. The Shemittah is represented here. It is that seventh day that sees the strongest sifting that finally brings ultimate purification and rest.

SEVENTY YEARS of purification – Spring1945 ended the Holocaust with Palestine open to Jews. Netanyahu called new elections March 17 2015, Adar 26. Adar month of celebrating Esther and a year of purifying their enemies. Both carry Shemittah description; to let fall, the casting down, wiped away, set free, redemption.

SHEMITAH TO SHEMITAH, 1945-2015 – TEN Shemittah cycles have elapsed. Ten generations of cycles. The Hand of God is represented in TEN. Yood’s numerical value is TEN. Yood is the strong CLOSED hand of God. Kauf (11) is the OPEN hand of God. The strong hand of God in these 10 generations shows us the accomplished work of God in 70. Seventy years and yet three years until

perhaps another change. The HEART must be one of Leah. Leah who worshiped her husband and desired him every day. Three years into the Shemittah cycle will be 70 years as a nation. 1948-2018.

Will it take the new 2015 120-member Knesset three years to bring about the next temple? Will the Orthodox Jews push the spiritual agenda to find the next Shemittah cycle being the cycle of ‘The Temple’? It took Leven a Shemittah week (7 days) to catch Jacob. God intervened and told Leven not to harm Jacob. But, he could take his false idols from Jacob’s house if he found any. I pray BB Netanyahu is found worthy to lead the Israelites into the future idol free. The world is to look to this ‘City on a hill’ that is lite up with majesty, the ‘Living Torah’, Yeshua.

Be sure to note the days of these leaders meetings. It was three days and on the Sabbath. It is the day that all Jews pray for safety against their enemies. Friday, was also the day that the United Nations declares Gaza a flood disaster area. They had experienced two days of rain, closing 63 schools. Gaza just came out of a war with Israel known as Protective Edge. A Fourth Islamic Intifada is believed to have been called to ‘shake off’ any Jew.

Cheshvan 25, November 18, 2014, ten days earlier, four men wrapped in prayer shawls were mutilated in their Jerusalem Synagogue. It was horrific. A Druid police officer gave his life with 26 people injured.

Temple Mount Slaughter Fall 2014
Temple Mount Slaughter November 8 2014

I see God purging Gaza as Jews and people around the world request the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob come to their aide. There are no accident with Adonai, my friends. The ‘Yood of Elohim’ is strong on this earth. Last weeks 2014 Torah study was ‘Toldot’, “Generations.” God does not want us to forget the generations and where He desires His footstool on His earth.

The message for Islamists, the Popes and Orthodox Christianity are not to bring idolatry into God’s house. Men who are found to worship idols will die. Today, this sec of religion is known as Chrislam. They take the Christ of the New Testament and attach Mohammad’s beliefs of the Koran. Even, American’s President Obama was sworn into office with his hand on a Koran. It has always been the bible that people swear by, but no longer. Men have always considered the bible to be, ‘The truth and nothing but the truth, so help me God,’ Man’s conscious today tells him it is okay to lie under oath. It is the end that is more important than the means. Today men desire to swear by another god named, Allah.

Our Creator tells us not to take His name in vain or swear by Him. We are NOT to invoke him in decisions that sinful men think that God will agree. God’s ways are not mans ways. Men do not fully understand the ways of God. We should always tell the truth because that is the character of Adonai that created us. God knew when Sarah laughed in her heart about her having a baby in her old age. We can hide nothing from God. But, the deceiver tells his followers to lie. This spirit is not of the spirit that was in the place that Jacob declared was, ‘Beit El.’ The House of God. Gen 28:19.

Why does it not surprise me that the timing of the Spiritual leaders meeting this last week began on Friday. It was the Eve of Shabbot, Shabbot and then Sunday, the first day of the week. It was the same time as Jacob laying his head on a stone that evening. The sun had set and it was the beginning of a new day. It represents the Sabbath. It was a special day in the 7th year of the Shemittah cycle. Perhaps it pictured the future ‘Feast of Tabernacles’. He came through judgment and then set up his new house.

We see Jacob beginning at Luz that is named Beit ‘El. He returns to this very spot recognizing it as the ‘Gate to heaven’ and calls it Beit ‘El. He deals with Esau and She’chem and then God instructs him to go back to Beit-El. His name is then changed to Isra’el. Genesis 35:10 and God reveals His name, “I am El Shaddai. Be fruitful and multiply.” Jacob anoints a standing stone confirming the name El Beit-El (God of Beit-El).

We find that Mosche walked the steps of father Abraham, Isaac and Jacob (Isra’el). All the steps he walked would become the ‘footstool’ of Adonai.

Today, men met in Turkey which is ancient Gog. Gog is the head leader and is the leader of the magogs (little leaders). This weekend the world’s Pope bowed to be blessed by a 1000 year-old rival, the Orthodox Christian Church. On the Sabbath Pope Francis bowed with the Grand Mufti under the protection of their gog (covering) a mosque. He then went to a museum of ancient religions known as Haghia Sofia,

Jacob’s dream is about a stone where an assembly will be built for all to witness. It will be an assembly of whom will have “no other gods” before them! It will be a stone that stands up on the earth declaring ‘truth’ that is anointed with oil. There are two locations on maps known as, “Beit El.”

The Place: Abraham’s Mountain, Isaac’s Field, Jacob’s House.

The stone upon which Yeshua said his house would be built takes several forms. We see His words or instructions known as Torah. Jacob listened to God and ‘went out’ from Laben. He spent twenty years in Laben’s house. Jacob was deceived by Laben with his wages being changed ten times. This TEN is important to our study. Ten is yood (strong hand) but seen in the smallest of the Hebrew letters (י ).

Jacob’s wages were changed ten times by Leven, Jacob’s ten sons will sell Joseph into slavery. Ten Hebrews will come back with a bad report which causes them to wander for 40 years. It takes ten men to have a Jewish forum to make a decision. We just saw TEN Shemittah cycles in 70 years from 1945-2015 elections. These are things that I find interesting.

Dysfunctional Family

Dysfunctional Church

I view these as times of trusting God and not giving up. We see Jacob telling Leven his strong feelings of being mistreated after Leven tracked him down. Jacob gave God the glory for bringing him through his relationship with Laven. Jacob’s ten sons were unruly and brought him disgrace several times in his life. They murdered an entire town at Shechem when they were young and when they were older they cast their half-brother Joseph into a well left to die. They broke their father’s heart many times.

Deceiver Jacob was deceived right from the beginning by being given Leah instead of Rachael. He worked two Shemittah cycles (7+7=14 years) for them and then another six years for the animals. I would guess that He flourished greatly in that sixth year as the sixth Shemittah cycle is represented by double and triple blessing or cursing.

The Shemittah year represents release and that is when God told Jacob to Toldot, ‘He went out.’ Genesis 31:12. In Genesis 31:14-16 Rachel and Leah agree that they have been released as their inheritance was taken by their own father and consumed. But, by being with Jacob their inheritance was still with them as the flocks had increased. They would both go with Jacob as they declare themselves foreigners to Laben. Abraham knew he was living amongst foreigners, too. As believers in Yeshua, we do live in a foreign world.

It is now the last year of the third Shemittah cycle and we’ve witnessed Jacob being chased by Laben, and threatened by his brother Esau. God brings Jacob back to Beit El. His sons revenge the rape of their sister Dinah in Sh’khhem in lieu of assimilating into that city. Jacob’s name is ruined amongst the people and Adonai calls him back to Beit-El where he receives his new name Isra’el (rules with El.)

Genesis 31:47. Laben and Jacob make a covenant by eating by the stones set up by each party. The stones are described by Laben in Aramaic and by Jacob in Hebrew. It is called Gal-‘Ed and also HaMitzpah (the watchtower). The stones represented witnesses of no destruction to the other should either pass beyond these stones.

LESSON: Genesis 31:24b “Be careful that you don’t say anything to Ya’akov, either good or bad.”

We see in Genesis 31:53-54 that Laben swore by the God of Abraham and also by the god of Nachor, the god of his father. Nachor’s father leads back to Nimrod. Nimrod made idols of many gods and even the ‘unknown’ god. It was this ‘unknown’ god that Abraham told his father, Terah, that broke all the other gods that were in the room. This ‘idol problem’ is what caused Abraham to leave the ‘firey furnaces of the Chaldeans.

As Abraham would not honor grandfather Nimrod’s idols, Jacob would not swear by Nachor’s god, but only by the One his father Yitz’chak feared. Jacob established a covenant on the mountain and invited his kinsmen to the meal and spent the entire night on the mountain. We can see in the future that Mosche also is instructed to bring the children to the mountain where they spend time with Jehovah.

Labans daughters desired to stay with Jacob as their inheritance was now with Jacob. Laban goes home and Jacob prepares his camp for appeasing his next adversary, Esau. Jacob accomplishes peace through negotiations by sending gifts and words of kindness. It will be this brother, of whom has lost the rights of the ‘first-born’ over a pot of stew, that Jacob now contends. It is an inheritance that was not valued by Esau but valued by Jacob. What is our inheritance?

The Torah is not valued by the world, but it is valued by the children of God. It is valued by those that love the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob (Isra’el). To come against this ‘people group’ is to come against the living God that has made himself known upon the earth. We have no defense when we come under His judgment and we lose our eternal inheritance.

What else has happened for this writing at this time of Kislev 1-8? Let’s look closely!-

Kislev 1 2014 Rosh Chodesh, Sunday, November 23 – Shemittah Year

2013 Hybrid Solar

2001 Ramadan Begins November 23 for 29 days – Shemittah Wave

1967 First Heart Transplant, Dr Christian Barnard, Capetown, S Africa – Shemittah Wave

1956 Sinai War Ends, Canal reopens March 1957.

1942 8.0 S Africa

President Abraham
President Abraham

We are also looking at Islam’s holiest month beginning in 2013 at the same time of the last Thanksgivakah. Abraham Lincoln set it up in 1863. On Thanksgiving’s 150th anniversary it was Chanukah Day 1. It would last for eight days. It would be at this Thanksgiving’s spending for Christmas that over 240 million Identify Theft would be stolen through Target. It began as a70M theft but grew to more than 240 million with a year in length repercussion.

It did not stop there as it continued with other stores being violated. It was the first and last time that Chanukah would be on the fourth Thursday of November for perhaps a thousand years. This unusual connection occurred several times in the 1600’s around Isaac Newton’s life span, 1642-1721, but not since.

This conjunction occurred in 1861 but Thanksgiving was not established until two years later in 1863 by Abraham Lincoln. Abraham Lincoln wanted the Civil War to stop and needed to get people to be thankful instead of hateful. It would be Franklin D Roosevelt that would move Thanksgiving to the fourth Thursday instead of the last Thursday in November. He felt it would give one more week of consumer spending to boost the economy. Now we have ‘Black Friday’ and ‘Cyber Monday’ following Thanksgiving boosting sales.

This conjunction of Chanukah and Thanksgiving was mocked by the public while Jews celebrated the “Festival of Lights.’ You could liken the spiritual kings of the world today to Jacob’s story of coming out of idolatry. He returned to the site where he was given his dream of what to look for in a bride. Jacob will return with two brides representing the Jew and the Gentile. We will witness what is involved in order to be given a new name and what is involved in being left in the desert.

240 Million people lost heir identify at Thanksgiving and Chanukah because they did NOT come away from the idolatry of the world and Christmas. They did not know what Chanukah was, much less how to spell it. They do not know that Jesus, his disciples and his family celebrated it. Therefore, since they’ve been told they have no identify with Jewish ways, Adonai allowed their identity to be stolen where it hurt the worst…financially.

Kislev 2 1935 6.0 Helena MT – 6 of 7 quakes felt over 233,000 square miles.

2012 2 Solar monster storm, 1:00 a.m. And 5:00 a.m.

2014 Nov 24, Israel Ambassador UN speech ‘Truth and Morality’ of Israel History.

The sun and earth are God’s monster witnesses shaking the nations. It would be Kislev 2 that the son of Israel, ambassador, stood before the United Nations in New York City to give the monster blow of Jaccus.

“Sixty-seven years ago it was November 29, 1947 that Jews were displaced. 850,000 Jews were displaced from Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Iraq, Saudi Arabia and Lebanon as they initiated a war of annihilation.” 700,000 Palestinians were displaced but NOT accepted to return by their own countries. The UN every year talks about the 700,000, but never about the 850,000 Jews. “Israel did it’s utmost to integrate the Jewish refugees into society. The Arabs did just the opposite.”

Kislev 3 Tuesday 2014

2014 NY Record snow melt from Cheshvan 26-27, 6′-7.5′ snow fall

2011 3M New York out of Electricity for a week – Record heat

Flooding Across Nation affecting even Arizona
Flooding Across Nation affecting even Arizona

Record-breaking heat and record-breaking waters in New York. Gaza 2014 is flooded with 63 schools closed. Arabs are killing Jews all throughout Israel. Noah’s waters are released Cheshvan 17 for forty days and nights. The earth has dry ground after one year and ten days on 27 Cheshvan that the waters have receded where Noah gets off ark and offers a sacrifice.

Jacob was offended ten times and God saw his affliction and blessed him through it. Jacob also offered a sacrifice to God all night long on the mountain but at Beit ‘El. Noah’s ark is supposedly in Turkey. Turkey is seen as Gog in scripture representing the brothers that hate Jacob. The Pope begins his 3-day visit to Turkey Kislev 6, 7, 8. False religions joining arms for the sake of peace. Jacob appeased Esau and then went the other direction to Sh’kham. Haron’s children wanted to assimilate with Jacob’s children. Jacobs’ sons, not Jacob, made a false peace and killed their enemy when they were weak from circumcision.

Kislev 5 – Thursday, November 27 2014

2013 Philippine typhoon, 1200 die, 800,00 displaced on 6 provinces over weekend.

1941 8.2, 8.1 Earthquakes Azores St. Vincent Ridge

1929 5+ Kansas largest, covered 1000 miles, Sabbath, 4th of series

1783 5.3 New Jersey largest VI, Sunday


The earth is in upheaval as were the Maccabees as they are now fighting against Antiochus Epiphanes to gain the temple back. They will win it back in TEN days on Kislev 15 164 BC after losing it in 167 BC to the Seleucid, one of four of Alexander’s divided kingdom.

This again coincides with the time-line of Genesis 28-32 with Jacob setting up his own stones where he will come back and bring ten per cent of all his wealth to establish a place of worship. This week is about God setting up and tearing down. He uses His creation of earthquakes and floods in the past and in our present. We have Noah’s waters cleansing the earth and the 2013 Philippines typhoon wipes 1200 souls from the earth displacing 800,000.

2014, New York is setting records in cold and heat the same week. Record-breaking snow of seven and one-half feet and record heat quickly melted that snow leaving drains blocked. The United States is having record arctic blasts in October 2014 with six degree weather breaking pipes in the Midwest before Thanksgiving. Kislev shows twentieth century record-breaking state earthquakes affecting thousands of miles. Cheshvan 17 – Kislev 27 records the forty days and nights of Noah’s flood waters being released.

Kislev 6

2014 – Gaza Flooding – 63 schools closed after two days of rain, Eve Shabbot

2013 – Haiyan Typhoon, 10,000 missing with 6 provinces destroyed. China Vietnam

1963 – John F Kennedy Assassinated.

Flooding is issued to Hamas. The 4th Intifada against Israel is said to have begun in 2014. They just violated a synagogue last week killing four men in prayer shawls hacking them with butcher cleavers. On the first day of Ramadan three Israeli boys were taken and murdered. Operation Protective Edge began and escalated into the tunnels of Gaza. Arabs run over Jews claiming it to be accidents. Arabs take axes and guns into the sanctuary of a synagogue and kill. These dead terrorists are acclaimed as heroes by Abbas and Hamas. Jews are kidnapped and murdered with the UN only inciting Israel.

Men remove leaders that God has established for a purpose. JFK is memorialized as an assassinated leader. Catholic JFK and Pope Frances embrace peace through assimilation. Jacob’s family will NOT assimilate. In defense of their raped sister, Dinah, Jacob’s children annihilate the offenders which then tarnishes Jacob’s name. The Kennedy family name also has been tarnished throughout history.

Kislev 7 Shabbot, November 29, 2014

1914 Armistice Day, WWI ends on 11th month, 11th day, 11th hour. 100th Anniversary today as I write this.

2014 Ferguson Missouri blacks riot over police officer acquitted of Michael Brown death. Riots destroy 26 buildings and towns across US rioting. Obama encourages peaceful protests but orders no National Guard to stop vandalism. Sad sad day for 100 year-anniversary of Armistice Day.

Kislev 1-7 Earthquakes – November 23-29 2014

42 2.5+ Oklahoma 39, Kansas 3

16 2.5+ California

1 5.4 Oregon

28 2.5+ Puerto Rico/Dominican Republic

Vayetze “He went out” Torah reading today. The Israeli ambassador ‘went out’ to appeal to the world for peace. God started again with one righteous man, Noah, who ‘went out’ of the ark into the world once again. Jacob went out from Laben to properly worship God. Abraham Lincoln ‘went out’ onto the battlefield witnessing the atrocity of death by war. 1863 Battle at Gettysburg was by far the bloodiest but it turned the tide to peace by 1865. The 150th Gettysburg Anniversary lands on Veteran’s Day 2013. WWI 1914 stopped. The1956 Sinai War stopped. 2014 Pope, Orthodox Christians, and Islam unite in Turkey, but these new brothers do NOT discuss Jacob’s family. These brothers each desire to worship from The Temple Mount. God has given Jacob charge to care for it and Jacob has given charge to the King of Jordan. Irresponsibility of not protecting it will bring it back into Jacob’s hands. God will not tolerate Jacob becoming the sacrifice on it. The final sacrifice was made in Yeshua and this same Messiah will return and reign from it. All of Laben’s idols will be smashed and Jacob’s living God will give each person a new name that desires to be part of a temple without any other gods on it’s mount. The stones will be memorialized and anointed once again.

2014 Ferguson Missouri death of one black teen causes riots across U.S. Horrible destruction in St Louis, etc. Gettysburg was setting the black man free and today in America is was about black pride. The people of Ferguson had worked through racism and did not feel it in their town. But today, 150 years later, blacks came across America destroying the town of Ferguson preferring violence over peaceful protest. Abraham Lincoln fought for freedom which is proven today as American’s black President Obama ask blacks to be peaceful in their protests. President Obama encouraged the protests and did NOT allow the National Guard to stop the rioting nor were firemen allowed to put out fires. Militant blacks don’t seem to want either Abe’s or Obama’s peace.

War patterns. People living in the present don’t give the future a chance and just want something to change NOW. Socialism was preferred over communism but along with German reforms came racism of the highest form named Nazism. 50 Million people will die due to Hitler’s supremacy racism.

Germany’s inability to pay for WWI brought WWII: 7-year war (Shemittah to Shemittah), 1938-1945.

2014-2015 is a Shemittah Year, year of release. So far, the Gaza War Protective Edge and this weeks flooding of Gaza is giving some relief to Jacob’s children. Enemies are removed or distracted with their own troubles.

Something to think about:

Jacob worked one Shemittah cycle (7 years) for each bride. Then he worked six years for his wealth of animals and possessions. It is at the end of Jacobs 3rd set of Shemittah cycles that Adonai told him to come out from Laven. In that last year, year 21, he came through the final sifting of troubles to find peace.

December 2, 2014 BB Netanyahu dissolved his cabinet to better protect Jacob’s inheritance. He will go into his Fourth term in 2015 as Jacob was going into his fourth term (Shemittah cycle) when he left Leven.

Jacob is released from Laben, Esau, and Shechem in the year of release. Benjamin is born and Rachel dies on the way to Efrat (Beit-Lechem.) She is buried outside the land of his destination. Idolatry would not be let in. BB just booted out the ‘nationalists at this Torah reading.

When she gave birth to Joseph she did not seem thankful but only ask for more. His name meant (add many more). When she had Benjamin she knew she would die. She named him after her feelings and not prophetically to attach to his name for his future. Jacob gave him his name of blessing.

It is hard to be an critic because I have so many faults of my own. But as an author trying to observe history through our Creators eyes, I must be open to seeing the characters of men so we don’t repeat the flaws and be left outside the gate. There is a reason for Rachel’s grave to be in disarray to this day. She is loved and yet she represents the idolatry and resentment that many hold against God when others are blessed more than themselves.

We seem to ask ourselves, “Why me, Lord?” when the question really is, “Why not me?”

Shemittah Years of release

















Kislev 8 – Sunday, November 30, 2014

1863 Gettysburg Address

2013 Veterans day – 150 year Anniversary of Gettysburg Address on Veteran’s Day.

2014 4.2 Oklahoma earthquake

2014 4.7 Sedona Arizona

Kislev 9 – Monday, December 1, 2014

1877 5.1 Nebraska’s largest earthquake

2014 6.3 Philippine

2014 3.5, 3.0 Montana

Kislev 10 – Tuesday, December 2, 2014

1869 6.0 Helena MT largest earthquake

1947 6.3-8.0 SW – 75th Anniv to the day Helena

1957 8.1 Mongolia

1959 4.5 W Virginia largest earthquake

2013 Hybrid Solar Eclipse

Kislev 11 – Wednesday – December 3, 2014

1869 6.0 Helena MT – 2nd 6.0 in 2 days

1863 9 year-anniversary Gettysburg Address Kislev 11

Kislev 12 – Thursday – December 4, 2014

168 BC Zeus in Temple (abomination of desolation)

Kislev 13 – Thursday, December 5, 2014

1987 S&P drops 33%, 224 pts. Two years to recover.

Kislev 14 – Sabbath – December 6, 2014

1755 VIII Mass largest earthquake

1927 Total Lunar – 2 of 4

1928 Total Lunar – 4 of 4

1936 German Japan Pact

1956 Total Lunar

2011 6.7 Mexico

2011 Total Lunar

2012 Penumbra Lunar

2013 7.7 Russia

2013 UN recognized Palestinians but no voting rights

2014 Indonesia Typhoon, 650,000 evacuate

Kislev 15 – Maccabees win Temple * Japan bombs America which brings America in Hitler’s war so Jews can regain Israel to soon rebuild The Holy Temple. (Are men ready for their King?)

Japan struck America at Pearl Harbor on Kislev 15 (same day Maccabees won temple), December 7, 1941.

1944 – God issues Japan earthquakes on Kislev 15, and twice on December 7, the very day they struck America. 1944 8.1 earthquake, 2012 7.3 earthquake.

Yes, all on December 7, or on Kislev 15, J-Day for the enemies of the Jew’s Temple. It was a war in 167 – 164 BC. It was before Christ was born. That temple was destroyed in Solomon’s day and it was destroyed in 70AD by Roman Titus. It is a different Rome than today’s Rome. Herod was only a relative to the Jew by marriage. Alexander The Great broke into four pieces and it is the Seleucid army that the Maccabees battle in Kislev to regain their temple in 164 BC.

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