Burning Bush

God: “Only 2 President’s Care”, Trump and ?????? Read on…

Parler is gone. Where do we find our President? Where is honest news reporting? Tucker Carlson said that they want FOX gone. Really?

Media is proving their power as they have permanently censor the most powerful man in the world….the existing President of the United States!! Yet, the terrorists regime of Iran and Iraq have full services. Thank you Google for closing Parlar tonight….I’m getting rid of my iphone any time now. You can quit following me around. Twitter, Facebook, Parlar…. closed. Looks like we need new ventures and we will find them. PTL for NewsMax. They have the cutting edge stories anyway, Joe.

Where is Joe Biden to put this house back in order. You’re crumbling Joe…just listening to all our Jezebel woman. Tonight you proudly announced your team. One half of your team is for sure woman and half are for sure of color. Is this sexist and racist? What about the quality of your staff? Welcome back America…the flood gates are reopening.

The lights are going out. Our security in communication is breached. Is this why the capitol police weren’t communicating correctly to contain our Capitol? What a scam we fell for. Give the Left Dems a point for side-blinding the good old down home folks who just wanted to say, STOP THE STEAL properly. You’ve really lite a fire now Joe.

The man born under FULL light will expose all darkness and now we know he’s a pattern back to the foundation of America where it also struggled to cut ties with Italy.

Total LUNAR eclipse on May 26, 2021 shows America wants to return to The Light. President Trump was born June 14, 1946 on Sivan 15…a full moon.

It is on his Hebrew birthday that our world will become under complete darkness in the Americas. For four years The Left have tried to snuff out his light but he has accomplished beyond measure…likened to miracles…even in Israel. Born in full light of the world at a very special time. Shavuot occurred and nine days later, Friday Erev Sabbath Donald J Trump named after a relative.

2021 May 26 Saros Series 121 will be a full moon…on which DJT was born…15 Sivan. YES…God wins again!…Full light as Holy Spirit works at Shavuot when they said, Yes, we will do what you say. If we listen any more in this darkness surely we will die.

We will not die because God anointed The Last Trumpet to keep sounding for our world.

Now we learn more…. President Trump is aligned with only one other leader that truly cared for the people. Who said this? God said this.

On January 21, 2021 my UPS driver delivered a package containing something for the security of our home. Yes, it was time to get these cameras rolling after this fraud election. Keven shared something with me from the utmost of his heart. He said that in 2016 God told him that he should support Donald Trump because he was only the second man to be president that would really care about the people. He said that he didn’t know much about Donald Trump but he did support him because God told him to. Later, he wondered who was that first president that really cared about the people. He went to The Lord with that question and found the answer to be: Grover Cleveland. He then researched and found that Grover real name was Stephen….and of course he was reminded that Stephen was persecuted by leaders as well.

He found that mugwumps supported Grover Cleveland and they were Republicans that moved toward Cleveland…not for his party…but for his kindness to the people.

I was impressed with what Kevin was telling me and then I knew he was right when he gave me the number of presidency that he was.

Rachel’s lust for the world ended when she died after giving birth to ‘son of her sorrows’ Benjamin. In the year 2200, Binjamin would be two Shemittah cycles old. He would be age fourteen…..and ‘son of Ya’cov’s strength.

There is a ‘fourteen pattern’ that floats through God’s universe. As in King David we see three generations of fourteen years each..making 42 generations…and then The Messiach came as The Suffering Servant. Three segments of fourteen…and Binyamin was more mature now to be his father’s strong arm in the family.

Joseph got sold into Egypt at age 17 and since he was seven years old when his only brother was born…they only had TEN years growing up together. Binyamin had a brother for ten years and now lost him for seven more years before that special year 2200 occurred.

Two is the letter beit…for son, house, temple. B means ‘in the’…like in Genesis we see the letter ‘B’ which says, In the beginning. Thus, 2 2 can say to us…It’s the beginning…it’s the beginning…of what…a new house..a different house.

And, today as 2022 approaches we feel that different house happening to us. In America we didn’t now we had already moved to Socialism and in 2021…with the new administration of Kamala..or Amalak taking over..we have entered into communision.

New legislations is being put through that every gun owner must have a Federal ID for their gun. That means that they will know every person who owns a gun. That means that you may soon be turning in your guns.

Ireland is protesting because of being shut down from COVID and a lady could not pray her rosary. “You say that we won’t own land, but that we still will be happy.” is a chant we heard today from their rioting.

Our world is in an uprising….sick of being sick from a ‘Planned Demic’ from the new world leaders. A fraudulent election in America showed our world how their officials also are not really who they voted in. Yes, a new leader is sought…and people are truly ready for that 42nd person of that David’s Generation to return…Yeshua Jesus. It will be his ‘second’ visit and again heads will role but instead it will be our enemies heads that will roll. No longer will John the Baptists have to put up with FAKE leaders who buy their seats in government.

Here’s what I want you to do. Study Stephen Grover Cleveland. Look at his life to compare it with Donald J Trump. I see similarities already and I haven’t read that much yet. Even their solid facial expressions may seem similar. Both had children by different woman and yet marry younger woman because they cared for them and helped them in the distress of their lives.

God will help us in our distressful lives if we stay humble and not be arrogant.

I’m going to put their time lines on the Hebrew calendar…especially since Donald J Trump has the next Total Lunar eclipse in 2021 on May 26, 2021 on his Hebrew birthday Sivan 15…a full moon. He is born just nine days after Shavuot which remembers the giving of the Ruach HaKodesh (Holy Spirit) at Day 50 of the counting of the omer.

If you don’t now what those things are….check them out. Don’t be spoon fed any more. These are important days and these are TWO important men whose lives seem very similar…same church upbringing…same area of the United States, etc.

What is God saying about these men. Yes, we can be in the world…but NOT of this world. They were in it but came out of it. God grew them and USED them to help our world.

So, whose in control right now? God. We are NOT to fear, but to follow these leaders and act they did…fighting against a ‘one world government’. Mother England still has not let go of us. We have to see that and go BACK to what these two men gave their lives for. Free enterprise…the gold standard…not just giving silver (money) to everyone and the world. That just keeps the BIG money lenders loaning the US more money. We don’t owe China, Iran, Syria, Russia, any money. No borrowing….let’s us stop borrowing from The Central bank who only wants to own everyone.

No ONE WORLD government…and NO One world Religion….

Wake Up and be like Cleveland and Trump….God says they are the ONLY two who truly have what?


Grover Cleveland 22nd President on: March 4, 1885 Adar 17 (Shushan Purim Day 3)

Grover Cleveland 22nd presidency ends: March 5, 1889, II Adar 1 (Shemittah Yr) Rosh Chodesh 2

(Adar 17 will tie to President Trump President First Year: 2017)

22nd President aligns President Trump as President in 2022.

Cleveland last day as President in his first term ends on NO MOON

Trump leaves Washington DC to new US governing site of Margo Largo by May 26, 2021 at Total Lunar Eclipse…NO MOON on his Hebrew Birthday Sivan 15.

Both marry younger woman

Stephen Grover Cleveland also 24th President.

Donald J Trump also 2nd term president but at different site not owned by Rome, Italy. Washington DC is not American soil. It is NOT a state in our union but owned by Italy. It should not be allowed to become a state. A foreign country can NOT have a state within the United States. This is where our Federal buildings are that has been sold out owing Rome hoards of money and going into debt is their goals…so it seems there is NOT a way out.

3 Trillion dollars has just been ask for The VIDEN Den of thieves to pay China, Iran, Russia, Syria and more…for what? For the money they spent to cheat in our elections.

(B can be V in Hebrew…VIDEN is correct….And it also means House Den…yes, House with Den of fox, thieves, jackals….bats? Whatever hids in dens…that what connects.

A Shiff was part of the break up of the United States. Now we have Adam Shift continuing the rant. The earlier Shiff began the original uprising…. Let us keep investigating so we know whose genealogy needs to be shifted like wheat.

Cleveland In Office Second Term: March 4, 1893 – March 4, 1897

He is the only President to be nominated again after skipping a second consecutive term. We may just see that with Donald J Trump as well. Or, he continues as our President but not ruling from Washington, D.C….The Land of the Washed Out and Deceived….yes, ‘The Washed Out Deceived.’

March 4, 1893 – 16 Adar – Full Moon – Saturday, Sabbath Ki Tisa, Shushan Purim Day 2.

March 3, 1897 – I Adar 30 – Rosh Chodesh – No Moon (The world had light go out)

Yes, these men align nicely with God even giving signals in his skies for all the ‘heavenly host’ to take note.

What Shemittah Cycles:

2021 – Trump – Sixth Shemittah Cycle.

2022 – Shemittah Year….world set free…(May the ‘son of strength come).

1889 – Cleveland 22nd President – Shemittah Year…Set world free. (Ends his first four years)

2022 – Shemittah Year …world now aware so they can SET themselves free…’

Both men closeout their first term of presidency setting men free..in 7th Shemittah cycle…known as Shemittah Year….year 7..Day of Rest. Again, God is using his designated leaders to point to our earth’s time schedule and The Kingdom Age to come…known as the ‘millennium’ with Yeshua Jesus set up to reign from Jerusalem….and He will my friends.

All nations fall before Him. He rule will be one FOR the people because HE died for us…He will be back to walk with us bringing our world to peace….cutting the heads off The Red Dragons.

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