Dark 2021…. Shutting out God’s chosen


Parler is gone. Where do we find our President? Where is honest news reporting? Tucker Carlson said that they want FOX gone. Really?

Media is proving their power as they have permanently censor the most powerful man in the world….the existing President of the United States!! Yet, the terrorists regime of Iran and Iraq have full services. Thank you Google for closing Parlar tonight….I’m getting rid of my iphone any time now. You can quit following me around. Twitter, Facebook, Parlar…. closed. Looks like we need new ventures and we will find them. PTL for NewsMax. They have the cutting edge stories anyway, Joe.

Where is Joe Biden to put this house back in order. You’re crumbling Joe…just listening to all our Jezebel woman. Tonight you proudly announced your team. One half of your team is for sure woman and half are for sure color. Is this sexist and racist? I think so. What about the quality of your staff? Do we get decisions made on Hormonal monthly tears? Some but not 50 % Joe. No thanks, Joe. But, then we know how you love woman Joe! And, the Obamas are back with their flavored sex acts….and Clintons with their promiscuity list of problems with Bill. Welcome back America…the flood gates to hell are reopening.

The lights are going out. Our security in communication is breached. Is this why the capitol police weren’t communicating correctly to contain our Capitol? What a scam we fell for. Give the Left Dems a point for side-blinding the good old down home folks who just wanted to say, STOP THE STEAL properly. You’ve really lite a fire now Joe.

The man born under FULL light will expose all darkness.

Total LUNAR eclipse on May 26, 2021 shows America wants to return to The Light. President Trump was born June 14, 1946 on Sivan 15…a full moon.

It is on his Hebrew birthday that our world will become under complete darkness in the Americas. For four years The Left have tried to snuff out his light but he has accomplished beyond measure…likened to miracles…even in Israel. Born in full light of the world at a very special time. Shavuot occurred and nine days later, Friday Erev Sabbath Donald J Trump named after a relative.

2021 May 26 Saros Series 121 will be a full moon…on which DJT was born…15 Sivan. YES…God wins again!…Full light as Holy Spirit works at Shavuot when they said, Yes, we will do what you say. If we listen any more in this darkness surely we will die.

We will not die because God anointed The Last Trumpet to keep sounding for our world.

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