Earth’s 121st Jubilee – Part II, Revelation study

Jubilee Part I covered many things but began with a few patterns of 6, 60, 600, 6000.   These patterns included 61, 601, 6001.

It covered hooks being placed in humans so as to draw them to their place in history that brings about a pattern so other humans can learn how our Creator thinks and acts.  In our class on Shabbot it was discussed that there were never paragraphs breaks, nor chapters or verses and commas and periods in the old text.  These are very valuable and have been added to help man understand the patterns of God.  In fact, the printing press in the 1600’s brought about the discussion of what was really being said.

In the days of the kings of Israel, it was commanded that the Torah be written out completely by the king once a year.  He was to read it once a year before all the people. He himself was to read it three times a day.

Thus, mankind did not read it, but heard it spoken.   This seems to be a pattern that will return as we know that all books will be burnt and the word of God is written on man’s heart.  Man must guard his heart because out of his heart he acts.

Let us start at Creation to see the first pattern of silence in Adom and Chanuah.  This is important as it sets the stage for our next Jubilee that could hold silence for an half an hour.

A Jubilee consists of seven years of seven and one last year…which is the year of release.  We can look at it as in a Menorah that has seven arms that give light.  Seven sevens is forty-nine and then one more for the release year.  The number seven is also the letter Tsayin meaning to pierce, cut, weapon


7     7     7              7      7     7

In the Book of Jubilees we can see that Adom and Chanoh were placed in the Gan of Eden for exactly seven years.  Then in the second month, on the 17th day, to the exact day it says, the serpent comes and deceives them.  This day is repeated with Noah as it is the exact day that the flood waters are released.

One and Seven (Aleph and Tzayin) God’s weapon.  Strong weapon, strong piercing, Aleph cuts free.

One is the letter Aleph which represents G-d.  It is pictured as an ox meaning strength and first.

The discussion that happens at the deception is very much the same in both The Book of Jubilee and The Book of Genesis in our bibles.  But, what we don’t see in Genesis is that The Book of Jubilees gives the detail of when they were removed and what happened at the removal.

God becomes silent for forty-two days.  That is six weeks (6 x 7 = 42).  Six is the letter vav that means: and, connect, man,

For six weeks Adom and Chanoah are left in the Gan with no evident communication going on between them and Creator Elohim.  He left…He is silent…for 42 days.

Deception of Cheshvan 17 and removal on Tevet 1.

We learned in Jubilee 121 Part I that One day with the Lord is as a 1000 years to man.  That makes 1 hour equal to 41.6 years.  One half hour is 20.8 years.  Let us accept this fact and move on even though they are not exact.  We will perhaps see their fraction as being important later.  We must remember that things won’t always be exact but they will be similar.  And, these are things for us to search out.

We’ll come back to Adom, but let’s look at Jacob’s life.  He left his rich family’s home at age forty.  This was not an easy thing for Rebecca.  She had to quickly push Jacob into silence so Esau couldn’t find him.

Esau was highly disappointed over the blessing of the first born. There were two blessings that were given.  Esau had no children yet and when he thought he was dying, he sold that birthright for a bowl of red lintel beans.  It was a covenant meal and the sale was confirmed by that meal.  Thus, the right to spiritual blessing of Esau’s seed was sold.  He had no seed and didn’t care about the spiritual covenant.

The second blessing of what was passed physically truly did bother Esau to the point that he threatened Jacob’s life.  Jacob needed the physical blessing in order to raise his family.  But, it was the spiritual blessing that he yearned  even more for.

Issac and Rebecca hated the wives that Esau had married from the Canaanites.  Next, Esau does something even worse to despise his parents.  He now marries again but this time he takes a daughter from the Ishmael clan.   Now, all of Esau’s wives were abhorable to Isaac and Rebecca.

Jacob received the birthright blessing in a deceptive manner, but it had been promised from the beginning by Adonai, and Rebecca remembered that promise; just as Bathsheba remembered about Solomon being the chosen king and not David’s sons through his other concubines.

Now to the ‘silent’ years of Jacob.  He left his family with only a staff but worked so hard that in the twentieth year he decides he’s going back home.  Baby Benjamin (son twelve) is born on the road home…probably in the 20.8 year of being gone…the silent years…the one-half hour that patterns to the future quiet in heaven.

Rachel knows that she is dying and names her child, ‘son of my sorrows’.  This does foretell of ‘The Son of Sorrows’ as is seen in The Messiach’s first coming as he suffered and died for all mankind.  This is even foretold in Genesis on Cheshvan 17 at Adom and Chanoh’s deception.

Jacob renames his son, “son of my right hand.”  This pattern is representative of The Messiach’s Second Coming and is yet to be confirmed.  His appearance is not present on the earth and therefore we will call it a ‘silent’ time; but prayers have been heard.

Jacob is coming out of his ‘silent’ years being away from his family of Isaac and Abraham and returns in the 21st year with Son of My Right Hand…. verifying the Second Coming of The Messiach.

This ‘Second Coming’ will not occur until false worship and idols are removed OR is it that ‘The Second Coming’ does occur and THEN all idolatry is removed?

Jacobs buries Rachel’s idols and offers a sacrifice before moving on with Benjamin. Benjamin will have ten children of his own before the household of Jacob moves into Egypt for safety.  Some count that the children in Egypt were only there for 230 ish years or perhaps it was 280 years.  Scholars are now determining an earlier Exodus than originally thought…and as much as 230 years.

 This pattern could agree with the one-half hour study that.  If 1 hour of time in the heavenlies is 41.8 years, then one-half hour is 20.8 years. If the scholars agree that the Hebrews were in Eqypt for 280 years than it is similar to saying 200 years and then eighty years.  We have that 20 which could read 20.8 if they could agree on 280 years of being hidden away….to be ‘silent’ again before they are proclaimed to the world.

And, we certainly can see that 41.8 (rounded up is 42) keeps popping up for a pattern of one hour.  Number don’t have to be the same, but similar.   It’s fun to look at these things as it keeps us looking at our Creator as totally in control of it all.

The prophecy to Abraham about how long they would be held by foreigners (Egypt) for four hundred years or 480 years represents that time forward from that covenant made to Abraham and ratified by the circumcision of the flesh of all his household.

They stayed in Goshen (outside of Egypt) starting in the last years of the seven-year famine.  God gave the promises to Abraham that he would become as numerous as the stars.  A year later Isaac is born.  This is the starting point of the promise of being held in captivity for 400 years.  This shows that it will take around 400-480 years to grow to be a force on the earth.

Pattern of Silence:

Jacob – Leaves Laban house in 20th year.  Benjamin is born in that 21st year.  (20.8) One-half hour.  It is the Third Shemittah cycle (3 x 7 = 21) of time with Laban.  (Picturing our 121st Jubilee.)

First 7 years – Working for two Brides (Gentile, Jew)

Second 7 years – Making Babies (11 children)

Third 7 years – Building Wealth, gathering sheep and goats.

Third Shemittah cycle, last year – Benjamin born – shows THIRD DAY, last hour, ingathering of saints.

Bible scholars also see 2,000 years as a day; thus saying:

Adom to 2000 years = First Day

2000 to Suffering Servant Yeshua – Second Day

4000 to 6000 years – Suffering Servant to King Messiach – Third Day

I’m going to throw this in as a pattern….

Hebrew Yeshua ‘silenced’ for 2000 years.  

Or, will it be 2008 years or 2080 for that 20.8 pattern?

As in the days of Rome 70 AD and Constantine’s Nicean Creed 325 AD – The Hebrew was silenced for 2000 years.  A Greek Jesus is not the same as The Jewish Jesus that is returning.

As I just typed this and look at the year 2008, that was the year for me that I became interested in the Hebrew side of the Bible.  It was the in 2009 that I went to see the land of Israel and meet my internet teacher, Pastor Mark Biltz of ElShaddai Ministries.  It change my life and I have kept pursuing the quest to ‘unveil’ The real Messiach.

Now, let’s go back to Adom’s first Jubilee to see what happened to them.

Adom:  Created on Day Six – known as Tishrei 1.  Feast of Trumpets is 2 days long in order to  see the first new moon.  It is not dependent upon a barley harvest..which the ecclesiastical year of Nissan is.   Tishrei 1 and 2 is about proclaiming the New Civil year.  It is about blowing the shofar to reveal The Messiach so whom has been hidden by the shepherds.

The Lord’s Day is sounded by a trumpet/shofar call. It will begin a time period that the earth has never experienced before.  It is about a hidden day represented by not seeing the moon but we are instructed to look for it.  In fact, it can take three days to see if it’s waxing or waning; as in His return in the ‘third day’.

We should know the time and season, but not the exact day is how it’s quoted.  Those studying G-d’s Torah will know the appointed time and appointed times and they will know the Appointment Appointments. (times, times and time and a half is not correctly understood and I’ll discuss that later.)

Adom is given his bride in the Second week, Sixth day.  Both Adom and Chanoh are created on Day Six.  The seventh day is always set apart in REST and severing, piercing, cutting.  The Hebrew letter Zayin represents the number 7.  Therefore, we see it’s picture of action on the seventh day.

The Messiach (Suffering Servant) was cut off/severed in Second Day.  I think He left in year 27 AD as it should have been the Shemittah year….year of release…as He set the ‘captives’ free when rising from Sho’el and bringing over 500 souls with him of whom walked the earth a second time.  His holy blood flung the doors open and would next be placed on the heavenly altar….so as in heaven as what goes on in the earth.

The Messiach’s return will be to Israel’s Bride is Jerusalem.  Jerusalem was recaptured by the IDF on Day Six 1967.)  This is the city that Adonai has ‘set apart’ to reign.  They will accept in His instruction (torah) from there.  Zechariah 14 also says that the people of the earth will go down to celebrate three times a year:  Pesach, Shavuot and Feast of Tabernacles.  These festival will always be given memorial on the earth.  The Passover set men free with the Ruach HaKodesh endwelling them as they desire to dwells with Adonai wherever He is.  The sukkot is representative of our desire to be with our Creator and savior forever into eternity…the olam haba.

Revelation 10:7 “on the contrary, in the days of the sound from the seventh angel when he sounds his shofar, the hidden plan of God will be brought to completion, the Good News as he proclaimed it to his servants and prophets.”

I Corinthians 10:11 “These things happened to them a prefigurative historical events, and they were written down as a warning to us who are living in the acharit-hayamim.”  (this words means: last days.)

I Cor 1:1 “For, brothers, I don’t want you to miss the significance of what happened to our fathers.  All of them were guided by the pillar of the cloud, and they all passed through the sea, and in connection with the cloud and with the sea they all immersed themselves into Mosche, also they all ate the same food from the Spirit, and they all drank the same drink from the Spirit -for they drank from a Spirit-sent Rock which followed them, and that Roch was the Messiach.  Yes, with the majority of them God was not pleased, so their bodies were strewn across the desert.”

We see a taste of a perfect life only after Adom and Chanoah were purified for 40 days and then 80 days for the female bride Chanoh.

We just read that we are to learn from history.  This pattern endorses the forty years (40 Jubilees) before The Messiach is allowed back to the earth.  Chanoh’s 80 days represents the bloody sacrifice that was made in the 80th Jubilee of the earth.

Adom and Chanoh are now prepared to go into the real Garden of Eden.  They will leave the soil from which they are made but we will see them return to this same soil once they are removed in seven years.

We also see a seven-year cycle coming but it will be the total opposite of the Garden of Eden.

The Book of Jubilees states that Adom was set apart for a Rosh Chodesh (1 month is 30 days), three days and 7 days.  Each of these has a reason of which we could discuss to it’s deepest level but this is a simple surface explanation.  Thirty days is sitting Sheva or mourning the discontinuance of something.  Moache was mourned 30 days.  But, we also see it done in seven days.  Today, when a Jew dies people are welcome to the home of the deceased relative to give their condolences.  Mosch was mourned for thirty days.  Adom is sitting Sheva for thirty days and we also see seven days.  Mosche was a great leader as was Jacob (Israel).  Jacob was embalmed for 40 days, mourned in Egypt for another 30 days and then 7 more days when they got to Hebron to bury him…thus making a total of 77 days.

(On the Hebrew calendar it is the year 5777; Gregorian 2017.)

Three days:  Three seems to be another mystery time period but we see it in The Resurrection of Yeshua Messiach and many other examples.  In The Book of Jubilees it speaks of gates of the lights.  It is speaking of the sun and moon.  It describes how it holds up for three days before it comes out of it’s port.  This is confirmed in that it is hard to tell the stage of the moon for at least three days as it seems to just stand still and you can’t tell if it’s waxing or waning.  It is like a time between life and death, if you will.

Seven days:  One week, one cycle of seven.  This number is so complete that it’s meaning is beyond what I can speak of here in Adom’s time period of being set apart.  This seven days could be a pattern to his seven years in the Gan (garden).  Seven is a marker.

The month of Tishrei is Month One in which it is believe Adom was created.  Nissan is month One as per instructions to Mosche from Adonai at the time of the Exodus from Egypt.  Nissan will be the month The Suffering Servant was on the earth in 17 AD (80th Jubilee).  Thus, Tishrei and Nissan are both Month One and they are both Month Seven.

There are four months that are to be ‘marker’ months.  Tishrei, Tevet, Nissan, Tammuz. The Book of Jubilees tells us that if we do NOT mark these four month then we will put abominable days on The Lord’s Feasts/appointments and we will put His appointments on abominable days.  It says that we will be off by ten days if we do not have a 364 days calendar.

Adom was created in Tishrei

Adom was removed in Tevet

These are two of the four months that we are to mark and remember.  I would say that they are markers for the patterns that occur in our ‘Second Adom’ time line….for us TODAY!

If God marked them with the first Adom, the he should  mark them with the ‘Second Adom.’

Created…then removed after 7 years of bliss…Gan of Eden:

We are told about 7 years of trouble that the world has never experienced before.  People have called it, The Tribulation.  In the Bible it is called, The Day of the Lord, or The Lord’s Day.  Satan has intervened again with this deception and mankind has accepted, The Lord’s Day, as Sunday.  In this new 121st Jubilee The Lord’s Day is deemed as a ‘good thing.’

Adom is held back from going into the Gan for forty days.  It reads a Rosh Chodesh, three days and seven days..which is 40 days.

Adom’s forty days reminds us of so many things. Even the Hebrews wandered the desert for forty years as they grew in The Torah.  Yeshua Jesus was in the desert for forty days and forty nights being tested by Satan. He reputed Satan with direct quotes from The Torah.

Chanoh (Eve) is held back from the Gan for eighty days.  The Bride has double duty.  She is set outside the Gan for two sets of the forty days.  She has sixty days, six days and 14 days for a total of eighty days.

Wow!  This is a lot to think about and this article is getting long.  So to keep Chanoh simple, we must understand that she is female and has blood issues that need to be purified.  She is the one that can give birth to a new life…even though she still has not done so.

There is always negative and positive to Hebrew reasoning.  I will just say that at this time, before her deception, she is the Bride.  She is our picture of the Bride coming in the Eighth Day. The ‘Eighth Day’ is when the new heaven and earth arrive down upon the earth after the 1000-year reign of the Messiach on earth.

Chanoh 80-days of being set apart also pictures the 80th Jubilee where we saw Yeshua Jesus come in 17 AD dying for the sins of the world.  It is shown in her first eighty days and is confirmed in the 80th Jubilee of the earth.  She was set into the beautiful Gan of Eden on the 80th day.  She was separated from Adom for 40 days.  There was a silence between them.

There is also a silence between The Suffering Servant of 80th Jubilee (17 AD) for forty Jubilees to the 120th Jubilee (2017 AD).

The Suffering Servant left this earth to return to the heavens on Day 40 of the Counting of the Omer.

We have the Jubilee number of 50 present at the next exciting marker in  biblical history.  Day 50 of the Counting of the Omer is known as Shavuot.

The world has tried to ‘silence’ His return.  They have tried to change everything about Him so you can’t identify Him when He does return.

It is my belief that just as Jacob came out of Laban in the twentieth year of silence from his family, that our King Messiah will arrive into our history once again breaking that 40-Jubilee of silence.

We read that there is an one-half hour of silence  in the heavens. That half-hour calculates to 20.8 years.  One hour is 41.6 years.

Daniel states that if the days were not cut short, for the elects sake, then none would survive.  That speaks to me that these patterns don’t have to be exact.  Because if The Messiach had spent an entire hour with Satan in the desert than perhaps his flesh might not have made it…even being G-d in the flesh.

The half-hour of Jacob being with Laban had to end or Jacob’s family would have been lost to the world.  His life was left to  just working for Laban and not for the G-d of Abraham of whom promised a people that numbered the sands of the earth.  Jacob had to break the silence before there would be no way to return.  The mother’s raised the children alone…without The Torah and only in the ways of Laban’s world.

Adom and Chanoh sinned in the Second Month, 17th day.  It calculates to Cheshvan 17.  It is the same day that the Flood waters are reported to be released in the Book of Genesis, Cheshvan 17.  It is also a day in our history that New Zealand had a tsunami that caused the evacuation of their large population all along their eastern and northeastern coast line.  The nuclear reactor shut down from the earthquake as it did in 2011.  They reported the earthquake at 7.3.

We will continue this story with Adom and Chanoh and when they start to have children.  We see Abraham’s pattern and we are told Jacob’s life-pattern.  There is not one word spoken by our Creator to man that is not meant for us to decipher what lesson Adonai wants us to learn.  He desires that none should perish.

There was a minister of whom I heard crying this last year that God was no longer listening.  He wept as it is the most horrible of things that could happen to our world.  When G-d leaves man over to his own humanity…as He did to Pharaoh.  It is only by God’s grace and mercy extended all through history to mankind that we are able to survive this life and what is to come.

It will be more than hell for seven years on our earth if we compare it to what Adom and Chanoh had in the Gan of Eden.  It will  operate in the opposite.   They were removed, but not to the destruction that we will see in our day.  But, it too shall pass so some will make it.

I pray that God will once again STOP the Silence and hear us….  His pattern has  never removed man from trouble, but He did hide Enoch…in a cave.   The Book of Jubilees shows Enoch giving Methuselah advice at age 500.  So, don’t count on Enoch being your example of The Rapture….nor did Noach escape…he went through it in a protected ark.

It says that some are carried away and some are left. The end of that verse tells us where they went.  They went where the vultures are.  They went to a battle field that some call Armageddon.  It is where they war with Adonai and the vultures clean up the mess.

Oh for that one-half hour…that any man may survive….the wrath that God allows upon the earth…..looks to be 20.8 years. But, what 20.8 years?  Let’s look next to the pattern of Adom’s children.  Their 42 days of silence was after they sinned.  He left them in the beautiful Gan for 42 more days.  It was complete…not a fraction less…because they could stand it…it was wonderful.  But, our time is limited to one-half hour…because a full hour of 41.6 years would be too much.

Yes, what will the 121st Jubilee look like as The Son of The Right Hand returns?

Jubilee 121 – Part III next.  The Day of Blessing – The 1335th Day – 75 days…strong days of trouble.  Let’s see if we can see when that is…in Part III….praying for Yah’s wisdom for that study.

5 thoughts on “Earth’s 121st Jubilee – Part II, Revelation study


    . How long was it between the starting date of Solomon’s temple and the captivity of Judah?
    Solomon began building the Temple in Jerusalem in the 4th of his 40 year reign. To answer this question, therefore, we will need to take a close look at the reigns (not the life-spans) of all the Kings of Judah. The following details are obtained from the Bible alone.
    1 Kings 6:1
    Solomon remainder of his reign
    36 years
    1 Kings 14:21
    Rehoboam reigned
    17 years
    1 Kings 15:2
    Abijah reigned
    3 years
    2 Chronicles 16:13
    Asa reigned
    41 years
    1 Kings 22:42
    Jehoshaphat reigned
    25 years
    2 Kings 8:17
    Jehoram reigned
    8 years
    2 Kings 8:24
    Ahaziah reigned
    1 year
    2 Kings 11:1-3
    Athalia reigned
    6 years
    2 Kings 12:1-3
    Joash reigned
    40 years
    2 Kings 14:1-2
    Amaziah reigned
    29 years
    2 Kings 15:1-2
    Uzziah reigned
    52 years
    2 Kings 15:32-33
    Jotham reigned
    16 years
    2 Kings 16:1-2
    Ahaz reigned
    16 years
    2 Kings 18:1-2
    Hezekiah reigned
    29 years
    2 Kings 21:1
    Manasseh reigned
    55 years
    2 Kings 21:19
    Amon reigned
    2 years
    2 Kings 22:1-2
    Josiah reigned
    31 years
    2 Kings 23:31
    Jehoahaz reigned only 3 months 0,5
    2 Kings 23:31
    Jehoiakim reigned
    11 years
    2 Kings 24:8
    Jehoiachin reigned only 3 months 0,5
    2 Kings 24:18
    Zedekiah reigned
    11 years
    Total years 430 years


      1. These 6000 years are exactly divided into 2000-2000-2000 or 40 jubilees – 40-40.

        These first 2000 years ended when Abraham started his mission 52 years old (jewish tradition)
        Abraham was born 1948 after Creation.

        “Terah was seventy years old when he begat him, and Terah called the name of his son that was born to him Abram, because the king had raised him in those days, and dignified him above all his princes that were with him.”

        The next 2000 years or 40 jubilees ended when Yeshua or Jesus read from the Jubilesermon in Isaiah 61.

        That happened exactly 80 jubilees from Creation in year 28 AC.
        It says is happened in the 15th year of Tiberius. (Luke 3 and 4)
        “Tiberius (Latin: Tiberius … was a Roman emperor from 14 AD to 37 AD.”

        Then these last 2000 years will end year 2028.

        “When the waters of the flood subsided, the Ark rested on a high hill called Gordicus in Armenia. Noah and his family, eight people altogether, came out of the ship, 833 years before the foundation of Troy and 2317 years before the birth of Christ.”

        Many have focused on year 2017. Its not 6000 years yet.


    1. Thank you for the site that references the dating. I loved it until I saw that 430 years was added in twice to the equation. I’m hoping I’m wrong as I’d love to see us be very close to the year 6000. Review: Abraham born in 1948 + 99 years to Covenant promise equals year 2047. 2047 + 430 to Law = 2477. 2477 + 480 years to Temple = 2957. Total year from Adom is 2957. The author then adds 430 years again making it the year 3973. ?? How can he justify adding 430 years into this twice? If we overlook his error of addition and keep with 2957 plus add 586 years that Zedekiah was carried off, the year would be 3543.


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