Today Tevet 10 – January 7, 2020 – What happened? IRAN Illiterate Boorish

Boorish Agur’s Prophecy – Human Illiteracy!

Who is Agur? What is being boorish?

Webster Dictionary: a. clownish, rustic; awkward in manners, and illiterate.

Public speaker Agur gives an oracle of truth to his two friends. He claims that he is more illiterate (boorish) than anyone and he lacks human discernment. So boorish can mean human illiteracy?

Now who would want to listen to him? This public speaker is ready to give prophetic words to other humans but NOT by his own wisdom. He will be lead by The Holy Spirit. He first admits to being humanly boorish to the benefit of his friends. He knows the ways of the world.

Wow…when I began reading his testimony and saw that he was claiming to be more illiterate (humanly pumped up) that anyone that he knew…and yet he was asking others to listen to what he was about to say. Were they just as humanly pumped up as he was?

I had not finished the rest of his words when I went to the end of his oracle to hear a summation. He again used the word, ‘boorish’. What was this lesson going to be about? Don’t we need to be well educated in order to have God’s wisdom spoken through us? I guess not! Boorish Agur (full of humanity) is now going to present to his two friends and us what God-lesson he wants us to take hold of.

Open your Bible to Proverbs and read chapter 30. I wrote on this and published it and now I’m back thinking on this again because of IRAN and a friend that text me…how proud he was that he was on a radio program with a Jewish rabbi and thought the rabbi should be sent to hell. I was appauled at his text and just wanted to delete him forever out of my life.

EXALTATION – He defines boorish as “exalting yourself.”

We CAN NOT exalt ourselves WHEN representing God.

We can NOT add to God’s words or take away from His words he says. This means that we MUST live according to instruction and NOT our own thinking. Our thinking can not be attached in anyway to God. He does not think as a human thinks.

I then ask myself, “When I neutralize God…is that the same as dismissing Him?” Oh, He’s still there in my life…but do I mold God to fit into my life’s multi-faceted prism?

IRAN shot TWELVE missles at our American bases in Iraq. Tevet 10 2020 was a miracle day for our troops…our military…our young men and old men. The Fast of Tevet was like Ezra fasting because he had just told Judah and Binyamin that they could NOT take foreigners into the land when they return. The foreinger could not help build The Altar or the foundation of The Temple. It was Tevet One and they confirmed that they would leave their wives and foreign children back in Babylon with their parents…beautiful Babylon. But, they knew they had to return to bring God’s Shekinah glory back to the earth.

Miracles happen because of sacrifice. Prayers went out all around the world for our soldiers last night. Not until this morning Tevet 11 did I know that not one person was harmed in those twelve exploding missles from Iran. Every soldier has a family and is attached to more family and more family. If one person dies…that family line is not what it was predestined to be.

IRAN then shot the 13th missle at an aircraft taking off the ground heading to Ukraine. All 167 persons on board were obliterated…never to see their families again and never to grow their lineage.

Was it an accident? Will IRAN hand over the two black boxes? We just viewed a missle fly through the air and exploding with the night sky lighting up. Pre-mediated mass murder of innocent people can not find a word for such heinous actions.

That night…was The Fast of Tevet…10 Tevet…Month Four Day Ten…January 7, 2020. A year of clear vision…showing IRAN with clear intent…to mass murder. Why? Because of Iranian PRIDE! One man’s death…the ‘mastermind of terror’ who trains people not to flinch when taking life….maiming people…terrorizing families..kidnapping…torture.

That day, 10 Tevet, my cousin of whom we played together as children riding our ponies and having girl slumber parties and doing fun things in high school was memorized. She died on December 31, 2019 at her home at age 69. She died on the day that my kindred spirit Sue was buried one year ago in 2018 in Iowa. Two friends closed this chapter of life with family caring for them in their own homes. Joy now marked ‘The Fast of Tevet’. She is now part of The Lord’s markings of things He wants me to remember to tell the world.

I tearfully mourn Joy and in those same tears mourn 167 innocent people from different countries that will no longer pray to God….no longer hug their loved ones and no longer enjoy life as God intended.

Their physical time ended on January 7, 2020 as they trusted Iran’s Iman airport to get them safely into the skies headed to their homes. But, at 8,000 feet into the air on takeoff, IRAN said “NO” to their departure on that Boeing airplane. Iran stated it to be a mechanical failure, but bomb debris and visual bomb footage gives witness otherwise; even if IRAN covers up two blackboxes containing evidence.

Agur’s takes us on a guessing name of ‘Who Has’. Who has gone up to heaven and come back down?

Does he mean who has flown into the heavens, like the people on the Boeing tried to do? No…Agur is speaking of someone of whom has really been to God’s throne and come to earth. This message of Proverbs 30 is spoken at the time of Solomon, thus we know of no person capable of doing this and yet Agur is saying that someone has come down and went back up.

Philip (New Testament) was taken up and seen in another location on earth.

Elijah (Old Testament) flew off in a chariot and yet Jezebel’s husband King Ahaz receives a letter of warning from him after he flies away. Elishah is wearing Elijah’s mantel. Elijah must have been taken to a safer location and now uses messengers to deliver God’s word.

Enoch too was taken to a more secluded location so he could concentrate on writing down the world’s history.

Enoch went…but on horseback with others following him. And, he did have visions…Jubilees 4:19 “And what was and what will be he saw in a vision of his sleep, as it will happen to the children of men throughout their generations until the day of judgment; he saw and understood everything, and wrote his testimony, and placed the testimony on earth for all the children of men and for their generations.” Interestingly, Yeshua rides on a white horse with a garment drenched in blood. There are many other riders following him on white horses and they also are wearing white robes. He is the only one dipped in blood. Enoch had people following him to The Mount…and they were on horses.

The Book of Enoch is packed full of information even on how the wind cycles itself on the earth. People think it’s just another historical book and thus not treated with much respect. In realiaty, it gives us the extra details that make our Bibles alive in full depth.

Enoch had visions. John had visions. Enoch was alive when Noach was born because his son Methuselah travels to find him. Methuselach knew which special cave his father spent the rest of his life. If he left at age 360 and he’s described as being age 500 at one point, that means he spent 140 years minimum writing the history that Noach will take on the ark with them.

Fourteen – Another form of four which includes fourteen…two Shemitteh type of cycles….which also portrayed Yoseph’s two dreams of seven years of plenty, seven years of famine. Yosef is born in year 14 of his father Ya’cov with his father-in-law Laban also flows into the pattern of 2 Shemittah cycles. Four is the letter dahlet represented by a door. I find there are doorways if we look deeper into The Scriptures.

Another note, I want to state is that Binyamin is born in year 2186…which is 14 years from year 2200…which is the letter Beit Beit…House House. Anything said twice is with purpose. anything mentioned three times…has a definite influence.

It is my premise that we could entertain Yeshua Jesus coming fourteen years ahead of a turn of a century. It is my premise also that this pattern could fit into our lives today as we push forward .. sometimes hiding in our closet .. to write and then send out via the airways…knowledge increasing constantly…as The Torah is going out onto the earth.

And, in 2014 the FOUR Total Blood Moons occurred twice on Passover and twice on The Feasts of Tabernacles. On Tishrei 15, 2015 it was declared from Jerusalem that God’s War had begun. I mention these things only after I’ve been writing many hours about Agur’s prophecy to his friends. I write to you as friends after being very exhausted this week from friends and wars and more rumors of wars…and no one wants to know how to stop it…but there is a way…read on.

10 Tevet – People send me links on how the pope and immans agree on one god for all men. That I will discuss later…but just know the Arab world and Christians have made headway to agree on one God. Islam might not believe Jesus is God…but then neither do Mormons…nor many other Christian groups.

10 Tevet – Shiite and Sunni perhaps were coming together for peace if The Emerites would forake joining Christians. It would be the final straw to break so Shiite and Sunni could once again be one in Allah (god).

King Salaam’s daughter is said to be a ‘born-again’ Christian. Saudi Arabia is now a democracy with King Salaam’s princes instructed to give up their wealth and invest in their country. The oil wealth is now being distributed to it’s people. The Emerits invite the world to invest in them….they have many building projects planned.

Islam obeys The Torah even as they obey their other books. Example: If a girl cries out she does not have to marry the man and it is called rape. But, if a female does NOT cry out, the male is to pay 50 shekels to her father, marry her and is never allowed a divorce.

This has struck home with our family as two of my nieces are pregnant outside of marriage. These are devote Christians with parents who totally study their Bibles stressing the New Testament to live by.

Over the last year I learned of another situation. A fifteen-year old female supplied the condom coaxing a 21-year old male family friend. This young man is now sadly in prison for statuary rape. What should have happened? Torah should have been applied and a wedding should have taken place. And, it was not for getting her pregnant…but for the act.

This is what happens in the world of Islam. They obey The Torah and obey it in every point that can apply to them. When I was in Cairo in 2000 my girlfriend was dressed very modestly. She is blond and stands out and several times was pinched while walking closely on their narrow streets. She did yell out and the crowd looked around to see who was to be punished.

Christians have chosen to see Christ as fulfilling the old testament and deeming The Torah not valid for them today.

Hmm… Jesus is that atoning blood that covers the penalty of our sin…for which we are eternally thankful. Fulfilling the Old Testament means that Jesus completed every task (prophecy) that was ever spoke about him…thus that qualifies him to be our Messiach. If He did NOT complete every prophecy, he could not be qualified as The Messiach. Other Messiah’s have come and gone…and they missed the point of him being born in Bethlehem.

Now we use The Torah as an instruction manual from which to live. Christians and my texting friend CS can NOT get over the fact that a ‘sacrificial system’ could be put in place again….when even in Zechariah 12 it is seen that men will go down three times a year to Jerusalem to do this type of ‘remembrance’.

If it is set up again, it will be used to look forward again to those Jews that eyes are closed at this time. It worked that way before and it will do the same again. If this happens, it is ADONAI’s plan. If it is set up again, it can be for us to look back to give ‘remembrance’ of that sacrifice…then that also is God’s plan. When God plants his two feet on The Mount of Olives…then He will set up His sytem on our earth so we always REMEMBER it.

Let us stop arguing…because it has only led to another god (ALLAH) to grow on our earth. Allah is NOT the god of Abraham, Isaac, Ya’cov nor David. Yehovah is the living Elohim (God). Yeshua is the Living Word…displaying Torah in all that He does.

Ishmael, Esau, Laban and even Mosch’s wife from Midian did not follow the Living God. Esau is Edom…is IRAN. Ishmael is Arabia. Ishmael gave his daughters to Esau. These men are family, but they are foreign to King David. And, it is that throne upon which The Lord ADONAI has chosen to rule from and with. Yeshua comes from that line of Jesse via King David and Nathan.

We can NOT make a Deal of the Century that divides Ya’cov’s land. Esau lived in his own area but when Binyamin had TEN children and grew strong, Esau returned. Ya’cov’s other children had children and together they ALL fought off Esau and his sons with their hirelings.

Peaceful Ya’cov was told by his sons that he had to be the one to strike Esau down. At the time that Ya’cov’s beloved Leah died…Esau struck Ya’cov’s fortress with a vengeance but he did NOT win. Ya’cov struck one arrow to Esau’s heart and he died. Esau’s sons ran away and Ya’cov’s sons chased them further into the woods. These sons were in servitude to Ya’cov’s sons for TEN years . At that point Ya’cov is called to grow his family in the safety of Egypt. Perhaps that is why Egypt today will become a safe place of haven again. Israel has always been told not to fight Egypt…because she protected you and we see she protected Yeshua as well when he was born.

Yes, and today we do see The Message of The Torah and The Messiah being reached there.

We see time patterns here and more can be studied to look into our own time-line. I think it’s a terrible thing for Christians to get involved in prophecy when they don’t have a clue about The Lord’s Feasts nor have they read these historical books to compare them to patterns that have already played out. Instead, Chrsitians are so worried about bringing in other churches to the Messianic side of their Bibles that they leave worship to whenever and they leave food laws to ‘whatever’.

You know…Yeshua never violated one point of The Torah. It set Him apart…which is what The Father asks of us. Set yourselves apart and be holy unto me…as I am Holy…The Torah shows us how to be set apart.

Our prisions would empty…and our wars would STOP because Christians would STOP hating The Torah that the Muslims love. No wonder we are called, Satan. Satan wants The Torah to be gone…because he hates Yeshua Jesus. Gentiles are blinded in a BIG part…and if their scales remain…it is NOT time for His return. Those that are least in the Kingdom at least made it. The GREAT will know what is going on and they will be able to TEACH The Torah….which means we are still applying it.

I have so much more written, but this is enough for 10 TEVET.

The Fast of Tevet is about Babylon breaching Jerusalem’s walls…the first time. Today, the walls are being unbreeched in Jerualem. More and more want The Torah. It is a spiritual battle to know two names.

Agur said it correctly….

What is The Father’s name

What is The Son’s name??

Surely, you know!

If you don’t know a name besides saying God is God is God. Wrong…there is no definition to the word, god. Find out The Father’s name…find out His Son’s name…

Once you have The name right….PEACE will come to our world….because now you know to whom to pray…and this name means ‘salvation’…your salvation.


“The ever bloody altar in the Temple of God was a continual witness to Israel that God’s penalty for sin is death (see Heb 10:3). The concepts of priesthood and sacrifice are minimized in today’s non-Messianic Judaism (see Heb 9:22), but the Judaism of the Bible is inoperative without them. Messianiic Judaism holds that Yeshua the Messiah is our everlasting cohen (priest) (Heb 7:23-25) and our everylasting sacrifice (Heb 7:27, Joh 1:29).”

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