Two Dolls From Shushan

Two Dolls From Shushan

People have kept sheep for 7000 years. Our Adonai portrays Himself as a lamb going to the slaughter. Humans are known as sheep who need a shepherd. Sheep some times cannot get up when they fall down. They are considered a stupid animal but yet they know the voice of their master.

David was a shepherd . Jacob’s family were shepherds. Joseph knew that shepherds were looked down upon by the Egyptians and so he asked if they could live outside the gates in the land called Goshen.

The DNA cell for building this little lamb was taken from the mammary gland. Thus, they say she was named after Dolly Parton who they call the ‘buxom performer.’

God’s yod is all over this creature.

Dolly was born on Tammuz 18, which is the Fast of Tammuz. I’ve talked about that a lot in this book as it is about the worship of the ‘golden calf’ at Mt. Sinai.

This little ‘Dolly’ is the worship of man’s idol to be ‘like god.’ Man desires to create life. In the DNA story they still have to use life that God created first. I wonder what God will do with their ‘latest and greatest’ machines made with living cells?

What Day Was She Born?

Tammuz 18 * July 5, 1996 * Pinchas Torah Reading * Eve of Shabbot

Dolly was a freak to nature you could say. She was born from cloning DNA. She was born on July 5, 1996 but was not known at large until February 23, 1997.

It shocked the world. People said that men should not become like God and create life as man saw fit. You can not create a perfect human being free from disease. You can not go back to the ideology that the White Supremacists had of creating people for a perfect world. It was Hitler all over again! It was and still is the Bohemia Club mentality. Idolatry with Tammuz.

You can believe whatever you like on this issue because there are pros and cons to all of man’s scientific discoveries. Even flu shots have been found to induce epidemics and not stop them. Some believe populations are targeted to help in population control. Disease makes money and many companies like people to be sick. Sick people are big business.

Let’s get God’s opinion.

Tammuz 18 – Bad day with Mosche finding ‘golden calf’ story idolatry. 3000 die

July 5, 1996 – Independence Day for America. America is NOT free.

Evening of the Sabbath – The Sabbath was created for man

Pinchas Torah Reading – Numbers 25, Joshua 22:12-34, I Cor 10

Pinchas was the son of El’azar, Levite Priest, son of Aaron. Pinchas was therefore in the priestly line of Aaron and served inside the Temple. The Hebrews were influenced by the beauty of the Moabite woman and joined them in their idol worship in Mo’ab with Baal of Pe’or.

In Numbers 25:7 Sexual orgies to Baal were going on in Yahweh’s Tabernacle. Pinchas throws a single javelin into the male Hebrew and the Moabitess, killing them both. That action stopped the plaque that had killed 24,000. In Joshua 22:30 we see Pinchas again leading the charge against what Israel thought was idolatry done by a few brothers. They knew that Yahweh punished all of Israel for the action of one.

I Cor 10:5 “But with some of most of them God was not well pleased, for their bodies were scattered in the wilderness. 6. Now these things became our example, to the intent that we should not lust after evil things, as they also lusted. And do not become idolaters as were some of them.”

What Day Was It?

Dolly Revealed To World

PURIM * Sunday * 12 Adar I * March 23 1997

It was Shabbot Day 2. There was an extra month added to the Hebrew calendar that year and she was born in the extra month. She certainly was an extra.

She was revealed ON the Fast of Purim which is when Esther was revealing her identity as a Jew.

The Jews who did RETURN to help establish the Temple and their land after being taken into captivity for seventy years in Babylon, found their way to other places and assimilated into those communities.

Hadassah was Esther’s Hebrew name. When push came to shove for the remnant sheep found in King Ahasuerus’ 127 provinces, they found themselves going to the slaughter on Adar 14. It was the lot (Purim) that Haman had cast. It was the day of annihilation as assimilation no longer worked.

Uncle Mordicai told his niece, ‘that for just such a time as this” that she perhaps had been placed in the King’s court as his wife to plead for her people, the Jews. Mordicai told her that if she did not present herself to the king then God would find another way to save them.

She was going to the slaughter one way or the other and so, she put her life on the line for her people and requested an audience before the King. He did raise his scepter and agreed to hear her request. Hadassah is now remembered through the annuals of history. Movies and books have been written about these incredible events. The Book of Esther is one of the only books in our bible that does not have God speaking, but it is about God. Iran was the world leader then and their goals are no different today. Their goal has always been to eliminate The People of the Book; not assimilate, but annihilate.


Dolly’s Secret * Esther’s Secret

Esther is a Jew. She has to tell her husband, who has signed a decree for the execution of her people.

Dolly is a clone. Her designers now have to reveal to the world who she really is. She will either become a celebrity or criticized to death.

Both girls are in trouble. The verdict is in. Both girls get to have families and life looks good.

Except, we know that Dolly, the sheep, dies at six years of age. Why am I interested in this little lamb that Yah allowed to be born. Again, my friends, this is to His glory and no one else.

She was born on a terrible day – The Fast of Tammuz Day 2. It was a time of idol worship.

She was revealed to the world at a time in history that was the fast day of Purim.

Esther had hidden her identify and Dolly had done the same.

Dolly dies from a respiratory problem that no one exactly knows how she developed. If there was an animal that they wanted to keep alive, it would have been this sweet little lady. They put their lamb down on Friday, Valentines Day, February 14, 2003, Eve Shabbot.   Purim Katan (little) was Sunday.

What day and month was it?

Revealed: I Adar 12 * Died: I Adar 12

She died on the SAME DAY she was revealed to the world

PURIM * Two days to Purim Katan

My mouth hung open again over this finding.

This little lamb was born on Tammuz 18, Revealed on Purim and dies 2 days before Purim katan (little judgment.)

I want you to understand something also of interest. When thirty days is added to the Hebrew calendar they have two months called Adar. It is Adar II that is considered the main Adar. So, not only is Dolly born at the time of something hidden being revealed; she is born in the extra month. She was a second chance.

God allows man to do as He pleases but He directs their path. He chose The Fast of Tammuz for her. He chose Purim for her unveiling and her demise. He choose the chance month for her. She can not be celebrated every year just as February leap year babies choose a day to celebrate.

They have a saying in Judaism that if you die at the time you were born, then you fulfilled your purpose in life. We see that in King David and some biblical figures that we respect.

We now see it in Dolly. The difference is that she died according to God’s plan. Just as Yeshua our Messiah died according to God’s plan. Everything has a set time. What do we do with that set time?

Hadassah lived along with all the rest of her Jewish family. The decree went out from King Ahasuerus that the Jews COULD defend themselves. And, many of the governors helped the Jews find their enemies before the enemy found them.

Yah’s (God’s) sheep have gone out and multiplied. They have grown as the numbers of the stars. They cover the earth once again. He is calling them from the four corners of the earth to come home to Israel. There is more land that He wants to give them, but He needs them to be ready to graze in it.

These are stories that show us who we are to protect and guard from the enemy. Many Christians should be acting as ‘watch dogs’ over the sheep. But, they are really just sheep themselves. They get lead away with deception. It is for all of us to seek that Holy Shepherd that was slain on the stake. Until that Shepherd returns, He has instructed the sheep of Israel to accept His Torah and teach it to those who will be taught.

The sheep of Israel are preparing to shepherd the world. Even the language is returning and being taught to the Jew and Gentle. It was never lost, but hidden. Every time the Jew would present Torah, they got killed. We need to let them know that it is now safe for them to be who they were ‘called’ to be.

Many of God’s sheep will follow but they have hearts that have waxed cold and become dull of hearing His instructions. The goat nations will be destroyed, but the sheep nations will remain.

This world is grafted into the Goshen fold. They sit outside the gates of Pharaoh ready to help those stuck inside the city walls.

Shushan Purim is the fast for God’s sheep that are outside of the city. It is for those outside the gates of Jerusalem. Or, you could say for those outside of the direct line of Judaism. The good news is that we are grafted in. You can see that picture just by understanding Shushan Purim. This picture shows the Gentile is joined with Israel, unless they choose to be loped off.

I thank our heavenly Father for that. He made provision for all who would come to that ‘sheep gate’. I don’t need to be that head sheep; I’m just glad to graze at His feet. Psalm 100 expresses this.

What will also go down in history now is this little sheep Dolly. She had children, but then she died at SIX years of age. Six is the number for man and she was a sheep built and designed by man.

I’ve been listening to Dr. Wallach, BS, DVM, ND, nominated for a Nobel Prize and 2011 Klaus Schwarz Commemorative Medal, which recognizes the work of pioneers in the field of trace element research. I believe he would agree with my prognosis on Dolly.


Expected life: 11-14 years

Born: July 5, 1996

Lamb: Bonnie born April 1998

Twins: Sally, Rosie born 1999

Triplets: Lucy, Darcy, Cotton born 2000

Fall of 2001 Dolly has arthritis in knees at age four. Her autopsy showed lung cancer with jaugsiekte.

My layman questions with analysis are: Was she fed gluten (wheat, rye, barley, oats)? Was she fed the proper nutrition for having six babies within the first four years of her life?

These babies absorbed all the nutritional and mineral value from her that she did not have much left to sustain her own body. The body quickly went into disease mode and she dies.

You can say whatever you want, but this is what people do to themselves and don’t even realize it.

Cattle are given grain to fatten for slaughter. Gluten damages the villi so nutrition can not be absorbed. The body eats more and more because the central nervous system keeps saying, “I’m hungry.” People get fat, cattle get fat and Dolly gave her life for her children. Now who is going to the slaughter?

I listened to the man who built the Genetic code last week on television. They seem to have a better grasp on vaccines that can effect certain DNA, but after spending over a billion dollars in just identifying each gene, there really is not much use for this code. Good bye Billion! This man seems to think that we will have substations that can download to individual computers what will fix a person’s gene problem. Because of his age he does not know if he will get to see it in his life time. He did not look that old or he must not think he has the aging gene figured out….hmm.

I will leave that discussion alone except for the fact that the book, Epigenetics is now published and available by Dr. Joel Wallach. It will be disproving that disease is caused by defective genes. Just because I look like my mother does not mean that I am any going to die from diabetes or any other disease that my mother may have had. Because there is a breast cancer gene in my mother, does not mean that it will be in me. Woman are mutilating themselves for no reason.

All disease is related to the health of your body. Americans should invest in prevention; bring their calories down to 1200 calories; raise their health insurance deductibles; and take supplements with sixty minerals in them so they can live healthy lives past one hundred. Drugs do not fix problems. They mask the problem and cause more problems.

Diseases are NOT genetic. Scientific studies have proven that all diseases come from nutritional failure. It is key to have the mother absorbing supplements before getting pregnant and especially in the first ninety days. In a human fetus the first ninety days is where the egg is “zipping up”. After that is goes into development stage. It has been proven that abnormalities can be prevented in the early stages of pregnancy.

In Dolly’s situation, other sheep were dying from the same respiratory infection when she died. She also was contained indoors at night to be protected. There was some conjecture that her death may have been due to a DNA cloning gene because her donor died at age six as well. (I wonder how many kids she had? Oh that’s right, kids are baby goats!) lol

Taken from Wikipedia

The reprogramming process cells need to go through during cloning is not perfect and embryos produced by nuclear transfer often show abnormal development.[22][23] Making cloned mammals is highly inefficient (Dolly was the only lamb that survived to adulthood from 277 attempts). Wilmut, who led the team that created Dolly, announced in 2007 that the nuclear transfer technique may never be sufficiently efficient for use in humans.[24]

This saddens me, because even the RU486 pill is abortion. When two cells begin to multiple together, that is a baby. It’s structure is very small but considering what they know about the structure of DNA and it’s many codes, life is represented even in it’s DNA. An electrical charge separates it so it reproduces and cloning begins. If America just spent $1 Billion to learn this simple truth and we ignore it, our judgment will even more so than Sodom and Gomorrah for our sins.

That, my friends, is the end of the story.

I’m glad Adonai knew me before I was in the womb. I am not a clone, but an individual with a spirit who will put on immortality to go into eternity to live with my Creator forever.

And all the sheep said, “Bah” or they said, “Amien.”


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