Peter’s Three Unclean Visions – Corrected Vision seen through the pigs

Once Upon Heaven’s time there were six pigs. Three fat and three lean were standing before The Bema Seat along with one really Big Bad Wolf; with his real name still hidden from them.

The Grand Great I AM sat on The Throne. In a very loud thundering voice he commanded, The Deceiver to, “Get Behind Them!” He would go last as he was the last to leave earth’s realm.

They all stood shaking in their pig skin. Yes, their pig skin would not even allow them to sweat. Thus, they became more intoxicated with the excuses they would present.

Number One pig had been a firstborn. He felt responsible for the rest of his family and had only wanted to guide his siblings in righteousness. “But whose righteousness?” bellowed, the Great I AM before Pig One could even speak a word. The Pig knew his every thought was being read and nothing would be hidden in this viewing of his entire life.

A shofar blew a shrill sound, and all eyes were fixed on the firstborn. The Great I AM spoke one word, “WHY?”

The firstborn knew why his own families home fell down. He knew why each of his sibling’s homes had fallen. His own home had a narrow path to it with so many birds snatching up the seed before it could take hold of any soil. He later learned that there was very little wind at their property. The Holy Spirit was not indwelling those in his family. There was no wind and no rain to help the seed to go deep into the souls of my family at that house, the firstborn was thinking.

When the Great I AM spoke, it was like a rumbling shofar with deep notes descending into his thick pig hide. Then there was an audible word spoken by the I AM.

“Mathew 13, did you hear it?”

The firstborn said, “Yes.” Then the final rumble came loudly.

“Did you understand it?” The firstborn was silent…he took off his robe and handed it to the great I AM. He prepared to be slaughtered.

The second fattened pig had heard the questions. He was mentally prepared but found himself to be dumb struck. He was without words to defend himself as to why his house blew in when attacked by The Big Bad Wolf (TBBW), The Deceiver. He had lived in abundance and was overweight to say the least.

The second pig had built his home on rocks. He had heard about having a good foundation and he chose rock for it. But he knew in his heart that his family had hearts of stone for The Torah.

“You become what you are around.” He found himself agreeing with the great I AM’s thoughts entering his mind.

“And you understood that my Son was The Word…He is, was and will always remain issuing my instructions.”

“We are ONE!” “We are One!” “We are One”, kept ringing in the second fat pigs’ ears. He understood it…he was without excuse.

He thoughts flashed back at seeing his plants and herbs grow quickly. But, because of his life having no solid base in The Torah, he quickly lost ground with his family. They all liked ‘quick’ rewards. His family had lived in the ‘fast lane’ with worldly success in every aspect of their lives. On a whim his children switched churches that taught the ‘three-blanket’ story was about food. All of the churches with their powerful theologians were teaching the same story, that all could now eat ‘unclean’. TBBW now had a ‘BIG BAD SMIRK’ on his face.

In that moment, the second born pig’s eyes had scales fall off them. He now saw clearly. Pig Two realized that Peter’s vision was about giving what was clean, The Torah and Resurrection, to the Gentiles. What was clean was to be given to the ‘unclean’, to live out their lives righteously on the earth. They would be like Yeshua…casting demons into swine. Unclean was cast into unclean. It now made sense to him. There was only one way to get clean and stay clean.

Even as the second pig had built the foundation of his home on stone, the foundation was to be the Cornerstone known as Yeshua, the Son of God. He was awed as these thoughts pouring into his mind.

His family was gentile. They were even called, pig. There were so many pigs around believing the same thing that our roots went deep into what he now understood as being ‘deceived’. They had begun to believe #7 brother, but fell away when he required that thing called, circumcision. That was too much! They left #7’s house very quickly that night. TBBW deceived them by saying no one would like their specie anymore. Yes, the pigs remained popular, so all seemed well.

Ironically, Pig Two found himself standing among the unclean Gentiles who loved eating his friends. He wondered if his hell would be watching himself being eaten again and again and again. His thoughts were unending what was about to happen to him. Yes, he knew he was still self-entered standing there at his Bema Seat Judgment. Were there any reprieves at his ‘Bema Seat’ judgment? He prayed that he was just dreaming this nightmare. Just then The Great I AM took him back to when he had studied Mathew 13.

Mat 13:20  The seed sown on rocky ground is like a person who hears the message and accepts it with joy at once, 

Mat 13:21  but has no root in himself. So he stays on for a while; but as soon as some trouble or persecution arises on account of the message, he immediately falls away. 

Yes, the Great I AM was right, he admitted to himself but not out loud. He had great joy and even told people about Jesus’ resurrection. But the ground’s soil was so hard that others did not want to join him. He and his family found churches that were more fun with more acceptable doctrines. These churches didn’t have much wind just as their homes stony location did not have wind. Both locations soon gave way to landslides as his family was flooded with compromise.

Interestingly, he heard the I AM conveying to him that if he had opted for Torah, he could have saved many of his pig-friends lives. Yes, humans would have eaten less of them. Now, his whole being felt as if he was his species betrayer. Would he go through hell holding unto these same feelings for an eternity?

The third pig had been looking around this vast domain and saw a great lake that went out of this house. There were multitudes of beings along the lake’s shoreline. He also observed a boat that held a divine being in it. The beings were all mesmerized by the words. The stories he had listened to by his first two brothers was similar in context of what he could hear this God-man speaking.

Were many still learning about these things here in this realm?

The third pig heard the sob stories of his brothers to the Great I AM. A narrow path where the seeds were plucked up by birds where his brother and his family heard The Torah but didn’t do anything about it.

Then his strong brother turned out to have a heart of stone concerning The Torah. He had built his house on stones where nothing could remain and grow.

What was going to be his excuse? “Hmm,” he thought, “Maybe I can use the excuse of thorns. He had felt like Cain who always had to rot out weeds to get his foundation started but was always overwhelmed by thorns.

As a third child he seemed to worry about meeting up to the standard set before him in their family. He always strove to go above the standard of his brothers. There was a lot of pressure to being a third born.

Yes, they had all heard the message. But he just could not swallow the parable of all the pigs jumping over the cliff and drowning or was it a ravine they fell in? No matter, he just could not forgive this Jesus for killing so many of their relatives. And why did this Great I AM pick them to be ‘unclean’ in the first place. Was it always like that all the way back to Adam and Noach?

He had so many unsolved questions that his worries overtook him. He decided to just take a day at a time and be happy in that day. What would be at The Bema Seat, would be what it is. And now, here he was. And where was his family? Didn’t they all come together? Hmm, all the glamor he had encouraged his children into would do them no good here. He was now sorry that he didn’t respect the ways of The Father.

He was now repenting and asking himself why he just could not have been happy with the much they were given. Yes, when they were poor, he remembered insulting God. And when they became fat, he also knew they left God.

His family expected The Great I AM to bow to their traditions. Why should the Great I AM not be accepting their worship? After all, wasn’t it about their heart and their love for Jesus’ resurrection? So, what happened? Was there a two-fold answer and they only stepped into one of the folds?

His house had fallen, and he was sorry.

The Great I AM ask Pig Four to give an accounting of his life without speaking a word to him. Pig four knew that The Great I AM already knew his life. He was not as fat as his first three brothers who had their houses blown down. He had purposed to build his house with Jerusalem stone. He ordered cedar to hold it up. He had been to Jerusalem and seen those great walls. Sadly, there was only one wall left standing to wail at. This told him about repentance. “How many times could a pig repent?” he had asked earlier in his life.

He knew his brothers were fat because they failed to bow the knee to the Great I AM. He immediately, went on his knees. He had heard about building on the rich soil of The Torah. He obeyed the Torah resting his rich soil every seven years. He tried The Lord in his own country and found The Great I AM responded in a positive way.

As he was thinking about his life, he saw a door open. He got up and walked through it. He found himself seeing things thirty times more powerful than before. He didn’t even have to go near the lake’s shoreline to hear the Divine One speak. He stood where he was and closed his eyes. He heard that voice and it got louder the farther he walked from it. He walked over 100 footsteps and felt as if he owned all of this Heaven’s time.

And what happened to the Big Bad Wolf? He was cast into a pit. The pit had a cover on it. Then I saw a woman by the well. Her name was Rachel. She had been weeping for herself and her children. Now, the day had come when all the forces of hell could not prevail against herself or her children any longer.

Rachel lifted the lid to the well as if it were a feather. It did not need to be a heavy lid as that isn’t what held this monster and his minions. Chains were added to them so they could not roam any longer. The Great I AM’s thoughts held them.

Rachel was worthy to anchor the lid because she too had been deceived by this Deceiver. And it was she and her sister Leah’s sons that would be honored throughput earth’s history and beyond. She had born the last child to Ya’cov. She had lied about idols. She had lied about being pregnant with Binyamin. She was loved by her husband and her firstborn Joseph. Binyamin never knew his mother. He could only love her memory of what they told him about her. Binyamin could only see through his father and full brother Joseph’s eyes.

Ya’cov and Binyamin both had a name change that impacted their lives. The Great I AM changed their names to be prophetic in their calling. Ya’cov was only called Israel after leaving his idolatrous fathers-in-law house. Binyamin was the only son whose name was changed after his father Ya’cov’s name was changed. Would they be given new Heaven’s time names?

Rachel’s crying to have children was heard. But it came with a price…his bride gave her life. Through the centuries TBBW has had millions of Sarah, Rebekah, Rachel and Leah’s children murdered.

The lessons of being fat and what the pigs did with it, and the lean pigs and how they lived their lives through it is told in many books; yet for you to hear.

Mat 13:9  Those who have ears, let them hear!” 

The popular tax collector Mathew then came walking through a different door. In this realm words were not necessary. Thoughts came through the spirit that was active there. Mathew thought to the fourth pig. “Many look around without seeing and listen without hearing or understanding.” Your first three brothers were like that. But you, today you, walked through Heaven’s time. You have been healed by the one spoken of in, The Torah.

The Torah showed you your need for a savior. You, fourth pig, understood. You chose Jerusalem stone and cedar to build your house. Those that keep their eyes on Israel’s ways will prosper in Heaven’s time.

Then across the skies came one of Mathew’s favorite quotes from Yeshua’yahu.

But before Pig Four could read it, out of a whirlwind, came the prophet of the Great I AM, Isaiah. He loudly spoke the words so all Heaven’s time could hear.

Mat 13:14  That is, in them is fulfilled the prophecy of Yesha`yahu which says,

‘You will keep on hearing but never understand, and keep on seeing but never perceive, 

Mat 13:15  because the heart of this people has become dull—with their ears they barely hear, and their eyes they have closed, so as not to see with their eyes, hear with their ears, understand with their heart, and do t’shuvah, so that I could heal them.’ 

Mat 13:16  But you, how blessed are your eyes, because they see, and your ears, because they hear! 

Pig Four had the answer to what happened to their 7th brother. How did Pig 7 make it to these pearled gates? It seemed like the six pigs could have gone to their 7th brother’s home to live when they lost their homes to the huffing and puffing of deception.

Pig Four immediately remembered the shield of protection prayed around #7. TBBW could not touch him. #7 was like Job who would not curse even when he had lost ten children and all their possessions. Job’s quiet submission saved him. #7 had studied your Torah and found your son, The Messiah all through it. You, The Grand I AM, did approve #7 as a good workman which produced good fruit. He loved eating The Torah even as it burned in his belly. He called it your fruit from The Tree of Life.

Our seventh brother never stopped fellowship with you. #7 position with our families was that you alone are to be honored. You alone are HOLY, HOLY, HOLY.

Our brother 7 definitely troubled us for not honoring your #7. We found there were more than just a Saturday Sabbath. You also want the darkest night of the month honored so The Divine’s Light can shine. The weekly Sabbath, the Monthly Chodesh Sabbath, The Festivals have Sabbaths. In these we observe The Son and your plan for saving the earth from TBBW’s deception. The study of Revelation or End Time events all surround your Sabbaths, your traditions all bound up in The Torah.

And even though #7 was called, ‘unclean’ because of his pig nature, #7 set himself apart by honoring your traditions instead of his own. Now, #7 is in Heaven’s Time taking pleasure living in your instructions.

Did #7 pig enter the Seventh Heaven? That is for the next story. (joking)

Joke: What happened to Pig Nine? Seven ate Nine.

That’s all folks…from your serious Loonie writer…

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