Driven Out to be Brought In

Driven Out to be Brought In!

”What is God saying to us.”

  1. God’s spirit will not live in human flesh forever.
  2. God makes Himself known by his name, Yud-Heh-Vav-Heh ( י ה ו ה ) [Adonai].
  3. God will establish them in the land of His covenant with them, Kena’an.
  4. God has heard the groaning of the people of Isra’el.

Gen 6:3 Adonai said, “My Spirit will not live in human beings forever, for they too are flesh; therefore their life span is to be 120 years.”

One hundred and twenty years later Jehovah destroyed all flesh by water accept for eight in an ark.

We must look at the beginning to see the end. You can’t just read the book of Revelations or the Book of Daniel to see Yahweh’s intent and character.

Exo 6:2 God spoke to Moshe; he said to him, “I am Adonai.

Exo 6:3 I appeared to Avraham, Yitz’chak and Ya`akov as El Shaddai, although I did not make myself known to them by my name, Yud-Heh-Vav-Heh ( י ה ו ה ) [Adonai].

Wow! God is now going to show another one of His characteristics to His children.

I’m sure Pharaoh ask, “Who is this god that I should respect Him?” In Genesis 6-12 we see that Pharaoh said he would let the Hebrews go many times. He ask Mosche to intercede for him many times, but Pharaoh always returned to his sin of a hardened heart. God had to keep chastening Egypt to bring His children out. Egypt represents the material world.

Exo 6:4 Also with them I established my covenant to give them the land of Kena`an, the land where they wandered about and lived as foreigners.

Exo 6:5 Moreover, I have heard the groaning of the people of Isra’el, whom the Egyptians are keeping in slavery; and I have remembered my covenant.

God is not a covenant breaker. Do you think God is going to stop His covenant with Israel in our current day? He may have His own discipline for them, but He will never break covenant with them.  God can NOT break Covenant.

What is God going to continue to do with Israel?

McPhelan Memorial
Machpelah Memorial where Abraham Sara Jacob Leah lie in estate at Hebron.

We know the wells were stopped off after Abraham died and Isaac reopened them. Abraham lived near Hebron with the Hittites. Genesis 23:17. Abraham bought the cave of Machpelah in which he, Sarah, Isaac and Rebecca are buried. I visited this site and it amazed me that they even believe Adam and Eve are buried deep beneath this site as well.

I was also amazed at how God has allowed the Arabs to be in control of it. Israel conquered it with Ariel Sharron, but then later gave control of it and the Temple Mount to the Arabs. They thought this would maintain peace which would then stop the destruction of these sites. But, instead the Arabs continue in their land grab. Men forget who won the battles and that they were only given custody. The Arab’s custody of these sites has given them a false ownership.

You may think that I’m only Pro Israel, but I can honestly say that I love all people just as our Creator loves all people. The Jordanians had a war and they became refugees in Israel. When their war was over, Jordan would not accept them back. The Arabs did not want Israel to exist and used these Jordanians as pawns in trying to destroy the nation of Israel.

We must not forget what happens when a particular sect of people consume a land. It will soon dominate the government as well. If the two-party solution would go into effect, there would be no state of Israel. It has taken time for the Jew to make Aliyah to Israel because it has always appeared to be too dangerous to live in Israel.

Islam teaches suffering. Muslims reach their goals with Allah quicker by their suffering. They play upon this supposed blessing from Allah to the world who sees it as horrible treatment. In real life it helps them to reach their eternal goals with Allah and yet they complain of ill treatment to reach their ultimate goal of world dominance. One of their goals is the Caliphate of removing Israel from it’s land.

They use one passport for several woman to build their population. The same woman could be found having five children in a year. They are now over 5.5 million. Israel is only 6 million. Jordan should accept their return, not Israel. In 1995 when the world recognized the PLO, the name Palestinian was given to them which sounds close to the people group, Philistine from King David’s time. These are not the same people, but they have fooled the world.

In Genesis 12:32 Pharaoh asks to be blessed by God. He was admitting Egypt’s defeat and God’s sovereignty over them. Pharaoh regrets letting his slave force go for three days. Just the count for men being released was six hundred, not to mention their wives, children, foreigners and livestock that went with them.

Why did God want the children out of Egypt (world)? God heard their cry. (Are crying?)

Exo 6:5 Moreover, I have heard the groaning of the people of Isra’el, whom the Egyptians are keeping in slavery; and I have remembered my covenant.

Exo 6:6 “Therefore, say to the people of Isra’el: ‘I am Adonai. I will free you from the forced labor of the Egyptians, rescue you from their oppression, and redeem you with an outstretched arm and with great judgments.

Today, we are witness to the world being under the wrath of God. But, let us look at two more things that are still important to Adonai.

Exo 6:7 I will take you as my people, and I will be your God. Then you will know that I am Adonai your God, who freed you from the forced labor of the Egyptians.

Exo 6:8 I will bring you into the land which I swore to give to Avraham, Yitz’chak and Ya`akov — I will give it to you as your inheritance. I am Adonai.’ “

Jerusalem – Capitol of Israel – recaptured in 1967 on last day of Six-Day War.

Adonai’s goal is to physically reign from the land He has chosen. We see the land described here. This land of the covenant is being fought for this very day that I type. Israel is defending herself from the Haman of old in the area of Goliath (Gaza). We are witnessing the old battles renewed. The victor will be Adonai because His plan will not be thwarted by moves of Satan.

But, why is this land important to Adonai? It is where He has chosen for us to celebrate Him.  He calls Jerusalem, His footstool.

Exo 10:9 Moshe answered, “We will go with our young and our old, our sons and our daughters; and we will go with our flocks and herds; for we must celebrate a feast to Adonai.”

This my friends is the answer. It is the answer to ‘why’ the feasts are important to our Creator. From Adom to Noache to Mosche to Solomon to Antiochus Epiphany to Paul of the renewed covenant we see the feasts presented as being a SPECIAL time of celebration of knowing who our Creator is.

All through history man has been asked to make certain days, set-apart (holy) to the Lord. If we do NOT, our Creator has the creation cry out. The heavens and earth responds in judgment as we see Yahweh’s hand on Egypt. Egypt represents the world and it is a lesson for us. We are spread across the world and thus judgment is spread into all cities.

I believe we have profaned Adonai’s set-apart times. I am nothing special to this world, but I am special in that God has allowed me to see ‘His Yod’ (hand) in my life, in this world and He allows me to give witness to it. In this witness I hope to bring Him glory and I pray for Israel’s rise as our Yud-Heh-Vav-Heh ( י ה ו ה ) [Adonai] brings about His goals for all mankind.

Since man will NOT come out of this world and man is determined to celebrate our Creator in their own chosen ways, He will drive us out.


  1. God’s spirit will not live in human flesh forever.

We must change to spirit.

  1. God makes Himself known by his name, Yud-Heh-Vav-Heh ( י ה ו ה ) [Adonai]

We do not know Him by his name we must know it.

3. God will establish them in the land of His covenant with them, Kena’an.

We do not recognize His land

4. God has heard the groaning of the people of Isra’el.

We do NOT groan to Yud-Heh-Vav-Heh, Adonai

Adonai is spirit and in order to become spirit we must know his name, Adonai. He chooses the land for us to come and worship. He will bring us to that land when we cry out to Him to take us there.

Deu 6:23 And He brought us out from thence, that He might bring us in, to give us the land which He swore unto our fathers.

The Jews in France are driven out to be brought in……….next chapter!

Let’s now look at the statistics for France as of July 15, 2014, 18 Tammuz. France is 80 percent Muslim. Is this what it takes for the children to RETURN?  Should they return to a hostile environment?   Why do they RETURN? the lesson we learn from the 40-year wandering in the wilderness is that when God says to GO IN…we should GO IN.  It is God that will protect us.  Go live in IsraEL.  God visit IsraEL.  You are in God’s will to support His footstool.  Support IsraEL while they are on the soil upon which you live.  You will be blessed by this people group.  God promises blessing when you attach yourself to Him.  

Instruction Scroll
Torah Scroll

When you attach yourself to IsraEL you are attaching to Him.  HaShem will bless them and keep them safe under His wings of the talitt (Torah).  SHEMA – Hear – Obey….RETURN TO TORAH….Return to the land.  

Driven Out in order to be Brought back.  Return means, you have been there!  Return to your father’s house children of God.

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