Jonah – Arise Sleeping Church

 ‘As In The Days Series’

JONAH WAS ASLEEP – They said, “arise so we can be saved!”

Romans 13:11 “And do this, understanding the present time. The house has come to you to wake up from your slumber, because our salvation (Yeshua) is nearer now than when we first believed. 12. The night is nearly over; the day is almost here, So let us put aside the deeds of darkness and put on the amour of light. 13. Let us behave decently, as in the daytime, not in orgies and drunkenness, not in sexual immorality and debauchery, not in dissension and jealousy.

Nineveh was filled with humans not obeying God’s instructions (Torah)

Jonah lived at the time of Elijah and Elisah.  Jonah saw the things that God had them do.  Jonah was the son of a prophet. Jonah 1:1 “Now the word of the Lord came to Jonah the son of Amittai,  2 Kings 14:23-25 ….the God of Israel, which he spoke by his servant Jonah the son of Amittai, the prophet, who was from Gath.

Jonah was called out by God to specifically go to Nineveh. Messenger means to be sent. Angels are messengers, not intercessors. People should not pray to messengers. The angels look on in awe as they watch men accept the ways of God and move to accept Yeshua as their Messiah.

Jonah was a stubborn messenger that did not want to walk 500 miles to Nineveh.   He did not think that the worst of the peoples of the nations deserved to hear how to live ‘safely’ on the earth through God’s Torah.

When I ask my church-going seven-year old grandchildren what the message was that Jonah had for the people, they said that he was to tell them about Jesus. They had just been taught about Jonah and knew it was a BIG fish that had swallowed him. They knew that Tarsus is where Jonah was headed and he did not make it. They loved the story of Jonah and they knew it was a real story.  But…Jesus was not born yet….  What was the real message?

My husband and I had attended the Jonah production in Branson Missouri July 2015 with my sister and her husband. It was outstanding and it moved my heart to examine the story of Jonah. As in the day of Lot in Sodom and Gomorrah should be examined.  God also mentions that the days before the LORD returns will be likened to Jonah. It will be as in the days of Noah, Lot and Jonah. They all were Torahless… Believing they knew God…deceiving themselves….. destruction came.  My question is how does the ‘church’ see itself today?  How is the, Church, ‘As in the days’?  Do they only have the “Jesus” get saved message?  What is the rest of the message?  First the heart change which leads to the indwelling of the Holy Spirit; and then how do you walk out your life?

There are many types of good news in the bible. It was good news that God had grace in his characteristics so many were not totally destroyed as God’s character trait of justice was at work.

It was Good News that Messiah Yeshua was the Son of God. It was Good News that he came as God to carry the curse of death from sin… and yet Yeshua rose from the grave crushing the head of Satan, as foretold through Adam in Genesis Thus, we can believe on Yeshua’s work alone is that which defeats death.  Our death nor someone saying that if I attend a function of another god and die at that function that I am guaranteed to go to heaven.  The Devil’s Ritual is at the place of The Father of Lies.  770 souls perished at that stop on Yom Kippur Day 2, Tishrei 11, 2015.  The people who lost family members should be questioning that faith and that required religious trip.  The devil won as stones were thrown at him.  He won the souls of many who were deceived…there are no other gods….just one Living God and His name is Yahovah.  Satan drew them to His temple of destruction…they thought throwing a few pebbles at him could stop Satan from hurting them.  Satan is real and God is real.  Both entities retaliated that day.  Satan drew them and Adonai allowed it.  Adonai had left them over to their retrobate minds.  And, as we see what else happened on Tishrei 11 we see a pattern of God steering humans from evil, but they argue and press forward to their own demise.  It was the Torah reading of Moses declaring that he was retiring at age 120.  God announces that He knows he children will turn to other gods once they cross over into the promised land.  Children soon forget what brought them to the point of salvation.   The nations influence people to join them to appease their god and even perhaps more and more gods…just to be safe…just in case they say to themselves.  This Torah reading showed exactly what would happen to those leaving God’s instructions.

It has always been realized that man should see that he falls short of God’s expectations (instructions) and that he should recognize himself as a sinner.  The Torah is our schoolmaster that shows us our sin.  Then, when we accept ourselves as sinners, we return to that same Torah (instructions) and let it lead us in safety while on the earth.  This attitude pleases God and He sees your desire to love Him in the way He keeps you safe while on this beginning venture of life…

More Good News was in His instructions that are laid out as a plan for man on how to live long on the earth and into eternity…while in fellowship with God. This fellowship is what we should desire and not just us escaping from the fires of condemnation. When we love God, we should want to follow in His footsteps and identify with Him in everything. It is a marriage to the Lamb that God sent that allows us to do as He did and follow God’s instructions….even to physical death. God is our master shepherd who loves the entire flock. But, he will break the leg of the lamb that wants to run off and a shepherd now carries that lamb.  This lamb has free-will and perhaps God will even allow this joint to NOT properly heal so this lamb can no longer run off as quickly.  Jacob had a hip out of joint after wrestling with God.  It is at this wrestling that Jacob’s name was changed to Israel (rules with God).

Jesus (Messiah Yeshua) had not yet been born into the world at the time of Jonah. His message was not about Messiah; it was about returning to God. God determined to tell us splatterings (my new word) of history to teach us how He thinks. He started his fellowship with one man, Adam. He showed us how he failed and how God dealt with that failure. We see man’s fall that eventually lead to murder in one of Adam’s children.   Was God to blame for not accepting Cain’s worship which lead to Abel’s death? No! God tells us ‘Pride’ goes before a fall.  God saw the discontent in Cain’s heart of even bringing an offering to God.  Cain wanted to rise above God and have his own reign on earth.  Cain would be allowed to follow his heart and his descendants would grow to be the down-fall of man and a flood would remove them.

Is God Old-Fashioned Today?

Is man too proud to admit that God had a way of salvation for the people in Old Testament and it just might be the same way today?   Do people call, “God’s laws (instructions)” old fashioned, and they certainly can NOT be for us today in this 21st century!  I believe the New Testament writers have been misunderstood.  They operated under God’s Torah and when Anti-Semitism grew even worse on the earth, man turned to develop his own system of Torah thinking it pleased God.

I say these things because as a young Christian I didn’t give much thought to the OT people. As a Christian maturing in God’s word, I now see that I had pride. I was a prideful, “dispensationalist’ to say the least. I was so proud to come away from a ‘universal’ church lead by one man on this earth and my new findings made everything and God fit into a neat box. And, then after thirty some years of studying God’s Word, a further revelation came through deeper chewing on God’s words.

I learned more about the ‘churches’ founding fathers like Constantine (of which I have written on this blog. I learned more about words that certain bibles adjusted. They could have used several meanings, but they chose the meaning that led us to their Anti-Semitic understanding of the verse.

My entire life I feel God has directed me to follow Him. I am not a superstitious person and so when I write, if it sounds like I am…I am NOT.  I’m sorry if you sense that from me, because I won’t even use the word ‘lucky’ because it has some of ‘Lucifer’ in it.  There is no such thing as ‘luck’ but only God’s will in it.  I am a very colorful (humorous) person but I am also a very black and white person when it comes to God.  So, for me to speak in depth, it may seem to some that I’m a little eccentric. Sorry!   I’m an in-depth person and I enjoy being with people who like to seek God to His depths. I want ALL of Him!

Church Fathers

My church fathers are not the Pope, Martin Luther, Constantine of 325 AD or whomever!   When Jesus/Yeshua spoke of the founding fathers he was speaking of the prophets and Moses.  Constantine wasn’t born yet nor were the epistles from the apostles written when Jesus spoke of the fathers and prophets.

The Psalms by David and Songs by Solomon poured their hearts into their writings so we could see God and trust Him. Proverbs 31 is Solomon’s mother giving him instructions on finding a virtuous women.  He was the greatest Torah violated of all times.  He is the reason they went off to Babylon.  It was his grandson, Josiah, who read the missing scrolls and then was credited for having the largest Seder (Passover) ever in history.  But, it was his heart and not the people’s heart that brought it about.  The people participated but not as with the heart of Josiah.  It has always been about our ‘hearts.’  The heart is not a new thing, nor is ‘grace’ and mercy a new concept to the Old Testament.


The Shulamite woman doesn’t want to come out into the rain. Rain is blessing. The church does not want to come and participate in Torah. She thinks she might get her feet wet. And, when she does look for her groom, she can not find him. Where did he go? He didn’t go anywhere but her eyes can not see (re’eh). Her lover was still observing the laws (instructions) of God and was still being blessed. She is the one who changed and could no longer see him. Whereas His locks were dripping with dew…the word of God.

There is the ‘oral’ torah which is like playing the game where you speak a word in someones ear and then it is whispered in the ear of the next person and the next person. It may not be totally clear what was said over the years.  The oral Torah had been violated (changed) and now it would take Yeshua arriving to realign the path.

In Gal 1:12-14 the Emissary Sha’ul (Paul) indicates several ways that they learned about God. They had schools of which he studied under the best, Gamaliel, the grandson of the great teacher Shumai, of whom Yeshua sat with. Paul says that he was more of a zealot for the traditions handed down by my forefathers than most Jews my age. Galatians chapters 1 and 2 are written 19 years after Paul had direct revelation from Yeshua (Jesus) himself.

Paul (called by Greeks) became the bearer of the Good News about Messiah to the ‘uncircumcised/Gentiles’ and Peter was told to instruct the “circumcised’ (Jew). It was not by works but by faith ALL of them were saved.  The Jew could still be circumcised if they chose, but they were told not to force it upon the uncircumcised/gentile new converts to Judaism.  None of the instructions went away, but it was stream-lined (in circumcision) for the joining gentiles. The Gentile would still be baptized (mikvah), attend The Lord’s feasts, attend training at synagogues, not eat blood, eat according to Lev 23, etc. They just did not have to go under the knife as…that too had bothered some of Abraham’s. These guidelines were built upon what they saw in the desert with Mosche….the original father of the oral instructions and two stone tablets in Arabia at Mt. Sinai.

They ALL needed to come away from endorsing the feasts and festivals to the other gods. Diana was big in Greece along with Zeus and Apollos, etc. Today, we still carry Zeus around in our Olympics and give tribute as our women dress as Diana. And the world drinks with Astarte (Diana) on their lips on Starbucks cups.

These are just a few of the things that permeate our world and what we have become neutral to.   Satan says to us…”surely this does not bother the BIG God you have. Why should He be bothered by these little things!”   Well, even Christmas began with Nimrod and Tammuz..  Satan, “but that is not what it means to you any longer.”  “And don’t worry about Halloween…it’s just for fun and the kids like to get dressed up…after all…”

Did man ask Nimrod to relinquish his rights over the winter equinox? Did we ask Diane to relinquish the Spring Equinox? “No!”

We are Gentiles that still think Jonah went to Nineveh to tell the Good News of Jesus. Why?  Because we can’t get it out of our mouths that anything OT just might have some value today in God’s view.  We have so misplaced Torah in our lives that we have no idea what torah means.  We think of it as the legal word, law.  And it does have the meaning of law at times in the bible.  But, it also bears the meaning of, instruction. This is one of those words that Satan used to help destroy and deceive at his discretion.

Our quote “modern” world wants God to transform into our New World Age…..Grow up God….Think bigger than yourself…really!!!!   Sacrifices and blood?  fasting?  resting?  Shemittah ing?


My church fathers honor One God….who has many attributes….yet….He is ONE! Read the scriptures under ‘Who is God’ on this website. I took a great deal of time developing it for you. Don’t be deceived that there are many roads to God. He tells us that there is NOT. It is a narrow road, too. It is called, Torah….that leads to Messiah Yeshua. Why does Torah lead to Yeshua Messiah/Jesus?   The Jews are the key to this.  They know that the Messiah that they are looking for will NOT violate Torah in one point.  If He violates it in ONE point it disqualifies Him as the Messiah. This was news to me, too.  Now, that I’m thinking about this…let’s take it one step further.  We know that every man has sin and will violate some part of God’s instruction…torah.  That is what makes us human and not gods.  What makes the coming Messiah God?  Only God can NOT violate Torah.  Messiah will be God in the flesh.  This alone will be proof.    Whoo lah….powerful people!

Now we know why Satan hates TORAH……  If you are against Messiah then you are Anti-Messiah/Anti-Christ.  And, Jesus said, that this thinking was already in the world when He was here.  What thinking?  Against God’s Torah.  Getting rid of Torah, gets rid of Messiah…no one wants it.  God is forced to cleanse His earth once again….yes, God said it will be fire the next time.  At this writing of, August 16, 2015, there are 13 states just in America burning.  And upper Canada’s fire will not go out until the snow fall puts it out.

Adam had oral instructions from God. Mosche today, 1 Elul, was on his way up the Arabian, Mt. Sinai. He will come back with the thirteen attributes of God’s name written on the two tablets. Now man has something written in stone. God is not a covenant breaker and renews it with Yeshua’s blood sacrifice represented for thousands of years through the lambs.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is why the Sadducee and some sects of Pharisees were trying to discredit Jesus/Yeshua in his walk.  Yeshua is known as he written word (instruction) and He could not violate it. His entire life was about it and His entire life in the future when He returns is about it.  It never stopped and, in fact, it was Yeshua who pushed it further and said, that even if a man lusts in his mind, then he has lusted.  WOW…. I guess that did not spell it out enough for some…

Who is Asleep in the last days? Jonah’s Nineveh! It’s been a Shemittah cycle (7 years) for me in trying to express to my family and friends the seriousness of ‘waking up.’ Paul has been misunderstood, especially in the book of Galatians.

My Shabbot class is now delving into the Book of Galatians.  Galatians is a hard read.   Galatians is an area and not a town. In chapter 1, 2, Paul’s message is to Gentiles who are participating with 1. Greek gods and 2. Roman gods.  Paul has been traveling around nineteen years and is now revisiting this area. He is disgusted with their activities. He is so disgusted that you have to study this book deeply to see that he himself is still a very strong Jew and is Torah observant. Paul never left God’s instructions (torah) but he comes down on those that make it their salvation. Torah does not save us but shows us our sin. Once the Spirit convicts us of our sin, then we go back to living in as much of God’s instruction as we can that applies to us….Do not murder, honor parents, etc.

God’s ways now instruct us how to live long on His earth. Now, if you don’t want to live long safe life…then it can be a curse to you, and you can have a hard life here.  And, if you are influencing others to not follow after God’s Torah, He may remove you.  These are hard facts spoken by God Himself.

Paul’s message is that the gentile is that they are brought into the same salvation as the Jews. And, the same guidelines didn’t change.  All Jews and Gentiles could not have any other gods activity in their lives.   Roman Diana, Molech, Sun, Moon gods; Greek Zeus, Apollos etc. with their associated celebrations (food), feasts (seasons-appointed times for sun and moon worship), etc. had to stop.  They were to follow the Noache laws as the Jews were already doing which always included not eating blood.  Since there is another creatives life in that blood, men are giving themselves blood transfusions by mouth.  We are very sincere about making sure what type of blood we are given in a hospital, but we are careless when eating in a restaurant or at home.  That live-blood is tainting our systems.  God has a reason for his instructions and yet men seem to think they know better.  Men remove themselves from this earth early by their disobedience.  God did not remove them; their disobedience removed them.  They end their life early especially in the dietary disobedience.

They were to be mikvah (baptized) into Yeshua Messiah’s name and none other. John the Baptist had a baptism to repentance whereas baptism in Yeshua Messiah was to salvation. His name literally means, salvation. There was no Father, Son and Holy Spirit until the church (printing presses) put it into their version of the bible.  And, then it is seen once.

The God of Abraham, Issac, Israel (Jacob) and David…these were the fathers who carried the Torah into the next thousands of years. Today the church has fallen asleep because they choose the wrong fathers.  As in the days of Adam they followed after Cain and today we follow leaders who take us into wars that are not for righteousness, but for land grabs.  Men expect other men to die for the exchange of a piece of dirt.


We are in the days of Jonah. We are Torahless. We knew the ways of the fathers, and then the WORD (Torah) was stolen from us. It was changed into a universal mass. The rules were changed to fit men’s rulings. Constantine 325 AD even removed (murdered) his own children so they could NOT vote on the rulings of The New Church Order. His mother helped him build the church while his wife removed (murdered) his first-born child by his first lover.   The Great murderer Constantine conquered the 7 hills of Rome and built it all in the name of ‘freedom of religion.’  To the east another 7 hills would carry his name and still more churches in the name of so-called Christianity.   Constantinople has become Istanbul Turkey, Muslim….the harlot from the north.    ThisTurkey, my friends, is the old harlot still joined at the hip with Rome.  Mohammed married a Catholic, Fatima.


Torah was violated and now we have many Nineveh’s across the world. They don’t remember applying Torah as it was stolen from them early on. The Jews books were burned and they were sent into the nations. The Jews would print more books as they were populating in the world…and then they would burn their books and them again and again until today.


In 1948 the books would no longer be burned and the children would stop being burned as they returned home. But, now the world would burn for their atrocity to God’s, ‘People of the Book.’

Oh Nineveh, you are but a Shulamite woman who won’t come out in the rain. Oh Nineveh, return while there is still time to join the groom. The wedding party is about to start.

Jonah was sad that Nineveh listened to God. God grew a plant to shade him from the sun and then a worm came to destroy his shade.   This tree would have no fruit as Jonah still saw himself as more special than any other in that town of Nineveh! He had only gone a warning…he did not share with them how to live in Torah. He was not happy that Nineveh repented.  In fact, he sat under his tree waiting for Nineveh to burn.  It did not burn….they returned to Torah.

Are you happy for others to come to the truth and live their lives according to God’s ways. Or, do you agree that we are no longer under these laws…. that hold us back in our freedom in Christ. Do you say in your heart, “Oh, what a sad thing to think that the old testament people had no hope…. and they had those laws to contend with.”  Ninevah loved the Torah and was saved….because they saw God in the Torah.  I’m sure they showed up for The Lord’s Feasts.  They came to celebrate God.

In the Hebrews lives they never thought to be arrogant and prideful to throw out God’s Torah. They knew the word, ‘forever’ meant ‘forever.’   Oh but wait…yes they did stray….many times….and when they did, the Temple was lost by Solomon and God removed them for 70 years to Babylon (Iraq.)  Solomon is pictured as Anti-Messiah as he was a big-time loser against God’s instructions.  He violated more Torah than other kings as he married foreign wives who even offered Solomon’s own flesh and blood to Molech.  He thought his gift of worldly wisdom made more sense than God’s Torah spiritual wisdom.

In the book of Daniel God speaks of the dynasties to come and yet he never gives a charge for man to move away from His instruction on how to live safely on the earth.  God knew dynasties would rise and fall because man lacked the will to obey God.  In the last days we are told that the rulings will look similar but be different.


Yes, similar in that many call upon the name of Christ but they follow the traditions of Nimrod and Tammuz which are the foundations of Estar (Easter) and Christmas.  God says that they will be called, Lawless. Yes…The lawless ones…The Torahless ones. They seem to think they are righteous, but God will remind them that He didn’t know them.  Why didn’t He know them?  Because they were not following God’s instructions…they threw it out.  They weren’t able to participate because they failed at even coming to the ‘dress rehearsal’.  The Lord’s Feasts expand the Torah….and is likened to the ‘wedding banquet.’

My fiction parable

The master at the wedding banquet wondered why a Roman soldiers showed up. He said he fought in my Name. I told him I had sent him ‘Priestly’ garments to wear.  The Master next wondered why the Orthodox priest showed up in his robe. He said that he preached many a time in that robe in My name. The Master told him that He had ask him to tell the kids to show up at the festivals known as, The Lord’s Feasts. The priest responded that they had decided to go along with the traditions of Nimrod’s plan known as Christmas and Estar. The priest continued with saying, “That Passover Seder thing that the Jews wanted to do didn’t go over very well. The people didn’t want to listen to ‘those Jews’ that killed our Jesus.”  

Love your neighbor as yourself

Jonah went to sleep as the church is asleep. In my span of life the people have even let go of the Ten Commandments.

The Church...has striven so hard not to be under any yoke of law and totally under the dispensation of grace that they have lost what God chose to keep them safe on the earth….the instructions of the ancient ones….Abraham, Issac.  These instructions are different from the other gods instructions.

The Unions.…if any instructions from God hang any where near a public place, the unions are in an uproar.

The Satanists… are now moving the statute of ‘Bapthomat’ around to all the nation’s state capitols so children can sit on his lap offering up prayers to Satan.  Our children are use to sitting on Santa’s lap so why not one more lap.   Hmm, now who hears our prayers?

.Galatia Province

Paul is really down on the people in this Galatian territory because after 19 years of his preaching they had strayed into gentile traditions along with Roman and Greek gods.  People are so feeble minded that they let themselves be pied pipered around to think they have to please many gods…’that aren’t real and can’t do them any good’….God says.

Gal 5:14 “For the whole of the Torah is summed up in this one sentence:

‘Love your neighbor as yourself.”

Paul doesn’t even quote the favorite two: Love the Lord thy God. Love your neighbor as yourself. He just gives them one. Because they knew ALL the rest hung on something.      The Torah never went away, my silly Galatians.  What do men think….yep…”love my neighbor and I got it.”

Don’t take my instructions and turn them into LEGALISM!  Don’t make them rules, but a way to live.  They should not be difficult and Yeshua said that they are light….His yoke was light.  He is the living Torah.  Men pervert the Torah by only using them to convict of sin, but then not to allow them to keep men safe in how to live on the earth.

HOLY SPIRIT is key……..

Gal 5:18 “But if you are led by the Spirit, then you are not in subjection to the system that results from perverting the TORAH into legalism.”

Right here we see that it is the indwelling of the Holy Spirit that won’t let men pervert God’s Torah and make it legalism…something that is not to live by.  People in the Holy Spirit are in love with God’s Torah.  I can NOT tell you the different in congregations I have visited around the United States.  It is the Spirit filled congregations that jump up and down over Jesus.  It’s not an act either.  Their lives are reflected in their joy.  They walk out their lives in trusting God and obeying and they go out to nations and infect others with this joy.  They feel okay lifting up their hands and praying as others are praying.  They see miracles in their lives and give testimony to it.

Other churches who don’t have the Holy Spirit are depending on the preaching to excite them.  The pastor is challenged on how many jokes he can tell to get the people to smile and laugh.  Worship is hard in these churches and the old hymns have the same tune…but different words.  Oh the words came from some great authors, but some times you wonder about the words and what they really meant at that time.  Do we really fly away to old glory?  What does this really mean?  It’s songs that place doctrine in us that may not be true.  We cling to these songs as if they were scripture.  This is a rapture theme song……being contested today as to when we are caught away.

The Spirit will love Torah and not let it be perverted to think it saves us unto salvation.  Yeshua’s clean blood saves us and then Torah leads us to safety.  His ‘yoke/torah’ is light.  It is easy.  He wants one blood poured into you….His atoning blood.

The Good News that Jesus rose from the dead and is the Son of God is very serious….. even the demons believed that and shuttered. What caused them to shutter was the fact that Yeshua’s blood had power. Now God had taken on living form for men to see the Torah (instruction) of God. Men would now witness this LIFE on how to live safely. No more deception from Satan.

Messengers (angels) marvel at humans who still have a chance to walk out their lives in the now LivingTorah/Yeshua.  The demons were cast out and could no longer walk out their existence in God’s power.  This is a tragic thing to not have your Creator hold your life together.  It is a dark world and deception creeps in.  Spirit guides are entering  those that do NOT have the Holy Spirit and they are giving people insight to things of the future.  These spirits know things we do not as they see the spiritual realm.  They only need access to a body in order to perform their deeds.  It can seem as simple as helping your perform playing a guitar.  You know that is not your music, but their influence.  It is not of God, but you are led to believe it is.  Now the confusion starts as you see things into the future and it comes true.  Now, you tell others and soon you are ‘puffed up’.  Others draw near you and you are confused but complimented and PRIDE sets in.

Jonah’s tree represented the protection of Torah. If we do not see the power of Torah in our lives, then our heart will NOT be joyful in it. Yeshua came as the complete form of Torah and showed how to live it out. He never took it from the world, but gave it back to the world in a form they could witness to its fullest.

Jonah’s life was complete when he too turned back to it. He then was excited to share this beautiful way of ‘walking’ with God. He saw that it was the Holy Spirit that worked in Nineveh.

Jonah’s message looked forward to the time Yeshua Messiah would  be in the ground defying death. Jonah had defied death 3 days in the belly of the BIG fish.  It is said that Jonah was the son of the prophet of whom son was raised from the dead.  This means that Jonah actually had been raised from death twice.  Yeshua defies physical death and spiritual death setting the captives free.  Jonah helped to set Ninevah free after he himself is said to actually have died in the fish and then was spewed out.  The 500 mile walk turned into a trip by sea.  The sea represents the nations of the world.  The nations are dead without begin spewed out of sin.  The penalty of sin is what?  DEATH…spiritual death!  It is not the Torah that is the curse.  But, it is the curse of the ‘Law of Sin’ which is death.  We mixed the words up and then they are redefined and are untrue.  The curse of the TORAH is NOT death…but

the curse of SIN is death.

Jonah did nothing to deserve the tree/gourd.  Jonah 4:6-8.  It was to be a shadow over his head to deliver him from grief. His grief was that Ninevah would be saved.   God prepared a worm…God prepared a vehement east wind…and Jonah wished to die….  Jonah didn’t need the gourd for a shadow he already had shade!   God gave Jonah this extra shade showing God’s grace on Jonah.  Jonah did nothing to deserve that shade.  Now Jonah wants to die because this wind is so hot on him.  God shows him that if God can spare Jonah why would he not spare 60,000.  Grace has always been a shadow to all of us.

It was God’s grace that brought it about.  There is more grace in the OT than the New.   If you remove Torah from your life, you remove His grace. Yeshua is the Torah…He is the grace you need.


The Messiach

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