Appointment of Appointments – October 12 2016?

Time Times and Half…What does it mean? Mo’ed Mo’edim Appointment Appointments Yom Kippur – The Fast.  Daniel 12:7  Is it the Appointment of Appointments? September 16, 2015 and now OCTOBER 12, 2016.  The 120th Jubilee begins this day….WOW…Day of appointed times.

Source: Appointment of Appointments

What will you bring as a ‘sacrifice’ to the LORD?  This man writes a note to ADONAI at the western wall.  When I stood in ‘awe’ at this wall in 2009, I wrote He could have all I have… and to be please use me for His purposes.

Make a trip there….see how you come face-to-face with your Creator….  It’s a very moving spot on the earth.

I haven’t stopped in my Hebrew search for Him….my faith grows daily…never returning to the old sins…but trusting…and witnessing…Y he is Hebrew!

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