“BO”- ‘Go’ – King Abdulah 90 Leaves

Miriam Hadassah | The Yood of Elohim.

Parasch BO ‘Go’

Exodus 10:1 – 13:16

Jeremiah 46:13-28

Mark 4-5

Weekly Happenings: Tevet 27 to Shevat 4 * January 18 to January 24, 2015

King Abdulah, Saudi Arabia, died Friday, January 23, 2015, Shevat 3, Rosh Chodesh III

CHAPTER 10.  Ten is Yood represented by a closed hand  >l. An open hand is the Koof  כ which looks like a large backward C.

Wow….Chapter TEN –   Let’s start with the Hand (Yood/10) of Elohim and see what it will contain.

Whatever words begins the Torah reading for the week is what the Torah Parasch is named.  In this example, God is telling Mosche; ‘Go’ in unto Pharaoh; for I have hardened his heart….and the heart of his servants, that I might show these My signs in the midst of them.

many say that God left Pharaoh and his servants over to their humanity.  It can only be with a soft heart that we will see, “The yood of God.”

Have you wondered what the phrase, and God hardened his heart really means?  How could God harden hearts and then expect correct action.  It would make God appear to be a ‘mean’ God that was difficult to please.  This goes against the belief in Freedom of the Will.

The phrase, harden his heart or, make his heart strong; i.e. stubborn is an idiom.

We see in Isaiah 6-13 we see Isaiah answering the call, ‘who will go for us’ by responding, here am I, send me.  Isaiah answer the call not out of compulsion, but out of freedom.  He responds from his heart and responds with his lips.

In Isaiah 6:9 “hear ye indeed” by the people of Judah and Jerusalem during the reign of Uzziah was insensitivity to God and Divine things.  They did NOT miss God, and therefore were NOT prepared to seek him.

We can look at Pharaoh in this same light.  He did NOT know what he was missing and did not seek what he really needed.  He was ignorant of what a relationship with his Creator could mean.

Back to the idiom, ‘harden his heart.’  How does a heart harden.  What happens when you say to a child, ‘Give me that knife, you may hurt yourself”?  They will not give it to you and your tone may rise and you say it again.  Their human heart says, I’m not giving in.”  The third time you say it, they hardly hear you because in their heart they are now thinking, “Didn’t Mom hear me….I am NOT, NOT, NOT giving this knife back.  At the fourth and fifth and ninth, “CALL TO ACTION’ the heart is so stubborn that they throw it over the fence, but they are NOT NOT NOT going to hand it over.  They don’t care if they die in this situation….it’s all about ’cause’ now.  I am who I am and she can’t tell me what to do.  I will do anything to that knife but GIVE it to her.

This, my friends, is how we treat God.  We don’t know God and we don’t desire to.  We are just happy the way we are.  Now, if a car comes barreling down the street, or frogs are in all the homes and beds, then I may try to appease this god.   I don’t know this god so I trust him nor do I want to obey him and in fact, right now I don’t even like him for what I see Him doing.   I am the BIG Crocodile, Pharaoh of the world and I’m NOT giving in.

The more someone says no, the more humanness sets in.  God told Mosche it would not be an easy task.  And, God told Mosche that He would be using this human trait to His advantage so others will witness the wonders and miracles of Adonay.


Verses 1-3 explain WHY God does what He does!

People ask, “Why Me?” and I say, “Why NOT Me?”

I am but a worm made from dust going back to dust.

Home page of the Arab News about King Abdulah, Friday January 23, 2015,  “To God we belong and indeed to him we shall return.”

This 90 year-old crocodile Pharaoh of Saudi Arabia, the 6th King of Saudi Arabia and one of the richest men in the world worth $255 billion…. RETURNED to dust.  He did NOT build a pyramid and try to take his wealth with him as the Pharaoh’s did.  He was buried in an unmarked grave in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.  The Turkish President Recap Tayyip Endogan, a Muslim, attended the group of leaders who quietly placed him in the earth.  After the short interning on the day he died, Friday, the group went to the Palace to accept Abdul’s half brother as the new king.

What will your obituary look like?  People usually come to funerals to speak kind words. They are words to encourage those that remain.  The words must be of ‘truth’.  In today’s world we have the open forum with the internet.  There are more words of criticism than there are of good for King Abdulah.  His first wife of whom he married at age 15, has come begging to President Obama for the life of her four daughters to be released from their imprisoned state at the palace.  With his death they are now without any services and food.  Sahar, Maha, Hala, Jawoher are being punished for speaking out about women’s rights.  Yes, it is said that this will be the first year that a woman can vote.  I will talk more about this King and his father later.

Two Kings - Quiet Secret 3-day Meeting on USS Missouri.
Two Kings – Quiet Secret 3-day Meeting on USS Missouri.

His father, King Saud met with Franklin D Roosevelt Winter 1945.  Their discussion was about the United States gaining access to oil in exchange for the land of Palestine designated for Jews.  King Saud expressed disdain for Jews but FDR shook in agreement for oil.   When the papers were signed in March, FDR died one week later.

Yes, there are locusts that devour our lands.  Crocodiles play their cunning tricks of deceit.

First, we must recognize why the locusts came.  After all the plagues that Adonay had Pharaoh experience, he still would not HUMBLE himself.  He had to make God’s will his own and then he would experience the peace of letting Israel go into the desert to worship God as God desired to be worshiped.

Fourteen of the  Nineteen Al-Queda terrorists that struck America were from Saudi Arabia.   And, even after that, America lies in bed with these Pharaohs.  Today, I must say has been an interesting day.  The oil prices for the world have gone down as the Saudi kings desire to ruin America’s oil production.  They will NOT stop the production of oil which leaves a glut of oil on the market.  They produce 9.7 million barrels a day. There are now barges full oil tankers sitting in our waters waiting for distribution.  With that much oil on the market, the other refineries are suffering and losing money…big time.

Me, I think it’s great that the American consumer can spend $1.67 gal this Shabbot at the pumps; but the sad connection is that our oil producers are losing money. Hmm….Iran is mad, American investors are mad, the world is mad.  But it falls true to the Shemittah year…the captives are set free.  The people who pay the bills are finally set free from the gouging.  But, it comes with a price as oil stocks plummet.  Today, with the death of King Abdul, gas was thought to be heading back up.  I think God is still going to stabilize it…after all, it’s the year for things to FALL and our world to be set on a corrected path.

LOCUSTS:  They were seasonal and common in Egypt at the time of this Pharaoh.  So what was going to be unusual about this plaque at the time of Mosche?

It’s been said what a beautiful thing to behold when you see the whole air, to 12 to 18 feet above the ground, is filled with insects, reddish-brown in body, with bright gauzy wings.  When sun rays catch them they are like the sea sparkling of light.  When we lived in Iowa in the country, I saw them coming and then I felt them above my head.  It was an amazing and yet fearful thing if I had gotten in their way.  They were in unison traveling.  I did not experience what Egypt felt as the sun was darkened.  The air separates them and then they swarm together again traveling to where they will consume and devour.    You can catch them and crush them in your hand but they are powerful in their voracity.  Leaves, branches, and wood are attacked and devoured.

Exodus 10:6 – thy houses shall be filled is where they swarm on a house and enter it’s innermost recesses and fill every corner.

The people were given a warning before the plaque came upon them.  The people were not as hardened as Pharaoh and begged Pharaoh to let the Israelites go to worship their god in the desert.

Pharaoh calls Mosche and Aaron to meet again to discuss as to WHO could go.   Mosche declared that they ALL must go to attend this feast, but Pharaoh said that only the men could go.  This sounds like King Abdullah’s plan; only the men seem to be free.

God desires ALL to freely worship him.  Men should NOT dictate an individual’s desire of worship.  If crocodiles preach against God’s ways, God stretches His yood (hand) out and ‘things happen.’  This Torah study is proof that God’s calendar (the ways of God) are circular in that the lessons of Torah are seen and worked out in much the same way and many times in the very week of what is being studied all around the world by Torah observant believers.  This excites me and this is why I write.  I believe we are to recognize the ‘things of God’ and learn from them.

I’m going to insert here what else has happened this week in history.  I think we’ll see locusts that entered Israel’s lives and also see God’s response.  His timing is never slow, but is His perfect timing.

We will close out Tevet with 1964 being the year of four partial solar eclipses.  It would be on the first eclipse that the PLO was born.  At the THIRD Arab Summit the plans would be seen exactly one year later when in 1965 Israel came under attack because of President Johnson’s Water Carrier program.  This you could say was the beginning of the end…of what?  Yes, it would be the end of the Arab’s controlling Israel’s water.  The Pharaoh’s of Egypt came for blood and instead Jerusalem was freed on the last day of the miraculous Six-Day War.  It is amazing that we read about the Egypt’s waters turning to blood all throughout the land including their ponds and streams.  It was a seven-day curse.  Even the eclipse was in place as it partially darkened on that day of the Arab Summit.  Egypt will go into complete darkness before we’re done with the study today.  Patterns follow patterns…..if only man would be watching ‘The Hand of God!”

Tevet 28   50th Anniversary -1965  FIRST Al Fatah INWC * Raids on Israel’s National Water Carrier.  January 1965 to June 1967 draws Arabs into Six-Day War.

Tevet 29    1964 THIRD Arab Summit (51 years)  Arabs don’t like President Johnson’s water diversion plan.  PLO – Palestinian Liberation Movement formed (Iron Wall). Beginnings of 1967 6-Day War.

1964 Partial Solar Eclipse, 1st of 4.

1987 SSC Collider Supported by President Reagan.

Shevat 1    1913 Richard Nixon b.

1967 Ramadan – last day

Shevat 2  1942 Wannsee Conference – ‘Final Solution’ to the Jewish Question. Held Jan. 20.  Convened by Reinhard Heydrich, Records by Martin Franz Julius Luther b. 1895-1945 Berlin.

1955    Arkansas, Missouri, Tennessee (60th year Anniv.) Morning earthquakes shook 30,000 square miles.  It had been fairly quiet since 1939.

Shevat 3    2015 King Abdulah, Saudi Arabia dies, 90.  January 23 just after midnight making it Friday, eveShabbot.

1782    Daniel Webster b. eShabbat

1933    Hitler Chancellor of Germany, installed by Paul Hindenburg who died 8.2.1934 when Hitler would then become Furor.

Shevat 4 – Elvis Presley born, World’s KING of Rock

Wow…..Tevet closes out but continues in similar fashion in Shevat.

I have a separate story on our King of Rock.  But, it will be when he dies.  We will see two other Kings come into the story as Martin Luther King and Michael Jackson (King of Pop) all three share a similar fate.  More on them at another time.  But, I want to bring in that this last Monday was Martin Luther King day.  Yes, the Post Offices and Banks were closed, the government shut down for the day of the KING.  Who really was KING? Like King Abdulah who was dying in the hospital with pneumonia this week, Martin Luther has two sides to his story as well.

In 1967 the Arab Muslims would be celebrating the last day of Ramadan.  It was at this time of the Torah reading,”BO.”  “Come” said God to Mosche.  Talk to the world about my people.  It would be Shevat 1, Rosh Chodesh (Head of Month) which is a dark day with NO moon that they would decide to close off the Indian Ocean to Israel.  This forced Israel to retaliate for five days.  Yes, it only took Adonay, the God who will show His mighty works to bring His people back into their promised land, five days.  Egypt military was annihilated and accepted defeat.  Then…..they changed their mind.  What you say!  Yes, they hardened their hearts that day and said No…we want to continue to fight.  It was that SIXTH day, that Adonay handed into Israel’s hands the City of Jerusalem.  It was won….but still President Obama seems to be confused on who controls Jerusalem.  Now, the United States has put a bill through to move the U.S. Embassy from Tel’Viv to Jerusalem.  Obama is stalling on that.

Oh how long will you wait Adonay to discipline your crocodile leaders?

Did you notice that Richard Nixon is born on Shevat 2?  What is he about?  Well, it will be Richard Nixon that will come to Israel’s aide at the Yom Kippur slaughter in 1973.  The locusts strike Israel with a vengeance.  I spoke with a Hebrew who fought in that war and it took them several weeks to get their military ready for a response.  It was devastating but Adonay once again claimed Israel for Himself and said, “No, to the land invasion.”

What else do we see as the month of Shevat begins?  It is the similar enemy at the 1942 Wannsee Conference.  It has been 73 years that the so called, “Final Solution” was decided for the Jew.  What was the solution?  To annihilate the Jew from the face of the earth.  It was Hitler who convened a meeting that set the camps to become gas chambers and furnaces.  It was the final solution of not assimilation, but annihilation.  It would be the Pharaoh’s of the world once again killing the children as they did in the days of Mosche.  We read about Moses but let us not forget that these crocodiles have NOT changed in their madness.  Today, in 2015 Yemen has been taken over by Al-Qaeda and now America has no stronghold to work from to enforce justice against the enemy in that area.  Yes, it is a Shemittah year of falling.  Kings fall and kings are raised up.  Men’s financial is taken down and some men’s finances are set free.

In 1782 Adonai gave us Daniel Webster.  He was a godly man.  He was born on the eve of the Sabbath.  The Sabbath rest brings at dusk and continues until the next dusk.  He was a good man given to the world.  Hitler became Chancellor that day, King Abdulah has died this day, Shevat 3.  Yemen is taken over and now the new King of Saudi Arabia will have to deal with that blood.  America may end up working with the Shiite Muslims.  America will work with the Sunni Muslims.  America is willing to work for peace with all peoples because it began as a God-fearing country.  America is NOT what is use to be.  It has been assimilated by other cultures who do NOT have the same Living God.

Elvis Presley was born on Shevat 4. I don’t know if it was the “BO” Torah reading.  But, I do know that all men are created equal.  There is not different between black, white or brown.  We can even write great songs about our Creator as he did.  But, it is how we end that matters.  More about Elvis later….but now back to the locusts.  Will God release them on the earth?

Exodus 10—-yes we are still in Chapter 10…right where we started.  I hope I can get further into it but we had lots to cover since a great financial King left the world yesterday on Shevat 3.

For the first time…the servants intervened and ask Pharaoh to let the people go.  Pharaoh, changed his mind when they could not come to terms of the agreement.  Mosche wanted ALL to be saved, and Pharaoh said, only the men.  God said, ALL the people…..

After the Jews expulsion from Spain, 80,000 Jews took refuge in Portugal relying on the promises of the king.   Spanish priests lashed the Portuguese into fury with adult Jews being banished from Portugal.  Who did they keep?  The children under age fourteen were educated as Christians.

It would now be from the east wind that God would send the locusts.  It is also from the east that comes the troubles in Israel today.  Iran today is upset with Israel destroying a convoy with five Iranian chiefs and other enemy chiefs at the border of the Golan Heights.  What are they doing there?  It is Mosche right to protect his people.

The locusts consumed Egypt and all it’s borders except Goshan.  The Israelites were a set apart (holy) people.  They were seeing the ‘yood’ of Elohim even as none of these plagues touched their lives.  Pharaoh once again repented and Adoany brought the west wind to throw every locust into the Red Sea.  They cannot survive in water.  This reminds me of God’s pure word cleanses and destroys at the same time.  Yeshua is our living water.

Is Pharaoh using God in knowing that this god of Mosche’s keep forgiving him?  Let’s look at the Ninth plaque of darkness even as we examine our own darkness as we keep testing God with our own return to sin.

The Third, Sixth and now Ninth plague are unannounced.  Is it a wonder when we sin and ask forgiveness and then go back to sinning that judgment falls us without warning.  This is exactly how God treated Pharaoh.  No warning:  darkness that was so deep that men did not see each others faces and were too terrified to move.  Their main god was, Ra, the sun-God.

We made it to the end of Chapter Yood (10).  What is next?  Pharaoh will NO longer see Mosche and Aaron.  Pharaoh declares his own decree as he says to Mosche, “Get thee from me, take heed to yourself, see my face no more; for in the day thou seeth my face thou shalt die.” 29.  And Mosche said: “Thou hast spoken well; I will see thy face no more.”

Mosche was ready to intercede but Pharaoh was done and wanted nothing to do with the Hebrew’s God any longer.

We have now almost concluded Chapter TEN witnessing the Eighth and Ninth plaques.  Chapter 11 will be very special as we see just in the number 11.  The number one is represented in the first letter of the Hebrew aleph-bet and is called Aleph.  It is represented as a bull/ox which stands for strength.  This letter really represents God Himself.  We see two ones.  Aleph Aleph.  It’s like Mosche holding up both hands together declaring, Yahweh Yahweh!  It will now be the final plague of death.  Who will die?  It will be the FIRST born.  It will be the Aleph born.  It will be a double portion of death seen in humans and animals.  The hands of Mosche and Aaron represented in One God.

How are the people to prepare for this last plague?  God would move the hearts of the Egyptians to give the Israelites jewels of silver and jewels of gold.  The Israelites would now leave with the wealth of Egypt.  This shows us the wealth that Israel today will acquire just because God moves hearts to give to them.  This wealth gives testimony that Israel will be a blessing to the ‘Nations.’

Trees burst forth in Israel today because people donate money for trees.  It will be next week on TuB’Shevat (15 Shevat) that this blessing for trees will pour into Israel.

Mosche learns that there will be an immediate departure after the last plague.   Chapter 11 announces the plague of death by the Hands of God.  The Hebrews will NOT leave with bitter memories after living in this community for several hundred years.  Mosche had been kind to the Egyptians and thus they became kind in the giving of their items.  Chapter Eleven closes in a summary of what it will take for Mosche and the people to leave.  Mosche always respected Pharaoh’s position of authority without jeopardizing his position with Adonay.

Chapter 12 describes the month of Passover which is the first month called, Nissan.  We actually see the instruction for the TENTH day of selecting the lamb.  This will also line up exactly in the future when Yeshua will Himself walk into Jerusalem and they will select Him and sit Him on an ass as hail Him as King before he turns the table and sets Himself up as the sacrificial lamb.   He allows Himself to be that lamb that was loved by all.

In verse 12:8 we even see the exact day of the future execution of Yeshua.  It will be Nissan 14.  The roast of fire is because they are in haste to leave Egypt.  Unleavened bread is also because they are in haste and have no time for the dough to rise.  The ‘matzah’ is called the ‘bread of affliction’.  The bitter herbs symbolize the bitterness of the Egyptian bondage.

Verse 9. ‘eat not of it raw’.  As was the custom of many heathen peoples at their sacrifices.  ‘nor sodden at all with water’; the lamb was not to be boiled as dismemberment would be hard to dispense.  This rite was intended to represent the perfect unity of Israel as a nation.  One meal, one table, eaten whole and eaten entire (nothing left till the morning).

This passover was for a memorial.  No plague be upon you and a memorial is set up to keep it.  It is an annual festival of seven days marked by eating unleavened bread for Israel to keep forever.

to be continued……..

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