Jubilee Year 2017

Israel’s 70th Anniversary 2017

Johnathan Cahn has written a book about the Jubilee years.  I have yet to listen or read the whys, but if that is true…then what will 2017 look like in just a year?

The Balfour Declaration occurred in 1917-1918.  That was when the land for Israel was set aside specifically for them.  1967 was the year of The Six-Day War in which they acquired more land than they were seeking.  The Egyptian’s had surrendered after five days of unprecedented wins by the Israelis.  Then, God put his ‘hooks’ in them and drew them to war for one more day. Yes, a few hours after surrender, they had changed their minds.   God wanted Israel to have Jerusalem.  So, on the last day of sifting, Adonai walked Israel through the Jerusalem gates.  Jerusalem ‘is’ the capitol of Israel…and from where He will reign for a thousand years to filling up The Davidic Covenant.

I am one that looks at our past history to see our future.  Adonai operates in patterns.  The pattern that I witnessed a few moments ago came to me via a friend in Arizona, E.H.  This person wrote to me expressing her dream and her fears as she awoke today.  After viewing on Utube the mass entrance into Europe from strong young men who looked liked soldiers who believe their purpose is to breed their way into dominance in the world, I wanted to throw up.  Women in dormitories were targeted with rape.  Homes are invaded and taken over.  It sounds like the ‘holocaust’ on the march across 7-10 countries to get to Germany.  Even a little 7-year old  girl was raped in a city park and she came crying to her mother.  That was not about producing children… but blatant…. occupation.  It is a sign of taking over a kingdom…out of some movie…not the 21st century.

How horrible to defile the innocent in these barbaric ways.  An evil seed has been planted in thinking this is the answer to their world domination. Fighting is the norm and even among themselves.  Beautifully boxed food donated… to the poor refugees…(probably put together by Christians from around he world) is rejected.  They were given access to a castle where over 300 could live and they complained of boredom and probably expected entertainment.  They continue to leave a carnage of debris in their trail across Europe.

I started my day safely in my home listening to a Ted Pearce CD that I acquired on Shabbot, Nov 14, 2015.  We buried my mother fifteen years ago this day (year 2000) and I was comforted by this worship concert lead by Ted.  I had been thinking of my friend EH at this concert and now she texts me with her fears.  She drew me back into the real world that I was glad my mother was not here to witness…it’s just too incomprehensible to explain what is happening.  It’s not normal for a society act this way.

After looking at the onslaught of males coming into Europe’s soil and knowing they have also arrived on American soil, I did not know if I could go back to looking for principles and patterns anymore.  Did my work on seeing ‘The Yud of Elohim’ matter anymore?  I had been writing down Ted’s words from his songs and now my heart can’t sing them any longer after seeing the carnage that is spreading across our world.  Why does Obama not close our borders?…why does he want this open carnage for America?  Does he want anti-colonialism for America?  That is how his brother lives and that is how Obama was raised.  Or, is he really just another puppet in the scheme of things as his beliefs fit to make everything work together for THEIR agenda for the world?


We just had the Paris attacks as the Sabbath began, November 13.  Dead so far are 129 with 352 injured for a total of 481 in a single day.  It is the study Toldot, history, of Jacob’s trip to get his wives, children and his troubles with his brother, Esau.  Today’s Esau children are trying to find more wives in Europe and they are doing it with force.  481 people injured has put fear in Europeans… and it is at the exact time of this Torah study that their father Esau took Ishmael’s daughter, known as an evil woman.  Evil has beget evil.

God attaches the first blessing in the Torah to ‘Honor your parents’ so you will live long in the land that I give you.  Cain did not respect his parents and he had to live outside the garden as his punishment.  It is his line that brought the world to a flood.

Esau did not respect his parents Isaac and Rebecca; and will cause the world to burn (war).   Gen 27:40 tells us Esau will have children but they will always live by the sword and also they will serve Jacob.

This is the prophecy that is fulfilled before our eyes, even today.

Ishmael  would have clans that will come from his loins, but they will be nomads, donkeys, always in discord with humans. Genesis 16:12.

Gen 28:8  Esau took a Cannite wife… to be  spiteful to his parents of whom he heard them tell Jacob not to take a wife from Cannine.  Esau married one of Ishmael’s daughters.  This clan that is moving across Europe, as we read, are the sons of Esau who sold his birthright and lost his blessing from Adonai, as foretold from within the womb. Genesis 25:22.

I’ve been seriously looking at the French flag and it’s takeover.  I learned that its new meaning to the ‘Esau crowd’ is Blue for Priesthood, White is for Laban, Red is for blood.  Their priesthood will come to Laban through blood.

The French bombs have been targeting Lavin this week

Israel’s blue tassels on the talite represent the 613 instructions given by Adonai at the time of Moses.  They are now being patterned in Laban’s use of blue for Esau’s priesthood in the French flag.  Laban’s Cannnite family is to be set up through blood.  It will be blood from war and blood by birth.  This image is not from our living God.  Our image comes from Yeshua’s (Jesus) saving blood.  We don’t need these other blood types to be happy on the earth.


These jihadists (so called refugees) have become very irresponsible in leaving their wives and children behind.  Did they think that they are going to be able to kill off every male in order to take over the females of the world?  Do they think we are uncivilized like naked tribes people?  What Kool-aide have they drank?  What food full of gluten have these people been fed?  Lies and more lies from the Father of Lies…Satan.

There is a movie called, The Lord of the Flies.  What do they want to be lord over?

The pattern of an Exodus has been seen before in Egypt.  Patterns flip and at times turn side ways, but the pattern is there.  This pattern is flipped.

The exit of Abraham’s grand children caused fear in the countries that saw them.  Today’s ‘War Exodus’ has people scared as they experience them in their towns.

The difference in Abraham’s children leaving Egypt was that they came out by the Hand of Adonai.  It was Adonai’s hand that brought pestilences on Pharaoh’s house.   Abe’s kids were peaceful.  They were given things as they left.  They didn’t complain about the food given to them by the neighbors of whom they might have passed, because Adonai fed them. They didn’t kick and beat a person to near death for asking, “What are you doing?”  Israel’s children didn’t rape children or women on their way to their destination.

Esau’s “Exodus of extermination’ is different.  There are no women and no children traveling with them.  The goal of this Exodus is to Exterminate.  It is not about assimilating into a German, French, Swedish of any social society.  It is about taking 7-8 wives and breeding the German out of existence.  It is about exterminating all life from the planet except for the children of Allah.

God’s blessing for Esau. Genesis 27:38…”Here! Your home will be of the richness of the earth and of the dew of heaven from above.  40. You will live by your sword, and you will serve your brother.  But when you break loose, you will shake his yoke off your neck.”

Esau had the richness that would be the first ‘oil’ of the world.  With the car industry would come other industries that would choose oil instead of a cheaper method, to enrich Esau.  This rich oil would give them the money to buy power and buy war that would continue to keep them in control of the world.  They would build their empire after a different god, one that would shake Torah from their necks.  They would not follow Adonai’s instruction book, but create their own.  Jesus said that his yoke was easy…but Esau doesn’t even want an easy ‘yoke'( instruction), especially from the God of Isaac and Jacob.

They desire to stay married to their father Abraham’s brother Ishmael’s yoke of ‘no honor’ to parents.  It’s must easier to do what is ‘right in your own eyes.’

This is a direct insult to Adonai who gave the blessing to honor.  No honor, no blessing; and in fact, you access a curse.  God knew Esau’s heart and in Malachi 1:2  says that He hated Esau and loved Jacob.  Why?  Because Esau’s heart could not honor.

Malachi 1:4 “Edom (Esau) says,”We are beaten down now, but we will come back and rebuild the ruins.”  Adonai-Tzva’ot answers, “They can build, but I will demolish.”  They will be called the Land of Wickedness, and the people with whom ADONAI is permanently angry.”

1:5  “You will see it and say, ADONAI is great, even beyond the borders of Israel.”‘

Gen 17:20 Ishmael would have twelve nations from his loons. Gen 16:12. “He will be a wild donkey of a man, with his hand against everyone and everyone’s hand against him, living his life at odds with all his kinsmen.”


Genesis 17:21 “But I will establish my covenant with Yitz’chak (Isaac), whom Sarah will bear to you at this time next year.”

God had Mosche planned as the leader to bring the children out of bondage.

Satan had planned Islam’s entrance into the world through displacement by wars.

It is Islam’s plan to spread throughout the world and thus Islam must be behind the wars.  They get the world to fight for them.  And then the so-called displaced orphans are soon welcomed by the nations.  But, instead of orphans arriving, the soldiers arrived…raping and pillaging, taking over their homes…sound familiar?  Adonai is not going to let us forget the centuries of pillage against Jacob’s children.

Is there hope?  What is the Jubilee about?  Let’s look for a pattern that has to have a principle to it.  The principle:   Abraham  and his family should obey God’s instructions, then they would be blessed to enter into the land. The pattern that accomplishes that appears in our life time:


1948 B.C.E. Abraham BORN having a grandson, Israel (Ya’cob)

1948 CE Abraham’s children BORN a nation known as, Israel.

1948 AD after the destruction of the Holy Temple will be 2017.


2017  Jubilee Year 50th year, (1917 1967 Jubilee years)

1948 years since destruction Holy Temple

70th Anniversary Israel a Nation (1948)

100th Anniversary from Balfour Agreement

50th Anniversary reestablishing Jerusalem as capital

The Pattern being set is for Israel to get land.


This is a key to man’s safety on the earth.  The Jubilee years are declared by Elohim who created everything.  He set up a system by which men will witness His hands on the earth.  We will witness the change upon our earth that is necessary.  Men no longer call upon the name of the Lord except in a discrediting way…and used as a word for cursing.

This is what happened in the Days of Noah.  Man no longer looked into the things of the living God, but only the false god of Tubal-Cain.  We must not forget that this is a spiritual battle.  My friends cry today to  ‘pray’ is correct.

I wrote on a  birthday card today that the cry that perhaps she may cry this year is what I cried when my husband was not well.  When my husband had a five-way bypass heart surgery  July 4th 2011, I wept for God to keep my husband.  After the surgery and the family had gone, I was left alone to sit and wait for the recovery.  Instead, Dr Samuel’s, a wonderful Jewish man that I thank Yahweh, came to say that he was gong back in because the bleeding would not stop.  It was at this point that I prostrated myself flat on the floor of the hospital chapel and begged Adonai for my husband’s life.  I knew I had the hand’s of Dr. Samuel, who worked on the Sabbath, for me.  He told me he did it, because it was a good work before Yahweh.  I tell you in my deepest soul, my Creator G-d, spared my husband because He heard his child’s plea and I was protected by a Jewish doctor that was sent for this purpose…he was the best and Adonai directed his every thought the care for my husband.

We see men confused  today with this exodus of a few men because now they realize they are not friendly.  The goal of this exodus was not to set up family life, but to go about the earth to seek and destroy and  breed the females.  They believe within ten years the nations will look totally different in color and in culture.  We must remember that Adonai is not about color, but heart.

For forty years Abraham’s children enjoyed sitting as God’s feet learning Adonai’s ways.  The people around them were confused even with a peaceful people of at least two million camping before them.  It was God who put fear in those surrounding them.  It was that healthy fear that kept Israel safe.  The nations had a respect for this G-d of peace.

Now, we are witnessing the opposite god.  This is a god that has taken something sacred and turned it into a religion.  Adonai guarded reproduction between a man and a women.  Jesus confirmed the Torah in saying that even thinking of lusting with a woman was sin.  He never did away with God’s instructions but made them understood that they protected us on living safely.  We no longer live safety.  Satan has taken this act and used it against men.  It has become their god.  Men do not love Allah, but what Allah offers…sensual pleasure has perverted into a god..unlimited sex?  Really?  Yahweh says that there is no need for reproduction as men will be like the angels.

Sex was used for reproduction and man distorted it for pleasure outside of the covenant of marriage. Sex outside of marriage is an abomination.  Therefore rape is abomination with great judgment attached.

I wanted to share about Ted Pearce because last Sabbath he showed a video of all the countries that have now had “walks for Remembrance”.  It began when he found a group of Germany holocaust suvivors whose parents were the Nazis that did the killings.  Their parents would be the ones who allowed it to happen and made it happen.  In their silence they could not get relief from their parents sins.  Ted Pearce wanted them to be set free from their guilt.  By getting up in front of others and saying that they were sorry was very important for their personal healing.

It turned into a walk and, to their shock, more people kept joining the walk since they too needed this forgiveness for generational sins.  Some Germans have come to their knees and today feel freer to be able to talk about what happened and they are at the forefront of seeking forgiveness.  This is a very good thing.

Ted Pearcefound other countries who felt the same way in just the fact that their country did not allow the Jews to get off those ships and were sent on their way.  Most of the ones on  those ships that were turned away died…America is one of those countries.  Yes, many countries went to fight, but what about the justice of the sins of the fathers.

As I was rejoicing for Germany, or I should we say for the few in Germany that want this type of forgiveness of their parents sins and of which they had nothing to do with it, now we have this mass entrance.   France has been consumed and now we see the results….the Paris atrocities…that are promised to the rest of the world.  And, then we have neutral Sweden that seems to be welcoming the Trojan horse to it’s land.

It is Germany that has now become allies with the United States.  But,Germany is ready to pull out of the European Union as it sees the EU does not come to the aide of it’s members.  Germany knows that Russia is next to invade their soils.  Land is power and control.  Germany now has tanks on it’s borders.  Germany has been invaded by “The Esau Exterminators.”

Men can say their sorry, as Moses did; but he fact remains, that punishment must be issued.  Without punishment there is no justice.  Moses did not get to cross over to the promised land after forty years in the wilderness.  He had been proud and struck the rock instead of speaking to it.  The rock represented Jesus/Yeshua.  Since MOses and Aaron were prideful neither crossed over.

Germans and Americans can say that they are sorry for the sins of their fathers, but punishment is meted out in perhaps the same pattern is was issued to Jacob.  their homes were pillages, businesses destroyed, the wives were raped, and their bodies burned and destroyed.  You can continue to live and not recognize the horror of what man is capable of doing, but God is the justified and must bring justice to those that perished and were dishonored.  Today’s Refugee march is patterned after the Jews march where Europe and the world turned their backs.  God is in his avenger clean-up mode and it will be the children that will be cleaned…unless they return to Torah (Adonai’s instruction).  This clean-up will cause a repentance.  The penance required will be Israel gaining ALL of Abraham’s promised land.  I believe Abraham’s children that died in the holocaust and before will now return to realize the Promises of God to Abraham.  And, it will be Father Abraham that will once again walk that land but this time, he will walk it with his large family rejoicing and giving glory to the one living Adonai.  He will see Yeshua and walk hand-in-hand because he had faith in Adonai’s promises.

Wars disrupt the social order of the earth and shakes world powers.  World powers put their puppet countries in charge and work through them.  Iran was held in high esteem by Obama and has changed the picture of world powers.  Russia, Iran and China are now powers to be dealt with.  But, the greatest threat to America is herself.  The debt that was incurred and allowed has dropped the value of the dollar which has China and Russia sitting on America’s borders.  I keep wondering if they are going to hold some of our people hostage in exchange for her gold.

It is only gold that seems to be of value once the dollar will be dismissed as currency and then the rubble.   This is the plan because they have to do this in order to reclaim the debt that America owes.

Responsibility of the world’s troubles is being laid at America’s feet.  The Political system has given rise to a religious system.  It is Ishmael and Laven that knock at the world’s doors.  It was jealousy from in the womb.

This week’s scritpure readings are about Esau and Jacob.  Their mother was Laben’s sister.  Laban would keep changing  her son Jacob’s wages over the last six years that Jacob stayed in that land.  He worked seven years for the woman who would love him to the end, Leah.  Then he worked seven years for the woman that he lusted for as Rachel was beautiful.

I love these stories because they teach us to look at the heart of an individual and not their fleshly beauty.  Rachel stole Laben’s idols when they secretly left camp.  Laben chased them down just to get them returned.  She stayed seating on them and never rose when he came into her tent looking for them.  After Laban left, Jacob found them and buried them under a tree.  Rachael’s tomb will be set outside Hebron.  It is Leah that gave Jacob ten tribes of which Judah was the oldest child through whom the Levite line would come….thus Yeshua.

Our Creator has always ask men to make decisions according to what God they would serve.  It had nothing to do with color of skin or how much money they had.  It was always about their heart.  Rachel had Joseph who was a great help in Egypt and then God took her in children birth when she had Benjamin.  It was in the 21st year (3 x 7) that she was removed to no longer be a distraction to Jacob.  His name would be Israel and he had no other women in his life.

If we follow the pattern of 3 x 7, which shows up in many places, then I think we can use the pattern of 3 x 50.  Fifty represents Jubilee.

Seven is the Sabbath week that God began with.  Then we see seven being given in weeks, ie. 7 weeks x 7 equals 49 days to Shavuot (giving of Ruach HaChodesh).    Then we see a pattern of 7 x 7 equaling 490 years with that final week of Daniel missing.

I always look to God to show me me from the bible and I have been thinking a lot about 400 years and 40 years.  Now, we are turning to 50 years.

I’m not a “get out of town quick” believer any longer.  I was sold down that road and thought everyone else was a joke.  But, I see it was not what anything even considered until just in recent years.

Now, if you want to get out of town quick…then good.  But, I don’t see people leaving down until Messiah slits the heavens open and we will ALL know about it.  It’s not something that happens in a ‘secret’ room or in the desert.  And, we will look down and see dead bodies everywhere. Where did they come from?  There must have been a battle with survivors in it.  That would mean there is stench and birds that will come to clean up.  It will be an unhealthy place to be.  Those left from the battle will rise up and go to be where the Lord is going.  Where is he going?  He’s headed to Jerusalem to revamp that area and take charge of the mess on the earth.  And, before he does that, those that died first, that are in the grave, rise before those that are left alive from the battles.

My friend declares to me….there is no place to hide.  Yes, there is a ‘safe’ place.  She is a spirit-filled woman and is sensitive to things about to happen.  I respect her insight as she has respected mine.  Together we know that God wrapped his arms around Daniel and stood with him in the fire at Babylon.  Adonai closed the mouth of the lions for Daniel.   We need to be on our faces because the sins of the nation that we live in is great.  And, not only did we NOT help the Jews in their distress call, but we continue to slaughter through abortion.

Adonai set up the picture correctly telling us that the enemy would walk around like a roaring lion…seeking whom can be his prey.

I like to read about Israel’s enemies that God brought the Ammorites and Moabites together and confused them so they destroyed themselves.  Israel did not lift a hand in that battle.  A Jericho battle was won by lanterns swinging and the smashing of vases….lights and noise scare people.

If Israel has spread into every nation as it has, and the Knesset of Israel declares every Jew a citizen of Israel whether they live in the land or not, then look at that record number of people connected to a land.


Since many Muslims are clans and spread throughout the world, they are actually foreigners, like Abraham considered himself, a man without land to call his own.  They are doing this to themselves.  Another pattern is unfolding.  Just as Abraham  was a nomad, so will Ishmael’s children be.  They will always be against the world and as a donkey kicking at it.  They have been manipulated into this wrong thinking of how to spread Islam.  This ill thinking has caused them to disperse into the world like nomads.  They will never be an American, a German, a Spaniard etc.  They will turn  into nomads with no land to really call their own.  They are breeding children who will hear about Yeshua.  These children will make up their own mind of who they want to follow into eternity.  True believers will still carry the message to them.

The wives and children will now come under the protection of God as they hear the message of the real Messiah in their lives.

The Jews can spread out into the land that Abraham saw from afar and the land that his foot touched when he was that nomad.  It will all be his.  That is what God said.

Islam’s nomads were not given that promise.  Abraham was given the land.  That land will turn into highways leading them from Iran and Egypt and all the nations will come to Jerusalem.

God’s exodus of his children from Egypt is pictured in exit that is to happen again.  The now empying land will be open for new occupants.

This 2017 Jubilee is about land.  Will it be about getting Gaza back and reclaiming the West banks and other land that has already been given away?  I think there are enough Jews now  ready to return that can reclaim the land that was given in that Six-Day War.  But, God is not going backwards….He is going forward, and we may see His World War and it will be to give ALL that Abraham saw and was declared literally in the bible.

We are not to fear my friend, E.H.  Be encouraged…come stay with me…the invitation is always open.

I close with this weeks Torah portion in Malachi….it is perfect again for what is the problem and what has caused our world to be covered in Edomites.

Malachi 1:6 “A son honors his father and a servant his master.  But if I’m a father, where is the honor due me? and if I’m a master, where is the respect due me? says ADONAI-Tzva-ot to you cohanim (priests) who despise my name.

God is looking for pure hearts.  Please open your bibles and finish Malachi.  Our Creator wants our sacrifices brought to him…but he doesn’t want your seconds.  If we bring him our seconds and don’t respect him as the King in honoring my name, then this is for the priests (us).

I will send a curse on you.

I will turn your blessings into a curse.

I will reject your seed.

I will throw dung in your faces.

and cart you off with it.

You were partial in applying the Torah.

You profane the sanctuary by marrying the daughter of a  foreign god.  (Who is this Greek Jesus that y children do not know…this Messiah doe snot do Torah…he is lawless.  My children will be looking for the name Yeshua meaning Salvation…and he will fill up the Torah and be complete in it doing it so man can live long on the earth….giving honor to me because they also honor their parents.  Father, mother and children will not be enemies but agree to honor.

3:1  Look! I am sending my messenger to clear the way before me; and the Lord, whom you seek, will suddenly come to his temple…..

3:2 But who can endure the day when he comes? Who can stand when he appears? For he will be like a refiner’s fire, like the soapmaker’s lye.

3:3  He will sit, testing and purifying the silver…….so that they will bring offerings to ADONAI uprightly.

3:6 “But because I, ADONAI, do not change, you sons of Ya’kov (Jacob) will not be destroyed.  Since the days of our forefathers you have turned from my laws and have not kept them.  Return to me, and I will return to you.”says ADONAI-Tzva’ot.

Adonai goes on to say what returning to him means.  When Israel’s storehouses are full then they can bless the world.  They are to bring a whole tenth into the storehouse so that it is full.  3:10

3:10 ……put me to the test, …”See if I won’t open for you the floodgates of heaven and pour out for you a blessing far beyond your needs.   For your sakes I will forbid the devourer to destroy the yield of your soil; and your vine will never lose its fruit before harvest-time.  All nations will call you happy.

3:16 ….A record book was written in his presence for those who feared ADONAI and had respect for his name.

They will be mine.

I will spare them as a man spares his own son who serves him.  You will see the difference between the righteous and the wicked, between the person who serves God and one that doesn’t serve him.

3:19  For the day is coming, burning like a furnace, when all the proud and evildoers will be stubble; the day that is coming will set them ablaze….and leave them neither root nor branch.

3:20 But to you who fear my name, the sun of righteousness will rise with healing in its wings (Torah); and you will break out leaping…like a calf from the stall…You will trample the wicked, they will be ashes under the soles of your feet on the day that I take action.”

3:21 Remember the Torah (instructions) of Moshe my servant, which I enjoined on him at Horev, laws and rulings for all Israel.

3:22  Eliyahu the prophet comes before the great and terrible Day of Adonai.

He will turn the hearts of the fathers to the children and the hearts of he children to their fathers; otherwise I will come and strike the land with complete destruction.


Hearts must turn now…1917 Jubilee sets us free!













2 thoughts on “Jubilee Year 2017

  1. Excellent writing. Yes, Yah showed me years ago 2017 is the big Jubilee. Good take on the importance of wholeheartily returning to Him. We are to pray for Him to manifest Himself among His people, to rain on us, not just the physical rain we need here and in Israel but the spiritual rain He wants us to receive. Shavua tov

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for loving Yah and seek His ways. Since this writing Yah has been showing me His patterns in Adom Mosche Jacob Yeshua for this Jubilee we are about to begin. Fire reigns on Israel this very day at the Torah study called Sarah’s Life. At the woman’s age of 90 Yah delivered Isaac to the world. May this next 20 years not be of silence but Jubilant joy bringing in the Messiach in this next Jubilee.


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