PURIM – Four Oil Spills / Burns

PURIM Fast Days – FOUR Oil Tragedies

Petrobras 36 2001
Petrobras 36 2001

Plus Deeper Horizon Second Drill Set that explodes, IsraEL Independence Day!

 1989    *    2001    *    2005

March 24, 1989

March 20, 2001

March 23, 2005

This revelation, and I do say, ‘revelation,’ is being told several years after God revealed this to me.  I was trying to write a book about this and other findings, but that is too difficult for a busy grandma.  Now, in 2015, I’m a blogger.  It’s quicker to get God glorified and perhaps one day you’ll ask me for the book.  It is sitting there to publish.

It will be fndings like this that keep me pursuing in seeing ‘The Hand of God/Yood of Elohim’ in our lives.  I just don’t think men can deny the orchestration of our Creator and how He moves in His Creation.

Here we go……this my friend….could be a book and movie on it’s own.


The lot was probably cast by Haman on the 13 of Adar.  That day is now known as The Fast of Esther.  It is 14 Adar that the Jews remember this horrific time of ‘dire straights’ and they put themselves in sack cloth and fasting along with Queen Esther.

14 Adar was the day chosen to recognize Adonai delivering them once again.  Every Jew in King Ashareus kingdom was to be annihilated because they would NOT bow to any other king but Adonai.  They paid their taxes and respected their kings wishes, but they could NOT bow and worship him.

Persia consisted of 127 provinces entirely under King Ahasuerus control, even to the island of Tyre.  Persia consisted of the entire Middle East.

Yes, Messiah would NOT have been born had this day not been conquered by prayer and fasting.

The Anointed One, Messiah Yeshua, would be born through the line of Judah about three to four years B.C.E.   God saved eight with Noache and now he saves this small band of hebrews after the 70 years of captivity in Babylon under King Nebuchadnezzar.  King Cyrus would help defeat King Neb and he would help to begin to re-establish themselves in Jerusalem.  King Cyrus leave the picture because of his pride and they do not get the temple finished at this time.

Our wonderful Daniel that kept the teachings and language instilled into the people as he knew they would return after 70 years of sifting.   God protected him from the lions den and furnace.  His purpose was to have them RETURN.  They would RETURN to the land, the TORAH in proper worship, and they would speak Hebrew.    Daniel himself would not return, but also disperse into the world as would Esther’s family.  In the Diaspora (outside the land) he would continue to teach the ‘holy/set apart’ ways of God.

It is here that we must see the “Yood of Elohim’ in history.  In the book of Esther there is never mention of God, but His HAND is everywhere in their miracles.  Thus, the writing of this book were permitted into the bible.  There were other books written in which we witness The Hand of God, but men removed them because of their own thinking.  Is it a topic for another time?  Perhaps…but it is part of this problem and why men do not even understand what is really going on in the bible at times.  They are left with one premise with nothing to confirm the message God had for his children.

But since God’s plans will not be thwarted, let’s look at it here.   In 2013 I began a crusade to see if I could prove God was real in men’s lives.  Many people feel him in the presence of the Holy Spirit (Ruach HaChodesh).  Some people have very strong inner faith.  But, what about the doubting Thomas that ask to put his hand in Messiah’s side and see His pierced hands and feet and then he would believe?  For those I continue to write what God gives me to testify of Him.

You must read The Hand of God in the BP Gulf Oil Spill 2010.  I just posted it on http://www.yhebrew.com.    In 2013 I had dug up so much information on the Gulf Oil Spill that I was overwhelmed with seeing the dates align to God’s calendar.

The Gulf Spill did not only start on Israel’s Independence Day and go for 152 days and end on Yom Kippur 2, it has it’s roots in PURIM.    From the beginning of the Macondo rig not being able to be set because of hurricane Ida, we can see that man took charge and pushed forward in a risky situation.  It’s beginning were during these days that we are now ready to hear about from God.

Remember, this  is His story…not mine.  There may have been other fires in our world, but these are the ones that He has showed me.  They are special because it was the weeks of Esther and Purim.

I believe that God shows men pictures from the past that look similar in the future because of their disobedience.  If we continue to disregard God’s words, men will be judged over and over again until we see the pattern of discipline.  It is when we see this pattern that our Creator will then be glorified.  We know  that we have a patient God but He also ruling are Just and Righteous.

March 24, 1989     –     16 Adar 11

March 20, 2001     –     20 Adar

March 23, 2005     –     12 Adar

Just to see these dates March 24, March 20, March 23; people would say these days were ‘jinked!”

On the Hebrew calendar what are these times?  There days are ‘set-apart’ days.  Holy just means, set apart.  A temple prostitute was called holy (set apart) to that function in idol worship.

16 Adar II on the calendar in 1989 was:     Shushan Purim Day 3.

10 Adar 2001:    Purim Day 5

12 Adar 2005:     Erev Fast of Esther (Erev means ‘eve before’)

It is calculated that the 75,800 that the Hebrews defended themselves against occurred over several years.  When King Ahasuerus could not rescind his decree with Haman, he issued a new decree.  It allowed the Hebrews to defend themselves.  What happened?  The Hebrews the next day attacked all those wanting to kill them and we have that number at 583 in three days.

In this time period we see that Haman’s TEN sons were killed and then hung up in the streets to all mankind to witness.  This is what ‘accursed’ means.  You are dead and then hung up on display.  Our Messiah was not a cursed man.  He died on the ‘stake’ willingly and was taken down.  He bore all my Torahlessness (lawlessness) and covered  me in ALL of His Torah..because He is the Torah made flesh.

Three fires and then the Macondo rig was set a blaze and sunk in 2010.  Do go to yhebrew.com and read more detail on this information.

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