Fight for Jerusalem

The Fast of Tevet

The story of Tevet 10 could best be told by those participating in it’s day. Who else but King Nebuchadnezzar should be brought to the stage of the world.

King Neb, “What moved you to come against the walls of Jerusalem in 588 B.C.E?” Adam retorted.

“It’s nice to speak with you Adom.” replied King Neb. “It seems as we can now look back on the stages of history and see that it was God who put the hook in my nose and drew me to Israel. The Jews are very educated humans and through war we had lost many of our key people. I found Daniel and his small clan to be very enlightening…. until they would not bow down to what I represented. But, to answer your question, Adom, as to what moved me… was Adonai of the Most High, Adom.”

King Neb continued as he knew it was not easy to get them to leave the land of Israel. This day would have a ‘fast’ established by the Hebrews in the future, known as the Fast of Tevet. They would be sorry for their father’s ways or not functioning in the Torah. Lying the land in fallow was a very difficult thing. Adonai had told them that it would only be for seventy years since it was one year of captivity for every seven years that they did not follow the Torah. There had to be a severing and sifting to come to that 70th year of release. FOUR hundred and ninety years the children did not lay the land to rest. There could be no Jubilee of release when they didn’t even honor the Shemittah year of release. Adonai had told King Neb that he would be kind to them, but a lesson had to be learned so the Shemittah and Jubilee cycles could be honored…temple or no temple, the torah (instruction) for the land could still be performed.

“Adom, you raised some very smart children, but also very stiff necked children.” King Neb finally replies to Adom. That was not a new revelation to Adom. He also had been rebellious and thus he knew it was a human trait that had to be reconciled within each individual. They each needed to repent for their sins before their Creator, but it seems men did not want to think or admit that they did anything wrong before Adonai. When you do things that are right in your own eyes, then you try to get the gods to agree with you so you can do it your way. It’s easy when the gods don’t speak back and thus you can live life after your own course.

There were a lot of questions, Adom had for King Neb but Adom also knew that The Fast of Tevet could have the chance of being accepted by Adonai in the future and the day turn into a good day. That is what Adom’s hope was…that the Fast of Tevet could be used to have others mourn for the sins of Israel’s fathers and at the same time their own sins of not doing what is righteous before Adonai. We rejoice with those that rejoice and mourn with those that mourn. Who are we to think we are any better than the next person in eyes of our Creator. We must all become one in unity in serving the great I AM.

Adom decided to change directions and see what King Neb thought when the not so well-known King Cyrus showed up in history and came to defeat King Neb whom held the children captive in Babylon, known as Iraq in modern history.

“Well King Neb, Adonai himself has made Babylon a place of scorn so many times in history and wars seem to continue to rage over the land that you reigned over. Your name has been infamous in history.   You saw the fourth person in the fiery furnace with Daniel and the fact of seeing him also in the den of lions of which were tamed before your eyes. Then with King Cyrus coming to their rescue you must have really decided that there was a living God of the universe that worked in men’s lives. Were you in awe, King Neb?”

“We can look back on history and see how Adonai worked in men’s lives and in my own.” King Neb replied. “When you are in the midst of men glorifying you as a god yourself….as my people built a statue that they were to worship of me….I truly was NOT humbled and my self determination rose higher myself as I did prefer the praises of men over truth that was before my eyes. I saw the Israelites as a “set apart” people with blessings from a god that I did not understand. I thought I could harness them into doing things my ways, but it would not be so. Even this, Daniel, of whom I changed his name to Belshazzar  because I respected him , still could not penetrate my heart. I just did not see that his gods ways could be my ways. They were so different and yet similar and yet too humbling. How can a king of the earth bow to other kings, much less an invisible one?”

Adom realized that King Neb had felt like he was the blessed one when he captured the Israelites and did not give Adonai credit for handing them over. The only ones that really died are the ones that fought the against what the prophets had said. They knew they were to be taken into captivity for seventy years as verified by many of the prophets. This disobedience had gone back to their distant grandfather Solomon. He had started off with caring for the people and Adonai did use him as a picture of what rewards would look like when in obedience to Elohim. But, Solomon’s power went to his head as his heart got harder as the foreign woman drew him into their god’s worships. When Adonai said not to do as the Gentiles do, that is because of Adonai’s wisdom. All through history man has found himself in troubled times when Adonai’s instructions were twisted. They were twisted to sound correct when it was not correct.

Solomon perhaps should be called upon next to see if his opinion of God’s instruction still holds true. His opinion of himself as not being affected by changing of Torah because Adonai had given him the gift of wisdom, surpassed the Words given by Mosche which are the words directly from Elohim.

Hmm…if Solomon at age 17 was given a throne and built himself a house before he built the Temple of Elohim, it showed that he was perhaps too young to handle such a responsibility of representing and building the house of Adonai. His mother Bathsheba had influence on him and so perhaps we could speak with her. But, then was she not able to say, “No” to King David’s advances on her which caused her pregnancy and then the death of her husband,Uriah? Oh my, thought Adom, all my children have had very serious problems.

What else does hadassah say that occurred on The Fast Tevet. What else can we see in Adonai’s history that would teach us lessons of what He is thinking, Adom pondered. But even before he thought too far, he knew she loved the story of Abraham Lincoln and how Adonai had moved his hand to pen, ‘The Emancipation Proclamation of 1963. Adonai would not let Lincoln rest and enjoy their New Year Eve guests until he would sneak away and finish that document. Adonai’s timing had to be perfect and he would use Abraham’s hand that night around 11:00 pm when the guests had left to pen the last words. There was a witness and he signed it. It was on January 1, 1983 that this proclamation went out to the world and especially to any slave. They were to be able to ‘walk away’ from their situation in which they lived, and not fight against their own freedom.

What day was January 1, 1863? It was the month of Tevet, Tevet 10…the tenth day…the ‘yud’ of Elohim moved to free these slaves in memory of the slaves that would be taken into captivity by King Neb. The Fast of Tevet would remind men that it is Adonai that sets them free….because they obey His Word….the Bible….all of the Bible…and the first first books as well. This day will remain, until all men accept ALL of Adonai’s Torah as for all the world. They are not saved by these instructions as at first they convict men that they are a sinner… Yes, Adom thought. “I had to tell Adonai of my sin….and he knew we knew we were n sin, because we saw our nakedness before him. We were no longer clothed in his pure righteousness, but we saw our sin. Oh for that day, when those that believe in His righteous act of dying for those sins that allows us to stand in His righteousness before him again. Yes, Adom smiled in relief, there was hope in the blood of Adonai himself that was laid on the alter. Now the Torah that once showed us our sins, is what would show Adonai our worship. It would be the acts of kindness to others and loving Adonai as he desired to be honored….through His Words and through the blood of His Son, Yeshua, Hebrew name for, ‘Salvation.’

It is said that Adonai’s words are above even his name. His name is not spoken out of reverence so it is not used in a slang way. Adonai means Lord.. Even saying Lord is taken in vain as people lord things over another. There is no Lord or King great than He laid his own blood as Elohim on the altar for all to come to that altar.

It is a wonder way to salvation….and this act of fasting on Tevet 10 is only a simple form of remembering who we want to remember us.

Adom wanted hadassah to remind her readers that it is about ones’ heart. If the heart is not stone and it is still one of flesh then it can be humble and move the mind to send prayers in thanksgiving and humbleness to their Creator Elohim who did come dressed in flesh and then died at Nissan/Passover for us. He passed over our sins and did not issue a death warrant on us. He brought us through the reed sea of life and we knelt at the mountain to give glory to the one Elohim of the universe.

On this mountain of life Elohim peers down through the universe to see this little mountain of earth and yet made a plan for us to join all that desire to draw near first to YHVH because of what He did for us and not us for him.. There is nothing we can do….but only do as He asks as we represent what He is all about. As in heaven so as on earth. It is His will that we would have the pleasures of eternity and not sheol….the things of the pit.

Author hadassah returns to the calendar that Adonai had been building for her since 2013. She sees next the 1906 7.0 Kansas earthquake that was felt 10,000 sq miles into Missouri and Nebraska. It produced aftershocks January 1-23….17 days. Oh my, she thought, more symbolism that she recognized but knew that others thought would just be a ‘quirk’ perhaps.

This Torah study known as Vayigash known as ‘He approached’, notes that Jacob took pleasure in Joseph for 17 years and then he lost him. Jacob would be enjoy the last 17 years of his life with Joseph before passing at the age of 147. Joseph would die at the age of 110 years with the promise that his bones would be carried out of Egypt. Hasassah writes this story on the 110th anniversary of this 7.0 Kansas quake. She lives a few miles from Kansas at this time of her life travels.

She is thinking that Adonai’s works in patterns. Joseph represents the Gentile and was embalmed as an Egyptian. America is a Gentile nation as Israel is considered a Jewish nation. Could it be that Joseph will be honored with this earthquake appearing again at Joseph’s 110 anniversary? She does not know, but the aftershocks were for 17 days and as in Joseph he was reunited for 17 years before the Shemittah Jubilee of his father Jacob/Israel leaving this earth at his completed time.  Solomon was 17 years old when he began to reign with his mother’s help.

Jacob/Israel enjoyed this favored son, Joseph, who is a picture of Messiah for 34 years (17+17=34). Messiah left at around age 34; Issac was offered up by Abraham around age 34,… Jacob enjoyed Joseph’s presence for 34 years.

These are the type of things hadassah thinks about as she witnesses the ‘Hand of God’ in the world.

Next on The Fast of Tevet –

1917 Jerusalem WWI – Turks/Ottoman Empire had their last battle on December 26 for Jerusalem. It was Tevet 11 when the tally of deaths showed The Turks losing 25,000 and Britain losing 18,000 souls. 43,000 souls given for Jerusalem in WWI.

1917 a Jubilee year of freedom for Jerusalem. Turks/Ottoman vs Britain.

1967 a Jubilee year of freedom for Jerusalem. The Six Day War..Jerusalem won on the Sixth day.

2017 Jubilee Year – The Fight for JERUSALEM. Players: 70 nations…The Booty: Jerusalem ????

1944 – Corrie ten Boom paperwork was mistakenly filed this day and she is released in two days.

2013 – Israel Egypt snowed in…UN meetings canceled.

2001 – 2015 – NATO – 350,000 strong-trained forces to now handle still-troubled Afgans Jan 1. 3485 America die since 2001 (2 Shemittah cycles exactly of war)

588 BCE – Jerusalem Siege

37 BCE – King Herod captures Jerusalem

Memorial Day – Nazi kills 6M Jews, 50-70M die.