Three Hurricanes – Today Av 27 Nagasaki was bomb 1945

Nasa shows us three hurricanes on August 31 2016.  It is A v 27 on the Hebrew calendar.

Lester and Madeline are in the Pacific possibly threatening Hawaii .

Gaston in the Atlantic with 100 mph rotation.

Today, Av 27 the first atomic bomb ever dropped on humans fell on Hiroshima Japan.  Enola Gay piloted by Paul dropped  the first atomic bomb at 8:15 a.m.  The B29 carried the 120″ long 9700 lb Little Boy killing 90 – 120,000 souls.  It was August 6, 1945; Av 27.

(Interestingly, in the Strong’s Concordance #120 is ‘mankind’.  (120″ long, 120,000 die).

It did not stop The People’s War.  Three days later on Av 30, August 9, 1945 the next bomb dropped on Nagasaki killing 60 – 80,000 souls.  The People could not stop the war because it was about who was considered God….and that was The Emperor.    The Emperor had to stop the war…and he did on August 15, 1945….but the final sword of WWII did not drop until December 1945 in Indonesia on Kislev 25…Chanukah Day One.

AMAZING…WWII began for America on Kislev 15 when the Macabees fought to win the Temple…then on Kislev 25 they dedicated it with fragments of oil to light the candles.  They stayed lite all the until the  new priests oil arrived..eight days later.

Chanukah  to Chanukah…The Feast of Dedication…to the LORD.  Yes, it’s amazing to see The Hand of God on the Hebrew Calendar.What do you know about Chanukah?  Hmm.  Time to learn…and what else is falling today.  International money is changing.

and humpty dumpty fell down………

Is God remembering those days?  Yes, THREE hurricanes are threatening the waters and nations on those exact days…71 years ago.  Lester, Madeline and Gaston…in three days what destruction will they bring…to remember who is in charge of this world?

 Earthquakes, hurricanes, financial change, and new continued wars are signs of change on the earth.

The financial world is falling.   And, Turkey on August 24 invaded Syria to revive and strengthen The Ottoman Empire…they will continue to move west in the next Seven years.  Yes, more change for our earth because  men still don’t value life and are still hungry to remove souls….all for what?  Power and de-population…oil is the excuse…there is plenty of oil my friends…but there are not enough friends of The Creator….He is watching and allows destruction..unless you are on your knees.  He does hear prayer….of those that love Him.

Read the current blogs on these subjects and then grab and friend and kneel down and repent….and return to God’s ways….

Elul 1 Saturday.  Moses goes up on the mountain the second time to get the final approvall that God would forgive them for the Worship of the Golden Calf.  These next forty days are known as, The Days of the King being in the Field.  Our King has his hand on the and is walking it to know his sheep better…and He is there for you to draw near to.

May our labors not be in vain.  Return to Him….these are ALL signs of remembrance!  Remember Him and He will remember YOU!