Mecca Crane Falls on 9.11.2015

Mecca 2015 had 1000 people trampled.  This occurred after Osama bin Laden family construction cranes killed 111 a few weeks earlier on September 11.   Hajj Festival in Mecca begins 9.11.16…be careful! Source: Mecca Falls on 9.11.2015 Continue reading Mecca Crane Falls on 9.11.2015

Elul – King in the Field

ELUL The King is Coming Month of Repentance Today, I am re-posting this because it has great information concerning our world.  The Hebrew month of Elul begins Saturday evening, September 3, 2016 at dusk as the Sabbath ends.  Elul is a very impressive month and leads to our King Coming….read what I wrote last year…I will continue writing this year in Elul…but for now…enjoy learning about the Hebrew side of our world. I write about what I learned today on Shabbot, 7 Elul, August 22 2015, my third son’s 34th birthday. He was an unexpected child as I had a … Continue reading Elul – King in the Field