Italy’s Jubilee Earthquakes – Falls at last High Sabbath

Italy hosts two large earthquakes that are off shoots of the August 24, 2016 earthquake.  The August death toll was 297.  October 26, 2016 had one man die of a heart attack which now bring the death toll to 298 that have died because of Torah-lessness.

Please read the first article written about Italy’s earthquakes over the years and now this episode of quakes being released in the now-beginning Jubilee year of 2017.  I charted the earthquakes and their Gregorian and Hebrew dates in a recent article.  This is an update to that story.


“This quake is 80 to 100 miles from Rome. The Pope sent several men to make their condolences. When I read about what was going on in the communities it was reported that the 50th (1 jubilee) spaghetti sauce celebration was to be held that coming weekend. The ingredients was bacon bits from pork jowl. It is popular world-wide.”

Now, what do you think? Do you think this community that held Jews in Ghettos and watched them leave by the train load… while taking their children and turning them into Catholics… during the holocaust, have much remorse….as we still see them proud of their profane ingredients?

These are just my thoughts as I review, “Why Italy?” Can you see what I see?

I’m not trying to be mean as most of my relatives are Catholic as I was.   All I can do is give you perhaps the reasons behind our Creator as He tries to draw His children away from shepherds that lead His children astray.

The August 24 earthquake was on a Wednesday as was the October 26, 2016 earthquake.  Three days after the  August 24 earthquake it was Saturday; known as Sabbath Ekev. It was the Sabbath readings that titled ‘Ekev’ meaning, ‘consequence.’   Jew and Messianic Gentile believers alike read and studied these Torah portions. Did any Catholics or Christians read these bible scriptures?

What do you think God is saying when he just removed the town that was celebrating the success of selling ‘unclean’ foods…..PIG to the world…through their world renown sauces?

Do you think He is saying, “You live by Ekev.” You live by ‘consequence.’

We live by what we believe is truth. God just issued a mandate….  It is His ‘Truth’ or His ‘consequence.’

UPDATE: OCTOBER 26, 2016 – Wednesday evening 7:ll p.m. and 9:18 pm. Two earthquakes finish the destruction that was started NINE weeks earlier. Yes, to the day…Wednesday to Wednesday…the 15th century historical buildings fell. Sixty-three days later the small earthquake hit the same areas as the August 24 earthquakes.    October 26 would be Tishrei 24 that received the first shaking of a  5.5 earthquake sending people into the streets…out of their homes that were collapsing.  Most of the town had died from the August quakes.   Two hours later a 6.1 earthquake brought down any building that was historical. It was REMOVED….TO BE NO MORE!  Reminders of the 15th century were gone.

(This picture of what Mussolini preserved is in a different location.)

The remnants of old are now gone from Central Italy and close to Rome.   It is said that this Pope does not mind dying and believes he is the last Pope.  There is a strong tie to Islam and the transfer of that power is expected.

God’s footstool is the earth and his Messiach will reign from Jerusalem according to The Scriptures.  The Pope is not to be the leader on that set-apart (holy) soil. It will be the Messiah who will reign from Jerusalem….a city of His choosing.

The October/Tishrei earthquakes issued great damage but deaths were avoided because God sent the smaller quake before the larger 6.1 quake.  Six is the Hebrew letter Vav…the number for man.

What day was it on the Hebrew calendar? Italy’s two ‘final blow’ earthquakes was the very next day after The Lord’s Feast of Tabernacles closed out. This Feast is seven days long with the first day being a High Sabbath (rest) and the last day being a High Sabbath (rest). October 16 to 23 was Tishrei 15 to Tishrei 22. This festival is also known as Sukkot.  It is a time to live outside the walls of your home and invite guests to come in.  It is a time to remember how God took care of all those coming out of Egypt.

There were foreigners and strangers, along with the Israelites, that spent forty years in the wilderness under Yahweh’s protection. The Feast of Tabernacles reminds us to sleep under the stars and invite guests into the ‘sukkot’ to know it is He that protects all our lives. I have always thought of the Sukkot time period of shaking as an example in which a buildings could collapse.  If Adonai so desires to move the earth during The Feast of Tabernacle, the world should note the wrath and be thankful for escaping destruction.

As I write this, I find other thoughts running in my mind for those that don’t know ‘what day it is.’  Those that ‘know to wear the correct priestly garments’ will have themselves wrapped in a sukkot on the earth. No earthquake will hurt them.

Then Adonai told Mosche to tell the people to stay one more day as an assembly and it has become known as the Eighth day of Sukkot.  There is ‘Rejoicing in the Torah’ or Simchot Torah.  As we go into eternity…we will continue to rejoice in God’s Words.  As we march into the future these festivals are times of celebration. They are shadows of things to come.

The first day of the Feast of Tabernacles, also known as Sukkot, is a day of complete rest. God’s loves to say, “STOP and rest.” It should not be considered ‘work’ to REST. This command to REST occurs every 7th day of the week. Then there are only 7 other days that The Creator Adonai tells us to REST…They are called, High Sabbaths.

Here they are:

The first and last day of Pesach known as Passover; Nissan 15, Nissan 21

Shavuot – The 50th Day of the Counting of the Omer; Sivan 6

The Feast of Trumpets – Tishrei 1

Yom Kippur- Tishrei 10

The first and last day of Sukkot known as The Feast of Tabernacles; Tishrei 15, Tishrei 21

SEVEN HIGH SABBATHS……that picture the future REST with The Creator of our Universe.  To observe them now is to know how to observe them in the future.

Thus, October 24, beginning at dusk Sunday evening, October 23, 2016; began the LAST High Sabbath of that year. Seven months holds seven feasts that hold the seven High Sabbaths.  And, within that time period, we will one day hear 7 trumpets or shofar calls of the LORD.

Now, isn’t it also interesting that there are six seals in the book of Revelations and also SEVEN Trumpets….with The LORD Himself calling out the last Trumpet with a LONG shofar call. No one is to blow their shofar on Yom Kippur so we can hear His shofar call.


We just came through a very interesting month in which ADONAI has given us Donald Trump as a last call. Many will turn him away and some wish to kill him, just as they did General Gedalia on Tishrei 3 at the time Israeli was carried off to Babylon. America is being carried off and taken over by the enemy…and yet we refuse to accept the Trump that is being sent.

There will still be governors around the world when The Messiah reigns from Jerusalem. These governors will protect God’s children from their enemies. It will be a time where Torah and The Lord’s Feasts will be obeyed or no rain will fall on those lands. Zechariah definitely shows us this punishment.  This shows us that men will still turn their back on The Messiach that reigns from Israel.

Did the towns of Visso or any of Rome’s cities hear the call to go out to build a sukkot to remember how God brought them out of Egypt.  We set a large tent at Lake Paradise in Missouri and many slept in their smaller tents around it…. under the cold starry night. We enjoyed Torah readings and being in worship remembering how God saved and still saves his people.

Many around the world also just closed their Feast of Tabernacles and came back inside remembering the busy world that they left. It had been a joyous time…being commanded to only be HAPPY for eight days. Has any one ever told you to just be HAPPY and REST? No, the world tells you “It is too much work to rest.” “This work will NOT save you,,,so why do it?” they say.

October 26, Tishrei 24 God just told you why. It would be my guess that not one Roman Catholic participated in Sukkot at the villages that were just decimated in August and October 2016.

This is an example of the ones that will say, “Lord, Lord…did I not do all this for you?”…..and He will say…I did not know you. You never showed up to REST in me. You never celebrated my TORAH…as you saw it as a ‘law’…a ‘burden.’ My children see Torah as REST…that makes them secure on the earth because they are “MY Instructions” on how to live safely on the earth.

The Roman soldier is not the correct garment for a wedding. It is the priestly garment that one must wear….it has a breastplate of the twelve tribes on it…not twelve apostles.

Those that did NOT rejoice in the Torah….do NOT know what they will be missing this next year. They will be missing the blessings that are attached by observing the Torah…which comes by loving the God who gave them as instructions to all the generations and forever.

Italy wears a different garment and they eat differently. These earthquake-shaken villages produce the sauces for the world that is tainted with pork….a scavenger of the earth and not suitable for consumption.  It is a detestable animal….a magot of the earth, if truth be known.  Even Islam abhors the pig.  Greeks brought Zeus and the pig into the Temple and we still do it today.  Zeus and Diana lead the Olympics with pork loin ten times cheaper than beef…the bull that is sacrificed on the altar.   Why do the King’s kids eat what the prodical son ate?

The Creator set forth food guidelines but man does not see them suitable for modern day man.

The Creator sets instructions for worship that shadows the future, and men reject the shadows because they will design their own future. They also desire to design their own theory on when they will leave the earth in a ‘secret’ catching away. The Creator said there will be no ‘secret’ places to come find him as all will see His return.

The Lord’s Day is not Sunday…Day One. The Lord’s Day is one of vengeance ….and distress….and all will bow the knee and fall flat at His appearance.

These two Italy earthquakes of October 26, 2016 are aftershocks of the August 24, 2016 earthquakes. They began on AV 20….dark days before the month of Elul that brings the king closer to us as He is known as being in the field. He then sounds the trumpet Tishrei 1, 2 announcing his arrival…with atonement and judgment coming ten days later at Yom Kippur.  The kingdom is announced and the people ask Him to tabernacle with them….pictured at Sukkot.

The Italians did NOT attend the party….they did not take the extra day to rejoice in the Torah not did they worship at the close of the greatest feasts on the earth.  In the very next 24 hours… was finished…. ALL the 15th Century historical sites were gone. No more memorials buildings to remember the old templers.  No more candles to lite at those sites to pray for help from other fallen human beings called ‘saints.’   The idols were smashed….gone….buried….in two hours….by two earthquakes…5.5, 6.1.

Was God merciful? Yes, only one man died of a heart attack from fear…no one got crushed.

The toll of 297 just went up by one…298 souls gone because they hated The Torah and they were part of polluting the world with pork jowel rinds in their sauces. It was their 50th anniversary.

It was ONE Jubilee of sauces.  It ended at the Jubilee year of release of 2017… The Hebrew calendar officially changes in Tishrei 2016 into 2017. The Jubilee year was recently declared by the new Sanhedrin in Israel.

JUBILEE – 50th year – Every thing that is to fall will fall.

On the first day of falling….Italy finished the fall. Yes, it was the next day after Sukkot that the final falling began…and it began at Rome.

We will see more falling….as it began with “Ekev – consequence.’ There is consequence for sin. Sin is missing the mark….missing Torah in our lives. It is all sin,,,,not observing Torah.

In a very simple form….. The Lawless One is one that is Torahless. Without Torah we are Lawless….and have no ‘instructions’ from our Creator on how to stay safe on the earth.

Italy and Germany are among the first to change…and more countries will follow…. because they are going to live now the ‘consequence’ of not loving, The People of the Book. When you love The People of the Book….you will love Torah.

Their leader is coming back as a Jew and is known as, The Word…He is The Torah. To deny Him his identity is to deny His sacrifice on the stake. He is only complete in ALL of it.  The man Yeshua Messiach filled himself up with The Torah and completes it even today.  He is not finished…as is Greek thinking….but He completes Torah…making it to it’s fullest….

Please watched for an article on the SEVEN High Sabbaths….they are going to be prophetic…..   This earthquake is part of prophecy as it was at the LAST High Sabbath that begins the year of Jubilee….of things falling.  Wow….

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