Calif. 6.5- God shows up on Pearl Harbor Dec. 7.

Date: December 8, Kislev 8 2016 – Day America declared war on Japan…75 years after December 7 1941 Pearl Harbor Attack.

As I was reporting the damage of the December 7 2016, Kislev 7 Indonesia Sumatra earthquake that has claimed 102 lives so far, the earthquake for California hit and the earthquake dot lite up red.  It would stay red for only one hour.  To me that is the ‘hand of G-d’ that I would sit down at my blog and I would experience it happening.

The months of December and Kislev are day for day this month.  It is no mistake that an earthquake marked Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day.  And, it is no coincidence that it happened on it’s 75 year anniversary…2016 to 1941.

The reporters are saying that the young generations doesn’t know much about the Holocaust and it will day will pass when all the men have finally passed.  But, I say that G-d will not let mankind forget what happened to SIX million Jews and another 44 million lives that it took to STOP WWII.

My wonderful mail-lady, Amy, just stopped by with mail and also reminded me that in two days we would declare war on Germany.  December 8, 1941 we declared War on Japan.  I want to tell the reader, that it is G-d that controls every hair on your head and it is He that directs the affairs of men.  It is He that  drew Japan to Pearl Harbor and that is what it took to put hooks into Americans that swung everyone to come to the aid of their country.  (JFK).  Fascism was seeping into America as it is once again today…after 75 years.   We are in a pattern of repeat because we believe lives and are being taken back into Darwinism….and that led men to believe it was okay to remove the lowest of species…gypsy and Jews.

Have we not learned our lesson that we are ALL created in God’s image…every specie was created individually just as we see it was important that every specie get in Noach’s ark in order to be able to start again.

California has not learned her lesson….Liberal is going to get treated liberally in the wrath that is coming.  G-d tells man to go ahead and party…because that is all there will be.  And, then He he says those that are doing righteously keep doing righteously…yes…it’s an action of showing G-d we love his commands more than man’s ways which lead to eternal destruction.

These and even the ‘warehouse’ fires are only going to get worse…and will any make it to the 1335th day..which is 75 days from the 1260th day….that lead to the abomination of the earth?  It’s all a pattern and we best learn from it.  Abraham walked another 75 years after Isaac was born.  He would sit 100 children and grandchildren on his lap before he died at 175 years of age.  These pattern show us we are about to begin a new pattern of growth…but it will be a growth of righteousness…and righteousness can flourish as evil is removed.

I’m sorry for death because for many there is nothing after that…but these things must happen…and the Muslim man from Indonesia was correct…he lost his wife and children but would accept it as Allah’s will.  Allah is not greater than Yahweh…and that 102 that died on Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day occurred because The Creator orchestrated it.  If we deny who controls everything on this earth…then we make ourselves as little gods….and as Adom was cast out…so is man.


December 8 2016  9:17 a.m. central standard time USA at the 40.4 degrees of the earth….  The number of satisfying a time period.

Our Creator gave am 8.0 earthquake to Japan on December 7, 1944…to the day..

December 7, 2012 another large earthquake to Japan…to the day.

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – An earthquake with a magnitude of 6.5 was reported off the coast of Northern California on Thursday, the U.S. Geological Survey said.

The quake was centered about 102 miles (165 kilometers) in the Pacific Ocean west of Ferndale, California, at a depth of 6.2 miles (10 km), according to the USGS.Latitude 40.4 degrees N

Longitude 126.2 degrees W has live coverage of the California earthquake, click to read

There was no tsunami warning, advisory or threat in effect following the earthquake, the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center of the National Weather Service said on its website.

The quake was first reported with a 6.9 magnitude but downgraded to 6.5.

Some social media users said they felt the tremor in San Francisco, about 260 miles (418.43 km) south.

“That was a big one,” wrote Twitter user Antonis Papatsaras from the Bay Area city.

“Felt 20 seconds of very light shaking,” tweeted another San Francisco resident, Lila LaHodd.

(Reporting by Alex Dobuzinskis in Los Angeles and Gina Cherelus in New York; Editing by Bill Trott)

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