Alaska After 1964 Shaking

Kansas City Cold Record Patterns Reveal large earthquakes, Part 1

What do 1989, 2011, 2014 and 2016 have in common?

Do Months that align with the Hebrew calendar produce large earthquakes?

KISLEV 17 – WW II for America  1941 – 2016  – 75th ANNIVERSARY

What was your Kislev 17 like this year?  December 17 2016 on the Gregorian calendar aligned with the Hebrew month of Kislev 2016.  Both were day 17…. That is incredible because it is very rare for the Pope Gregory’s calendar to align with Hillel’s Hebrew calendar. Hillel was part of the last Sanhedrin in 70 AD. Rabbit Hillel helped set the calendar in hopes it would hold together The Lord’s Feasts because from there Torah could function.

Kislev 17, 2016 was a Sabbath that turned so cold with ice on the roads that by noon our service was being live streamed as people were told to stay home. Also, it was the biggest shopping day of the year; even over Black Friday after Thanksgiving.

Kislev 17 was the Hebrew date that the United States was bombed at Pearl Harbor by Japan that took close to 3000 lives. It was the turning point that put the hook in America’s nose to draw them to fully participate in WWII. Our Creator used Pearl Harbor as the door to stop The Holocaust by 1945…four years later.

On Kislev 18, I sat at my computer writing a story about this special day. As I hit ‘print’, the electricity flickered and our electricity went off. Our son lives next door and they were off, too. My husband was doing church bus work and was not at home, When he did arrive home three hours later, he turned on our generator. And then he was slipping and sliding to get hay to animals.

Our son and his family were coming to cook on our gas stove when they spun out on the ice. Their little kiddos range from ages 18 months to 9 years old. They finished walking to our door in below zero cold also carrying the food. The episode then turned into two vehicles off the road with our four- wheel drive truck now falling into a raven. The small John Deere tractor was worthless on ice. More family arrived to help and by 9:00 p.m. we had hot chocolate and one pumpkin pie to celebrate all vehicles rescued. Electricity was out for us from 3:00 to 9:00 pm because of ice.

Kislev17 for the world saw a 8.0 earthquake to Papua New Guinea. An eight magnitude earthquake is very rare and just happened in a month that was eye-for-eye…days matching. I could not watch it as our internet was also out. My phone was of little help to calculate the 8.0 earthquake. By 9:00 p.m, when our vehicle rescue party left, I calculated 39 4.5+ after shocks with a 6.5 and the 8.0 magnitude that sent off tsunami warning to New Zealand… 2500 miles away. The site reduced the earthquake to a 7.9. I think I am about to agree with others that they are communists and don’t want me giving our Creator any credit for His hand in these things. I can tell you that it was the perfect pattern to be matched as our Creator issued Japan an 8.0 earthquake to-the-day on Pearl Harbor’s third anniversary; on the Gregorian calendar, December 7, 1944. Look it up….a rare 8.0 to Japan on Pearl Harbor’s third anniversary. And, in 2012 we saw a lessor quake, and to Japan on December 7. And then on the Hebrew calendar on Kislev 17 God has honored that day as well connecting Japan with Pearl Harbor..

An 8.0 on Kislev 17 again matches up with our Creator giving memorial to The Pearl Harbor bombing. It was originally an 8,0 and then downgraded to 7.8 but still with tsunami warnings and people ran to higher ground. The tsunami warnings were soon canceled when they saw what type of movement the quake caused.

Summary of Kislev 17:

Midwest Storms with ice killed several and shut down roads with black ice.

Saturday, biggest shopping day… one week before Christmas halted.

8.0 Earthquake gives Memorial to Pearl Harbor. Kislev 17 1941 was December 7 1941)

Sunday church closings announced.

Kansas City Chiefs game in subzero conditions

Kislev 18 –

The United States declares war on Japan, 1941.

Church buses won’t start…extra effort to get people….church attendance in half

Husband exhausted gets hay for animals

Garage water freezes and won’t shut off…house water now shut off.

Husband returns home with middle ear…barely making it to his bed.

Today, Kislev 18 I wanted to study earthquakes and why they occur when they do. Why did our earth shake today of an 8.0 with tsunami’s stretching 2500 miles attached to it? What happens in a month that is eye-to-eye…day-for-day when we can see God’s hand clearly?

This has become likened to a diary. More has happened…

Kislev 19 –

Today, I finished my long letter to friends and relatives describing what I see on our earth. Our first born son arrived today with his three sons to help fix our frozen water faucet in the garage. They have taken their Grandpa with them to explore the new Menards for parts.

I’ve decided to go back and look at each day of December Kislev since it is an eye-for-eye month. We will not have another one until 2019. Thus, every day this month could unfold critical information as far as patterns.

COLD – Record Breaking Days –

Kislev 17 – Broke records except for years 2014, 2011 and 1989.

When I saw those years I instantly remembered 2014 and 1989 had eye-for-eye months. And now in 2016 Kislev is an eye-for-eye month with December.

Is Kislev 17 2016 attached to these other years as well?

The April Nissan 1 Chile 2014, 8.0 earthquake was when April and the Hebrew month of Nissan matched. The 2016 Kislev 17 record breaker was beat by the 2014 coldest day. In fact, 2014 held three months that were eye-for-eye.

2014 – February/Adar I, April/Nissan, May/Iyyar.

Hebraic looking you could see The Fast of Esther with Purim in February, Passover with Seder services in April representing The Messiach’s resurrection and Iyyar/May would be learning Torah as Yeshua/Jesus walked the earth his last forty days proving who He was. And April and October held two of the four Total consecutive lunar eclipses of 2014-2015.

2011 December 17 was colder in Kansas City than December 17 2016. My chart also shows August 2011 lining up with the Hebrew calendar Av. I have not checked earthquakes for that month and year yet but I will. Av is the month that Noach is in the ark sending out a dove for three weeks and finally knows there is green life on the planet once again….an olive leaf representing life in The Torah.

Thus so far, the two of the three years that were not beaten for the coldest in 2016 do have months in them that were eye-for-eye on the Hebrew calendar.

The Kansas City Fox News also listed December 17 1989 as holding a cold record for Kansas City. In 1989 their is one eye-for-eye month. It is September with Elul….and the next month they are only one day apart in October which is the Hebrew month of Tishrei.

Thus, all three of the months that were cold ‘record breakers’ themselves for the date December 17 were also years that had an eye-for-eye month in them. December Kislev 17 2016 was breaking cold records on Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day…on the Hebrew calendar of the month of Kislev.

Cold record breaking years with their month that was day-for-day (eye-for-eye).

1989 – September and Elul

2011 – August and Av  (Three 7.0+ earthquakes)

2014 – February and Adar I; April and Nissan (8.0), May and Adar.

2016 – December 17 and Kislev 17 was breaking cold records except for in the years 1989, 2011 and 2014. And, each of those years did have a month that matched eye-for-eye. (8.0 PNG)

Interesting Facts:

December/Kislev 2016 (eye-for-eye month) had an earthquake 8.0 at Papa New Guinea on Kislev 17 matching an 8.0 earthquake to Chile on April/Nissan 1 2014. These two eye-for-eye (cold record breaking years) also produced 8.0 earthquakes in the eye-for-eye months.

Now let’s see what earthquakes happened in 2011. There were 205 earthquakes over 6.0 magnitude. On March 11, 2011 Honshu Japan will have a 9.1 earthquake that is felt in Norway and south to the Antarctica. The world still has debris floating up on it’s shores as 217 square miles was flooded and sucked back into the ocean that looked like a vacuum. 15,891 people died with 2500 still missing….most drowned from the tsunami, not killed by the earthquake.

March 11, 2011 on the Hebrew calendar was 5 Adar I. This devastating 9.1 earthquake happened in a month that is not always there in history…it’s like the Gregorian’s leap year when one day is added every four years. It will have it’s anniversary on the normal Adar 5 each year, but it really was another destructive note of judgment to happen and not to be given much memory to it. Plates had clay build up and slipped 184 feet (50 meters). It was felt in Norway to Antarctica. 2015 reports $300 B loss with 15,891 dead by drowning. 2,500 are missing and 230,000 are still without homes four years later. It had six minutes of shaking with tsunami coming 128′ inland and 6 miles in length flooding 217 square miles.

1989, 2011, 2014, 2016 – ALL are Record Breaking for COLD on December 17.

Is there a pattern for record cold and large earthquakes? 1989, 2011, 2014, 2016 would say, YES.

Is there a pattern for large earthquakes to occur when the Gregorian and Hebrew dates align? These years all say, YES. Each of these years had a month that aligned day-for-day with the Hebrew calendar.

Is there a pattern for of large earthquakes to occur in the exact eye-for-eye month? 2016, 2014 are YES! That makes 50 percent of these large earthquakes will shake in their eye-for-eye month.

They all activated in their cold record-breaking year for Kansas City MO.

Kislev 19 found me finding some good answer today….this research should be added to the masses of research on earthquakes and why they slip. This simple calendar calculation didn’t take millions of dollars of research…it just took observance of the Hebrew calendar.

Another reason to get off the Pope Gregory calendar and move to the Hillel Hebrew….I like seeing The Hand of God. But, it seems to come at a price because of men putting other gods before the living Elohim that let’s the plates slip or He holds them tight.

Kislev 19 Today, December 19 2016 – Donald Trump wins electorates votes even after Michael Moore said he would pay electorates fines for not voting for Trump.

It’s a nasty world of deception…..people pay each other to be dishonest.

Will I write on Kislev 20?  Not sure….but these earthquakes are hot and heavy in our Eye-for-Eye month of December Kislev…so I’ll probably be reporting again.  This is a history making month and we won’t have another eye-to-eye month until 2019.

September 2019 is 3.5 years away.  That number sound familiar?  Think my friends…

What will our world look like in three years….to be exact….three and half years.42 months..1260 days…as Daniel speaks of.  Hmm, maybe we should be looking at the calendar months that line up.  Our next one resembles the dates Daniel speaks of…more things to check out and WATCH!

Well, look at this…September and Elul match in 2019.  That will be the month when The King is in the Field….preparing for the Bride.  It could be very interesting as man will see clearly….just as they saw His choice for our leadership…in Kislev 2016 that is now eye-for-eye….

Be watching my friends….every day gets more exciting….but stay in prayer and do NOT succumb the ways of the enemy.

Here is the info sheet I worked on 2011….August and AV are the eye-for-an-eye month.  The BIG 9.1 for Japan was 3.11.2011.  Look at all the Sabbaths and the Erev means it’s the day before as they prepare to rest on the seventh day.  Twenty 7.0+ earthquakes in 2011.  Almost 50 per cent are indicating a Torah reading by being at or on The Sabbath….Amazing….another pattern to consider, my friends.


After reviewing 1989….I’m attaching it, too.  It is incredible that the days are so close to the Hebrew calendar and out of only 15 6.9+ earthquakes for the year, it has 4 that begin the Sabbath called, Erev and 1 on the Sabbath called Pekudei, ‘counting’.  What is amazing is that the Hebrew New Year, Nissan 1 is marked and December 7, Pearl Harbor Day is marked.  Oh my friends….1989 was a record cold on December 17 and it held a eye-for-an-eye of 7.1 earthquake on September Elul 4….The King is in the Field, as Moses just went up Mt. Sinai for 40 days.

1989 would be a fun year to expound on.  What a powerful year to see The Hand of God on the Hebrew calendar.

I’m glad the KC News station made note of the years that were breaking cold records…they were breaking other records as well.


This next sheet shows what years and months align.  The year 1900 gave us our first alignment and I stopped at 2073.  As I researched this it lead me to want to dig deeper into the days that were just one day off…but for now…enjoy.  I found it fascinating that Yitzhak (Isaac) Rabin was born on the first day of the month that matched in 1922.  He was born on March 1 which was Nissan 1…The Head of the Ecclesiastical Year.  He was only one of eight leaders born on Israel soil…and on a day clearly seen by ALL the world.  He wanted peace and would die by assassination at the age of 73 by an Israeli who hated Rabin’s giving in to the United States efforts of dividing Israel through The Oslo Peace Accords with Yassar Arafat.


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