Assassination in Israel 1995; Yitzhak Rabin, 73, an Israeli Soldier Turned Prime Minister and Peacemaker

Assassinated November 1995. He built the army that won the Six-Day War in 1967 but fell to a nervous breakdown during it. Our Creator takes all the glory of that war’s miracles. Rabin was called to duty by G-d, but then he adhered to American policy of dividing Israel. Pride is not tolerated; but killing a leader is not the answer either as  we learn by the Fast of General Gedaliah on Tishrei 3,

Leaders are established by G-d. He can give them a heart attacks and strokes just as he waxed Nabel’s heart.

1995 will have three months that the Pope Gregory and Hillel Hebrew calendars align. will now be looking at years that have months align so as to seek out patterns in men’s lives.  I believe we can learn from G-d who is in charge of every  hair on our head.

Beginning with the year 1900 through the year 2073, there are only two months that have three eye-to-eye months in them; 1919 and 1995.  There are things that our Creator did NOT want mankind to miss.  It looks to me like WWI and what lead to a Israeli Prime Minister to be assassinated.  Do they both point to Israel getting her land and keeping her land?  I would say, Yes!  And, when we see something emphasized twice we should take it very serious.  And, when it is said three times to us…’s a FACT of importance.

Let’s use the words ‘WHOA WHOA WHOA is me….I am a man undone.’  Men will be undone in order to bring Yahweh’s order to the earth.

Simon Perez is MARKED — September 13  –  He signs first Oslo Accord with PLO 1993.

There is another man that also shook the hand of Arafat that day; Simon Perez.  His life will end with a stroke at September 13, 2016.  He is put in a coma in order for his body to regenerate aiding his survival.  His coma was terminated on September 27 and his memorial was September 28, 2016.  The article on his life only states that a few weeks before his death he had a stroke.  Could it be that they don’t want the date September 13 to be remembered?  Why wouldn’t they want God’s hand on his life to be known.  He was age 93 when taken by G-d and truly served Israel 70 total years.  For seventy years he was given over to Israel to bring God’s temple to the earth.  Did Perez succeed?  It is by G-d’s hand that Israel is succeeding to the extent they are, as every day is another challenge because the goat and sheep nations constantly plague Israel with cursing them about their existence.  On January 17, Martin Luther Day in America, United Nation members will meet in Switzerland to debunks Israel from building on her land and they will boycott her.

Thus, we have a man released from his duties of 70 years in September 2016, Simon Perez, who was the President of Israel in 1993 and signed the papers that recognized the PLO as having authority to live as a nation within the land of Israel.  The problem is that even though hands were shaken, the sheikhs will not accept the land that Israel wanted to return to them that was won in the 1967 Six-Day War.  Rabin was assassinated by one of his own citizens in 1995 and Perez will live to 93 years old.  But, did G-d want us to remember his signing of that pact in 1993, September 13?  The answer is YES!

It is by the Hand of G-d that he served 70 years for Israel.  It is by the Hand of God that he has a stroke on or near the exact Gregorian calendar date as when the first signing happened in 1993.  Our Creator let him live another 23 years, but G-d reminds us that He will always remember what we have done in our lives.  If we deny The Temple to be built in Jerusalem under Israel’s name, there is recognition….even at your demise….at the end of your life…our Creator places before all men….the wrong that you did…as he did with Perez.  A Prime Minister, President, soldier, ambassador and more…and yet September 13 is what our Creator wants us to remember….He signed papers to divide ADONAI’S land that even on the last day of the Six-Day War…our Creator confirmed Jerusalem to be Israels.  There is no man that can live in peace with our Creator and deter His plans for the earth.  Our Creator will find another way.

In November 2016 Mr. Donald Trump was raised up to be the next king of the earth to establish firmly Jerusalem as Israel’s capitol and The Tempe to be built….  In six months the United States Embassy could be moved from Tele Aviv to Jerusalem.  This establishes Jerusalem as Israel’s as most people have believed until Mr. Obama put questions in the world’s mind.  This Anti-Messiach Obama (against the anointing to come to Jerusalem) is soon to be gone and new leaders will help establish The Kingdom on our earth, but only if Christians get off their high horses and accept Torah as the rule of the earth.  If these Christians do not RETURN….they will be a generation that dies off in the next fifty years (one Jubilee) so The Torah can return and be applied to the New Generation of believers in The Kingdom that comes to the earth…for a 1,000 years.

How do you want to be remembered?  Do something special for God.  Or, they say if you die at your birthday, you have completed your life-course that Adonai had for you…just as Mosche did.

Follow this subject on  I think it already is explosive in showing, The Hand of G-d in patterns on the earth.

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