Tevet 2017 – 70 Nations should set Jerusalem Free

Month of Tevet – Setting Captives Free

Fast of Tevet – King Nebuchadnezzar first touched the walls of Jerusalem to take Israelites to Babylon. Each of the four fasts represent being carried off. The Fast of Tevet 10, The Fast of Tammuz 17, The Fast of Av 9 and The Fast of Gedalia, Tishrei 3.

FAST of Tevet 10 keeps remembrance of God’s justice for disobedience to The Torah. They did not honor the Sabbath or The Lord’s Feasts for 490 years. Solomon’s grandson did bring it back as Josiah is credited for hosting the greatest Passover and is called, the greatest King. Josiah’s heart was not the heart of the children. The children only brought themselves to the Passover enjoying the days of feasting. The sins of the fathers were still the sins of the children.  Josiah fell in battle and could no longer plea for the children.  They were carried off to Babylon for 70 years.

Let’s look at other events that portray freedom at this same time period.

Tevet 10, January 1 1863. The Emancipation Proclamation of 1862 was written and signed by President Abraham Lincoln December 31, 1862. He began writing it in July.  It was declared to the people on New Years Day, Tevet 10–The Fast of Tevet 1863. All slaves were allowed to walk away and not participate in a war that was designed to hold them captive.

Tevet 8 1906 – First radio broadcast – Reginald Freesenden (play-on-word for freedom ?), built 400 ft tower for religious broadcast to sailors. 110-year anniversary.

Tevet 10 1917 – Britain defeats Turkey Ottoman Empire sacrificing 45,000 for Jerusalem. (Kislev 23 – Tevet 11). Four-day struggle became an Eighteen-Day War. Chanukah through Fast of Tevet. (Last 7 days of the month Kislev; first 11 days of the month Tevet.)

Tevet 9, December 17, 1942 to January 10, 1943 – WW II – Mt Austin preparatory operation to clear Mt. Austin. Tokyo Express would no longer run. Guadalcanal gone by February 1, 1943.

Tevet 9, December 25, 1944 – WWII – Leyte cleared of Japanese troops.

Tevet 7, 1994Oslo Peace Accord, Pres. Clinton, PLO Arafat, PM Rabin. Rabin will be assassinated in two years, by a disgruntled Israeli, for Rabin’s part in being coerced by the nations to divide Israel.

Tevet 9, 2006 – Saddam Hussein executed for massacring his own people.

Tevet 7 2017 – 70 Nations fulfill prophecy as they meet to divide land of Israel, article by rabbi in Breaking Israel News.

The Temple should be built so atonement can be made for the nations that show up.  Yom Kippur, Tishrei 10, is the date our Creator chose for them to be judged or atoned for.

Get on the Hebrew calendar so you know when to fast when Israel fasts.  ‘To the Jew first’ means, ‘The Torah first’.  Gentiles are grafted into it….not changing it in one point.  The Jew can explain it and the Gentile can explain the coming Messiach Yeshua Jesus… becoming one.

January 8, 2017 is The Fast of Tevet….  FAST AND PRAY…be a Josiah!



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