Biblical Return of 70 Nations as Countries Gather in Paris to Condemn Israel – Breaking Israel News

This all happens in the month of Tevet; Tevet 10, Sunday is the Fast of Tevet. Fast with the Jews. It was the first fast commemorating King Nebuchadnezzar touching the walls of Jerusalem to carry the Israelites off to Babylon.  

They returned after 70 years.  They are once again 70 years (1947-2017) and trying to be carried away by the Nations. 

Since this is Yahweh’s program, the nations will be giving up their land as we know God told Abraham he would have all the land that he walked on. He left Haren at age 75 and lived to 180.  That is a lot of walking. 

The 70 nations had better back out now or this prophecy will be fulfilled as their land is removed from them by our Creator, Elohim (the mightiest God). 

Kiskev 23 – Tevet 11 1917 Britain beat the Ottoman Empire securing it for the Jews.  That will be 100 years ago next December. 

One more year for the 70 Nations to accept the 70 bulls offered for them.  They should build The Temple and be atoned for by Jacob, the real “gate” to God’s Torah (instruction) on the earth. 

Christians need to accept The Torah or they get removed for not having the right garment on. It is a priestly garment we wear, not Roman.  The ‘Times of the Gentiles’ tramping down the Holy Place is ending. There is no Gentile court needed as they unite and are one with the Jew. 

The Jew from Jerusalem will bless The Name.  Then The Messiach returns.  The Jew is still there doing Torah because The Messiach coming is The Word…The Torah!

The Messiah Yeshua Jesus is revealed. 

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