Deadly tornadoes strike South, ‘high risk’ for more as freak storm approaches East Coast

The Washington Post

Why is something called ‘Freaky’?   Freaky storms hit Saturday as ‘freaky’ looking people ascend on America’s Capitol.  It was a ‘freaky election’ where the ‘law of of averages’ was not average.  The poles never saw what was coming…because our G-d’s hand was in it all.

Freak Politics brought a Freak Election which brought Freak Storms, Freak Tornadoes, Freak UN airline outages and today a ‘freaky’ stock market.  It’s the first time over 20,000 points…responding to the ‘freaky idea’ that America should be first.  (Maybe it’s not such a freaky idea of putting Americans first.)

Everything the media says….proved and is still proving to be wrong.  Freaky agendas produce freaky responses. Normal people turn into ‘freaks’ as they allow themselves to be lead by the nose and believe false evidence.

Freaky Cloud protects Israeli soldiers at border of ISIS strike.

We live in amazing times….God is in control of his earth!


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