God Speaks! ‘United Airlines resumes flights after temporary ground order

Obama re-routed to Riverside CA Friday night.  Tornado outbreak during protests * Protesters planes STOPPED!  Lesson:  Do NOT reject what G-d has appointed!



If we check the dates of travel for the protesters of The 45th Inaugural of our President of the United States we see a pattern..  We see the ‘light rain’ falling on Mr. Trump’s shoulders as he gives his 16-minute address.  We see former President Obama leaving in a huge aircraft supplied by the American people to take him to Palm Beech CA.  California was just beginning their worse storm in seven years (Obama in office eight years).  They could not land this huge private airliner that read 28000 on it’s tail.  They circle several times before being forced to land at Riverside, CA.  Mr. Obama wanted to get away from the cold…which was only ten degrees difference;  and he flew his family and his new security team across the entire United States to find worse weather than the east coast. Could that ‘security team’ protect him from G-d?

The hired protesters  came from Denver and Chicago to destroy entire blocks by breaking glass and setting businesses and vehicles on fire.  The normal American protesters were awed by this and didn’t want anything to do with them.  The next day was Saturday when the organized protester attended.   These protesters truly did not look to be the ‘normal’ looking American either.  They certainly looked and acted to be ‘out of the norm’.

The women had been issued 200,000 permits and made their way into our Nation’s Capitol to show their concern of losing their rights to gay marriage and transgender sex agendas.  It was a pro-death march on our capitol.  The last eight years has seen people encouraged to become larcenists; setting fire to other people’s properties.  In St. Louis at Ferguson, Missouri the military was told to ‘stand down’ as looters destroyed that city.  Black Power and anger was allowed by their President Obama.  Black Lives Matter gave birth and then All Lives Matter grew.

Under President Trump these new group of  American jihadists would be hauled to jail. God would deal with the other protesters in his own way.  Because, as you protest against the government that God has just allowed to be established….a government that has not even written one law yet to know if they are writing laws against God’s will…. is biblically WRONG.  We are NOT to threaten or take the life of a leader.  Christians did not ‘pull triggers’ because they obey G-d’s Torah…do NOT remove leaders I set before you….  The Hebrew’s ‘Fast of Gedaliah’  is witness to that instruction.  Some of the Jews banded together and did kill General Gedaliah of whom Adonai had King Nebuchadnezzar place over the remaining Jews in Israel at the time of their captivity to Babylon.

On Saturday, which is known as The Shabbot, people should be at rest and staying close to home…as the Jews do and are an example to us.  Not only were people setting up violent rallies across the United States, they were traveling hundreds of miles to march in cities because of ‘fear’.  Fear is ‘False Evidence Appearing Real.’

Tornadoes started ripping through Mississippi to Georgia with the count at 15  killed so far and huge amounts of property damage.  Parents should take G-d seriously as when they disobey Him they put their children in jeopardy as well.  In fact, the sins of the parents can be remembered through their children for several generations.  They can be remembered through punishment by God as we see Solomon’s Temple being removed in his grandchildren’s lives and yet those children in their generation can go back and ask forgiveness for those actions against God.  That is what Josiah did and created the grandest Passover ever recorded…but, unfortunately, it was his great heart that provided it and not the children’s so they were carried off for seventy years….for NOT obeying Torah…resting themselves nor the land.  This weekend, the land was terribly violated and our Creator responded, in kind.

The Creator responded to these rallies for all of America to witness.  And then beginning Sunday evening, the United Airlines I.T. system shut down take offs…leaving many of these protesters, and mothers, who left their families alone to do this; stuck in airports all across America.  These woman probably didn’t even think that it is was their Creator that was speaking to them personally.  They are just thinking about their next plan of retaliation.

A soft rain fell on President Trump’s shoulders as a blessing.  Then the storm grew and was out-of-control on the people of the nation as they intentionally struck out in fear against their Creator, of whom sets everything under His authority.

Do I believe God  causes evil?  He does not cause evil….men do that to themselves…in judgment for their actions.  If you violate Torah (G-d’s instructions) you accept it’s judgment.  It says these curses will come upon you if you are disobedient.

It is up to man now to give witness to the real judge of the earth…His name is Yeshua Jesus coming back as The Messiach…  Learn His ways and live…choose the mountain of Gerazim…life…not Mt. Ebel (Evil).   I went to Israel and saw those mountains with Joseph’s tomb sitting between them.  It is as if the good live on one side and evil on the other.  Evil come from the valley of these two mountains to kill.  Fences (Torah) are put up and even ‘strong’ winds come against ISIS.  Note this picture from a few weeks ago exactly in the place that ISIS tried to break through.  It never hurt the Israeli’s and they filmed it’s power.


As I end this article, it is Wednesday January 22 2016.  The Dow just hit over 20,000 points because our world is feeling ‘safe’ in the arms of their new President Trump.

Please tell G-d you are sorry and return to His ways….because His yoke (Torah) is easy…and God’s instruction is what brings blessing to your life.

We should pray against evil and yet seek that those against Torah RETURN.  The Christians are now praying for their new president, Donald Trump.  President Trump had a prayer shawl placed on his shoulders on September 3, 2016.  May more prayer shawls be placed at the White House and in our congregations.  It represents the ‘wings of G-d’ covering us in Torah…His instructions on how to stay safe on the earth.  It is a ‘priestly’ garment and we are to be priests in our homes.


It is an awful thing to fall into the hands of our angry YAHWEH.  Mr. Obama no longer has that prayer coverage.    Even the demons know who the Messiach is and tremble.

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