Arizona law enforcement cautious of Trump order to enforce immigration laws – Cronkite News

Go home and model your country after America.  Keep your country safe!

Americans voted to keep America safe. 

Why is it difficult to understand how to become a legal citizen of the United States? All of this conversation because people sneak and get false identification. If they love America, then they should take classes to become a legal citizen. Pay your share of taxes instead of sending money out of our country. 

If you do not love America, why do you want to be here? That is the question to ask?  What is your objective to being here? Is it to change our government and schools from within … to change us to sharia law? We don’t want it. Please leave!  
Are you taking jobs from legal citizens?  Are you burdening our medical systems?  Yes to both questions. The burden is beyond repair and my payments into the social security system are eaten up by you. My payments will never be returned to me!  The US government is broken and broke!  

Aliens do not have inalienable rights!  Citizens had rights that are now trampled on by those who want Americans reduced to live in a world from which you came. 

Go home and become the mayor to establish yourself a better country, likened to America. Go home and apply what you learned here. That will build the world!

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