Earthquakes Hurricanes become Biblical

Every major earthquake and hurricane in the last thirty days has struck on a weekend….Peace and Safety are not in God’s plan right now.

August 11 to September 8, 2017, ninety-three percent of earthquakes occur on the weekend.  This includes North Korea shaking the earth with his 6.4 explosion on a Sunday.

Five earthquakes (8.1, 4.3, 5.3, 6.6, 6.2) occurred on Friday, also known as Erev Sabbath.  It is the day before The Sabbath.  It is the day that many are finalizing their house keeping, mowing their lawns and buying groceries to celebrate The Sabbath of rest.  Some don’t work this day as it is likened to Saturday before the Christians Sunday of rest.

Five on Friday.  Friday finds many people out and about and even those that are planning a three-day weekend…especially before school starts in the Fall.

One on Saturday or Sabbath earthquake (6.4)  The Torah reading began with Re’eh (see). This writer sees this as a direct word to (behold, watch) the hand of The Creator on the earth.

Six out of ten earthquakes in a thirty-day period occur on Friday/Saturday.  That is 60 percent.

Three on Sunday or the Christian’s church day.  People are in church or with family.  Thirty-three of these ten significant earthquakes occurred on ‘Family Day’.


Earthquakes 60% Shbt

We have a Creator that is justly bearing judgment on His earth and yet he bears the trait of merciful in that 93 percent of these earthquakes occurred when parents could be with their children and family to help protect them.  That is GRACE covering us…Undeserved…and yet justly judged for our sins.

Nine earthquakes occurred from Friday through Sunday.  Only one earthquake was during any of the other four days that could have been chosen to show judgment on the earth.

Thursday, August 31, tornadoes were spawned from high winds from hurricanes.  Fifteen people died in Mid West America.   The 6.3 earthquake marked their deaths.

This writer did a report in 2013 of seeing this same Erev Sabbath/Sabbath pattern occurring, but it was not as severe as this.  It was found that Erev Sabbath and Sabbath earthquakes occurred 17 percent more than on any other day that year.  Now, in 2017 this writer finds we are having 60 percent of earthquakes occurring on Erev Sabbath and the Sabbath just in the last thirty days.  It’s interesting that humanity is given seven days of an event and then another seems to start.  There does not seem to be a break…as we are even on the letter J now for hurricanes…making a total of eleven for the season.

What do we learn from these weekend earthquakes.  Every week Christians and Jews read God’s Word.  The Jews have set themselves to read and study through the entire five books within a year.  They begin with the Book of Genesis known as B’resheet which is believed to be when creation began.  Month One is known as Tishrei.

Man was declared to have authority over the earth…not the heavens…but the earth. Month One is when Adom and Chanoh (Eve) were placed on the earth.  They were then given instructions to be set apart to be holy and then they were placed in garden after their time of purification.

At the Feast of Tabernacles the reading of those five books, known as The Pentateuch, will end in blessing after coming through Yom Kippur (Tishrei 10).

October 4, 2017 at dusk will begin this incredible eight-day celebration of The Feast of Tabernacles.  It is known for the bridegroom coming for his virgin bride.  We also see The Messiah has declared to have been born and circumcised on the eight day.  The year changed fifteen days earlier at Rosh Hoshannah also known as The Feast of Trumpets.  The Hebrew calendar will be the year 5778.  Some say that the calendars are 230 ish years off.  But, I find it interesting that both of these calendars seem to say the same thing….  Jubilee and new beginnings….being set free from the old land and ways for the land to be purified by fire this time so as to begin again.  I don’t want to leave as I want to remain where I’m needed to bring The Messiach back to the earth.  It will be these that are given more to do in the eternal kingdom of Elohim.

All of the lessons lead to:

Vezo Ha’Bracha – This is the Blessing

The Scriptures “This is the Blessing” will be read.  Deut 33:1-34:12; Joshua 1.  On October 7, 2017 it will be Month One Day 17; Tishrei 17.  It is the Sabbath of Blessing on the seventh day declared to be of rest and in the year 17 that was a Jubilee year on the Gregorian calendar.   17 on the Hebrew calendar is a full moon so that none will be deceived.  People see by the sun during the day and they see at night by the full moon.  It truly is a day of  blessing.

Since our Creator is in control of every hair on our head and he knew when he wanted the earth to shake so mankind would fear Him and seek His face….let’s look at the message of 93 percent of the TEN earthquakes.

The Torah portions are named after the first words spoken in the passage. Erev means evening before.

1.  8.11.2017 – 6.2 Prinza Philippines; 5:28:25 UTC  AV 19 – Erev Sabbath

8.12.17 AV 20 Sabbath reading:  Ekev ‘consequence, because’. Deut 7:12-11:25, Isaiah 49:14-51:3.

2.  8.13.2017 – 6.4 W of Bengkulu Indonesia; 3:08:10 UTC AV 21 – Sunday


3.  8.18.2017 – 6.6 North of Ascension Island; 18:02:59 UTC  AV 26 Erev Sabbath Re’eh ‘see’.

8.19.2017 AV 27 Sabbath reading:  Re’eh ‘See’. Deut 11:26-16:17; Isaiah 54:11-55:5

4.  8.19.20176.4 SE of Lambasa Fiji; 2:00:52 UTC  AV 27 – SABBATH

  1.  8.27.2017 – 6.4 NE Lorengau, Papua New Guinea;  Elul 5  4:17:50 UTC  Sunday

 6.   9.02.2017 5.3 E of Soda Springs Idaho  23:56:52 UTC  Elul 11  –  SABBATH Ki Tetze ‘When you go forth‘  Deut 21:10-25:19; Isaiah 54:1-10.

  1.  9.03.2017 – 6.3 ENE Sungjibaegam, North Korea – Explosion  3:30:01 UTC  Sunday
  2.  9.08.2017 – 4.3 Medford, Oklahoma  2:26:23 UTC  Elul 17 – Erev Sabbath Ki Tavo

  3.  9.-08.2017 – 8.1 SW Pijijiapan Mexico  4:49:21 UTC – Elul 17 – Erev Sabbath Ki Tavo

Ki Tavo ‘When you come in’, Deut 26:1-29:8; Isaiah 60:1-22.

  1.  8.26.2017  ELUL 4 Hurricane Harvey hits Texas on the Sabbath…Shoftim ‘judges’.  Deut 16:18-21:9; Isaiah 51:12-52:12.
  •  9.9.2017  Elul 18 – Hurricane Irma hits Islands, Cuba.  Florida on Sabbath Ki Tavo ‘when you come in’.  Deut 26:1-29:8; Isaiah 60:1-22.

  • Sunday, September 10, 2017 is America’s National Grandparent’s Day.  Let’s now look to see what message The Father has for us.

    The Fourth largest city in the United States was decimated..worse than Hurricane Katrina in 2005.  We will add Harvey to the Torah message.  And, we will add Irma of whom is destroying Florida as this is typed.  Irma will decimate islands and then unleash on Florida on the Sabbath, September 9, 2017; Elul 18.

    Ki Tavo ‘When you come in’.  Deut 26:1-29:8; Isaiah 60:1-22

    Thus, due respect is given to The Creator and we will hear his message to us on all of the Sabbath since August 12 2017…There is not one of them that was not touched…thus in order to study our Creator we should be reading Deut 7:12 – 29:8.  And for good measure why not just continue to the end of Deuteronomy to see the Blessing.  The date that most bible prophecy are following are watching the constellation Virgo…of whom is giving full birth to Jupiter (Father God) on September 23, 2017.  That Torah reading is called Ha’azinu ‘LISTEN’.

    As believers in The Messiah that is returning to the earth…we should be glad to read and study these Scriptures and all Scriptures that apply to these ‘end of days’ as we know them.  There is a message and a BIG shift happening on the earth.  It has been told to us and yet to think every day will go on as before….it is changing my friends….just as Jesus Yeshua made a BIG shift in the earth’s thinking….so will this.  Look up my friends….I will talk next about the virgin Virgo…but right now….here is an encapsulated version of The Creator’s message to us…each week…or use a sentence.

    I’m going to give you the August and September Torah portion headings.

    Beginning August 5 – September 30 2017 (13 AV to Yom Kippur/Tishrei 10)  Yom Kippur 2017 is on September 20, 2017.  Are you atoned for by the blood of The Suffering Servant Yeshua?  He is now coming as King of Kings to bring His Righteousness/Torah back to the earth…

    I pleaded

    because, consequence



    When you go forth

    When you come in

    Standing     He went   (2 portions read that Sabbath)


    Day of Atonement/Judgment – YOM KIPPUR

    Our Creator is pleading with us because there are consequences because man will ‘see’ (give witness to) ‘judges’ when you go forth and when you come in standing as He went to listen  man accepted atonement and not eternal judgment.

    These lessons speak of blessings and cursing.  We are to listen to The Torah so we can stand firm to the end when judgment is meted out.  Those making it through the judgments will not go into eternal judgment but be atoned for by the blood that was shed for them on the Mount of Olives.

    As the Torah portion of Shoftim ‘judges’ ended our friend Lee passed into eternity.  Thirty minutes later an 6.4 earthquake occurred.  It was now early Sunday morning on 5 Elul.  He had a white beard and we would call him a man likened to Moses who loved The Torah.  Perhaps Adonai shook a mountain for him just as mountains shook under Moses feet.  We all sin and fall short….but even the great man of Moses that was forbidden to enter the next phase of worship by entering ‘the promised land’ was still seen on the other side at the ‘Transfiguration’.

    There will be two witnesses that go forth with The Torah in the future.  They will return to earth and it is going to be my guess that it is Enoch and Moses.  I vote for them because they both wrote down original writings given to them by The Creator.  All other things confirm what they wrote.  They will be given great respect….

    In the Book of Enoch we see that he was carried off to a mountain…it seems to be the same mountain of Adonai that Moses knew.  This same mountain (Torah) will come back to the earth with Torah taught to men’s hearts.  All books and scrolls are burned and it will be in our hearts.

    If you have time to read more…I’ll finish with what is sitting in our heavens right now…The Virgin giving birth to Jupiter…and breaking water (via hurricanes) are pouring out in judgment on our earth.

    Open to The Book of Revelations and read Chapter 12 before you read any further.

    What do you think?

    Now download a star-gaze program on your phone or computer…. now look for Virgo.  Jupiter will be sitting in her…travailing in pain to come out. In fact, Jupiter is half out…

    We also are in a period that the constellation Virgo is in her final stages of giving birth to Jupiter that has been in her tummy for nine months.  This writer does not believe in horoscopes, etc. as that is astrology….  But, we should pay attention to astronomy.  Our Creator set everything in it’s place and it is in these constellations that He gives another witness to us.

    The Book of Revelations has been a hard book to understand.  It has been blown out of proportion in meaning many different things…and perhaps some of it can apply.  But, let’s take a look at chapter 12.  Take it truly word for word…and we can see it playing out on our earth exactly at this moment.  In fact, Jupiter is half out of the birth canal of this virgin and her waters are seen pouring out on the earth through eleven hurricanes so far in this season.

    We seem to live in a self-centered world that we think all of the world is living just as we are.  Living in Arizona in the winter makes me forget about the gloom that happens in the Midwest during those days.  If I don’t stay in touch…I could lose my day-to-day sensitivity to those suffering.


    America wanted to shout with glee at the 8.21.2017 eclipse with buying glasses to watch a once-in-a-whatever experience.  I almost missed seeing it and it was right above my house.  I borrowed my grandchildren’s glasses for a peek at it.  A few bats came out and I did take my own pictures with my i-phone.  I’m told I probably damaged my phone by doing that.  I did look at it quickly and noted that it appeared to look like a sliver of aluminum foil.


    The Gregorian calendar uses the sun for it’s calendar.  Islam uses the moon for their calendar.  Israel uses the sun and moon to set their calendar.  There are blessings and curses to everything.  But, we are told not to worship any object in the constellations, or on the earth or under the earth.  These objects are said to be ‘witnesses’.  Therefore, we should use them as such.  What are they saying?

    All through the ages of mankind the sun, moon and constellations have been given names.  Here are some of the names that all seem to agree with….

    Jupiter – Father God or God the Father

    Venus – Morning Star

    Mars – war – can be represented by Michael the archangel as he was a warrior angel.

    Mercury – messenger – can be represented by the archangel Gabriel..a messenger only.

    Virgo – Virgin

    Moon – Islam adopted it along with the star * ).   Some say the world….some say Israel.

    Sun – sun god – ba’al,  fire.  Some say ‘the Son’.

    Leo – The Lion of Judah

    Leo is made up of nine stars that twinkle.  Three planets have now positioned themselves coming under Leo’s front right foot.  Planets do not twinkle.  They need something to give them light.  In this constellation today the sun is directly below these three planets.  They are all actively aligning themselves in a straight downward line heading to Virgo.  From Leo’s chin the first planet is Venus (morning star).  The next planet south of Venus is Mars (war).  The third and last planet is Mercury (messenger).  With the nine stars and three planets that are now illuminated, they total twelve.

    There is a space between them and our sun.  The sun aligns below these three planets and sits on Virgo’s left shoulder…covering her in light.   These three planets align with Regulus for two years when The Messiach (Suffering Servant/baby Jesus) was born. These planets for two years were very bright in the sky and brought many magi to the land.    This same alignment has been seen in our skies that last two years, as well.  Thus, we can start our sky pattern in 2015.

    2015 closed the door to the last Total lunar eclipses.  Four consecutive total lunar eclipse are known as a Tetrad.  The Four Blood Moons have been written in several books by Pastor Mark Biltz and John Hagee.  Most of our world has researched it and The Lord’s Feasts that are connected to several series of  tetrad eclipses.  They occur on The Lord’s Feasts and are seen before, during or shortly after a land acquisition for Israel.

    Another Land Acquisition!

    The Lord’s Feasts were proclaimed when Israel became a nation in 1947-48 (with war); when Jerusalem was recaptured (with the 1967 Six-day War); and now for complete rule over all her territories…not to be divided in 2014-2015 still in war and rumors of war.  Adonai’s War has begun…and it began on Elul 27 2015.

    On Elul 27 2015 The Osama bin’laden construction company would be held accountable for 111 deaths when their crane inside of the the Mecca Mosque fell.   Fifty lightening hits were recorded and the earth trembled shaking the crane.  The Osama family was barred from leaving that country.    It would only be about a week later that Hajj began and around 1100 were killed in a pile-up of people occurred around the area that they would throw a rock at the devil.  That report should be on this blog site.  It caused more strife between the Sunni and Iranian Shiites as they had people missing and not returned.  They threatened to have their own Hajj in the future especially since this has happened before with thousands of lives lost before in other accidents.

    The Coming King that rules with an ‘iron rod’ is being announced in this constellation. Revelation chapter 12 is very clear.  There is no confusion as to the earth’s birth pains from this constellation being poured out on the earth.

    The order of these planets has not been seen for over two thousand years.  It held this same pattern for two years in -3 BC.  After that -3 BC experience of The Messiach being born babies were killed by Herod.  He was not a Jew but only married one to gain access to rule.  Do we have pastors who only marry into Judaism but don’t totally support it?  Do they forget that The Torah was given to the Jew first and then the Gentile was able to come into it on how to live safely on the earth?

    As you research these things you’ll see there is planet positioning that has not possibly occurred for 7000 years.  So perhaps Revelation 12 should be paid attention to as we know ‘so as in the heavens so as on the earth’ is truly witnessed in this.

    Prophecy Watchers are just that…causing people to watch.  We must witness for ourselves…taking all previous religious viewpoints out of your thinking…and pay attention to what is reality.  Something is happening and it aligns with Revelation 12.

    And, yes….one third of the waters turn to blood, one third of earth is burnt and the list goes on.  Can it happen all at once or have we seen some of it already.  We see a pattern that shows our Creator doing things slowly so that so many creatures don’t come upon the clean up of the destruction so that men can’t even live in that area any more.

    We must remember that in 2010 The New Horizon oil spill caused death and destruction in The Gulf of Mexico.  We also had the Valdez oil spills and several others.  We are seven years almost to the day of The 2010 Horizon accident that took 17 lives on that rigg.  Please go to that article on this blog site.

    There had now been a movie made of that Horizon spill.  As I studied it very thoroughly it confirmed to me that our Creator was truly in control of everything.  That anointing oil spill began on Israel’s Independence Day and it would not be officially shut off from spewing oil until The Day of Atonement known as Yom Kippur 2010.  Our waters endured black oil for 150 days…as in a pregnancy of five months.  At five months a baby can hear….LISTEN is in our Torah portion again at Yom Kippur this year.

    Yom Kippur is a fast implemented by our Creator Adonai.  It is called, The Fast.  Everyone recognizes it by those words.  He also instructed us to be only happy on the Sabbath.  It is to be a day of joy and not sorrow.  But, in 2017 Yom Kipper, known as The Fast, presents itself on the Sabbath.  That Sabbath will be turned into a day of Fast because it is one of the very few times man is commanded by The Creator to fast.

    And, on the Hebrew calendar the year just turned to the year 5778.  Eight being ‘beginning’ …. we will continue the year in sorrow.  We will FAST on a SABBATH.   This is another sign of what is to coming.  Our world needs to fast with repentance which means to return…To Torah.

    These are things to be concerned about but not if you know the one that will protect you through it.  What is your earthly life really about?  Are we teaching our children to seek the ways of The King that has an “IRON ROD” with him?  Or, are we teaching him only about his LOVE….which really includes his justice.

    As a grandmother I wish I could have a birthday party every day for everyone of my children and grandchildren….I love the hay rack rides and the singing of songs about our Savior.  We are covered in His love and yet we are blessed by our actions that show our love to Him.  He we do NOT confess with our mouth and actions our love for Him….then how do our children learn how to do that.  When a comet hits the earth and makes it wobble, will we run in fear…or will we know that it’s all been prophesied before hand so we are not ignorant of these things?

    I may improve this article later but for now I close with this.

    There is NOT one thing our Creator does not know.  We are NOT to run away spiritually but we can run and hide physically.  Is America ready for the God-given judgment due us?  Will you know how to clean up after an ash fallout from Yellowstone?  Will you take care of yourselves and not depend on others when your house crumbles from one of the biggest earthquakes to hit America along the Madrid Fault line.  The 2017 and 2014 Eclipse cross paths and X marked the spot of The Madrid Fault.

    We must prepare to stay and give  witness to the One coming.  We must claim His promises of showing us the right hills and caves to crawl into when harm comes to change our earth.

    Our earth is being judged.  America will hit 60 Million abortions since 1973 Roe v Wade.  Mexico’s 8.1 earthquake took 58 lives, then 59 was reported….the same numbers represented in America’s 2016 abortions….59 million.  Now the number of deaths is 61.

    People may look to me as thinking strangely but I love the deeper things of Adonai.  I can’t wait to talk to Noah and see what he thought about him being 600 years of age when the flood began.  He was 601 when they got off.  If we have just completed the 120th Jubilee of the earth then it is the year 6000.  Will it be in the year 6001 that more change happens.  Jacob was 60 when he left Laban’s house and we see his idolatrous wife Rachel giving birth to Jacob’s ‘Son of my right hand” at age 61.

    I’ve been writing about these things and it just can not leave me.  It connects with Methuselah becoming a grandfather at age 604 when Noach was born.  It connects to Noach getting off the ark at age 601 and by 604 will be a grandfather of a righteous seed. We are nearing that year for The Righteous Seed to return.

    Are you excited?  I am!  But, it is not without birthing pains that The Messiach will come.  We will be here but protected….if you are obeying The Torah.  Do not allow anyone to do work on your property on the Sabbath….even our animals should rest.  These are simple things that we can do to walk out our lives in God’s instruction…His ways are NOT our ways….we don’t have to have logic to it…we just do it!

    It is NOT legalistic to rest on the Sabbath.  It is being obedient to what even Adom was instructed.  Nothing has changed except that more instruction was needed as more men consumed the earth.

    Yeshua Jesus came to tear down fences and build them back up as they were.  We need to learn what fences are still important and put them back into our lives.

    UPHELD is the correct word translated from the Hebrew for the world fulfilled.  Yeshua Upheld all that the Torah was and still is.  He upholds it to the point of never violating it in one point.  That is what qualifies Him to be The Messiach.  If he violates it the Jews would never accept him as The Messiach.  Christians do not understand this fact or they would stop telling people to abandon The Torah…it’s not for us today.  If it’s not for Christians than The Messiach can’t be for them either.  They have to choose to uphold The Torah and accept The Messiach for who he really is…The Living Torah.  Those that are Torah-less are called, ‘lawless.’    They can not be a witness to the Jew without Torah…the Jew knows this…and therefore should reject Christianity.  All MUST accept the one that UPHOLDS Torah completely, because He is The Messiach.  None of us will ever uphold the Torah completely because we are not that man of perfection.  We are sinners but He is not…therefore He qualifies to be The Messiach.  It is necessary for them to accept his first coming as The Suffering Servant of whom died for their penalty of sin which is spiritual death.

    Temple in Jerusalem….He will tell us where to come to worship….

    We don’t have to worry about The Temple as God will establish it…and yet we know that the two witnesses will stand in that Temple so it must be on the earth…in the location of Zion.

    This is KEY….to build The Temple in Jerusalem as that is where The Messiach will reign from.  The earth is His footstool but he will reign from Jerusalem.  He will not return until his own (Jews) say from Jerusalem, “Blessed is He that comes in the name of Adonai.”


    Next question?

    Do 8.0 earthquake occur with eclipses?  Is there a pattern that makes it fact?    Next research article….soon to come.







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