I blew the shofar on 9.21.2017 Rosh Hoshannah. The next fall feast…Yom Kippur Sept 30…Feast of Trumpets, Oct 5-13, 2017.


When do we blow the shofar?  When do we listen for the Great Shofar?   Pastor Biltz…  11 minutes video…  Be a watchmen and be ready..

A generation can be 10 40 50 70 100 years.  They are all fulfilled right now for Israel.  And the constellation Virgo is giving birth right now as we witness in Hurricane Harvey and Irma pouring out the birthing waters on us as I type.

The Book of Revelations has always been hard to understand because we steer away from astrology…horoscopes.   But astronomy is good…not evil.  The heavens will give witness if men will not…..to the coming of The Lord.

Our Creator set the constellations above us and his Bible speaks of it.  Read Revelation 12…the King is half delivered and will be fully delivered on September 23, 2017….as seen in  this same configuration 2000 years ago…  -3 BC.  Wow…  Be ready….  It’s not fun, but it’s necessary to bring God’s Word back to the earth.

Almost 60 million abortions in America…  as in the days of Herod…  as in the days of Moses…baby killing is a sign.

Rosh Hoshanna 30 days after August 21, TOTAL eclipse that crossed the middle of NORTH America…setting judgment in place.  The month of judgment is still in play.  Elul to Tishrei 10 is 40 days….Yom  Kippur.  Nibiru is playing havoc on the earth…not global warming.  This Saturday, September 30, 2017 is The Day of Atonement.  Moses came back with with Adonai accepting the stone tablets he chiseled on the day of the 2017 eclipse.  We also have stones churning and melting within our earth.  We have new fragmented stones hurling at us already seen in Russia, OH, FL and Japan.  Planet X or whatever name our officials decide to call the planet that is four times larger than Jupiter has been sitting between us and the sun for nine years.  It is going to go around our sun and go into warp speed as it propels from the sun.

Look for two suns in the sky at the next partial eclipse.  It is from that viewpoint that people of the earth may be able to see the problem that the world governments have kept from us.  Blowing our shofars is more important than ever.  It will be those that cling to God’s ways that He will hear their cry and hide them….just as Elijah hide.  But, Elijah was told to come out of the cave and look around….winds, earthquakes and fire…and yet it was that small still voice that Elijah finally heard that calmed him.  He had been running in fear…from Jezebel….because Elijah had been part of the removal of her prophets.  Yet, ADONAI assured Elijah that there would still be 7,000 of whom never bent a knee to Ba’al…world idolatry…false gods.

What gods do you follow.  You might consider the ONE living Elohim that created you.  There is no other name in which to be saved…Yeshua, The Messiach.

The Trumpet is blowing and this Nibiru is ready to take the earth on a journey.  I believe it has begun and it’s arrival could be soon….within a year?  It will fly by for all to see, but it will miss the earth.  But, the dragon’s tail will leave behind and we’re already seeing it as comets seen as ‘fireballs’ fly past Russia, Japan, and even Ohio.  There is more to come and especially October 5-12, 2017.  The Draonids meteor shower is October 6, 2017.  The day before Venus and Mars occult.  And, guess what?  It is the first day of The Feast of Sukkot/Tabernacles.  Eight days ADONIA ask his children to come outside and sleep under the stars.  He has a show in the sky for us in 2017.

Let us find a trumpet, drop on our knees and call and ask him to save us from destruction.  We can ask that because we are His children of whom obey his instructions because we first loved what He did coming in the form of man and dying on that the stake 2000 years ago.  Or, was it 2017 – or was it 2027-28?  If so, then he’s not quite been gone for 2000 years yet.  Thus, be patient…at the end of this particular tribulation he WILL return.

Those that lose out are those that say, “But he never comes back….I’m tired of watching.”  Please keep watching….he has set the signs in the heavens and they are played out on the earth….so none should perish….these are those days.  Look up…our Salvation (Yeshua) is nigh.

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