Snow Bomb – Sahara Snow – Oprah MuD – Haunting Golden Globe rejects Creator

Unprecidented Weather Patterns The Creator’s Mood.

America’s East Coast is being SNOW Bombed….SNOW Sharah….Fire, Rain Mud Boulder slides for CA right into Oprah’s back yard hours after The Glolen Globe Awards….  where she is trumped for the Democratic nomination for President.  Her billion dollar home had a helicopter overhead to save her.

It seems The Creator is ready to slide her downhill….rejecting her as a future president. This is a day in history that men must not forget.  Both President Bush’s wanted a two-state solution for Israel Peace and both had their homes trashed.

The month of Kislev is defined by the winning of The Temple and our very human temple.  After war comes the clean up…or removal of trees from the Temple Mount that are an abomination…Christmas trees are now being stored or burned.  God’s War continues to clean the East Coast, West Coast of trees (people) that hate the truth of Noach and his rainbow covenant…..thus renouncing The Creator known as ADONAI, Lord of Hosts.

Man falls by the very thing he stands for.  The denial of God and his creation now has His very creation speaking out and issuing vengeance.    Kill by the sword…die by the sword.  Reject The Creator as not creating all things….that Creation will remove you!

A last thought….could we be coming to the 1335th Day of Daniel?  If God’s War began in Elul 2015 what is 3.5 years from then?

What is six months from Elul…let’s review.  These are the month and now you can ponder what our world’s weather and spiritual welfare has looked like in these years.

Elul 27 – September 2015

  1. Tishrei 27 completes 30 days. October
  1. Cheshvan,  November
  2. Kislev,  December
  3. Tevet, January
  4. Shevat, February
  5. Nissan ,March

It sure makes sense to this writer as Nissan is Passover.  Seders will go on around the world celebrating The Passover Lamb of  Yeshua Jesus.  It is eight days…Nissan 15 – 23 (March 30 – Passover Erev Nissan 14.  Sabbath Nissan 15 is Unleavend Bread…Day One

Interestingly Pesach will begin on Good Friday…..all will celebrate accordingly…same day.  This union of days could be most interesting…

The first week in April is Passover Week. March 30 to April 6 2018…and yet it closes for one more day of celebration…April 7, 2018 is The Sabbath Torah reading of Sh’mini…meaning ‘eighth’ day.)

An exact date will not be given as our Creator is not Greek thinking and has to work in an exact beginning and end.  What Elul through Nissan indicates is that The Lord is cleansing just as he cleansed the earth during this time with Noach….same pattern.

The earth was in void on Elul 27 and by first of Tishrei man was created and things developed.  27 is a key number as that is also the day that Noach animals were released from the ark…it was on the 28th the people could leave….but they first offered a sacrifice for any sin that may have been committed on the ark.

Nissan is likened to that…the world has one more chance to honor Pesach before the last half of the 7-year tribulation could begin…if this is the 7-year Shemittah cycle for it.

So, what did we find….3.5 years of wars and rumors of wars….certainly has been true….with weather patterns so horrific in 2017 that insurance companies are going bust…and it just doesn’t stop.

Elul 27 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018…..closes 3.5 years of mild tribulation…..then begins stronger witnessing with actual witnesses showing up doing great signs and wonder that will also be counterfeited by demonic sources….. as we saw stand on stage getting an award for BEST….demons….

If God’s War of 27 Elul 2015 is true…..and realizing there are more types of wars described in The Bible….but this War of God….hopefully is shortened so the ‘elect’ will not perish but make it to the 1335th day of blessing.

We could start that day with 27 Elul…you count it out…using a 360 day calendar as described in The Book of Jubilees.

Daniel tells us that the deception comes via the removing of God’s calendar.  Men today do NOT know what day it is…..proving that prophecy.

Get yourself a Hebrew calendar….your very existence depends upon it.  Don’t just get it, but observe it….then you’ll see God working in your life in a positive way…instead of just ‘be happy’ and life just works out.

I cried tears of joy today as I watched a family review of picture of relatives with little ones having fun this year as parents loved on them.  This mother was me raising our children…and I try to continue to be like that for our eleven grandchildren…but writing a book about God’s hand has been hard…..correction does not bring smiley faces…but perhaps looking for what cave to seek out or preparation of just having extra water during the floods God brings amongst the just and the unjust.  We’re in this together and I’d love to smile all the time….and perhaps after I get Adom’s Umbilical Cord done I can laugh more….but for now….we must RETURN to the correct calendar….and stop vain traditions….all men will be held accountable …. even in their ignorance….they were swept away in the flood…..died….not raptured….but died.  Noach was safe-guarded in a covering…not removed from earth….but returned to it to once again multiply.

We must not let doctrines that are only 170 years old mold our churches into wrong theology about something as critical as The Lord’s return.  Sunday is NOT The Lord’s Day…The Sabbath is.  The Lord’s Day on Sunday was put in place by the universal church…Catholic.

Removing The Sabbath on the 7th day fulfills Daniels prophecy of changing of times.  That change also removed men from resting on it….one of the first observances to be a blessing to men….who desire a relationship with The Creator.  They do not do it because they have to, but they respect The One that came and saved them from their sins of whom is also the one that knows how to keep them safe in God’s hands….

Blessings to all as we return to resting on The Sabbath so we are hidden under His wings…that represents the ‘cave’ of protection…His talitt…His instructions.




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