Israel joins Arab states at historic White House meeting

This meeting on 26 Adar follows history. Thus blessing will apply as well to those desiring peace with Israel. Cursing already showed up for Not attending.
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Kings change to set Israel free in Adar.

Adar 25 – Jehoiachin, King of Judah, is released from prison. Jeremiah 52:31.

Adar 25 – 397 BCE King Nebuchadnezzar dies. Zedekiah dies.

Adar 26 – President Trump brings several dozens of Middle East nations together for Palestinians peace. To release them from Hamas bondage.

Adar 27. – Zedekiah dies 397 BC. 2 Kings 25:27 Johoiachin, King of Judah, released from prison.

Adar 23 – begins 7-day period for assembling The Tabernacles in wilderness. Also, the day Second Temple is dedicated.

Is it no wonder that God’s Hand is moving peace to the Middle East. It patterns to the day and in Israel’s 70th Anniversary in the historical pattern of the month of Adar.

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