Hand of Adonai is moving..quickly.

An empty pond…cows on barren land.  Events are happening very quickly…even in the Midwest storms don’t linger nor does the rain.  The blessings are seen but they are short.  The Midwest has had one-half the number of tornadoes as last year…and we are short on rain…which means blessing.  My garden went in and flowers are blooming only because of self-watering.   The ponds are low, the grasses are stale for the cows.  The world is seeing dramatic changes with North Korea relenting after years of presidencies.  Nations are being humbled as their mountains cave in and even Iran has had their nuclear centers shaken with earthquakes.  Hawaii is on fire and shows us how the land below us can just burn as we watch.  California wants to separate into three states as the people living there can not be of one accord.  Officials are having their pre-governorship and presidencies scrutenized to simpy remove them from office….a ploy not seen before in politics.  Men are not perfect and when they’ve said they are sorry….groups still say that’s not good enough and want them gone….and in the same breathe America lived with a President knowing fornicating at the White House and did nothing.  We have past politicians traveling the world discrediting our President….which is against policy.  There is no justice and righteousness on our earth even as righteousness tries to prevail.

I am disheartened and yet I am more hopeful than ever.  We are in a time in history that holds our attention to constantly being amazed as the next agenda laid before us to control our thinking….even Facebook is pushing left-wing thinking forward and suppressing conservative thoughts….amazing how our minds are controlled.

Please read this letter….and we MUST pray that The Torah that was given to the Jew first as their responsbility of carrying it to the world…will go out.  When The Torah goes out it shows us The Creator who knows all.  When this instruction reaches into mankinds heart, they will make a decicision.   Men are given free-will and that free-will allows them to become a corpse that has died for all to see or they will be part of God’s kingdom and welcome The Messiach that is coming.  This Yeshua Jesus that is coming back is seen in The Torah past and The Torah present.  We see The Lord’s Feasts and respond to celebrate them because we know Him.  If we know Jesus than we will act as He did and attend them.  The abomination of The Temple being removed from the earth must be stopped.  This Temple represents truth and righteousness….it represents the desire for God to be with man.

There is PEACE coming but there is also WAR as this Temple will be built.  It has to be built if we expect The Messiach to return.  It will be up to The Creator as to how effective it is.  But, this we know….witnesses will stand at it just as Simeon and Hannah have witness to Miriam’s Yeshua Jesus after her purification days of 40 days.  We are now close to 40 Jubilees from The Seder that brought The Seed that was planted in the ground in Jerusalem.  40 days later The Seed ascended back to the heavenly realm as mankind prepared their hearts for the next stage of worship on the earth.

Shavuot in 2018 is May 20.  The date will be Sunday, Sivan 6,  It is the day the Holy Spirit arrived in Jerusalem…endwelling believers so they could go out and give testimony to all the nations about what they saw.  They saw a resurrection of the dead….a First born…The Son of Elohim.  They were told to go to tell the Jews….and The Gentiles that they could all follow The Messiach Yeshua.  In ONE day this lamb’s blood declared it was finished…referencing back to prophecy.  The Torah was not finished, but The Seed’s death and resurrection were complete and witnessed for all to believe it.  After this belief….then the believer is to become part of The Torah followers….doing Torah….celebrating The Lord’s Feasts, Sabbaths and eating correctly….as these are the set-apart things of The Creator.  No one….no one change add to these things and no one…no one can take them away.  If our churches remove The Torah….they’ve replaced what God meant for the earth to be.

Noach’s family saw The Torah done away with.  After Noach died….his children stopped doing it…and then Shem renewed it upon the earth….and with Abraham….it was again possible to have a set-apart people.   Without The Torah….there is nothing special….every day is special…but thats not true.  If every day is the same how can it be holy…or set apart.

Thinking logically….churches are being removed that will NOT follow God’s instructions.  Jacob was without Joseph 17 years and then he only enjoyed him for his last 17 years…in Egypt.  Thus, a total of 34 years did Jacob have his favored son.  Was Yeshua on the earth for 34 years?  I believe he follows the Joseph pattern.

For now….read this letter…it’s long…but then I’ve been long as well.  I’m still writing Adom’s Umbilical Cord and have a renewed heart to get it in print.  The patterns on our earth are culminiating and in ONE Day a nation as born…and in ONE Day The Messiach can return….but it’s not until…from Jerusalem they say…   “Blessed is He that comes in the NAME of The LORD.

Do you know His name that means salvation?  If you don’t….you can’t quote that phrase from your heart….it’s just a phrase.  You MUST know  His name….and it’s not English of Greek.  And, it is your heart that will speak it automatically.  We must CHANGE if we want our world purified.  It’s been 40 Jubilees….  it is time in the historical cycle….  but is our world ready?  Sincere repentance with prayer does touch the heart of our King.

The third Steamboat Geyser shot over 300′ on April 27, 2018.  That date on the Hebrew calendar was 12 Iyyar.  It was the Erev Shabbat Acharei Mot-Kedoshim (after the death and Holy).  Holy means set-apart…no wonder my heart is  sharing how we are set-apart.  Scriptures are:  Lev 16:1-20:27; Amos 9:7-15; Matt 15:10-20; Mark 12:28-34.

Our earth acts like the readings of The Torah….read and see….The Hand of God…comes quickly.

May 7, 2018

Iyar 22, 5778

Dear Praying Friends,

Many and varied are the winds blowing about us at this hour. Troops amass, sabres rattle, doors swing open and slam shut. Dark clouds promising rain loom overhead and in a moment are blown away. Or, in an unannounced unsuspecting moment, a storm appears bringing destruction and death. As you no doubt are aware, on April 27th just such a storm covered the whole Land. At around 3 pm on a rather quiet afternoon the sky went dark. A powerful wind arose accompanied by torrential rain and hail…in some places the size of golf balls. Deviating from the norm, the wind came from the East. One of our resident scholars confirmed that East winds are indicative of judgment. From across the world (we were with family in Australia) we read the reports, watched the videos, and heard from our friends about the leaks and flooding in our own home and theirs. The tragic death of ten Israeli youth took the incident to another level, bringing the nation to a state of shock and grief.

What are we to think? A neighbor described the moment as being akin to one of the plagues on ancient Egypt. Was it simply a freak storm or is it a message…even a wake-up from God? No one saw it coming. Rain alone was forecast. What came was like a hurricane. Storms like this do not just appear out of nowhere without warning. The rainy season had already passed. The storm was a force greater than anything we have ever experienced in twenty-six years in the Land, leaving destruction and death in its wake. The weather service issued warnings of life-threatening flooding in the area around the Salt Sea (Dead Sea), telling people to stay away. A group of twenty-five young people from a pre-IDF academy had scheduled a hiking trip during those days. Many of them expressed a sense of concern…even fear about continuing on with their plan. The day before, one of the girls went so far as to text a friend that she believed they were going to die. She went and she died. Their leaders ignored the warning, thinking it would be fun. An investigation has been initiated and the leaders have been placed under house arrest. In the face of this great personal grief we are constrained to wonder if this is also a prophetic warning revealing our corporate state of being, foreshadowing the nature of things to come.

Some have related to the event as a picture of God pouring out His Spirit, as in watering a dry and thirsty land. We however take it as a severe warning. Consider the details. It was out of season. The normal rainy season had finished. Despite all our advanced forecasting capability, it came without warning. The power of the elements was unprecedented and overwhelming. It was destructive. Rivers ran in city streets. Water poured through the ceiling of malls and supermarkets. Warnings went unheeded. And all this comes at a time when talk and expectation of regional war is at the highest we have ever known it. Is this not reminiscent of Yeshua’s words in Mathew 24 and 25? A door on one of the structures on our property was not fully latched. The subsequent allowance for movement enabled the wind to split the wood frame, tearing the door off. So it will be in the spirit with any thing not securely fastened to the ROCK.

Over the course of our ministry life, there have been moments, some of greater consequence and some of lesser, when we found ourselves in situations that did not bear the mark of Father’s blessing. In such instances we were and are constrained to inquire of the Lord. How did we get here? What does this look like from His perspective? Have we missed something along the way?

We write this to you particularly now against the backdrop of the recent storm as we personally are in the throes of a few notable shifts on the natural plane. They are nothing that will get in the way of our fulfilling our task, but are things we would not have chosen to walk through. The issues are In part the unfolding of things beyond our control… things in part the result of innocent naiveté, in part ignorance, and in part not noting what we now see to have been a red flag. Beloved, there is a time to set our face as flint and push through…and there is a time to stop, wait, and inquire of the Lord. The bottom line, on both the corporate and personal fronts, is about hearing, noting, and immediately responding to God’s leading. The days ahead will surely require us to discern when to do what.


Caroline Glick, a respected Israeli journalist, wrote an article in the Jerusalem Post relating an interesting perspective on the recent Mossad operation in Iran that exposed the incontrovertible truth about their nuclear program. In reviewing all the details of the event and the available options, she posited an understanding about why the Israeli Prime Minister did it the way he did it. She believes that, in essence, Bibi’s goal is to stir up the Iranian people to overthrow the present oppressive regime. If we have not yet come to the conclusion that the Iranian leadership is 100% serious and committed to the destruction of Israel, we need to stop hitting the snooze button and wake up. The religious views that guide their life are such that their priority is to prepare the way for their Mahdi. As the elimination of Israel is a necessary step in this process, they are ready and willing to pay whatever the price might be, even unto the deaths of tens of millions of their people. It’s no different from the mindset of a single suicide bomber. So consider their options. If the Israeli tactics are successful and the people rise up and bring the ruling class down, it’s likely that all those that have been in power will be executed for all the repression and death they have caused. If they see such an end approaching, it’s reasonable to expect that they might not think twice about attempting to take us with them. If the people do not rise up, given the depth of the resolve and hatred of Israel expressed by the present regime, they will use all the military might they can muster. This would include Hezbollah’s vast armory of missiles.

Just now, as Israel is in what might be our most precarious state since the War of Independence in 1948, the Body of believers in the Land is going through a most difficult moment. Among individual congregations and ministries, there are numerous testimonies of growth and blessing. Before the nation, in both print and broadcast media, never has the name of Yeshua been heard of more and believers seen in a more positive light. However, on a national level a division has risen up among leading brethren concerning the perceptions and understandings relating to the subject of apostles, prophets, and the dispensation of God’s authority. It is not our intention to go into that discussion presently. We touched on the subject in our last letter and will relate to it more in the future. Our relevant point is that in the midst of a hair-trigger critically volatile regional conflict, the local Israeli Body is far from being of one heart and mind. The unity necessary to effectively pray into the spirit realm is more than agreement on some temporal goal. Such oneness as was present in the upper room is nothing less than brethren being fully reconciled, accepting each other as they are. This is not our present condition. We feel a responsibility to you, our brethren outside the Land, to let you know that part of your body…our body…the Body, at this crucial moment, is not okay. We hope and pray that a spirit of intercession will rise up among you to stand in the gap. There is need for foundational change. We do not presume to know what it will take to effect what needs to be done. Our strong sense is that it will be severe and radical…like the storm that we just experienced. And of course, all this comes against the backdrop of the tension surrounding the move of the US embassy to Jerusalem.

This discussion leads us directly into the essential nature of the Galilee Worship Gatherings. In response to the mandate to prepare a place for the Presence of the Lord, we honor God in setting aside ten days before Him as living sacrifices seeking nothing for ourselves. We are individually and corporately as a blank slate upon which He can write anything He desires. Everything about the recent storm calls…shouts…screams out the need to know and hear His voice. We believe we are in a highly prophetic season and that the Lord very much wants to share His heart and perspective with us. Please do not misunderstand. If we come to receive something…anything…our offering does not qualify as a full sacrifice of worship. As we come empty, without plan, program or personal desire, we are then a prepared and ready canvas for anything he wants to communicate. Yeshua told us that Father seeks those that will worship in spirit and truth…who will wait before Him without a need to hear, but listening with their whole being. There is no question that waiting before the Lord is a holy thing to do…wherever we are.

What then if we add to that…

– Father’s desire for a dwelling place in Zion;

– that in Zion is the only place He has placed His Name;

– that He inhabits the praises of Israel;

– that He will not rest until Jerusalem is a praise in the earth;

– that it is to the Jew first;

– that the enemy fears the awakening of the children of Israel more than that of any other people;

– that the enemy also desires to be worshiped out of Zion; and

– that the tensions in the region and the need to hear the Lord may never have been more critical.

Given all of that, when we add it up, it seems to make sense that to worship and wait before the Lord in Zion might just touch Father’s heart and produce more fruit unto eternity than doing that anyplace else. Surely God knows that for numerous reasons not everyone is able to make such a trip and dedicate the time. Surely God knows of those who can’t go but would go if they could. Surely God accounts it to them as “righteousness” as though they did. No one whose heart is after the Lord will lose his or her “reward.” In the twenty-eight groups we have hosted, there was not one time where we did not have the sense of the Lord’s pleasure. No one can take any credit for that. What glory can we claim from presenting ourselves as empty vessels? It’s axiomatic: if we give Him the space, He will fill it.

Can you feel His longing? Do you sense a stirring? Would you like to join with us in the days ahead? There are yet a few spaces in the German-speaking group from May 17-27, and also in the English-speaking group from June 12-22.

One thing we know for sure and experience again and again and again. The Presence of the Lord that manifests when we worship surrounds us in perfect peace, swallowing up all fear and concern.

May we truly live all our days on earth

For the Glory of His Name,

Arni and Yonit




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