Revelation 4 – Four Creatures

Tom Bradford expounds on The Rapture and Four Living Creatures.  Yes, there will be a ‘catching away’ but what if you’re wrong in it’s timing?  Can you read the Book of Revelation in order or is there another meaning to: “and then following that”.

Ezekiel, Isaiah and John each describe their visions of Four Creatures.  Visions were sealed up but John was told NOT to seal up his vision…. but share it.  Thus, since around 90 AD….1900 years ago…The Church is without excuse.   Things have come to pass.  What stage are we at?

Listen to his entire series so you don’t get left behind in ‘strange’ thinking.

Since September 2019 I’ve listened to Tom’s entire teaching on Revelation, some of Acts and Romans.  I have to agree with what he says.  He will definitely stay on my list of ‘favorite’ Bible teachers.

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