21-Day Journey 2019

The twenty-one day journey that I want to speak about is still in progress. As it was unfolding I began to journal as I continued to see God’s hand on our lives. It began before the air flight as Andrew shot a deer and still drove us 40 minutes to the airport. He will not tell us about his plans of marriage at this time but we knew the shopping for a ‘ring’ was secretly in progress.

United Airlines – Row 35: Out of Denver I sat next to Shannon who had just left her three young boys in the care of her husband and friends to pick up from school that day, Wednesday. She had twin seven-year olds and another son five years old. It was a slippery slide downhill in Colorado for her as she lived on it’s highest peaks.

She was age 42 and her grandpa had just succumbed to a stroke after finding his entire body invaded by cancer the last months of his life. They had all just buried his dear sweet Christian wife in August 2019. She served her community by dressing as a clown to entertain…not so much the sick children…but the parents who struggled with their children ill. Shannon was very close to her grandparents even though they lived thousands of miles apart. Her grandpa was 83 years of age.

Her age told her she was done having children…42. Her grandpa’s age, 83, told her that he had filled up his earthly space and would join his wife in heaven’s space. I wanted to tell her about Adam and Chanoh (Eve) consecration times being 42 days and 83 days…but instead the trip was listening to her life story. She was trying to hold herself together so she could be a support to the others also flying in quickly to hold their Grandpa’s hand. I had prayed that he could give them a squeeze of a hand or a wink of an eye to assure them he knew they were there.

What did Shannon leave with? She left knowing the words from Yeshua Jesus’s last sermon known as, The Sermon on the Mount. It was there that He shared the messages of what became known as, The Beatitudes. Blessed are those that are poor because they shall inherit the Kingdom of God. Poor in spirit is how it should be read…these people love The Lord and are assured of Heaven’s inheritance. She told me that they lived in an AZ subdivision named, The Beatitudes. I told her that when my mother passed the priest came by our home to get to know the family so as to make his sermon personal at her funeral. I had just been studying the real meaning of The Beatitudes and shared several of them with that priest. To my amazement…he shared several of them during our mother’s funeral. Now, it was time to share that experience with Shannon…as she grieved the loss of both grandparents. Her grandparents had displayed their faith in their activities in their lives and even in where they chose to live…The Beatitudes.

Across the isle were two young couples each having a nursing child. One was a girl and one was a boy. Shannon made friends with them making them laugh. I was reminded that in our sorrow there is joy. Children show us that life goes on and God does have new beginnings as the old are retired off the earth. One male and one female to replace one grandma and one grandpa. Shannon even made note of that as she saw God hand even on her quick next-day flight.

She did get to hear the story of our calf that rose up from the dead on July 22, 2017 and had his named changed to that Sabbath’s Parsah reading, Mattot Massei ..tribes and journeys of the tribes of Ya’cov. It was the 42nd Parshah reading of the year. Since then I’ve come to realize that 42 is a number of sanctification which closes out the Sixth Shemittah cycle. It comes with closure of blessing and change…or cursing to those that prefer ignorance.

Forty-two? Shannon said, “I just heard that there are 42 elements in an atom.” I starred at her and knew I was suppose to learn that. When we left our seats…the last row on that airplane…row 35…her hugs to me were of strong bonding love. She knew were suppose to be there for each other.

That was Day One of the twenty-one day journey-of-blessing to Arizona for Thanksgiving. And, it also began with our 23-year old grandson driving us to the airport at 9:30 a.m. At 7:00 a.m. he was on top of our house with his eleven-year old brother. At 7:30 they had shots into a young deer and headed home with it in his truck bed. We were late picking him up to drive us to the airport by 15 minutes. By 9:45 he had driven to his home, gutted and cleaned that deer with the meat packaged on their kitchen table. They would have roast for dinner. The blood had been spilled on our land close to where the 60-day old calf, ‘Mattot’ rose up in 2017.

Day Eleven – Our firstborn son’s firstborn son declares his engagement to be in a marriage covenant with Laura Kislev 1, November 29, 2019. It will be a mid February 2020 wedding.

Our oldest grandchild announces his engagement on The Sabbath Toldot (these are the generations) November 30, 2019. We are with our very close Midwest friends of whom have been to all of our children’s weddings. They are now also with us congratulating our family via the app Marco Polo. Congratulations to Andrew and Laura. They are dedicated to doing everything decently and in order according to God’s ways. We are blessed beyond measure!

Our generations will increase!

P.S. My instructions were to have all cattle sold and off our property before Thanksgiving because the winter looked to be a very hard one…and we were leaving early for 21 days.

All cattle were spoken for via Craig’ List by Cheshvan 17, November 15, 2019. Mattot Massei’s full brother was eight months old weighing 700 lbs. He stepped into a two horse trailer along with his half brother….without being coacked by grain…he just stepped in and stood quiet the entire one-hour and twenty-minute trip.

Our cattle were all spoken for/sold on November 13, 2019. It would have been my Dad’s 99th birthday. The last two bulls calves loaded easily and left on Sunday, November 17, 2019 by sister’s 66th birthday.

What days were they on the Hebrew calendar?

On Month Two Day Ten God’s closed the door to the ark. On Day 17 the flood waters began.

Our animals did not remain in the safety of our ark. But, they each left to good homes where I can watch them…private owners…that will NOT slaughter them. And, the three cows I’ve already visited since they are seven miles away…and will get to see their calves.

All is well with my soul….as I know our ark will now fill up with other things that will show us God’s continued hand on our lives.

In fact….how many are on our ark? Eight humans: Myself and my husband; our son and his wife and their four children. How many animals: Two dogs: Kyla, Nixie. One horse: Oreo; One heifer calf: Stormy by Taurus and Hadassah….FOUR!

(Oh yes, C’s beita fish…but who knows how long he’ll swim…lol)..

Hmm…looks like our ark will stay afloat as our children have multiplied and they will look for another horse/pony.

AMEIN to this Praise writing.

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