As in Ezra – As in Trump! Was Ezra Impeached same day? Kislev 20

As in the Days of Ezra so As in the Days of Trump! The ‘Deal of the Decade/Century’ was laid out three days earlier.

December 18, 2019…. 20 Kislev 5780. Ezra had left Babylon one year, after 70 years; 517 BC (a Jubilee year). Trump President 2017 (a Jubilee year). (previous Jubilee was 1967 memorialized by Six-Day War, 6.7.67, winning Jerusalem.)

Trump is being ask to leave via ‘impeachment’ after age 72. Both Ezra (72nd year) and Trump 72 are in excellent health condition. Both will ask the people to pray….Trump’s tweet 12.18.19 as he departed Air Force One at Battle Creek, Wisconsin before standing before the world via national/world television.

What was the condition of Israel when told to return from Babylon? The Temple needed restored. Ezra 6:15 tells us the exact day they had The Temple ready: 3 Adar (Third Day, Twelfth Month). In 2020 that anniversary date is February 28. That evening the Torah Portion ‘Terumah’ begins. Yes, Trumpet…with Heave Offering; reading Exodus 25:1-27:19; I Kings5:26-6:13; Mark 12:35-44.

In the current year of 2020 The Temple is yet to be restored. President Trump has done much to bring that about…but our world will NOT permit it.

December 2019, ‘The Proposal’ purposely leaked was to give the Jews a synagogue at The Mount to pacify them. The Temple perhaps could then come forth at a later time was the thinking. All other Muslim and Christian sites on The Mount would remain in tact.

Who made a search in the archive building? Daryavesh the king. Ezra 6:1

Where was it found? At Achm’ta, in the palace which is in the province of Media. Ezra 6:2

God’s instructions are stored in palaces…and ADONAI moves kings to search out His matters.

President Trump is first President to recognize Jerusalem as Israel capitol even having a historical coin made in commemoration.

President Trump has protected Israel and helped secure her borders encouraging her growth.

AT ALL ODDS within The United States Congress – They said, “NO” because it was not ear-marked for ‘The Palestinian’ cause.

President Trump, 19 Kislev 2019 (19 9 19), was turned down by Congress for $175 million for Peace Plans called, ‘Deal of the Century’ for the Middle East. The plan for that Peace was to be shared by royalty across our world. If they shared in the investment of building the airport and seaport, located on Egypt’s coast land, they should share in it’s free-trade profits. SEVENY per cent was to come via King Hussein Salaam via The Emirates. The United States could have a 20 percent share and hopefully The EU would participate at 10 per cent.

This plan could call for China workers to build the roads thirty feet off the ground giving them employment and a vested interest. Also, employing Palestinians would give them a monthly income so they no longer needed employment by the Shi’ite. More of our earth’s deserts could be blooming with this ‘Deal of The Decade’ for PROSPERITY.

REJECTION…. The Temple was NOT in the plans….for now. But, a new ‘synagogue’ could be built by The Jews. The size of The City of Jerusalem does NOT change.


The leaked package deal was planned with no Jew being allowed to sell their property to a foreigner, nor would a foreigner be able to buy the property of a Hebrew in this new ‘two-state’ solution. Gaza and The West Bank would be given to Palestinians.

Ezra had two tribes say, “NO”. Hamas and Hezbolla said, “NO”. On Tuesday, December 17, 2019 in Lebanon video showed a human being torched running through the streets. This sent a strong message of descent. IRAN has always had an ALL or NOTHING attitude.

All Hamas would turn in their fire arms in exchange for working arms…which would enable them a monthly income via The Emirates and other jobs. Yes, the Sunni could now employ the Shi’ite. These factions could resolve their differences. The Sunni would now be in charge of The Temple Mount via King Muhammad Salman and not Syria’s King Assad.

The Deal of the Century was laid out by leaders who want peace. And it was intentionally leaked to get the world’s response. We will hear more about it on December 29, 2019…via Christian TV. It will be officially leaked to the world Chanukah Day Eight…the last night to light the candles of the Menorah representing Thee Light of the World…and Dedication to The Temple…and it’s existence on our earth. Within hours of this intentional leak…Trump’s ‘impeachment’ came.

THE SHAME – Proud Democrats banked their money on a woman…A proud woman of whom could NOT discipline her husband from going to bed with other woman. This man was impeached 21 years ago. Now, woman around the world continue to rise up in defiance for Hilary’s indignation as being their own insult from a man.

The shamed Secretary of State Hilary Clinton was the woman who waged her tongue in retaliation if any new or old construction happened at or around The Temple Mount. She actually had new buildings torn down during her reign. President Trump now encourages building as he recognizes who holds it’s title deed, our Creator.

Goals of ‘The Shamed’:

NO Money for PEACE

NO President Trump

A TAINTED NAME for Republican candidates.

TWO WORLD’s: Patterned for change

Ezra with all it’s prophets…including Daniel, Nehamiah and Mordecai…had a plan. They needed the people to want to return to The Language and The Land. (It would include The Lord’s calendar.) They needed The People to turn BACK to ADONAI. They needed the people to return to where their parents came…the ways of Jerusalem.

Trump met with Israel’s government, The Knesset. Trump met with Jewish and Christian leaders from America and Israel. President Trump met with honorable Republicans. Trumpet met with Democrats. He has shared a plan of possibility. A plan not designed by himself, but designed by many others who ‘understood’ the times in which we lived. All agreed that it began with a small group that manipulated most of our world. They were priority in being given ‘new lives’.

ELECTIONS – Israel is on hold again, seeking new coalitions for their THIRD election to be held at March 10 PURIM 2020. If it fails, which looks promising, they see it as ‘Time for The Messiach’. Rabbi’s are seeing this third political failure as qualifying The Messiach’s Coming.

ELECTIONS – America – Democrats pull out all stops and finally, after three years, agree on a possibility of ‘interference’ with Congress without a leg to stand on even after The Mueller Report found nothing. Their goal was for Republicans to go through their next elections with an ‘impeached president’ under their belt. They succeeded in their debauchery. Now, vengeance belongs to The Lord.

Our grandson Caleb (11) was to memorize Psalms 14:1-3 for his King’s Kids Club that Wednesday night….that dreadful ‘impeachment’ night. Those Scriptures attached themselves to me that night and continue into this day, December 19, 2019. Nine is the letter Tet represented by a basket or snake….representing twisting. Even these dates and this year show us the twisting of nations in order to bring a clear vision of God’s purposes for His house in 2020.

My friend, Stephen, texted me the day before ‘impeachment day’ his thoughts on 2020. Here is his list that he’s gathered from his sources: Crystal Clear Perfect Vision; A Leap of FAITH forward; A time of Awakening; A transformative year; A time of refreshing; A year of victory; A year of JOY;….AS we partner with our Heavenly Father in His Ministry of Reconcilation…AS He restores all things!! Hallelu-YAH!! (Tuesday, 1:12 PM)

I had to wrestle with my own flesh and blood in this spiritual battle fighting for Trump and his innocence…yet knowing none of us are worthy…but mere men appointed by our Creator.

What we can do is look to history and see how our Patriarch’s handled their situations of returning God to their land and their lives.

Into the night my flesh wrestled with what just changed America from ‘Red, White and Blue’ into ‘BLACK AND BLUE’. It’s a permanent stain…not on our President…but what our government has become in it’s self seeking rule leant to socialism and communism. Truly, she is ‘no longer’ being united under One God...but many gods.

Also, on 18 December, 20 Kislev I saw the local news for Missouri’s State Capitol in Jefferson City. They re-throned the goddess Ceres sitting her statue back in it’s place. People were upset declaring it violated the statutes of keeping ‘church and state’ apart. People always point to ‘freedom’ of religion. But, this is on government property and should NOT be allowed. It truly sets Missouri up for failure as they now pray to Ceres instead of ADONAI. Hmm….do your children pray to Santa Claus for their needs? Do you walk into Star Bucks under the threshold goddess Astarte above your head? Do you bring that symbol into your home from the grocery store? How many Buddah statues are in your home…or are in the restaurants or salons you visit? Demi gods are everywhere is you just look. So….who is sinless? God looked down from heaven and said, NOT one of them is holy! How many have sought divorce forsaking their oath (covenant) of marriage?

Let’s look at who is worthy?

Psalm 15 – A psalm by David 1-5

ADONAI, who can rest in your tent?

Who can live on your holy mountain?

Those who live a blameless life,

who behave uprightly,

who speak truth from their hearts

and keep their tongues from slander;

who never do harm to others

or seek to discredit neighbors;

who look with scorn on the vile,

but honor those who fear ADONAI;

who hold to an oath, no matter the cost;

who refuse usury when they lend money

and refuse a bribe to damage the innocent.

Caleb’s memorized Psalm 14:1-3 on ‘impeachment night’.

Psalm 14 – For the leader. By David: 1-3

Fools say in their hearts,

There is no God.”

They deal corruptly, their deeds are vile,

not one does what is right.

From heaven ADONAI observes humankind

to see if anyone has understanding,

if anyone seeks God.

But all turn aside, all alike are corrupt;

no one does what is right,

not a single one.

I did not go to bed until 1:00 am pondering these words, the words of our President, and the words of the ‘talking heads’. I watched him announce his own ‘impeachment’ and laughing at it….He called it, ‘impeachment light’.

I took notes spoken by the liberal, ‘talking heads’.

Then as I prayed to our Creator for direction and opened my Bible. I then looked at my Hebrew calendar and found it was also the day that Ezra faced great trial. The timing of Ezra was exactly to-the-day of, ‘The Trump Impeachment.’ It was the “Impeachment of God” because God established Donald J Trump as the Last Trumpet call. And, now Ezra gave us the date for the goal of The Temple being completed….3 Adar. Ezra succeeded in it’s renewal…but President Trump needs another term. He can do it…but TORAH must return to the earth. It’s not The Messiach of whom needs to return…but The People must return to that language, calendar and land. President Trump is a vehicle…a mere man…allowing himself to be that vehicle…to be slain in the flesh…tired…showing a never ending strength of cheering us on.

Ezra could have been ‘impeached’ because he knew they could not take their foreign wives and children back home with them. He was the forerunner of what we’re seeing today in Israel returning fully home. It is always about returning The People to The Land. Why you ask? Because that is from where our Messiah has chosen to rule the earth. It is where Adam was promised The Seed. 4000 years The Seed was planted in the ground at the exact location of Gan of Eden. Yeshua Jesus rose up from that decayed Gan of Eden but will return to replant her…more beautiful than before.

We must remember that God created our earth and it is merely his footstool from which He has to chosen rule from. Jerusalem is the most sought after place on the earth because all religions believe their god is the correct one. Thus, it is Satan and his false religions that sit on that mountain top. He has chosen The City of God on earth just as he chose to dethrone God in the Heavenlies. Jerusalem..The City of Peace on earth as it IS in Heaven.

It is about this location because ADONAI established everything from there. But, it is also about all who live outside of The City, who follow The City’s instruction. We don’t have to live there to follow God’s Torah (instruction). But, we must secure The Torah inside and outside of The City. The ‘original instructions’ are not hide away or lost…as in the days of Josiah….who finds them hidden in Solomon’s Temple. Because they had NO Torah they didn’t know how to act…or treat the earth…thus they got carried away to Babylon which was a good place and became more beautiful by the ‘captives’ own hands. Most did NOT want to go back and start over in a dry forlorn place…no beautiful Temple…but a broken down old city.

Ezra finds The Torah in a ‘royal palace’ and restores it to The People praying all will want to follow God’s instruction. It still pointed to The Messiach’s coming just as we look for His ‘second’ coming. Our world will look the same and act the same…just as Ezra and Trump picture each other…on the exact days. I’m sure Ezra thought the husbands and wives and their children would try to kill him because he said (The Torah said) they could NOT go with them.

Today, we have Christians who want Jerusalem but they don’t know what to do when they visit there on Saturday because ALL the shops are closed. They came to shop…not learn Hebrew. When they leave, are they changed people? Do they honor the Sabbath because they saw it practiced in Jerusalem? I pray so! Did they see it practiced in Tele’viv at the airport? Because there is only ONE LAW for all mankind…and it’s called, TORAH. And, you do it…because you first love The Son that died for your sin penalty….spiritual death.

Two of Ezra’s leaders did NOT want to leave any foreign wives behind. Two of Mosch’s twelve spies said ‘Yes’ go into The Land…Elohim is with us…we can do it! TWO Republicans joined the Democrats vote against President Trump last night on 20 Kislev the time of ‘fasting and prayer’ by Ezra. Mosche was leaving his bodily Temple on 7 Adar. He is mourned for 30 days and then they circumcise their flesh. After three days, they begin to cross over. It could begin on Nissan 10 just as that is the exact day Yeshua Jesus was chosen by The Hebrews and put on a colt of a donkey to be their earthly King. Lazarus was raised up by Yeshua three days earlier Nissan 7…of whom died four days earlier on 3 Nissan. All of these very special occasions point and point to patterns to be accomplished on our earth. They will happen again!!! Are you trained enough in God’s calendar to see these things? If not, begin your training now….so you can enjoy greater things in The Kingdom…not fewer things.

Ezra accomplished the task of leaving anyone foreign to Ya’cov’s God, Yahweh, behind by Nissan 1 (Month One Day One). At this point, this ‘Second Exodus’ could begin, but it will take time…perhaps several years to complete the task of moving back in. King Cyrus helps them over several years…even opening the Gates of Babylon in one night.

The number two is the letter Beit shown by the symbol of a house.

When two houses are divided it will fall. Democrats broke the legs of America yesterday. They broke the name TRUMP that was lifted up by God to establish unshakable rule for America. The Democrats found a ‘false witness’ whose name they won’t even reveal…(Barnabus was traded for Yeshua Jesus). This ‘whistle blower’ will make a huge amount of money writing a book one day as we make heroes out of villains. And, what about his spiritual history after negating God’s trumpet call? REPENT!…don’t take any money or be called a ‘Judas’ better that you’re not born than suffer against the wrath of God.

Last night we saw the removal of a General Gadelia. At 587 BC the King of Babylon authorized a Jewish (Hebrew man) military leader to watch over Jerusalem during The Hebrew’s exile. The Hebrews in Israel wanted to kill him, but they knew that ALL leadership on the earth (good of bad) was appointed by ADONAI. They agreed NOT to kill him…but a FEW (Jews/democrats) disagreed with the majority and persuaded some to plan and finally did execute his dismissal (murder) after a few years.

Still today, on Tishri 3, most Jews continue to give a fast in honor of their ‘sin’ of rejecting ADONAI’S appointed leader.

The sins of a few pass to the entire generation. Therefore, we are to fast and repent for our past sins and those sins of our ancestors that we might not even know about so we remain a repentant generation. We are NOT to remove leaders… Removing Trump is up to ADONAI…not a few who are trying to ward off their shame from losing an election. Christians that did not care of President Obama’s rule for eight years…prayed for him…never impeaching him. How about bowing to Allah…even swearing in on a Koran…to me is against The God that established America. But now….we pray for our leaders…not constantly harassing them trying to find fault. We should help them, never destroying them.

Two Republicans sided with the democrats. When Ezra’s votes came in, with the two voting against God’s Torah….the rest did NOT fight Ezra but joined in The Torah instructions. From 20 Kislev to 1 Nissan….every family was identified as to whether they had a foreign wife. That wife and children were released to stay in beautiful Babylon with their parents. Israelites were told to have NO false worshipers of other gods joined to them.

President Clinton was brought into the conversation by the ‘talking heads’. In his address to The Nation of admitting his wrong after lying under oath, he hoped The Senate would allow him to still be president.

President Trump could make no such speech because there had been ‘no crime’ by him as President. (If anything, he was trying to see if there was spying/sin going on by Joe Biden’s own son…since his son was being paid $50,000 a month by a business out of Ukraine. Was this son passing information? Hmm!) It seems that whatever sin is going on in one’s life…that same sin will be accused of others. Is there a guideline for our Congress people and their families to abide by so they aren’t paid by foreigners and influence voters their direction? I believe President Trump had full rights to ask for Ukraine to check into that business dealing….and perhaps he was letting Ukraine know that that relationship had no influence on America’s support money back to Ukraine. Hmm again! (Too much money in politician pockets…just like Chaney and the Bushes got richer in the oil business….hmm again..)

Interestingly, a comment was made that this might now flip back on Democrats running for office as they are busy staying in Washington for the Senate hearings. Hmm again…..perhaps they made their own bed and will now sleep in it.

‘The impeachment history expert’ should become ‘sleepless’ as he tore down our President calling him “a narcissistic nymphomaniac who ran a game show.” This ‘talking head’ was involved in President Clinton’s impeachment 21 years ago and only labeled Clinton, ‘a politician.’

President Trump admits he is a mere man and has made mistakes. He does seek correct counsel.

President Trump’s hardest job: Finding righteous men he can trust.

What should America do?

Ezra 7 describes his lineage….He is a prophet and a priest…from the line of Aharon…

7:6….”this ‘Ezra went up from Babel. He was a scribe, expert in the Torah of Mosche, which ADONAI the God of Isra’el had given; and the king granted him everything he asked for, since the hand of ADONAI was on him.”

Queen Esther’s husband King Artach’shashta gave Ezra a letter declaring Ezra’s intent.

7:11 “Here is the letter that king Artach’shashta gave Ezra the cohen and Torah teacher, the student of matters relating to ADONAI’S mitvot and his laws for Isra’el:

Ezra and 450 others were given the responsibility of describing how to live when they returned to Jerusalem. This group came together to study all the scrolls. Each took different books of The Torah. This group then was narrowed down to 150 men and then 70 men of whom Ezra was one. These men become known as, The Great Assembly. Since there were no printing presses, their writings were memorized. These memorized Scriptures were known as, The Oral Torah.

Last night, on 20 Kislev our Caleb gave his memorized verses to his teachers, ‘orally’. I share this because we can learn much from Ezra. If we would memorize Scripture…we call it burying it in our hearts. Those in our government offices or leadership should never act as they’ve acted trying to remove President Trump since he won election in 2016.

When we apply The Great Assembly’s ‘Oral Torah’ to our hearts, we should act upon it so righteousness goes OUT of us as it went OUT from Jerusalem to the whole world.

Instead, human’s vote to keep their foreign children and wives. We keep the ‘woman/oil/Babylon riches’ in our midst…thinking they won’t hurt anything. We love them so much that we assimulate into religious people who no longer follow Torah but only created ‘traditions of men’. We do NOT see the ‘LIGHT’ coming out of Jerusalem. Yeshua known as The Living Word…but we don’t understand what ‘Word’ means. Ezra’s leaders understood The Torah but it still took them TEN days to REMOVE the ‘foreigners’ from their midst.

May I interject here that Enoch describes ten generations of 700 hundred years each. Thus, he describes seven thousand years of our world’s history in Enoch 93. TEN is the pattern in Enoch and TEN is seen in EZRA. TEN is the letter ‘yod’ represented by a closed hand..showing justice. It’s a time-period that brings a resolution. It is with a ‘strong hand’ that is resolute that President Trump and Priest Ezra brought a problem to the people. It is now that ‘change’ must happen…removal of ‘evil’ from the earth.

Ezra’s Oral Torah is what is proclaimed in our Bibles. They wrote it down and now manuscripts are being found confirming The Great Assemblies writings.

Oral Traditions and Oral Torah should NOT be confused. Traditions is what Jesus was against…those things that man make up…with perhaps good intentions…but none the less…those traditions prevented people from taking care of their parents when they are no longer able. There was nothing wrong with tithing on cumin or spices but it took precedence over The Great Assembly’s Oral Torah…and that is where even TWO of Ezra’s leaders voted against The Torah instructions”.

Ezra 10:9 “All the men of Y’hudah and Binyamin assembled in Jerusalem within the three days. It was the twentieth day of the ninth month. All of the people sat in front of the house of God, trembling because of this matter and because of the heavy rain.” Ezra the cohen stood up and addressed them: You have acted treacherously by marrying foreign woman and have thus increased Isra’el’s guilt. Now, therefore, make confession to ADONAI, the God of our ancestors; and do what will please him by separating yourselves from the peoples of the land and the foreign woman.”

Ezra 10:12 “In response, the whole assembly cried aloud, “Yes, our duty is to do as you have said.”

They requested more time as there were so many of them that committed this sin and thus ten days later they hopefully could have each clan start dealing with the ‘foreigner’ in their family.

It was a ‘DARK DAY for them. The date was Rosh Chodesh Tevet or Month Four Day One. On our calendar is was December 28, 2019. It was the Sabbath Torah Portion #10 called ‘Miketz’ (From the end). Open your Bibles and read Genesis 41:1- 44:17) to feel the pulse of our earth. 41 “At the end of two years, Pharaoh had a dream ….. ” The seven years of plenty and the seven years of famine will now be revealed by Joseph to him. Yosef will be lifted up to have authority over all of Egypt; only second to Pharaoh himself.

The Seventh Day of Hanukkah opened as the Rosh Chodesh (new moon) of Tevet was celebrated and it was also The Sabbath Miketz being realized.

The day before on Friday, December 27, 2019, my hair stylist announces to me that their new son’s name will be Ezra Nicholas. His middle name was chosen to honor her brother-in-law of whom died early in life on a motorcycle. Why EZRA? No reason, they just liked it. (That is God confirming the Days of Ezra are upon us.)

The Days of Ezra revelation was told to her. Others in the small area listened in.

This child is literally a ‘portent’ to the days in which he will be born….February 14, 2020. The Hebrew date: 19 Shevat 5780. Our firstborn grandson will be married that day…19 Shevat 5780. It is not Valentine’s Day that our Andrew admires as they both know it is a manmade holiday. It is just a day that was available for him to marry his Laura. (It is noted on my Hebrew calendar as Ya’cov’s son Asher’s birth. And interestingly again, Ezra 4 described enemies of Judah and Binyamin, but claiming to be be sacrificing to their same god since the time of Hadon king of Ashur, who brought them there; Ezra 4:2.

These enemies heard great cries from Jerusalem and came running because they wanted to take part in it’s construction. They wanted to also be part of it’s greatness. Binyamin and Judah had two problem at that point. The new designers of the foundation did NOT set it correctly but were still over-joyed at their results.

“But many of the priests, Levites and heads of the father’s clans, the old men who had seen the first house standing on it’s foundation, wept aloud when they saw this house; while others shouted out for joy – so that the people could not distinguish the noise of joyful shouting from the noise of the people’s weeping; for the people were shouting so loudly that the noise could be heard at a great distance.” Ezra 4:12-13

Nissan is the first month and this is the ‘second’ year of their returning and second month. Ezra 3:8. So, in the second month which his Iyyar the foundation was laid by those twenty years old and up. It was done wrong even thought they were so ‘proud’ of their stone work.

God’s foundation cornerstone is Yeshua Jesus. The Torah is the ‘foundation stone’ upon which all points to The Messiach to come…in this year of 616 BC. If this foundation was not right, all the rest of the building would be incorrect and the ark of the covenant might not have even fit in it’s proper place. Is it a far stretch to say that Mr. Donald Trump was God’s next foundation stone in America’s history to help Israel to build up Jerusalem from where ADONAI says The Messiach from David bloodline will rule? It is not a stretch.

EZRA keeps amazing me as our twenty-first century walks through the same problems in Israel at this very moment on our Januay 2020 calendar. I’m updating this article on Tevet 8…two days from The Fast of Tevet…the day King Nebuchadnezzar first touched her walls to remove her to Babylon. Since I began this article President Trump has removed three sources of our enemies ammunitions in Syria on 23 Kislev (December 27, 2019) and now removed the Number two and three terrorist masterminds for Iran on 6 Tevet, January 4, 2020. 20 20 vision is being given to our enemies that we don’t want them to be on Israel’s temple mount. Other religions have nothing in common with Judeo Christian values.

Pray for Isaac from New Hope Baptist. He is one year in the military and will leave for eight months being gone from his young bride who will live with his mother. I encouraged him today as tears poured down his mother’s cheeks thinking he may never return. I hugged him and told him that America fights for Israel in this conflict so they can have their own state from where all instructions will flow. He is going to be safe. Our oldest son could even be filling his airplanes he sends off as he is their gas station in the air for his aircraft carrier that can hold five to six thousand military…ages 20 and above.

Yes, pray for Isaac as his ship leaves for The Middle East to be a deterrent. America must protect her assets and all people’s who chose to live without the threat of violence in their lives. The King Nechuchanezzar’s and men, of whom have nothing in common with the God of Abraham, Isaac and Ya’cov are NOT allowed to build on ‘holy ground’. Ezra 4:3.

The Month of Shevat is found described in Zechariah as a time to restore The Temple. By 24 Shevat the four horsemen have returned from searching the earth and found only ‘man’s peace and therefore, ADONAI orders that peace to be removed…as it is God’s peace that is required.


20 Kislev – Generations of sin is found out. (Ninth month-full pregnancy of sin)

1 Tevet – Begin to go before judges to determine who are ‘the foreigners’. (Month Ten)

Shevet (Month Eleven)

Adar (Month Twelve)

Nissan (Month One Day One) – They have finished removing foreign assimilation.

Iyyar – Month Two – Foundation built, but wrong in Year Two of return; Ezra 3:13.

Year Two of Trump’s reign Jerusalem secured, but enemy still on The Mount and foreigner still influencing the world decision about Abraham’s kids.

A pattern of removal appears as Mosch closes out his 40-year Wilderness reign. Shevat 1 is recorded as Mosch repeats The Torah. He begins to speak the Book of Deuteronomy which reinforces their faults of why they weren’t allowed to cross over immediately. Shevat is the month for instruction and decision…just as we see Shevat in 2020 will be decisions to remove foreigners (enemies) who want The Temple Mount done their way.

MARCH 25, 2020

Judah and Binyamin are removing the foreigner in Tevet, Shevat and Adar: 3 months in year approximately at 616 BC. The final foreigners are removed through Adar, Month Twelve. Work on The Temple can now BEGIN, Month One Day One. Nissan One begins the Jewish Ecclesiastical (religious) calendar year. Month One Day One begins in the evening of March 25, 2020.

The month and day always begin in the dark (new moon/dusk) and then go into the light; always pointing to The Messiach that is to come. He will NOT come at a happy time in history…but out of darkness comes The Light….ALL the world will see Him!

The Fast of Tevet is always 10 Tevet. Ezra and this group were more than likely fasting before The Lord as they brought their beloved children and wives to the judges to be examined of whose god they followed. Only those following the God of Abraham, Isaac and Yacov could remain married to a Hebrew that would contend to the rebuilding of The Temple; bringing back the LAN; returning to their original LANGUAGE and implementing The Calendar which held The Lord’s Feasts (memorials).

The Tribe Leaders of Judah and Binyamin returned to Ezra who was still sitting in front of The Temple on Rosh Chodesh Tevet. (Month Four Day One)

It is important for us to ponder a specific date is when given in our Bibles. History records are very important to keep because they prove lineage and existence of a people. It is also important for those that want to obey The Scriptures and be ‘watchmen’. We are told to ‘watch’ and verbalize the Coming of the Messiah. Ezra and what remained of Ya’cov’s family built The Temple so God would come close to them. They had experienced The Shekinah Glory in the Wilderness via Mount Sinai; The Tabernacle for 40 years; and the most current form took place in David’s desire for God’s presence through Solomon’s Temple. David’s son was to build The Temple just as God’s Son Yeshua Jesus would build His temple inside of us.

YAHWEH told David that he had too much blood on his hands, but it would be his sons that could build it. This pictures Yeshua Jesus’ blood came first so the innocent could be indwelled.

God’s presence has come in many forms to humankind. God is spirit and takes on different forms to show man that He truly is active in their lives. He also shows up in patterns. Patterns in numbers, locations, calendars, wars and even the heavens. We fear astrology because we think it leads to worshipping the stars and constellations when in fact God uses them to show Himself to the world. His creation speaks for Him. His calendar and people speak for Him. Even the Gentile can speak for him when they have hearts that ‘burn’ for His ways.


We should stand amazed…that a mere man seems to return with the personality and power of King Cyrus and now appears to be acting out the priest known as, Ezra. It is NOT the man .. but the ‘portent’ of what we see that is important.

If we truly believe we are living in the time of ‘change’ for world government meant to be headed by The Son of David….then we have to accept people like EZRA of whom want to return us to The Torah.

It has only been in the last couple of hundred of years that the theme of: ‘beam me up Scottie’ mentality has permeated the earth. Every disciple has suffered and died for their belief in Jesus/Yeshua since the days of Abraham. We should ask to be ‘put in the fight’ and be glad our sons can be in the military that could be involved in that ‘fight of righteous’ ways on the earth…The Fight for Jerusalem from where our Messiah is to reign on earth.

Patterns in Dates:

Israel 587 BC – When did that final ‘take away’ begin? It was NOT in one day…but over a year or more that people were carried off. Four fasts honor those breached walled.

First breech – Memorial to that ‘first breech’ is 10 Tevet. Many Jews will fast around the world to give memory for the reasons that they were carried off into gorgeous Babylon. They were only killed if they refused to go. Just as Ya’cov feared for his Binyamin being killed if he was given into Rueben’s hands to take down to Egypt in it’s second year of famine. He had lost Yosef at age 17 (at the very hands of his brothers) and he didn’t want to lose his full brother, Binyamin. He was born ‘eight’ years after Yosef of whom was the last born before leaving Laven in year twenty. Yosef was born in year 14 with Laven. Thus we see Binyamin born right before year 22.

These full brothers were only together for NINE years. Nine is the letter Tet pictured as a snake or woven basket. Interestingly, a snake hides in a basket.

Month Nine Day Twenty – Kislev 20. Twenty is the letter Resh showing great humble leadership…breaking forth in victory, if we want to look at the positive side. Nine and twenty show being surrounded. The Macabeens are seen winning The Temple back by Kislev. The Jews lost The Temple in 167 BC and in 1967 AD the Jews won full rights to it once again.

Re-secured in 163 BC Antiochus Epiphanes (the Herods) in Kislev…Month Nine, The ‘dedication’ month. The opposite in 1963 AD as it was vulnerable.

EZRA’S EXILE – from Babylon to Israel should be at 517 BC. 70 years after destruction of Solomon’s temple in 587 BC is 517. These are years that endorse 17 as a very special number. Even, as Yosef was sold at age 17 and then again only beheld by his Ya’cov in the Land of Goshen for 17 years. (Aleph (1) + Zayin (7) = Behold (8); 1 + 7 = 8 (new beginnings)

The gematria might seem to be a bit too much for a new reader, but it is not mystical at all. Many languages have each letter express a number, letter and definition. The Hebrew language is one of the first languages that still exists today. It is said that this language and The Jew still being on the earth proves God is real.

What more can be said to prove we are in The Days of Ezra? You will have to study yourself to be an approved workman of The Lord. I’m almost 70 years old this year. When you are retired you should have more time to study. But, what do you study? I choose to study what has eternal value. I want to share with you so you can believe our Creator is alive and well and He is in your life to give you HOPE during these days of weeping. At New Hope Baptists there was laughter, but way too much weeping….funerals, sickness and fear of war.

In the Days of Ezra…second year…the foreigners had to be removed from their households. Twenty year olds built the foundation wrong because they had never seen it. The old men were weeping so loud that the enemy showed up that thought they could do better.

We MUST learn from these days because these are OUR days. President Trump is walking in the shoes of Ezra. We Christians must help the proper foundation to be laid. It has always been The Torah…as spoken via Ezra… If you give in to false teachers our Bible standards will shake. We already have men in jail for statutory rape when it was a simple matter of just marrying the girl. We are NOT following Torah…because we’ve been misguided in thinking it’s no longer our foundation stone. A Jesus that disregards or remove any part of it…can’t rule…He is a ‘false’ Messiah. Christians are to be sent away from building the foundation in Israel if they eliminate anything in The Torah.

I am speaking clearly to you, dear friend. You will be removed because you divide the land of Israel and you disregard The Torah of The Jews. Christians must give up being haughty in their ‘doctrines’ because there is only The Torah…since the days of Adam. There are covenants that keep going because God is not a covenant breaker…man is.

I pray your motorcycle stays on the road…your do not have a heart attack as after ten days Abigale’s husband Nabel’s heart melted inside of him and he died. David then took her as his bride and all of her attendants followed them trusting in David’s future kingdom.

Nissan 2020 is set to the patterns of the past. We best pay attention to those patterns. We have a creator of whom acts very consistently and is very repetitive.

Nissan 1 2020. Yes, we are seeing a purge as ships access our world’s seas. It begins – 1 Tevet just as Judah and Binyamin went to their people to ask them to purge themselves from their foreign wives and children. The foundation of The Temple could have no other god’s temple influence from Babylon.

Nissan – Mosch’s Wilderness Tabernacle sanctification began after leaving hardened Pharaoh.

Mosch hands leadership to Joshua (Yeshua) to take Tabernacle and people across The Jordan into The Promised Land after 40 years. (Yeshua / Jesus crosses into humanity at year 4000 AM….born at 4 BC.)


1 – Mosch to begin head of Sacred year in Month Seven. Month Seven also now a Month One – Head Religious year. (Original Month One is in the fall, Tishrei) EZRA

3 – Lazarus dies

7 – Lazarus called forth by Yeshua Jesus.

10 – Yeshua chosen as king, sat on colt of donkey.

14 First Fruit (Yeshua dies on stake)

15 – Unleavened Bread begins – 8 days long (Yeshua resurrects by Nissan 18.

Yeshua now walked on the earth teaching for 40 days and 40 nights. He leaves on Iyar 25.

Ezra’s old men are weeping so loudly that the foundation is wrong that the enemy wants to help. We definitely see Ishmael, Esau and many religions on The Temple Mount today. And, the Foundation stone of Torah is still not accepted by Gentiles.

What happens next in Ezra’s history will happen to us. Let’s read it. Chapter 4 begins by saying that Y’hudah and Binyamin’s enemies came…even though they say they worship the same god and have done so for a long time. Hmm. It sure sounds like today’s Greek Jesus and not the Hebrew Yeshua. I’ll liken this to Christians teaching a Roman soldier breastplate of righteousness instead of the Hebrew priestly garment.

The response to the enemy is that they want to do what King Koresh of Persia told them to do.

Today, it is the opposite as it is Iran that fights our world and wants to destroy Israel. Persia in Esther’s day consumed the entire middle east. Today’s Persia is much smaller known as Iran. Thus, we are going to see Haman convince the entire Persian Empire to destroy The Jew…and remove Jerusalem along with Israel. Esther’s story occurs in Adar along with PURIM (casting lot for their destruction). It takes a couple years and could be covering these same days of Ezra since Mordecai is seen returning to Jerusalem.

EZRA 4:4 “Then the people of the land began discouraging the people of Y’hudah, in order to make them afraid to build. They also bribed officials to frustrate their plan throughout the lifetime of Koresh the king of Persia and into the reign of Daryavesh king of Persia.

These letters were many and written over a long span of time. They were written in Aramaic script.

What did they complain about? Read Ezra 4:11 – 12. After lying that the Judeans were building a rebellious and wicked city it closes with a recommendation. This letter does stop The Temple’s construction. “We submit to the king that if this city is rebuilt and the walls are finished, you will soon lose possession of all territories beyond the River.”

Today, we have the same….the threat of a small city controlling the world.

Since the days of Mohammad of whom died at 642 AD, Jerusalem has been fought over giving memory to these same Days of Ezra.

Since Israel is back in her land officially since 1948, we have chosen to understand her calendar and The Lord’s Feast Days. Have more Ezra’s stood before our world in the form of presidents? Is President Trump walking the United States through a similar path in order to bring out The Lord’s will for Zion/Jerusalem?

How many times will EZRA’s Kislev 20 message happen on the exact day to our world?

We’ve called Donald Trump – The Last Trump.

We’ve called Donald Trump – King Cyrus of whom many believe to be Queen Esther’s husband.

I now choose to call President Donald Trump – Ezra

The more I study the book of Ezra the pattern jump out. I’m going to close this as it’s really too long of a read. I’ll probably get into more detail in a to be cont’d article.

But for now…just today…8 Tevet it was announced that if IRAN does not become a NORMAL functioning nation on the earth that will live in peace….there will be 54 deliberate devastating experiences happen to them in retaliation for the 54 hostages they took 44 years ago. I love this bold statement of deterrence. So, after hearing this news I began reviewing the Book of EZRA and it’s numbers.

Do you know that there were 54,000 articles of gold and silver taken by Sheshbatzar from Babylon back to Jerusalem when they returned? Hmm….and now President Trump will remove 54 items all in one effort….Wow! YAHWEH is a tit for tat God….and it is so that we will SEE it is HIM in action. PTL!

Is there more I see? Yes, and it’s the number 42 which is a completing number representing man (6). Dahlet 4 door; Beit 2 house. 4 + 2 = 6 Vav, staff, hook (and, man)

I believe we are a few hundred years off in our calendar years…as much as 210 years. If we’re actually ahead we are right at the year 6000. (5780 + 210 = 5990). Many are on task with this thinking…but…no matter…let’s look at where 42 shows up.

Ezra 2:64 “The entire assembly numbered 42,360.

360 is the number in a year via Enoch’s time clock.

42 is 6 x 7. It is the Sixth Day.

1260 days is 42 months

Daniel’s 1260 days is called three and one half years.

40 – 42 is a full term pregnancy

I close with thinking about the year Binyamin was born; 2186 from Adam per Book of Jubilees. Fourteen years (2 Shemittah cycles) from the year 2200. He came first as Son of Suffering. Binyamin also began like a prince under his brother Yosef in Egypt…given five times the food and clothing of his other brothers during the famine.

As in the Day of Ezra….so as in The Days of Trump!

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