Prayer over President Trump

Prayer is being answered. No deaths in Iran’s attack on The Fast of Tevet.

“You heard the fasting of your people.

Now, Adonai, keep him safe so he can continue your work of protecting Israel as a Cyrus and also as an Ezra.”

Ezra 10 said they could NOT bring those of a foreign god into The Land. The Temple is only built by those believing in The Living God (Elohim) of Abraham Isaac Yaacov and David.

They took three months to bring their spouses before their judges to look at their hearts. By Nissan 1 it was finished.

President Trump stood before America via Battle Creek WI the very day Ezra stood before his people (Kislev 20) telling them to divorce their foreign families. (2 said no)

Ezra could have been impeached. They returned later to say they would go to their judges.

Pelosi is now stalling and won’t go to the judges with the impeachment papers.

Yes, Trump is eliminating the foreigner and especially those that continue to vow the annihilation of Israel.

This is a spiritual battle. I’m glad to be standing with Ezra.

Return The Lords Torah (instruction) back to the earth. Muslims do complete Torah, Christians do not.

example: If a Woman does NOT scream out from seduction, He is to pay her father 50 shekels, marry her and never be able to divorce her.

Christians follow their own thinking and even after becoming pregnant, don’t push to marry.

Is it no wonder Muslims see then as Satan?

Christians must apply God’s instruction and stop any fornication. God hates the foreigner.

You know if you argue with God because you’ve denied His every word spoken through His prophet and Jesus.

Jesus said that if you even think about it, you’ve the same as done it.

He never removed one tittle.

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