The Day of The Beast – Seventeen – God’s comfort begins.

President Trump made a historical appearance in the limousine known as, ‘The Beast’ on February 17, 2020. He surprised The Daytona 500 fans by making the first ‘lap’ around the track in The Black Beast with his beautiful wife with him. People watched as Fighter Jets announced the arrival of the White House plane that flew right next to their stadium. The Beast was inside with our President.

President Trump rode in a great house (beit) that day called an ‘airplane’. All eyes beheld his arrival with small and great thankful for his gracious attitude to the common man.

Yeshua also will arrive to our earth, but without wings. It may be a chariot aglow with fiery wheels that turn any direction according to the face that is commanded…a lion, a man, a bear or lamb.

Two Beit House * Son Yeshua Jesus Temple

Soon, this Wednesday at dusk we enter into a special date…on the Gregorian and Hebrew calendar seeing clearly patterns that have set themselves before mankind since the day of Adam. 02.20.2020 or 02.20.’20 is another way to write February 20, 2020. This day and year are truly about The Temple…God’s House that is to come to our earth.

Twentieth Day, Month Two, Year 2020

Month Two, Day Twenty of Twenty Twenty


Month Two. Day Twenty of Fifty Seven Eighty (5780 or ’80)

Numbers make their own dimensions as they are written and spoken in each countries language. Names take on their own dimension and depth in each nations language. . They say when in Egypt you act Egyptian…when in … etc. Well, in America people call our Savior, Jesus. When in Cairo, Egypt you call Jesus, Isa. In Spain he is called Hay zeus (sp?). In Hebrew Jesus is Yeshua…which is really Yeshuah…which is very close to His father’s name, Yehovah. By what name do you know him? In Proverbs 30 man was to know the Father’s name and the Son’s name.

I believe that we are in a time of opening and closing. The door to ‘The Gospel’ is closing for a time slot even seen as China’s virus has caused panic to close borders. Many see this as a possible regime change for China of whom has 1.5 Muslim locked up and kill Christians daily.

China is blaming this plague on it’s people eating bad animals…a black plague lie. The big ‘WHTIE LIE’, they used pigs to instill the infection to be released into society. By February 18, 1868 have died. Yes, they say the plague was caused by animals…their ‘white lies’ have turned into a black plaque of lies? They have always used pigs for biological warfare. This leaking could have been purposed for population control as they have 1.3 billion people to feed. America has 310 million. This came at a time our Commander-in-Chief shook China’s hands with them agreeing to buy 50 billion of goods from us to balance our trade deficit. (The number kept rising and they kept agreeing…why? Could it be they were never going to keep any promise…so the number didn’t matter?)

Seeing 2020 certainly speak of having clear vision.

Hearing in 2020 decibels is not the same as 2020 vision.

In the Hebrew language each letter is aligned with a specific number and symbol (picture.) Thus, the Hebrew language is known as a ‘picture’ language. When you have a ‘picture language’ it alleviates many misunderstandings in it’s letter and word meaning. There are three elements that help determine meaning.

Speaking 2020 happens by clear understanding via a ‘mouth’. Now, the letter Pei is involved which is recognized by the symbol of an ‘open mouth’ and the number 80.

The number 8 is the first day after the Sabbath. Our Creator used a mouth (pei) to speak everything into existence. He spoke for SIX days (the letter vav). Then he was quiet purposely to show us a pattern. He was NOT tired, but setting up a pattern so NO human being would be deceived any longer. Day Seven showed us the earth’s 7000 years. When Israel defamed year seven by not letting the land rest, they had to be punished, because the world would lose view of The Millennium to occur at the seven thousandth time period of the earth. If prophecy people would connect to these facts, we would NOT be having an early Armageddon…we are so confused because of losing our way in Torah…and throwing it away…PLEASE RETURN PEOPLE!

Day Seven is called a ‘Sabbath Rest’. Man was to rest from his normal activity…thus declaring his remembrance of what God did…created everything…and then gave it into man’s care.

When I grew up we went to Catholic school five days a week with people working five days a week. Then we would stop those activities on Saturday (named after Saturn) or Sabbath (named after God’s ways). It was a day I could finally ride my ponies and go visit friends…and perhaps attend a birthday party for a girl friend. Sunday (Day Eight) was likened to a new week…Day 1. Many would go to church on Sunday or we could go on Saturday night…but Sunday still today is considered a special day to honor God. It came about because Catholics chose Jesus to die on Friday and rise up three days later on Sunday. Thus, Sunday tradition is holding to the symbolic resurrection of our Savior.

I’m not here to debate ‘the resurrection’ date, as at this point in history at least we are still agreeing He (Jesus / Yeshua) did truly resurrect from the dead to save us from the penalty of our sins…eternal death. Sunday is not the correct day on the Hebrew calendar for Yeshua Jesus’ resurrection, but Day Eight (Sunday) does indicate to mankind that there is a Day Eight coming and it is referred to as ‘The Eighth Day’.

That Eighth Day also points to a ‘newly resurrected earth’ accomplished at eight thousand years since Adam’s creation. Believe me, as a Christian we should be looking to these patterns so we don’t ‘jump the gun’ and proclaim these patterns to happen before their schedule. (This causes non-believers to draw back from any further revelations that could really be true…..just as Yeshua Jesus said…many will say…’Where is his coming…it seems it will happen.’..(big paraphrase). But, we are always to be looking. Jesus said that men will forget about looking….the ‘watchmen’ will not be heeded.

An avid student of ‘the end times’ must look beyond Greek thinking and turn to Hebrew thinking. Our Lord came as a Hebrew and will return as a Hebrew. He is Hebrew thinking as is, The Father who laid out this incredible plan of salvation for our world.

One of my favorite Bible studies is the Book of Zechariah at this time of year. At Shevat 1 (head of the month) we see activity going on and then by Shevat 24 horsemen hidden behind myrtle trees are seen. They have returned from searching out the earth and report ‘man’s peace’ instead of ‘God’s peace’ being on the earth.

Therefore, artisans are assigned to remove man’s peace….all in order to bring The Temple.

This story shows us a pattern (probably seen in the past) and for sure to be seen in the future. Our Creator is consistent in his patterns that work through history…so if we can see His hand in the past, we are sure to recognize it in the future. Men stopped seeking God’s name…they did NOT call on Him any longer.

I want to share what I’ve observed in the last ten years of my life…I’m seventy this year. A 21-year old missionary slipped out of his tongue that he would go wherever God took him so he could be a missionary to combat ‘the evangelicals’. REALLY? Is that all there is to be a missionary for? If The Good News has been heard throughout our entire world…then all that must be left is ‘doctrine’. And, with 40,000 different denominations, we can see that The Gentile’s time is up in coming to, The Torah. We seem to have so many missionaries that they are stepping on each others toes and now must prove who is more correct. Today, the churches take on other churches and call them their missions field. The local and long distance churches have become so high-fenced that the sheep have left. Where did they go? In search of the their first love, God’s instruction….The Torah taught by today’s Jews.

Wow! Times up Gentile Christians. You have misunderstood Revelations 2:4-5. The first love is The Torah (God’s instructions) of whom Jesus Yeshua…completely obeyed them… and came to teach us how to as well. (Yes, His atoning blood first…and then HOW TO live in safety on Yahweh’s earth.) In my very lifetime (1950 – 2020) The Church has moved to seek out what Israel knows. She is back on the earth and they want to help her establish herself not just in her land, but in her ways…The Torah. In order for that to happen, Baptists and others must burn their old talks passed to them from their fathers and lend their ear to a Hebrew Jesus.Today, I can share with you about The Hebrew calendar. I

Since 2008 I’ve been aligning myself with God’s calendar. I know I can teach it and I can see ‘the patterns’ that run through our world. It’s a beautiful thing and you can learn it as well. It so simple a child can learn it.

What days on the Gregorian calendar hold the days of the Shevat horsemen? Sunday evening, January 26, 2020′ at dusk 1 Shevat began. February 25, 2020 at dusk end the month of Shevat. Shevat holds 30 days.

What day is Shevat 24 which is specifically spoken of in Zechariah? In the year 2020, it will begin at dusk on February 18. This is when the horsemen report back from searching the earth and now ways are to be created on the ‘rebuilding’ of The Temple…in Zechariah’s day. And what is just spoken now from Israel? The Temple is to be come forth…in 2020…in Jerusalem.

If we read about new beginning we will see that the letter Aleph (1) and Zayin (7) stand out in men’s lives even as they began to reign. The 1 and 7 (Aleph/Ox/strength) joins the weapon of Zayin that brings all things to rest (Sabbath). Zayin looks like a hatchet (weapon) in it’s symbol. It takes strength to REST on The Sabbath…it was not an easy to NOT collect manna in The Wilderness for 40 years.

The letter Zayin: weapon: food, cut, pierce, scatter, plow, harvest, tool

Just look at all of the meanings of that letter that can be referenced to our Messiah. He is our weapon, our food, one pierced for our transgressions, scattered seed to be plowed to be harvested..all as a tool for our spiritual salvation. He is our weapon that bring us to rest in The Eighth Day.

What will happen on February 18-19…tomorrow and Wednesday..into Thursday and beyond? It will be about HIS peace and not ours. It will always be about using ISRAEL and her land to bring back Yahweh’s presence to our earth. We should throw out old sermons and begin anew with Hebraism that spells out the future. We should be tuning in to Rabbi on the radio who explain what The Scriptures mean according to Hebraic understanding. If we do NOT, we will get left behind. Christians may arrive but at a later date…as their haughtiness cuts them off…just a The Jew was partially loped off for a moment in history all for the sake of the Gentile to come to The Living Torah.

When are the ‘Times of the Gentile’ are up? When were ‘The Times of the Hebrew? The Hebrew broke one Torah command. If you break one you are guilty of breaking them all. They admitted they were sinners and they left…but with the promise they would be allowed to return.

The Hebrews did NOT lie ‘The Land’ fallow for 490 years. The reward was given to The Land…it got to rest for 70 years. The land rested seven years for every year it lost it’s Sabbath rest.

Our earth will do the same thing. The first rest came at years 1300 – 1400 with Noach’s family preparing ‘eight’ human beings for survival….pointing to ‘The Eighth Day’.

The Aleph (1) first thousand years was strong with godly men growing up on it. Only one murder had occurred and it happened by being stoned…the stones cried out…not the dirt. Adam is recorded as being the first man to being buried in the earth. He was age 930 and his son of inheritance, Seth, was then 800 years old when Adam was buried. We see the earth accepting a human being into itself just as many will be buried in it within the next 8000 years. After 8000 years…there will be NO MORE tears as bones will be resurrected into a final judgment.

People ages are key to focus on as these patriarchs show us patterns.

Conditions on our earth are also key to consider because The Bible stresses hard times and it says how to avoid getting caught.

When we hear the words of ‘Do NOT return to your home when you see calamity falling…but to run to the nearest cave or mountain…we will want to understand that not everyone has a cave or mountain to hide in. The statement is telling us that when danger is seen…go the other direction. ADONAI wants to keep his children safe, but they have to listen to directions.

If we know The Corona virus is in China…we should NOT travel to China. If we know that earthquakes are happening in a certain area…we should not spend our money to vacation there. If we know there is an active volcano, we should not walk on it. You would think that human would understand to stay clear of danger, but instead we move toward danger…testing God! He is NOT to be tested….’your words are not His words’ He says. We do NOT understand His ways…as they are NOT our ways.

If we are going to expect to win a ‘Superbowl’ game in His name, then we should ACT like it and not act like the world! How do we get in control of what our eyes see? Satanic masonic rituals at half-time? Whoa to those that bring Him down to the earth’s level. No there is not one that is good! All sin and are not worthy…except in repentance and return.

If we are not humble servants before Him….He will say, “I don’t know you, Christian.” “It is an awful thing to fall into the hands of our angry God.”

Before God’s House can be built, the foundation must be correct. Let us stay focused on the number 17…added together it is 8 (eight)’ a new thing.

A few examples: The Greek’s Alexander lost his mother…he became a warrior for his father of whom died in war leaving him in charge…AGE 17. At age 17 he began his path which would lead him later to be called Great in the world’s eyes. AGE 17!

Solomon 17, a young man ruled after his father King David died. AGE 17!

Jacob’s favored wife’s son, Joseph age 17, would be removed from his life. Once Yosef was found, Ya’cov would only behold this favored son for 17 more years. These numbers were seen much earlier in history with Joseph…of whom became like Pharaoh…only second in command. Ya’cov is seen blessing Pharaoh at age 130 and then dies at age 147 (147 minus 130 = 17).

Ya’cov sees his son first suffering at his brothers hands for SEVENTEEN years…considered spoiled and then he sees his son Joseph as risen up in all of Egypt (our world) for SEVENTEEN years…

Thus, he behold his son for a total of THIRTY-FOUR years on our earth.

How long is Yeshua Jesus said to be on our earth? I propose it is this same time period of 34 years.

(give or take a few months as those details are not supplied…not knowing the exact day and hour is not necessary!)

Yeshua Jesus qualified to sit with teachers: AGE 17

Other significant patterns for SEVENTEEN:

Month Two (Tishri (1), Cheshvan (2); Cheshvan Day 17 – Deceiver’s plan worked…man deceived.

Month Two: Cheshvan 17 – Noach’s Flood waters released – punishment for deception!

SUMMARY: Day of Deception brings Day of Judgment (recovery).

17 – Changed people brings changed location.

When did Yeshua Jesus rise up?

17 Nissan – New Beginning (8)

Died on 14 Nissan – Early Passover meal.

15 Nissan – Day One

16 Nissan – Day Two

17 Nissan – Day Three

Filled up pattern to world’s history – of resting in Day Seven (for one thousand years/millennium) and then entering ‘Eighth Day’…new Heaven and Earth seen…

I could rest my case here, but I originally began this article for us to notice February 17, 2020. What happened on the Gregorian calendar? As I listened to the reports on the Corona virus – the plague released via scavenger animals / look at the statistics given…on

February 17 – 1700 Dead; 72,000 Infected!

February 17 – 17 cities quarantined in China.

That to me is amazing! THEN…look at this – The day before

THE BLACK BEAST flown into FL made a “Historic Lap” for The Great American Race – ‘Start Your Engines’ by President Trump and Melanie at The Daytona 500. 500 security were on hand.

But, only TWENTY laps could be completed before it rained. (Rain represents God being comforted)

February 17, 2020 – 20 Laps and no more! (180 laps to be continued on Feb 18)

February 17, 2020 – 211 Million gals of sewage poured into Ft Lauderdale, FL; old sewer pipes broke.

2017 – The Last Trump took office immediately ‘sounding the shofar’ for Israel. She will be a force for good on our earth.

He will reign EIGHT years….so to bring ‘new beginnings’ to Israel. God’s whole purpose is to establish her ways (The Torah) on the earth. If you fight this…God will fight you. Your ways are NOT his ways and we don’t dare try to convince Him to change His ways.

I believe God’s War began in 2014-15 because of The Tetrad Eclipses. On Day One of Feast of Tabernacles, 2015, 15-year old Nathan, a Jewish boy died on his aunts guest bedroom. He was gone 20 minutes and then woke up. His declaration to his Jewish community made sense to me. He was a quiet boy who had been humbled by his experience with Yahweh. He returned knowing that he had not lived his life in respecting his Creator that gave him life. He also knew that is was not by works…anything born on the head of around the rabbi’s arm that could save them. It was about their heart for God. He returned knowing the name of The Messiah….but did the Jew ant to hear this name? His uncle prodded him to share in a small group. His parents raised him Greek orthodox and soon would take down the posts made of his heavenly encounter.

After searching for his original (uncut) testimony…..I found the date that he said, “God’s war has begun.” He had many messages for us, and especially that God’s War had begun and that The Messiah was coming soon.

When we listen closely the message of other near-death experiences, the theme is always…tell them I am coming…I am coming soon. We are NOW at PURIM closing our borders and truly listening to those that have told us to ‘stay safe’…do NOT go out where the invisible enemy lerks….the Corona Virus strain labeled 19 is upon us. I’m updating this article because this WAR is increased and we MUST pay attention to Scripture…not running in fear…yes, claim Psalm 90 but also listen to GO and HIDE until it is safe. Even Elijah hide in a cave to avoid those trying to kill him. Jezebel…that evil woman who ran her own religion…had armies chasing him.

Ejijah found God in the quiet…not in the wind or earthquake…but as he sat quiet…He heard God…and God had angels bring him food….then he slept three days…got up…ate again…slept again…ate and then ran for 40 days and 40 nights to finish his last mission…He handed his mantel to Elisha…

All of this is for us today. We are to HIDE during this plague…God feeds us…holds us…feeds us…and after 40 days perhaps…the answer will come…from fasting and prayer.

Do we know how to pray? When Israel says that she has an answer…how do you respond. I found a Christian teacher hate those money-hungry Jews and now they will get rich from this and he would rather…..evil speech against Israel poured out of this Christian. This poisoning of his mind has happened because this same analysis has been part of anti-Semitism around our world. This MONEY excuse was seen back in Spain. I just watched a program on PBS that you can find on Utube The Ornament of the World. It also can be bought as a book or video.

Christendom versus Muslim versus Jews is nothing knew….but buildings talk to each other as they were built under these leaders being friends. They all have similar architecture and yet stand on their own. In 1142 Peter the Venerable had Robert Akantar (?) translate the Quran to Arabic. Arabic was spoken by many people. When people read about it’s thoughts of polyonomy it was considered heresy. By the 13th century Alfanso the Wise (wonder of the world) was the 10th..a young man who had many people killed if they did NOT follow strict Catholic rules. This book gives us the history or where we see the conflict with The Jew begins or really continued from the past and exists into today.

When three faith leaders came together they influenced their building structures to compliment one another. We see they got along…Spaniard Catholics, Muslims and Jews. But, low and behold a ‘fake news’ went out about The Jew that had helped the king with all his finances and brought the money together for building the kings palace and was then granted a small but similar in design synagogue in the same area, was accused of misappropriating funds.

Thus, the three men who enjoyed each others so much that they built their own religious structures in similar form….later (800 years) found persecution throughout their lands because of doctrine different than The Catholics of that time.

Do Jews believe in abortion? NO

Does Islam believe in abortion? NO

Do Catholics allow abortion? YES. Woman have been given dispensations for that murderous act by the current Pope.

Do Israeli woman have abortions? YES…but it goes against The Torah. It is a violation to of Torah to murder. There is a different in killing someone and murdering someone. Torah allows for discipline by killing the offender…NOT the victim.

Israel’s original Torah instructions are designed to play out on our earth for all generations since Adam. Cain killed Abel…the first man killed by a stone. History books show us Cain’s stone house falls in on him and buries him just as his brother Abel was buried in stones. The stones cried out about Abel’s blood being spilt. Murder and abortion’s blood continues to cry out to God….He avenged Pharaoh’s killing of children as Moses was suppose to be victim 80 years prior to Pharaoh’s army dying via probably the very waters that flowed by his mother Jochabed’s home.

MEASURE FOR MEASURE – Stand against abortion as these are YHWH’s future leaders for our earth.

My generation is getting old…I’m nearing 70. Trump is 72 aligned with the age of Israel. What will IsraEL look like at age 100 (the age Abraham was having Issac)? The next generations MUST believe that this is God’s plan and not to battle against His plans. Jeroboam and the ten tribes were removed because they wanted their own temple…in the wrong location. It MUST be in Jerusalem…that is where our Creator has established His rule…via Israel.

ADONAI will NOT lose this battle. Each generation must chose which side they are on. If change is hard…you’ll be loped off or not participate fully…but partially. The decision is up to them and YOU. But, if we are ‘lukewarm’ we will be spewed out. We can NOT just sit by and wait to be raptured out….just wishing all of this would go away.

Hide when God says to hide….flee sin when you see it…return to The Torah…it’s been since the time of Adam…who didn’t have a KJV bible. But, God spoke to man…just as He will once again walk on our earth via Yeshua Jesus. That is the day that we all should look forward to. Not flying off to heaven…but making our world habitable for our Messiah to return to.

I’m fully in, are you?

P.S. Don’t stand in the eye of a hurricane flapping your hands up and down defying it, as the trees wave around you. Give God respect as having caused it and pray for your safety….after all, He created you and wants to be respected a such.

At seventeen weeks twins began to abort. At 20 weeks they did abort. Our Creator knew them before being placed in their mother’s womb. He will resurrect them up at the Beama Seat. Every child is His…created with purpose.

We don’t understand His ways. This life is a flash of time. Thousands are dying around our world from infectious diseases with this one CV 19.

We are told about plagues in our Torah readings. These come because we laugh at God’s ways. His ways aren’t our ways. We should not argue about The Sabbath. Jesus is The Lord of The Sabbath. That means there is a Sabbath to honor. That means it’s about Him!

Food instructions have always been. Adam has them, Noach had them, Moses had them. Yeshua ate clean not dirty! Why should our generation be any different!

Why do we see death? Because we were told what happens in disobedience.

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