Baptized in Living Water – Sea of Galilee

Eleven years ago on May 16 2009 I was baptized with five new friends in Yeshua Jesus in The Sea of Galilee. All our lives were changed. Today we celebrate Shavuot this weekend. The Holy Spirit fills us up to be His witnesses. We are to bear fruit. Truly I’m blessed beyond measure in Heaven’s treasures….being filled up in Him!

Special things happen at Shavuot….involving the Holy Spirit. Even if you don’t know what the Hebrew date is right now….perhaps one year you will. Keep records and look back at the Hand of God on your life….I stand amazed every day that my first trip to Israel was at Yeshua Jesus Ascension. He will return my friends….just as we see his hand on our world at this COVID revival time. People were placed in their own tomb to meditate on eternal things. When they come out…will they have more of the Holy Spirit….or be cursing God? Did a friend or relative die…did they lose their job? Or, did they rebuild their marriage and family relationships and decide to dedicate their lives back to The Creator…of whom gave them their possessions and family…just like Job.

The water was so low that the docks were far away from the seashore….especially at The Dead Sea. The water was so low at The Sea of Galilee…I was able to bend down under the dock to find the bone of a fish as a souvenir…..reminding me to always be a ‘fisherman’ of men. On May 31, 2020 I heard on Jewish Voice’s Shavuot celebration that since 2018-2019 the waters have returned and the desert has been blooming. . The shore line once again use their docks and the trees are closer to the water feeding their roots. EIGHTEEN (18) feet of water has been collected to fill their waters in 2018 until now. They are FIVE feet from being filled.

His coming is soon as her LAND and PEOPLE are being filled UP with the Holy Spirit of The Torah…’at such a time as this.’

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