Presidents Building God’s House 2.22

Secrets Kept so The Nations would NOT go into despair!

Cleveland Secret CANCER Revealed * CCP Secret BIO WEAPON Revealed by Trump

Donald J Trump 45th President – in years 2017-2021; Election 2020 stolen for 2021-2024.

O’B’den inaugurated January 20, 2021. Riots January 6, 2021 when Electorates counted for B’den.

Article with pictures President Grover Cleveland by By Andrea Marchiano, March 17, 2020 (in solid print)

Only Two Presidents Cared: by Bonita Lau, Shevat 15, January 28, 2021..(comments in italics.)

Today is January 28, 2021, Tu B’Shevat 15, 5781 – Full moon with men fully exposed on our earth. This Hebrew date celebrates trees on our earth. They are not to be cut down IF they bear fruit. If they don’t bear fruit they are cut down. Men are trees…NOT to be cut down unless fruitLESS to God’s work. Yeshua touched The fig tree cursing it for not producing fruit.

On Tu B’Shevat 15 2021 Men should rise up and take their masks off and go back to work. Merck stops developing two vaccines as they are 6 % effective but still has two vaccines for you. Taking supplements and getting vitamin D from the sun heals God’s fruit trees…us! HalleluYAH! We are FREE! Do NOT take a vaccine! It’s RNA wilts your tree. But, instead O’Biden calls for the wearing of double and triple masks.

1776-2021 – One Nation Under God 245 years old.

Forty-five Presidents have led America, but Grover Cleveland stands as the only one who has served two non-consecutive terms.

(This pattern surfaces 150 years later with President Donald Trump winning 78 per cent of the vote in a nation-wide landslide at 10:00 pm on November 3, 2020. People went to bed but awakening to the votes having been changed via Satellite to One World Leadership.)

That tends to be the headling detail about the former leader, his time serving as first the 22nd and then the 24th President. And perhaps that’s because he kept a huge, deadly secret all to himself.

(Trump has many deadly secrets to his presidency as well…and many are still in the dark about it!)Os


Of course, a few other details about Cleveland make him noteworthy to historians and history buffs alike. For one thing, he zoomed into the White House after a mere three years in state and local politics. His 1881 mayorship in Buffalo, New York, opened the door to the state’s governorship in 1883 and then the presidency in 1885.

(Trump also zoomed into the public view with his television programs and real estate ventures…growing rich enough to pay for his own political run. He took zero money from corporations that could corrupt him. God elevated both men into quick rulers by the ’83’s. God’s War declared in 2015 by Nathan who declared it after dying and returning from that Heavenly estate…bring us to that number five the letter (Hei)..a ‘new gate opening…behold’ in 1785 for Cleveland and 2015 for Trump.” One man Cleveland is seen ‘cleaving to land and the second man blows the shofar to again CLEVE to The Land.)

(Both men are connected to New York..the financial power of Wall Street. Trump cleaves to gates and borders as a Realtor. Trump acts as a Realtor / Governor for America doing things that benefit his client. He is a Seller’s Agent and a Buyer’s Agent. He knows he can win for America as other nations win too.)

When Cleveland became president, he didn’t have a wife to move with him to Washington as his First Lady. So, he enlisted the help of his sister, Rose, who held the position until he married Frances Folsom in 1886. To this day, the Cleveland’s remain the only presidential couple to get married in the White House.

(Cleveland marries in 1886. Man’s new beginning (8) began with a relationship with God on Day Six; 86. Donald J Trump, too, will escort a younger woman in the White House as his bride with their son age 12.)

(King David sought a young woman to keep him warm in his house without any sexual relations just as ‘we are to be pure before our LORD’. Since Cleveland has the Hand of God on him and the only president to marry in the White House, we can see this as God lifting up His House to marry us in The Kingdom at His Wedding Banquet….’we’ are joined to, The Bride.)

(These younger woman give comfort and they are a ‘second’ witness to all that was said in that house. Believers are a ‘second’ witness to everything God has said. We are to be a comfort to God.)

Of course, Cleveland wouldn’t have wed in the White House without a strong bid to lead the nation. He ran on a full slate of reformer policies, promising to fix widespread corruption and, in his second term, a deep economic depression. All the while, no one knew that the president’s personal life mimicked that of his political career. He, too, needed to reveal a secret, or else it could have him killed.

(Trump ran on ‘Making America Great Again…MAGA’ in 2015-2016. God’s War began on 27 Elul 2015…Perhaps we could call it “Magnificent Aleph Great Again”. MEGA “Magnificent Elohim God Almighty”.)

(You can study President Trump’s personal family upbringing yourself. My opinions will come from watching man books written about him even his cousin Mary in which all demean him out of jealousy. We could say he fits the profile of Grover Cleveland in being a person who continually has to push through adversity. Trump will have several children as does Grover. Trump hosted a television program called The Apprentice as he taught people how to be good apprentice. He also was a man of financial skills….as was Moses, Ya’cov, Joseph and King David to whom I compare Donald j Trump. Interestingly, Trump and Cleveland were not ordained by God to go to the military. Both will have roots in the New York area. Trump and Cleveland authorized executions. Cleveland and Trump both believed in the gold and silver standard which cost them both a consecutive second term. Cleveland would be #22 and #24 president. Trump won the election but Dominion machines switched 11.7% of votes to O’Biden causing Trump to lose in the early hours and for days it continued as key swing states altered their voting rules. Yes, now the ‘secret’ fraudulent elections around the world could now be shown to the world through America’s own 2020 fraudulent election. Grover Cleveland’s would lose The Vote as The Central Bankers crashed America’s economy to get in their own Benjamin Harrison.

Grover Cleveland’s actual first name was Stephen. His parents gave to him as a tribute to the first pastor at the Caldwell, New Jersey, church where his father served in the same role. With the family patriarch – and father of nine – in such a selfless career, he often struggled to provide for his brood.

So, when Cleveland reached his teens, his father pulled the future president from school and enrolled him in an apprenticeship. It helped the family financially and armed him with valuable skills, but it meant that the young man missed out on some of the final years of his dad’s life. The teen moved home just before a stomach ulcer caused the patriarch’s death.

With Cleveland’s father gone, he once again had to provide for his family. So, in 1853, the young man headed off, this time to serve as a teaching assistant at New York’s Institute for the Blind, where his brother worked. But the future president’s time in the classroom would last just a year – he wanted to move west.

After a year at home in Holland Patent, New York, Cleveland began his trek west. His journey began with a stop in Buffalo, New York. It proved to be a pivotal leg of the voyage. Indeed, so much opportunity awaited him in the city that the future president never made it any further.

To be fair, Cleveland actually had an in as far as Buffalo society went. Lewis F. Allen, his uncle, mingled with the city’s most influential men, and was instrumental in his nephew gaining a clerkship with the law firm Rogers, Bowen and Rogers. Coincidentally, the 13th U.S. President, Millard Fillmore, had also worked for the firm in the past.

A clerkship with the firm gave Cleveland the chance to read the law and pass the New York State bar, which he did in 1859. Within four years, he’d left the firm to start his own practice, and became Erie County’s assistant district attorney. The future president’s career take-off, though, couldn’t have come at a worse time.

Cleveland practiced law in the heat of the Civil War and, in January 1863, Congress made it mandatory for able-bodied men to join the military. Those who fit that bill, though, did have one way to avoid conscription. They could, in fact, hire someone to fight in their stead, and the future president chose this option. In the end, he paid the equivalent of more than $3,000 today for George Benninsky to take his place.

Perhaps Cleveland’s decision to stay home had to do with his aversion to the Republican party and its leader at the time, Abraham Lincoln. Indeed, the lawyer had long identified with the opposition, the Democrats. So, when it came time to stand for election, he knew precisely on which side of the aisle he stood.

First, Cleveland campaigned to become Buffalo’s District Attorney in 1865, but lost that race to his roommate and Republican nominee, Lyman K. Bass. The defeat clearly didn’t deter the lawyer from politics. Instead, the lawyer made a bid to become Erie County sheriff in 1870. And it’s a race he won – by a mere 303 votes.

Nevertheless, becoming the county’s sheriff paid dividends for Cleveland – quite literally. In just a two-year term, he raked in as much as $40,000, which would be worth more than $800,000 today. Politically, though, his law-enforcement career didn’t do much for the future president. He did, however, perform at least two prisoners’ executions himself.

After Cleveland’s two years as sheriff were up, he gave up law enforcement to return to his legal practice. He, Bass and Wilson S. Bissell founded a practice of their own, which skyrocketed them to the top of the Buffalo’s community of lawyers. It wouldn’t be the first fast-track to the top the future president would take, either.

(God endorsed those around Cleveland as well as those around Donald Trump. Both men are financial successes in God giving it to them and those around them.)

But the timing proved perfect for someone with the lawyer’s political leanings to rise to the top in Buffalo. The city had serious problems with corruption on both sides of the aisle – the parties actually cooperated to take advantage of the system. Democrats, though, knew they could rake in votes from disenfranchised Republicans. And they did so with an honest candidate – Cleveland.

(During The Trump Administration corruption was found in it’s Republican Party. Disenfranchised Republicans did not like Trump being ‘for the people’ more than ‘for their power’. Trump’s left over Republicans are known as Patriots.)

Cleveland won the election by about 4,000 votes, and began his tenure in January 1882. He quickly began to right the wrongs of his predecessors – in one example, the city had accepted a street-cleaning tender $100,000 higher than the lowest-cost operator because the former bidder had political connections. Soon enough, people outside of Buffalo began to hear about the mayor who was battling entrenched government corruption.

By the time that the state’s Democratic party needed to select their next nominee for governor, word of Cleveland’s success had reached them, too. Not only did Cleveland win the chance to represent his party, but he also won the election. And his first day as the Governor of New York was January 1,1883.

True to form, Cleveland hit the ground running to deliver his promise to cut pointless government spending. He made headlines by vetoing eight state legislative motions within two months of becoming governor. And, although out of the ordinary, his challenges earned praise from the media, as well as the public.

Cleveland’s time as governor made so much of an impression that the relative political newcomer became a potential presidential nominee in the 1884 election. And things aligned perfectly so that he could nab the top spot among Republicans. The initial top contender, James G. Blaine, seemingly appeared too immoral to voters.

Cleveland’s fight against corruption helped him to earn the nod over other nominees. Indeed, they seemingly all had skeletons in their closets. One had voted for the south to secede, for instance, so he couldn’t earn support from Northern voters. Eventually, Republicans threw their weight behind the former Buffalo mayor, and he won the nomination.

(Trump and Cleveland both had a divided America. Both men slashed economic support to groups with Trump having to PUSH BACK from The Nations of the world.)

The president’s first term had him slashing all economic support from the government to any group – no exceptions. So, he vetoed a bill meant to support Texas farmers struggling through a drought. Cleveland also fought back against fraudulent Civil War pensions claims, as well as benefits for those disabled by events outside of combat.

The public seemed to appreciate Cleveland’s vetoes. As proof, he once again won the popular vote in his 1888 re-election campaign. However, Republican candidate Benjamin Harrison managed to earn more votes from the electoral college, thus earning him the presidency over the sitting commander-in-chief. But the former president’s departure from the White House wouldn’t be a permanent one.

Cleveland then became the only president to win non-consecutive terms by winning the 1892 election. Back in his post, the Democrat tackled an economic depression by ceasing the government’s Wall Street aid program. In doing so, he saved the country’s gold reserves, but his policies during this time didn’t sit well with the public or with his party.

As a result, in 1896, the Democrats chose a different candidate to nominate for president – William Jennings Bryan. With his political career at its end, Cleveland retired to the New Jersey town of Princeton. A quiet life may have met him there, but the former leader had plenty of interesting – and secretive – facets of his personal life.

For one thing, Cleveland had married his former law partner’s daughter, Frances Folsom, whom he had known since she was born – and he was already a grown man. At the time of their nuptials, the leader was 49 while Folsom was just 21. The pair wed in the White House, making him the only Commander-in-Chief to get married at the official address.

(Cleveland and Trump made the White House a real house of grandeur with their brides…as should be.)

Cleveland’s wedding may have raised eyebrows, but he and Folsom said “I do” well within the public eye. Sometimes, however, the president handled his personal affairs far from the spotlight. And one such issue had to be dealt with privately because it had deadly consequences, should it have gone wrong.

In June 1893 – just at the start of Cleveland’s second presidency – he noticed something odd in his mouth. The former New York Governor discovered a cancerous tumor growing on his upper jaw, and doctors found that it was expanding rapidly. They also knew that surgery to remove the lump should be done as soon as possible.

But doctors couldn’t just slice the tumor away without a few potential complications. For one thing, the required surgery could cause Cleveland to suffer from a stroke. Worse yet, there was a 15 percent chance he’d die while on the operating table. But the president knew that he had to have the procedure.

But Cleveland made an interesting decision before the operation. The leader didn’t tell anyone he about the procedure and it’s dangers, not even Adlai Stevenson, his vice president. At the time, the country had fallen into an economic depression, so the Commander-in-Chief worried that news about his poor health could incite panic on Wall Street.

(Donald Trump’s hospitalization with the CCP virus caused the stock market to drop and the world was either praying for his life and his enemies prayed for his death. God’s chosen presidents, of whom both cared about the people first, held the world’s economy in their power.)

Despite the fact Cleveland needed surgery, he had to avoid a hospital-bound operation. Instead, he gathered with six of the country’s top physicians in an unlikely meeting place – a yacht harbored in New York. The president initially seemed to be enjoying himself on board, smoking cigars on the deck and chatting with the doctors.

But the ship wasn’t departing on a joy ride. Instead, Cleveland and the six doctors traveled to Long Island Sound. Below deck, the physicians prepared a space to perform surgery. Without an operating table, they had to get creative. In the end they secured a chair to the yacht’s mast for the president to in sit during the surgery.

Nastasic/Getty Images

For light, a single battery-operated bulb illuminated the below-deck operating room. Finally, the doctors boiled all of their surgical tools and slipped into clean aprons. With that, they were ready to helm the risky surgery around noon on June 30,1893. President Cleveland was seated and the procedure began.

(Tammuz 16 5653 was Friday, June 30, 1893. That Saturday was The Fast of Tammuz which was moved to Sunday since you are to only have joy on the Sabbath. The Torah portion was Balak.)

Fortunately for Cleveland, the doctors had brought along anesthetics, including nitrous oxide, to numb the president’s pain while they removed the tumor. In total, it took 90 minutes for them to get rid of the cancerous growth. In addition, they also took a quintet of teeth and part of his jawbone and palate.

But the doctors didn’t just have to perform the surgery perfectly. They also had to do it in a way that wouldn’t produce any visible facial scars. Otherwise, the public might realize that Cleveland had an operation. And that could cause the stir the president was trying to avoid with the secret surgery.

On that note, Cleveland couldn’t heal from his cancer-removal surgery in the public eye, either. So, after his yacht-based surgery went off without a hitch, the vessel dropped him off at his summer abode, which sat on Cape Cod. There, the president healed – and he did so extremely quickly.

A couple of weeks after arriving in Cape Cod, Cleveland received a prosthesis to cover the hole the surgery had left behind in his palate. This allowed the president to resume speaking in his normal voice. All the while, the public were led to believe that their Commander-in-Chief had a toothache.

One journalist, though, did pick up on the fact that all wasn’t what it seemed with Cleveland. Elisha Jay Edwards of The Philadelphia Press had heard a rumor that the president had a secret surgery. Chasing the lead, Edwards connected with dentist Ferdinand Hasbrouck, who had been on board the yacht and gave the leader his anesthesia.

Edwards’s story about the surgery was, indeed, very accurate. But the White House denied the claims made in the article, and the public believed them over the press. It would take a quarter-century for Cleveland’s surgeon, W.W. Keen, to speak out in defense of the journalist and confirm that the president had, indeed, undergone a secret operation.

In the years after Cleveland’s successful surgery, though, his health fell into a decline. By 1907, his illness became serious and, the next year, he died of a heart attack. Before he passed away, though, the former president muttered these last words, representative of his legacy in the White House and in secret operating rooms alike. He said, “I have tried so hard to do right.”

END OF ARTICLE – Now more of my thoughts – and on the number TWO!

This article just touches a glimpse of these men’s lives. If God lifts up men to correctly represent Him in ‘Caring About People’ then we should look at their lives and see how they became the leaders that were pleasing to God. Today’s Americans know and appreciate Donald J Trump. He will go down in history the president most tormented by the press…the most tormented by The Nations…the most tormented by jealous friends. They both saw the widow and orphan as important and both even married that type of person….Melanie represents ‘the foreigner’ and Francis ‘the orphan’. Both of these men loved the wives that came to them later in their lives.

Our Creator loves His bride that comes to him later in world history. She is one that seems like an orphan…lost in a strange world of occultism with sacrificial blood offered even in cannibalism that is too gross to speak about. At the end of our days…as we now see our world…the only change is for The One who loves the foreigner and the orphan to return to earth and rule with the words that come out of His mouth, The Torah. He will walk it out for us to see how it’s done. Yeshua Jesus died on the perfect day and will return on the perfect day.

Could it be that 2.22 the day our first president George Washington was born will be that return?

George Washington was born on 7 Adar, February 22, 1832. Moses was born and died hundreds of years earlier on that same day…7 Adar.

Adar is the last month of the Religious Year. The leadership had been handed over to Joshua on 7 Adar. Joshua had the people mourn Moses for 30 days which brings us to 7 Nissan.

7 Nissan is when Yeshua Jesus raises Lazarus up from being dead for four days.

The four days shows us the four thousand years that it took for The Father to send Yeshua Jesus to strike the head of Satan by crushing spiritual death at year 4000 AM.

Seven shows us the Sabbath rest for the earth designed at creation. It flows into the 70 days, 70 years patterns to 700 years of being a generation with Enoch. It again flows to the 7000 year program set out for the earth to work through the process of conquering ‘the deceivers’ forever.

Moses was commanded to make Month Seven (Nissan) now another Month One. This Month One would point to ‘crossing over’. They came out of Egypt (the world) and crossed over water (baptism) to The Wilderness (not heaven yet).

One Nissan – New Religious Year

2 Nissan – Lazarus sick

3 Nissan – Lazarus dies

7 Nissan – Lazarus resurrected by Yeshua (known as the green tree)

8 Nissan – celebrating Lazarus

9 Nissan – celebrating Lazarus

10 Nissan – thousand gathered to put Yeshua on donkey to make him their king. Pesach lambs chosen.

11 Nissan – Yeshua goes into desert…not time to be king…but time to be slain.

12 Nissan –

13 Nissan – Early Pesach meal

14 Nissan – tortured, slain, buried

15 Nissan – Pesach – Completes 24 hours in grave

16 Nissan – Pesach – Completes 24 hours in grave = 48 hours

17 Nissan – Pesach – Completes 24 hours in grave = 72 hours

18 Nissan – Pesach – Yeshua places blood on heaven’s alter returning to walk and talk with disciples

19 Nissan – Pesach – Yeshua finishes up the Eight days of Pesach with friends

20 Nissan – Pesach

21 Nissan – Pesach

22 Nissan – Pesach

2 is house, son, in, to, divide.

22 is a double witness to the the number. 20 is Pei meaning mouth. By our mouth we give witness.

When we changed from the 1900’s and into twenty it took a big step into our history. We know longer just go about twisting through life trying to avoid deception by the ‘snake’ 9, we now have enough information going out into the earth via the mouth..pei 20.

I just want to express a few more things about 22 as my entire blog has always spoken about Jacob coming out of Laban’s house in year 21. He spent the last years of his life having his wages changed and was tired on not being with his brides and children. He is cold at night and hot during the day in caring for Laven’s sheep (us).

In year 20 his wages are changed ten times just as for TEN Enoch generations of 700 years each we fight for correct wages. And now, we come down to what our earth feels so shut down with some people not even earning any wage for over a year. People are really stressed and they want out of this mess that ‘World Leaders’ creatively tricked them into.

God told Kevin, “Donald Trump will only be the second president that will care about the people. I want you to support Donald J Trump.” Okay Kevin said….and he did it. Then he went back in prayer and ask well if Donald Trump is the second, who was the first?”

Grover Cleveland was put into Kevin’s mind. Thus, we now study the first man’s life so we can understand the man placed before us…of whom has allowed himself to be abused on end just for Americans and the world’s people to be free.

On February 10 I pulled the records of our past forty-five presidents. I had done this several years ago and already knew their birth and death dates and had converted them to the Hebrew dates. Tonight, February 11 I listened to a recording of Ann Marie and she is seen listening to God in her mind as he tells her to watched “2.22”…February 22. 2021. She knew the message was not done but she did check and found that George Washington was born that day. I also had checked but I was thinking Hebrew and knew he connected directed to Moses…of whom President Trump portrays as he divided nations in his reign.

Out of all the other presidents on this sheet of many dates of their birth and death dates and their inauguration date and leaving office dates there are only FIVE 22 on this page. I will now share these men with you…because they are consecutive and connected to each other. This is so we do NOT miss what they are about.

#1 George Washington 2/22/1732 – First president who says he had an encounter an angel of God.

#35 John Fitzgerald Kennedy President assassinated 11/22/1963

#36 Lyndon Baines Johnson VP inaugurated as president on 11/22/1963

#36 Lyndon Baines Johnson President died 1/22/1973

#37 Richard Milhous Nixon President died 4/22/1994

There are no other dates that hold a 22 of our presidents lives.

Note that President Johnson dies exactly TEN years after President Kennedy

Note that President Nixon dies exactly TWENTY-ONE years after President Johnson

The House that is divided falls. They killed Kennedy because he wanted the gold standard.

Ya’cov left Laven at year 21…7×3. He left at the end of the THIRD Shemittah cycle. Baby Binyamin is born as The Fourth cycle begins….2186 years from Adam.

Note: There are two 7-year cycles that Binyamin lives before year 2200. He arrives when his full brother is TEN years old. Binyamin enjoys his full brother for SEVEN years. Then his half brothers sell him off after almost killing him for three days in a cistern.

When Binyamin goes into Egypt with is family he has TEN children. When they go into Egypt there are 70 in their family…they are called 70 nations.

ABORTION: Approved Roe v Wade 1973….the year President Johnson died.

Now one last thing….Let’s see the Hebrew date they died.

President Kennedy: November 22, 1963; 6 Kislev…Month 9 Day 6.

President Johnson: January 22, 1973; 19 Shevat…Month 11 Day 19.

President Nixon: April 22, 1994; 11 Iyyar…Month Two Day 11. 26 Day Count of Omer; Erev Sabbath Tazria

FIRST PRESIDENT: 4 Iyyar 5549 – April 30 1789

George Washington Born: February 22, 1732; 7 Adar…Month 12 Day 7. Moses birth and death.

George Washington Date of Inauguration: April 30, 1789; 4 Iyyar…Month 2 Day 4.

George Washington End of presidency: March 4, 1797; 6 Iyyar..Month 2 day 6. Sabbath Terumah 6th cycle

George Washington Death: December 14, 1799; 16 Kislev…Month 9 Day 16.

I close with God’s amazing history for America. Our first president is born on the day Moses was born….and dies.

Our first President is inaguarated in the month that Yeshua Jesus rose up and still walked the earth for 40 days and 40 nights…in the month of Iyyar.

Our first President closes his reign on a Sabbath called Terumah…sounding of the shofar…and in the Sixth Shemittah cycle. He will die two years later in 1799…not making it to the year of 1800…which some would call a jubilee year since they declare it every 50 years.

Would there be any many born in the year 1800 that would become president? YES~! Our Creator always replaces what he removes. In that special year of new beginnings (8) we see one man:

Millard Fillmore born January 7, 1800. It was the Fast of Tevet…10 Tevet. This fast is remembering that very first break through of King Nebuchadnezzar of Jerusalem’s walls. They had to be carried off because they did NOT follow Torah. They did NOT rest the land for 490 years as King Solomon did not teach them to follow The Torah. They did other things wrong as we also ahve abandoned God’s Torah…and considered it ‘old testament’. Now we are being carried off.

What did Fillmore do? He was a Democrat who brought about the 1850 Compromise that said no slaves above the souther border of Missouri. And, slaves would be hunted down and fined $1000 for helping a slave. BAD BOY Dems still hurting God’s children….not caring…as Lincoln tried to abolish it…it took time…and it took money to pay for wars.

These terrible situations reigned through these 1800’s and still today as racism is a hidden agenda of The One World Order. But, the man born on 15 Sivan in full ight of the world…nine days after the Ruach HaChodesh fell on Day 50 of the counting of the Omer…yes…full of the Holy Spirit in the end of his life…because he cared….only the the ‘second’ president to care about the people God told Kevin.

PS – Don’t forget 15 Sivan 2021 – which is May 26, 2021. We have a Total Lunar Eclipse on Donald J Trump’s birthday…celebrating God’s hand on him. No man will put out the light God lite.

PPS – Did you now that we are in the Sixth Shemittah year…which means double blessing or double and triple cursing? Joshua 24:15 Choose ye this day whom you will serve…as for me and my house we will serve the Lord.”

We are moving in The Seventh Day!

UPDATE: February 22, 2021

After pondering and writing and pondering and writing about the prophecy of 222….I learned what it was for me.

I will quickly write another Post Post Post Script. lol

Not only are we to remember our FIRST president (George Washington) was born on numbers that speak outloud to us and say, In the beginning, in the beginning, in the beginning. The letter ‘Beit’ as seen as the first letter in The Book of Genesis means, “In the beginning’. How perfect is that my friends. Our Creator began with the word that means first…in the beginning. This pattern now shows up in our first President being born on 2.22. He is anointed just in this fact and we know all the first papers are God-ordained that established this new government….of whom declared “In God We Trust’ even on it’s coins.

God made a covenant with these first founders and put his smarts into them. He worked in their minds for them to all come together and agree on our Constitution, Declaration of Independence and all papers that formulated this great nation. States must come in agreement with God’s covenant with America or they will not be anointed and protected by what happened IN THE BEGINNING.

I say this, because God sets up and tears down nations…according to their commitment to His covenants. It was when Israel left the protection of God’s Covenants that they went astray. When God put Abraham asleep to then walk between the fire of the animals being burnt, it was because it was HIS covenant and he can NOT break a covenant that He orchestrates it. Men leave, but all through history they are ask to return to those promises.

On February 22, 2021 I listened to a 2.20.2021 recording of Annemarie Hand…. speak prophetically about The People returning to their first President because those papers were God-ordained. She was given the word about 222. Now she’s been instructed to go to North Carolina to be boots on the ground’ to pray for thousands upon thousands of new “Billy Graham’ evangelists to come forth. So, this morning during the ‘Fourth Watch’ (3:00 am to 6:00 a.m.) she was going to be praying in her hotel in Charolotte, NC. She was called to Billy Graham’s hometown from hence he was prayed for as a youth to come forth for The Lord’s message of salvation. He would travel the world for Jesus Christ. She returned to The Land where he was given a mantle of evangelism. His mantle did not leave with him, but now can be picked up by many who desire that same calling. She heard The Lord say that there are mantles of great people who are waiting to be claimed as the mantle remains floating you might say, waiting for the one like Elisha who ask for a DOUBLE portion to be given him. He did take Elijah’s mantel and did much more.

God set our ‘founding father’s upon righteous principles that ‘cared about the people’. She said it was God who made these men geniuses that they were able to write all that we read today. She said that it would be wise for us to read it and perhaps on our street corners so people know their rights to be free. If we don’t live in LAND that is free, we won’t be able to tell about The Messiah that is coming.

Men write what God inspires them to write. Our Bill of Rights, Constitution and more was God inspired and thus can NOT be changed. What I heard her say on February 22, 2021…today is that, “We are NOT to leave God’s covenant established with America.” America was raised up to lead the world to righteousness. America has been drawn to operate in Judea Christian values which endorse God’s original covenants with Adam, Noach, Abraham, Moses, David, and Israel.

What I tell you next is my life experience that was confirmed also on February 20, 2021. I went to KS for a five hour Sabbath with at least thirty friends in attendance in a home. (No masks as God wants our mouths to be free to speak….He is not a God that can be masked.)

By the close of the day, in fact, at exactly 3:00 p.m. I spoke about 2 Chronicles 2:2. It made sense to me about the ‘222 Mystery’. Pointing us to this area of The Scriptures is what God wanted. When Jesus said, “It is finished” it referred them back to an entire text that began with, “It is finished”. Thus, 222 was ‘the pointer’ to the real message.

It was going to confirm our ‘election’, our “position’, or we could say, our ‘duty’ of what to do with our lives while on YHWH’s earth. It confirmed what Marilyn Griffin was confirmed with on February 22, 2014. She like many others had misunderstood Revelation 2:4 and in 2014 she added the next verse….to find out what it really meant. Yes, it was a ‘spiritual birthday’ for Ministries of New Life…as it turned a corner into real Truth.

Let me show it to you what turned her head on February 22, 2014…perhaps it will now change your head on February 22…so you’ll have a New Beginning as 22 suggests.

So as not to take anything out of context, let’s start with verse one. Let us fall in love with verse 2:2 as a ‘new beginning’ verse, too.

To the Church in Ephesus
Rev 2:1  “To the angel of the Messianic Community in Ephesus, write: ‘Here is the message from the one who holds the seven stars in his right hand and walks among the seven gold menorahs: 
Rev 2:2  “I know what you have been doing, how hard you have worked, how you have persevered, and how you can’t stand wicked people; so you tested those who call themselves emissaries but aren’t—and you found them to be liars. 

Rev 2:3  You are persevering, and you have suffered for my sake without growing weary. 

Rev 2:4  But I have this against you: you have lost the love you had at first. 

John hears a message being given to angels that represent believing churches. The message is from Yeshua who holds up and walks among the churches. Praise comes before correction.

This group of church people have looked within their own group and found wickedness and liars. So, they are good are recognizing sin in others even as they suffer for confronting the wicked.

Verse 2:4 is what is confusing. Yeshua is saying that they have LOST what they had a first.

What do you think this love is that they lost? Most of us say this is talking about losing our first love of Jesus. That can NOT be the answer… It is Yeshua speaking and he does not say, “you no longer love me!” He is getting them to think about what their first love was.

Were they to love each other? Where they to love God above all else? These are all true….and many more of your answers. But, it is summed up in just one word. But, first let’s see why Marilyn paid for eight people to go to all seven churches in Turkey and pray in each city the blood of Jesus. As Christians that is how we think.

Okay, now verse 5

Rev 2:5  Therefore, remember where you were before you fell, turn from this sin, and do what you used to do before. Otherwise, I will come to you and remove your menorah from its place—if you don’t turn from your sin! 

Where were they before they fell? Yeshua Jesus is not talking about their love for him, but the very words He spoke to them. He is speaking about how he lived while on earth. He is speaking about ‘lifestyle’. To be frank, you might not like this word…but when I type it…think: instruction. Yes, we must return to God’s ‘instructions’.

And, in the very next verse he is not saying the Nicolaitans don’t like him, Jesus. I hate it too. Jesus does not hate himself…but Jesus is pointing to SIN.

Rev 2:6  But you have this in your favor: you hate what the Nicolaitans do—I hate it too.

Now, this article is getting longer and longer, but it is key to a believers life. We are so in love with Jesus and what he did for every sinner at the cross and resurrect on the third day that we forget what it takes to live on this earth.

God is so consumed right now with young people picking up the mantles that are left floating in the air to be put on. He is so concerned about our constitution that I heard Annemarie say to speak in on every corner. Our Constitution was ‘God-ordained’ and it the KEY to keep America and our world free to be able to live in Jesus.

What is Jesus called? The Living Word! Yes, Yeshua Jesus came to earth and lived for thirty-three years to feel out pain and relate to what it is to live out The Torah. He is even know as The Living Torah. The Messiach coming is known as The Living Torah because the one coming can’t violate it in one point….or he does not qualify to be The Messiach.

The Satanic attack on our world right now is to get rid of The Torah. Because getting rid of The Torah gets rid of The Living Torah that wants to WALK among us. And, YHWH knows that getting rid of America’s Constitution stops FREEDOM of speech.

Now, let me finish what happened on Sabbath February 20, 2021. Marilyn Griffin has two favorite passages that are key to our lives. She spent a lot of time on that Sabbath once again stating why it is important to memorize these passages.

Here we go. Today, 2.22. I confirm to you what Annamarie’s prophetic words mean for us. We are to go to the beginning. George Washington’s birthday 2.22 was no accident. He was the beginning of religious freedom for our world to follow. Marilyn Griffin being transformed in understanding Revelation 2:2-5 on February 22, 2104 shifted her ministry to her apologizing almost every week in finally seeing her mistake as a leader in Kansas City working with pastors all these years.

Now, on 2.20.2021 it is confirmed by Marilyn Griffin once again taking us to, or you could use the words from Annamarie, “look up” 2 Chronicles 2:2-4. Here is it…being confirmed by Annamarie and Marilyn that we MUST return to The Torah…which includes calendars and festivals.

2Ch 2:2  Then Shlomo sent this message to Huram the king of Tzor: “[Deal with me] as you dealt with David my father when you sent him cedar logs, so that he could build himself a palace to live in. 

Yes, God wants his house back on this earth. God is talking to his leaders…us…and Trump of whom today is called David.

Now, let’s show the entire context which is the truth for us today.

2Ch 2:3  Here, I am about to build a house for the name of Adonai my God, to dedicate it to him, and to burn before him incense made of sweet spices; the house will also be for the continuing showbread and for the burnt offerings presented every morning and evening, on the shabbats, at every Rosh-Hodesh, and at the designated times of Adonai our God. This is a perpetual regulation for Isra’el. 

God’s calendar is seen through observing Sabbath, keeping track of His calendar by the Head of the Month and his appointed times called, The Lord’s Feasts.

YES. 2 2:2 is the pointer which shows us what is to happen pointing to the earth’s 7000-year program which changes as we reach year 8000. 80,000 points to The Eighth Day. 36 points us to the beginning of the Sixth Week of the 7-weeks held in the Shemittah cycle. (Years 36-42 hold week six).

2Ch 2:1  Shlomo enlisted 70,000 men who carried loads, another 80,000 men who were stonecutters in the hills and 3,600 supervising them. 
2Ch 2:2  Then Shlomo sent this message to Huram the king of Tzor: “[Deal with me] as you dealt with David my father when you sent him cedar logs, so that he could build himself a palace to live in. 
2Ch 2:3  Here, I am about to build a house for the name of Adonai my God, to dedicate it to him, and to burn before him incense made of sweet spices; the house will also be for the continuing showbread and for the burnt offerings presented every morning and evening, on the shabbats, at every Rosh-Hodesh, and at the designated times of Adonai our God. This is a perpetual regulation for Isra’el. 

2Ch 2:4  The house I will build will be great, because our God is greater than all gods. 

2 Chronicles 2:2 – Points us to Dealing with God in giving plentiful to the building of God’s house on the earth….a palace to represent righteousness sits on the earth until the one in 2:4 which will come down out of heaven…it will be GREAT!

I want to close but I find myself with one more point and one more point. It is because February 22 continues to show up. When you see it please think about The Son Begins the House…within your temple.

We began to see what they named COVID 19 in February 2019 just after President Trump’s impeachment fell through. Yes, COVID 19 was planned to shake us up. YHWH knew this and gave his own shaking on 2.22.2019 with a huge earthquake measuring 7.5 at Palora, Ecuador.

Earthquakes follow God’s appointments. Eclipses follow God’s appointed times. Mankind has no control over earthquakes and eclipses. God has control of when a human is born and when a human dies. Moses was born and died the same day showing he lived a ‘completed’ life. He was celebrated for thirty days and then Joshua on 7 Nissan rose up and lead the people. Do you know 7 Nissan is the same day Yeshua Jesus rose up Lazarus? Yes, if you watch for patterns you will see them happen over and over.

Join me in searching out the secrets things of God….we are His…and He tells us these secret things are good for us to look into.

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