Decoding The Jewish Siddur – Rabbi Itzhak Shapiro

HUGE Revelation – There is no specific instruction on buying and selling on the Sabbath. So, why do Jews and some Gentiles give honor to it? It is tradition or Masorot? What is oral tradition? Is it wrong?

Rabbi Itzhak Shapiro, guest speaker, August 3, 2019 El Shaddai Ministries. You will hear things that have never been before. Did Jesus read the Siddur? Did Jesus pray from the books from The Great Assembly? Who were the men of the Great Assembly?

Mordecai, Ezra and Nehemiah were part of the 70 men that made up The Great Assembly. The ‘officers’ spoken of in Ezra 9:1 were the man of The Great Assembly that had the responsibility of bring Judaism back to the people after 70 years in Babylon.

They began with 120 officers to teach the people and ended up with 70 men that give the ‘oral’ interpretation of Moses (The Torah).

I have quickly typed some of what Rabbi Shapiro has to say about this/. Thus I’m updating this article in hopes that you’ll listen to his plea for correctness in the Jews lives and the Gentiles lives. My personal warning is that if we do NOT heed his words, we truly will hinder the RETURN OF THE MESSIACH.

Why do I say that? Because it is only when The Time of the Fullness of the Gentiles comes that our Messiach will return. It is when The Gentile listens to the men of The Great Assembly and pray together with The Jew that He can come. Our world has to be in unity in prayer and action.

The Jew had to return to their responsibility of bringing The Torah to the world. These 120 men had to teach them so they could teach the world. It is the responsibility of these men to see beyond themselves and accept their responsibility once again.

Israel today has been 70 years as a nation. It is today’s Christian that should be helping her to become what she was meant to be….a teacher to the nations. It is the Gentile that is chasing after her ways…her Torah…her instructions..which then makes her zealous to share what God gave them to share. I believe they are willing, but the world keeps killing them as they try to show us what God wants us to know.

Rabbi Shapiro states it this way:

The Great Assembly did not like the words of Ezekiel because verses 36-45 show a mysterious figure called, ‘prince’. The rabbis agree that he is the Messiach. But, he is instituting a ‘new’ sacrificial system. This system does not follow Moses system. What should this Great Assembly do? They can NOT change The Torah in one point…jot or tittle! This is 450 years before the Messiach would come….should they allow the book of Ezekiel?

“The Spirit of Adonai was on them. They received the revelation that the sacrifices before ‘The Prince’ were training sacrifices to prepare them.”

This revelation to them allowed Ezekiel’s powerful words to remain available to the world. Today, we look back at Moses ‘sacrificial’ system and see it was replaced with Yeshua’s blood sacrifice. They looked forward to it…even as Abraham looked forward it and showed the picture through his firstborn son Isaac’s offering. We even see it in Noach being lifted high off the earth in a wooden ark. From the beginning it was ordained to happen.

Four thousand years of looking forward and now we’ve had two thousand years looking back to that Roman stake. It had to happen at a perfect time in history…hidden and yet seen. Fake priests were installed so they wouldn’t connect the dots to that day. If they had been real priests they would have known Ezekiel prophecy of The Prince.

I keep listening again and again to Rabbi Shaprio even as it’s a very long recording. I pray you will listen too as we must not be part of group that rejects the oral Torah given to us by The Great Assembly. Yeshua Jesus was born into their oral interpretation and to think that any Jew could change The Torah is beyond belief as they gave their live for it. No one can change The Torah…not even Yeshua Jesus could change it. He could only uphold it and brought it to a new level with His atoning Blood…God’s own blood on that stake.

As I listen to Rabbi Shapiro’s plea this week and his intense message of ‘belief’ in The Siddur prayers…prayed even by Yeshua; I am reminded of my picking up The Book of Mormon from my chiropractor’s table while I waited to be examined. A business card had been dropped into this book and it opened to page 236, Alma 11:39.

We lived by a Mormon church in Iowa and only thought of them as wonderful family people but still considered that church a ‘cult’. Today, I realize any religious or other group that believes in the same things is called a ‘cult’. Thus, all churches are called a cult.

We moved to Arizona where there are many Mormons who follow the group out of Salt Lake City. Now, I’ve moved to Missouri where there is a spiral where they believe Jesus will ascend. Do I have Mormons as friends? I certainly do and I find them more acceptable to The Lord’s Feasts than many of my Christians friends.

But, what do Mormon’s not have? I thought they did NOT believe Jesus Christ is God. This book opened to Alma 11:39 and I was shocked. I then had to read most of the book to see the context of who was speaking to whom. Zeezoom is portrayed as evil and Amulek and Alma are the good guys (fear God).

Alma 11:38 “Now Zeezrom, saith again unto him: Is the Son of God the very Eternal Father?”

Alma 11:39 “And Amulek said unto him: Yea, he is the very “Eternal Father of heaven and earth, and all things which in them are; he is the beginning and the end, the first and the last; (40) And he shall come into the world to redeem his people; and he shall take upon him the transgressions of those who believe on his name; and these are they that shall have eternal life, and salvation cometh to none else.”

When we lived in Arizona, our Baptist church took several years of getting through the permits that the city of Gilbert required for a Christian church to be built. There could be no ‘cross’ put on the top of a church. In fact, it could not even be put in the yard out front. This church had to put the ‘cross’ inside it’s courtyard so really the world could not see it. They had to comply and they finally built their church that holds about 400 people.

One God is a big issue in Christendom. The cross is a big concern in Christendom. But, the biggest concern in Christendom is The Blood of Jesus…which saves us.

What did The Great Assembly determine? They determined that Moses sacrificial system and the Prince’s sacrifice were connected. They determined that everyone could not participate in all of Mosche’s instructions because some were only for Aharon’s sons to perform and some were only for the Levite priests to perform. And as you got further away from responsibility to The Temple…it was about being clean in order to enter in.

Circumcision is a big word in Christendom. Not of the flesh but of the heart. We see Abraham’s sign of the covenant to get the land was cut flesh. An animal died and The Lord walked between the smoking burnt animal while Abraham was put to sleep. This would be a covenant that God made and would NOT go back on. It would NOT be broken by God.

Today, we see Israel’s dry bones resurrected and she is BACK in her land….just as Ezekiel told us. Ezekiel’s Prince resurrected, too. How did He Resurrect? By being lifted up on wood as was Noach and Isaac. The difference is that these OT figures stayed alive. A new covenant was made by blood with life dying and coming alive again. No other man did this in the earth’s history.

When this man cried out, “My God, My God, why have you forsaken me?” He was referencing Psalm 22…which they all knew and prayed. Every Hebrew standing there knew that Psalm 22 became true that day…on Nissan 15 known as Passover.

If we have God that came in the flesh and died for all to believe this…to save those that would believe it…why do we have religions who deny this blood and cross? Why do they deny Noach’s example, Isaac’s example and Yeshua’s example? Why have we thrown out The Siddur that shows us how The Great Assembly prayed?

Let us go back now to Rabbi Shapiro. You could stop reading this and go into listening his plea. It is the Orthodox Jew that gave their lives for The Torah. The Jew had and still has the responsibility to teach the nations.

Today, people laugh at the long curls grown since the time they were a youth. People laugh at the phylactery or black cords wrapped going up an Orthodox Jews arm. Our world looks at it as ‘works’ and the word ‘grace’ comes into their mind.

What about the word, ‘remember’. Scripture continually tells us to ‘remember’ not to forget Me. Every wrapping of their ‘arm’ a prayer is said. In these prayers they are doing as God desired….Remember me…I am the Lord thy God…etc.

Yesterday in my 5-hour open conversation Torah class with the most incredibly smart gentile-Torah group this word ‘remember’ resounded in us. The Parashah 46 ‘Ekev’ (because) study covered Deuteronomy 7:12-11:25. When we got to Deut 9:26-29 a man expressed what God had taught him about remembering.

Adonai tells us to ‘remind’ him of what He has said. It is in us ‘reminding Him’ that we are remembering. This makes us obedience and in communication with Him. ‘Remember to remind me of what I say!”

Moses cried out in his last thirty days of life: Deut 26-29 “I prayed to ADONAI; I said, ‘Adonai ELOHIM! Don’t destroy your people, your inheritance! You redeemed them through your greatness, you brought them out of Egypt with a strong hand! (27) Remember your servants Abraham, Yitz’chak (Isaac) and Ya’akov (Jacob)! Don’t focus on stubbornness of this people, or on their wickedness or on their sin. Otherwise, the land you brought us out of will say, “It is because ADONAI wasn’t able to bring them into the land he promised them and because he hated them that he has brought them out to kill them in the desert.” (29) But in fact they are your people, your inheritance, whom you brought out by your great power and your outstretched arm.”

Yes, Dear Gentile, Rabbi Shapiro is saying with intense exclamation a plea to remember The Great Assembly…they were the oral tradition that we must hold true to. But, it was the high fences that the current leaders in Yeshua Jesus’ day is who he was condemning. They were so far away from The Great Assembly’s oral understanding of Torah that they did not even recognize him as, The Prince. The Herod’s hated the Oral Torah and set out to kill The Prince.

Where are today’s Herods? Who hates The Oral Torah? Who hates The Traditions? Who hates The Cross? Who hates The Blood? Who hates The Law? Those that hate The Torah are Torahless; the lawless ones. Is all of this just a misunderstanding of Scriptures? Have our translations from Hebrew to Greek to English been a BIG problem? Yes!

May we all learn how to pray with sincere hearts. Let us mean the words that we pray. Let us chase The Jew…not just in The Torah but in The Prayers! Then we are remembering what God wants…and not what we want in life.

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