Wolf Moon 2019 not in Isra’el

Wolf Blood Moon Eclipse January 20, 2019

2 hours of totality with 4 hour duration

Kansas City Chief’s Game Playoff for Super Bowl

Torah reading January 19, 2019

“When he sent” Exodus 13:17-17:16; Judges 4:4-5:31; Matthew 14:22-23

Tu’B’Shevat – New Year for Trees (Men)

News headlines:

“Union Station Kansas City will have telescopes for ‘wolf moon’ to magnify it 100 times.”

“Rare Astronomical event Sunday could mean good omen for Chiefs…..Just about an hour after the AFC game ends.”.. it will be in it’s totality at 11:12 pm.

Baltimore Sun:

“Attention stargazers: 2019 brings a ‘Super Blood Wolf Mon’ and Mercury transit across the sun.”

“Though all five visible planets won’t appear in the sky at the same time again until 2020, there are chances to see each of them – and twice to see bright Venus and Jupiter side by side. With a telescope or maybe even binoculars, you could spot distant Uranus and Neptune.”

These are man’s signals to humans that they hope this lunar eclipse is a ‘lucky’ charm. So, what about those Patriots? Hmm..It’s an icy-snow with freezing temperature of consistent 17 degrees when they play. What is interesting about this temperature…without windchill added…is that the Saros Series of this lunar eclipse has a during of 1700 years. (I’m sure God is just re=emphasizing the eclipse fun, right?)

What other signs are in the sky for mankind? Roe V Wade 1973, 46 Year Anniversary

How about let’s start with a bill that has slaughtered 62 million children…that is more than ten times The Holocaust number of killing 6 million Jews. World War II really cost around 50 million lives. I would say we are in more than a genocide for America’s lack of support in the very beginning of WWII.

Why has America not fixed this baby organ-donation problem? Some are still trying… New Hope Baptist in Independence, MO is taking their stand. They bought lumber to build 620 crosses painting half of them pink and half of them blue. No yellow as God knew each child’s sex and knew their name before they were born. These 620 crosses spread out across their lawn looking like a cemetery. Six hundred and twenty crosses took weeks of preparation to build, paint, pray for and install….but just think that each cross represents 10,000 babies thrown in the garbage after it’s parts were harvested as whole as possible.   The church is witnessing the community dropping off flowers and stuffed animals at the crosses.

President Trump for two years. He has been a champion for Israel and anti-terror. The Government is shut down until they give him money to build a wall to protect from the foreigner.

President Trump is again associated with this eclipse. He was born on Sivan 15 and this eclipse will end it’s cycle on Sivan 15…in the year 2830. That would make it year 6830…170 years until year 7000 from Adam. This Eclipses points to leadership…to build the world…move them into light…as Mosch did.

I love President Trump because he guides America and the world as a business. No more world order agendas should run our country. He is caring and is willing to take a stand for righteousness sake. I’m praying he can get judges who can overturn Roe V Wade….and to help bring Israel as a standard to where God’s Torah is recognized throughout the world.

And what else does Saros Series 134 Total Lunar Eclipse tell us? This will be shocking……..When did it begin? Yes, it will last for 1700 years and show up every eighteen years…but when did it begin? It began in the year 1550…these are chariot horsemen numbers. But, beyond Solomon having 550 leaders ready for helping build his personal residence and The Temple….there is another surprise….A BIG surprise.

April 1, 1550 was PASSOVER. Yes, Pesach Day One. It is the crucifixion of our Lord….known as Jesus by the world and in Hebrew that name is Yeshua.

This Saros Series 134 is all about Resurrection. The world will go dark in America…..and most of the world…except in Israel tonight. They have the Torah and tonight they live in Goshen (foreigner) where the lights did NOT go out during The Plagues that shook Egypt.

When I study this I find my hero…Harry S Truman, Independence, MO…  He confirmed Israel’s independence after being the 34th Vice President.  He came in as the 33rdth President of the United States.  This unknown ‘little guy’ from Missouri a Vice President moved up to President.. lifted up Israel in 1945 as the 33rd President.  He ran again and then could have been declared the 34th President but was still the 33rd being officially elected after running against Dewy.  So, he will always be called the 33rd President and he will always have been the 34th Vice President.  Harry Truman is God’s chosen man to keep open the door for Israel to be recognized as  nation in 1948.

Noach will step off the ark in the year 1334…opening the door to the future…growing men in The Torah as was taught from Adam.

The letter gimel is also three pictured as a camel.  It means to lift up.  Both Noach, Truman and Trump are heroes to bring Israel back to her lands….33/34 is attached to them.

Our world is being cast a dark night….because we continue to violate The Torah. We Murder, genocide the old and abort the new…and we commit suicide slapping our Creator in the face because we’re just not happy here…someone hurt my feelings or I’m depressed….

Noach rescued the eight members of his family only by Adonai’s ‘grace’ bestowed to work it all out for them.  Evil also reigns in these numbers as we see the greatest deceived and deceiver come to the earth and reign in the years 1333 and 1334.  He never repented but supposedly committed suicide.  Nor did his people repent for 6 million dying.  They left deceived still hailing Hitler from the gallows.

Now it would be Adolph Hitler’s Flood.

1933 Hitler installed as Chancellor by Paul Hindenburg January 30.

1934 Hitler becomes Furor when Hindenburg dies, August 2, 1934. (18mths later)

America’s 45th President is Donald Trump.  We are 11 presidents from Harry S Truman.  Israel is now 72 years old in the Spring.  President Trump is now 72 years old.

King David reigned 7 years in Hebron and 33 years in Jerusalem…making a total of 40 years.

His son Solomon violated The Torah in every way possible but was tolerated and the kingdom taken via his grandsons.  But, we do see him reigning 40 years.

We have a picture 33 years….A warrior king and then 40 years of a building king.  We also have 73 years of rule from Jerusalem…which then get removed slowly.  But, we must consider these numbers…that bring Jerusalem of having 73 years from David and Solomon.  When we add the first location of Hebron of 7 years we then have another 40 years bringing Israel’s reign by two somewhat good kings to 80 years.  This shows The Eighth Day.

And, to add to being ‘sold out for Israel’ we have the 32nd President making secret deals on the U.S.S. Quincy ‘selling out Israel’ with Arabs in February 1945.  Franklin D Roosevelt as president confirms their discussion in writing in March and dies days later on April 12, 1945.

FDR is now likened to Nabel dying in 10 days after rejecting David requesting food for payment of his men’s services.  FDR was inaugurated on March 4, 1933.  He would be the president that catered to the industries of electricity, iron, trains and cars.  He would not bring America into the war as his friends were Henry Ford who ran ads against the Jews and promoted communism.  After being stuck at Pearl Harbor FDR had no choice but enter…and that would take several years to build war machinery…how many lives were snuffed out every day because of his lack of leadership to stop Hitler.  1933 to 1945…and God was finished…and Harry was in…a new number 33…ready to change the landscape and would involve Isra’el.

WWII’s philanthropy President # 32 went down deceiving it’s citizens.   FDR secretly made a deal with King Sa’ad’s son in exchange for oil to help auto and industries that needed oil.  He guaranteed them that they would have a say in who got what land in Palestine that was in the Belfour Accord Agreement.  When he confirmed it in writing in March…he died within ten days later.  The deceptions of #32 would be thwarted by Harry S Truman now becoming the 33rd…to change that land location.

So what is it about 33?  Only that Noach Flood began in year 1333.  It’s a number that will bring God Comfort but God’s comfort comes with struggles for mankind.

Israel does survive as the 34th Vice President of the United States became the 33rd President.  Harry S Truman become president when FDR died April 12, 1945.  Harry told the Arabs that he had more constituents that wanted Isra’el to have that land than he had Arab friends and he was not honoring what FDR had agreed to….on a handshake.

Wow…the doors opened for Isra’el by the 33th President of the United States.  Next, the 34th President would be known as The War President; Dwight W Eisenhower.

Our world is in it’s dark days and we’ve been given The Last Trumpet call and men only want to ‘impeach’. We have to be pleasant to the last administration because God established that…but now citizens are hired to stir up riots and rallies against the next God-anointed leader. Mosche was not perfect and knew it. Aharon was told to help speak to such a rebellious people.

Where are our priestly Aharon’s today?

In 1550 – Aleph Hei Hei Jubilee – A new Saros Series began numbered 134. I love this because I see talking about Ya’cov (Jacob) only having Joseph for 17 years as a boy and then he has him for only 17 more years as a king only second to Pharaoh. This is a direct picture of our Lord and Savior Yeshua Jesus. He came on this earth at the year 17 AD and left it at the age of 33-34. He is The Seed that patterns continue to flow to.

In The Book of Jubilees everything is laid out according to the 50 year pattern. There is no guess at what day is in what year even…it is explicit. And, along with these patterns, that book is continually confirmed in what happens in our history. It is the year 1333 from Adam that The Flood begins. It is the year 1334 that Noach and family rebuild the world.

Aleph Gimel Gimel Dahlet letters all carry pictures. The strong ox (God) is lifted lifted (camel) up and taken through the door (4) to the new world. God shut the ark’s door and He also told Noach when to open it. All of this is about He that is the door…Yeshua.

Seventeen is the Aleph (ox strength) bringing Rest (7)…God’s Comfort to the world.

This eclipse will last 1700 years….the time it will take to bring that comfort. When it is done mankind will be in the year 2830….170 years from the 7th millennium ending. It will end after cycling 72 times. Seventy two times the world will look up and admire it. The universe is laid out to signal us. This eclipse has a signal bleeping at us in 2019 called Beshalach (When he sent).

Beshalach is The Torah reading the day before this eclipse. It is the Sabbath of rest…and in Missouri ice and cold shut down many worship places and men stayed home to mediate and rest from even the busyness of Shabbot gatherings.

If man wants to really know what this January 20, Shevat 15 eclipse is about…here are the Scriptures that can still be read this week to those of you that missed reading them. They speak loudly to our world…as Pharaoh now did let Israel go….and twice they grumble of having no water..which is the Holy Spirit. There are powerful lessons and I may write more but for now I want to get this posted because the eclipse is soon. I will not ‘venerate’ it, but I will watch in silence and humbleness because we are Egypt and we are being put into God’s signal of darkness. We need to repent…support Israel…support the leadership He put in place to help us. We must repent of Roe v Wade soon…NOW

Solomon had many chiefs…550 and this eclipse began in 1550 AD. It is a chariot coming through the dark flood waters of abortion to stop the murder…stop the suicide….but Build My Temple….550 leaders handled all the outside laborers hired to do the job. Yes, we are on the outside…and should be building Israel…as a name on the earth…and a Temple that stands for people to be amazed with.

Because in Ezekiel 14 Adonai states over and over…that no son or daughter will be able to be saved for what will be done in the judgment. Noach Daniel and Job’s righteousness will save them but not their sons and daughters….and then at the end…the hope comes. But, after all of that there will be remnant that will come forth and others will look at them and then know (by their standing firm in righteousness) why I have done what I have done.

We had better never question when someone is removed from the earth. We are to stand in righteousness supporting what God has placed before us and go forward…not complaining.

Now…here is what I wrote earlier about eclipses. They are to be studied…as they are mo’edim…signals for appointments…signals for righteousness and for judgment.

134 sees Israel as ‘foreign’ to the world and while the world (Egypt) goes into darkness. Joseph beheld his father for only 34 years and then Ya’cov died. Joseph too will die in the next 17 years.

…why 17 degrees in Kansas City Games…sports build man’s pride…

….why is this eclipse have a 1700 year cycle..God number (God Rest).

These are all markers…that we MUST pay attention and turn:

Martin Luther…slavery…unjust measures.

Abortion…more blacks are targeted for this than whites…wake up and stop being a victim.

Leadership – Support them as they could just abandon their job unless Aharon’s help them.

Nissan 15 – Must stay ever in our minds…The Passover…we turn be born again in His blood…Amein.

Shevat 15 – New Year for Trees. We are to plant trees in Israel and in the world. Men are trees not to be cut down in war.

Learn your Hebrew calendar…it’s sets you free and it will build your faith…and accomplish what God had for the earth…not Cain view of naming cities after themselves…be humble…some people never even want a picture to be taken of themselves…now I know why…it’s not about us or our cutie kids…it’s about HIM…setting up righteousness within ourselves…and then we can walk this earth in His peace and contentment…and being natural curly will be okay….lol.

Solar Saros Series 155

Sabbath Re’e (see)

Partial solar eclipse 30 Av, August 11, 2018 09:47:28 Saros Series 155; Sabbath Re’ee (see)

155 – Aleph (1) ox strength, Hei (5) behold, grace….behold behold God

Solar Saros Series 122

Partial Solar Eclipse January 6, 2019 – 29 Tevet, Rosh Chodesh (head of month)

122 – Aleph (1) ox strength, Beit (2) house, sukkot, temple…. God’s Temple Temple.

Lunar Saros Series 134

Total Blood Moon January 20 2019 – 14 Shevat. Visible: Central Pacific, North & South America, Europe, Africa….NOT Israel.

1973 Roe v Wade Abortion Rights 62 million aborted 1973-2018. 1/20/2019 46th Anniversary.

2017 Trump Inauguration 2 years.

Tu B’Shevat 15 – Festival of Trees…do not cut down in war. Men are trees

Martin King day (21st)

Total solar eclipse July 2, 2019 19:24:08 series 127.

Annular solar eclipse December 26, 2019 05:18:53 series 132

January 20-21 2019.  Matches the Jacob/Laban theme of leaving to establish the homeland in year twenty. (The man (Strong’s #120) leaves for home from Laban in year 20). Year 21 we see Ya’cov free.  It is the end of the 3rd Shemittah year of a 50-year Jubilee cycle. Benjamin came at or after year 22…this will pattern The Messiah’s ‘second’ visit .. in some Jubilee cycle.

Shemittah cycle

1-7 First

8-14 Second

15-21 Third

22-28 Fourth

29-35 – Fifth

36-42 – Sixth

43-50 – Seventh

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