1300-Year ‘Babylon’ Pattern Re-appears today!

Who is Babylon today? Who is the woman who rides The Beast and it’s associates the False Prophet? This prophet blends politics and religion into one.

When I think of the ‘golden calf’ pictures from the original Ten Commandments movie I think of a wild woman riding a life-size calf. This same picture pops into my mind when I think of a woman riding The Beast seen by John in his revelation of Mystery Babylon. Was that particular calf large enough for a woman to sit and ride it? This scene actually happened in real history 40 years before these children’s children cross over into The Promised Land. The crossing over was deferred because this woman (Israel) had chosen to follow other gods that came out with them…they were assimilating into the lives of these strange Egyptian. Their actual rejoicing over this ‘calf’ had deep spiritual effects that would apply into our future.

How does a ‘fast’ turn into a day of rejoicing? In 2018 it happened and in 2019 it also happened. For two consecutive years, The Fast of the Worship of the Golden Calf top be mourned on 17 Tammuz was on The Sabbath. Thus, both of these years had this ‘fast’ moved to the next day, 18 Tammuz (Day 8 – Sunday). Yes, that is one way of changing a day of fasting into feasting!

Tammuz 18, 22 July 2019 – The ‘worship of golden calf’ was deferred to this day. Since we are commanded to only be joyful on The Sabbath a fast is deferred to the next day. Rejoicing in The Torah always happens on the last day. Many around the world rejoiced with those that rejoiced and will also mourn with those that mourn.

The fast that I participated in on Sunday, 22 July, 2019 was an ‘in remembrance’ fast. It is a fast that the Jews called upon themselves to participate in so that they would always remember the sins of their ancestors of the past. Fasting helps us to ‘remember’. And, intentional rest helps us to remember.

The Golden Calf fast could also be remembering, ‘The Korach Rebellion’. Camp leaders were told to stand before the wilderness Tabernacle to see if ADONAI would chose them to replace Aharon. When they lite their fire-pans, ADONAI’s present showed up and they were their flesh melted off their bodies and nothing was left but their ‘fire pans.’ The families were devastated and continued to grumble. ADONAI had restated his original choice of Aharon being the ‘High Priest.’ (This shows us that only Yeshua (God in the flesh) is still the only one chosen by The Father to be our ‘burnt offering’.)

The last several weeks we have also been ‘remembering’ the plague of 14,700 rebellious humans of whom all died after grumbling over the loss of these 250 proud leaders. The leaders were arguing with Moses and Aharon over why they had taken on the preferred position of being the closest to God. Did they realize they were arguing with ADONAI as to His choice of leaders that could stand in His presence?

This article will bring a conclusion…whether right or wrong is to be seen…that there seems to be a political pattern to bring change. The 14,700 rebellious humans is part of that theme for removal of ‘wrong doers’ or ‘bringing on ‘the renewed spirit.’ Noach’s family were renewed beings starting again at the year 14700. Ya’cov had all of his children by year 14 with Laven…then waited 7 years for Binyamin. The number 700 is pointing to Enoch’s 700-year generation. It also points to ADONAI’s plan for the earth being 7000 years which is The Greatest Sabbath rest for the earth.

Only until Aharon reached the middle of the camp with his ‘fire-pan’ censor to pray for ADONAI to change his judgment did the plague of death stop for the grumblers. The incense in the censors had to be crushed. The incense represents our prayers. And who is it that is our intercessor to ADONAI? Who is it that was crushed for our penalty of sin? Yes, Yeshua our Messiah was crushed to the point of death and therefore He has to be center most in our lives. If we don’t know Him in the Spirit our physical shell will die early.

Is death a terrible thing? All will die…but it’s just how long before that happens is what we discuss with God. All the grumblers who didn’t want to cross over the Yarden (Jordan) because of hearing the majority rule had bad reports, were removed early from our earth. Another persons disbelief should not have any bearing on our decision for life…especially our eternal life.

The community that left Egypt had a hard first year. The early deaths did not have to happen. It could have been a three-day journey even as we saw all of Egypt leave to bury Ya’cov in Hebron. But when their close relatives the Moabites would not let them cross through their land, instead of fighting in their first few days…ADONAI decided to be gracious and go around. The Moabites are cousin Lot’s grandchildren. It was embarrassing not to have their cooperation to pass through. What was it about this group that even ADONAI decided to not go on throught? It was NOT the right time for them to be disciplined. Every nation has it’s correct timing and The Moabites with the Midianites were reserved for the Ba’al Pe’or lessons.

Are we taking longer to get where Adonai wants us to go because we don’t trust Him to protect us from what looks like an enemy? Isn’t that accepting a curse your enemy? Shame on us…not to stand up and realize that we are the ones blessed and our enemies will fall when they treat us bad. We must remember we have a BIG God. We are to remember we connected to a ‘blessed’ people.

Sunday, was the deferred, ‘Fast of Tammuz’ where we remember the days of the earth opening up and swallowing up three clans of families (Korach, Datan, Avam) and then the earth closed back up for them to never be heard from again The Scriptures read. This was not an ordinary earthquake just as the earthquakes at death and resurrection were abnormal shakings.

We want to remember why 3000 that died from the gold they drank. Yes, Adonai had Mosch melt the gold off the molten figure and put it in the stream of water. Three thousand people drank the water and died. The Ruach HaKodesh is represented by water. These people did NOT have the Holy Spirit in their lives.

This Tammuz 17 golden calf problem took until the month of Elul Day One to fix. Six weeks later on 1 Elul Mosch goes back up Mt. Sinai to intercede for these rebellious children. Could they receive atonement? Judgment had been meted out as it truly had been more than three and four transgressions by these children. Judgment falls even though forgiveness / mercy is applied.

ADONAI said that he would rather build up Mosch and accomplish His will through his lineage than deal with these rebellious children who listen to the stranger and foreigners amongst them. Mosch appealed to ADONAI that He should do it for Himself to prove to the nations that God was able to work through these stubborn people. Would it look like you only bought them out to kill them? ADONAI soften his heart and listened to Mosch. But, it was not without justice that ADONAI continued to work with these stubborn people. That is us today. The church turns a blind eye to the stories of these ‘ancient paths’.

Why should we care? Our Creator had these stories written down and purposed them to survive for thousands of years just for us today. They are true stories and not made up. Jonah in the belly of a large fish was real and not made-up. When I was young I was told that they were just stories…not true! If the stories were not true, then why should I believe any of The Bible to be true? Those were the day when people listened to false teachers. Today, we know that we have a personal God of whom works in our lives so we can know how to live. Our Creator has feelings and can relate to our troubles and our joys.

On The Fast of Tammuz fast I spent hours pouring into several spiritual subjects. The one I’m going to share right now came from information I received from Walter, PHD. He carried a viewpoint of Mystery Babylon that was different and I have taken time to review it thought for thought. Now, it’s Monday afternoon and I do have something to say. I believe he is right!

I met Walter in Arizona at a congregation he now helps with. They are growing and lead two different services..one service opens the Sabbath and the other closes the Sabbath. So, in Mesa Arizona people can open The Sabbath on Friday evening in Mesa and they can close The Sabbath in Chandler, Arizona Saturday at dusk. What I like about PHD Walter is that he is very kind and open. In his papers he does not quote any other references as these are his own opinions…of which he adds…are open for discussion. He admits he could be wrong, but he also feels firm in where this study has taken him

Babylon the Great vs Mystery Babylon – Seen via history & location.

Mystery Babylon – is just like it but on a global scale (which I would expect during the ‘end times).

The woman is called Mystery Babylon and she rides a beast. This beast is known as a ‘false prophet’.

This ‘false prophet’ hates the woman riding her.

The words in italics are quoted directly from Walter’s paper.

“The Bible gives us two different prophetic passages regarding this “Babylon”: Revelation 17 – 18, and Jeremiah 50 -51. The reader is asked to read these two OT and NT passages carefully before continuing this paper.”

Walter continues: “Revelation was written primarily to the Body of Messiah and the Gentile ‘church’. Jeremiah (and other OT prophecies) are typically addressed to Israel and the Jewish people (The Body of Abraham and the Body of Messiah, respectively; Jews and Christians; Israel and the Church). These are the two witnesses of Revelation 11 (See my teaching on the Two Witnesses) and the targets of the Tribulation and the Great Tribulation.” Jews and Christians are the two witnesses.

‘”SUMMARY Working definition:

Mystery Babylon is the global community of buyers and sellers.

Babylon the Great (Mystery Babylon) is the global economic community of nations and businesses, that are tied together in a world-wide financial interdependence which is coordinated by the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund.”

I’m going to discuss some numbers that I think are interesting as they fit patterns I’ve already been researching.

“Babylon, of old, was the capitol of the Babylonian Empire which ruled the known world in the fifth century BC. In 606 BC they conquered Israel, destroyed it’s infrastructure and took the people of Israel captivity for 70 years into Babylon (located in what is now modern-day Iraq and was located along the Euphrates River).”

Walter states that after 606 it was 68 years when Persia (today’s Iran)..headed by King Cyrus took over Babylon. That would make it year 538 BC and 536 BC when the Israelites finished packing up and going home or to other locations. (Babylon was beautiful and it was hard to leave…and they were treated well there unless they were caught praying to ADONAI as Daniel was.)

If this is the Babylonian lifestyle that is to be seen in our day and now called “Mystery Babylon,” why is it called ‘mystery’? Because John had never witnessed electronic transfer of money and airplanes and wireless networks. It was truly a mystery…but it was the same in that the people did NOT want to leave it. They preferred staying in it even just as we see the young girl Hadassah not telling The King her real name. She was told to use the name Esther when she was called to The King’s court as a possibility of being, The Queen.

“A WOMAN. The term ‘woman’ in Revelation refers to a pan-national people group or cultural group. For example, the ‘woman’ of Revelation 12 is a reference to the people or the nation of Israel, who gives birth to the ‘child’ in 12:4-6, the Messiah. The ‘woman’ of Revelation 17 is related to the Beast (followers of the False Prophet) and that ‘woman’ is the “Nation of Islam” all over the world. She rides the ‘beast’ which is Islamic religion domination (Jihads), especially the radical Islamists of the first and second Jihads. The TEN hills were/are the ten dominant Islamic-majority nations/countries of Islam in the Middle East. The Seven horns are the seven major Caliphates (kings) which have historically ruled Islam for 1300 years. (Note: See my teaching on the Beast and False Prophet). So Mystery Babylon is also referred to as a ‘woman’ in Revelation 18, which indicates it is a dominate-group with pan-national and international cultural/economic/political influence. It would have a political and economic capital city and would be known throughout much of the known world. These women entities give birth and life to successive generations of peoples. They are not limited to particular geographic boundaries or time period, but are pan-national and cover many traditionally identified nations and continents.”

Walter explains all of this in great detail and I wish I could do that here. Whenever I see numbers, I want to know “why” that year or “why” that time period. I believe our Creator orchestrates every birth and establishes every leader to bring about His purposes. Thus, let’s go see what years the Islamic leadership was established on the earth. I just wrote about Muhammad and his successors and hoping that they could STOP their ‘wars for honor’. It seems crazy to our world that wars that were fought back in the days of Muhammad want to be revisited just to rescind that loss….it’s the first I’ve heard of this type of ‘honor’ and truly I wish it would just go away. But, since it does not go away…and now I see Walter is showing us a sixty year rest (1917 – 1977) I’m writing to see what we can make of all of this.

Let’s start by looking at the birth of Islam…because they hated all the little gods people were serving and wanted One God. I think that was amiable but I don’t believe ‘cleansing’ is ever an answer. But, Mohammad has twenty-three years of terrorizing/murdering people from which he even died. His successor Abu Baker followed in the same footsteps and again requests more violence on his deathbed.

I’m interested to see if there is a pattern of 1300 ish years in the earth’s governmental programs. The reason I say that is because in The Bible 1656 years is considered the year of Noach’s Flood but evidence is showing an earlier flood. Evidence also shows an earlier Exodus from Egypt after looking at archaeological digs. The Book of Jubilees states emphatically that is was the year 1333 and all of it’s data does hold firm to that date. Thus, we have more evidence for an earlier Flood and Exodus than for a latter one that has been impressed upon us without considering this new evidence in recent years.

I say these things because in The Book of Enoch chapter 92 he lays out a program for the earth that covers 7000 years. Enoch was the first to write and those writing were put in the ark by his son Methuselach. Noach was the guardian of his writings and thus we have them today and see them being quoted in, The Scriptures (The Bible).

So, let’s just say you’re open-minded and can get past that there may have been one too many Enoch in the chain to get to 1656 years. Enoch said that he was the 7th in his generation. If you count back, we see that he was the 7th man from Adam…following the seed of Sheth. He then describes TEN generations of history completing a full 7000 years…with one week left (100 years) for the heavens to open and everyone sees The Watchers cast into punishment. The Watchers are what deceived mankind and crossed the line in breeding with women so that God’s Spirit could NO longer dwell in mankind.

Okay….so now we have The Flood making more sense at year 1333. And there is no contesting that Noach was age 600 that year. He was 602 in year 1335 – (Daniel’s year of blessing). He is age 606 in the year 1339, etc. He is a man that brings Adonai’s ‘righteous’ ways back to the earth. It is ADONAI that calls for the avenger. Man is not to make war upon his fellow man.

As we look to Enoch’s 2nd generation of 700 years, we find it covers the year of the Flood according Jubilees, 1333.

Noach was born in that ‘second’ generation of 700 years. Enoch was in the ‘first’ generation of 700 years. And now The Flood has completed it’s course by year 1400 (second set of 700 years). Interestingly, Noach had found his family relocated at age 606. Noach’s righteous seed Isra’el is relocated at year 606 BC with Babylon being their new location for 70 years. History has Persian King Cyrus doing a good thing for Israel by defeating Babylon and helping Israel to return to rebuild The Temple. But history stops short of Solomon’s Temple ever reaching it’s original glory.

King Cyrus came out of the land that is now IRAN to help Israel. It is ADONAI that put his hooks into Persia to help Israel return and build. Babylon is seen at it’s height in 606 BC with enough manpower to break through Jerusalem’s walls. But, they are removed in one day 68 years later. We can give Isra’el a few years to return as they collect their thoughts and desires to ‘build’ again…thus making 70 years of fulfilled prophecy.

Other dynasties will rule the earth over the next 1300 years…or we could say 1333 years…showing a pattern to The Flood…or the number of the game-changer. If we really want to go back to the beginning we’ll revisit the ‘woman’ being created on Creation Day 13. And, after Chanoh lost her first son Qaynin (Kane) to the world of whom killed her second son Abel…it took 28 years for another human to be born on the earth.

The THIRD son, named Seth that the real game-changer. He will not murder another human being. He will stand for righteousness. And what year was Sheth born? Remember the number that associates with Daniel’s ‘day of blessing?’ 1335. Sheh is born in Jubilee 3 Week 5. Week five are the years 29 thru 35. None of the other children are born in Week 5.

Chanoh was the ‘woman’ that rode the first beast and it was called, ‘Deception.’ The false prophet was Satan and he approached her with a political system of being as ‘God.’

The number 5 is also the letter Hei meaning ‘Behold’ pictured with a stick-figure man with two arms held up…just as our Messiah Yeshua Jesus had his arms up on that stake for us to behold Him. Three is also involved Ya’cov standing before Pharaoh at age 130 just as Yeshua Jesus Luke 3:23, “And Yeshua Jesus, not yet thirty age commenced his ministry. Thus he also was in that 5th cycle of 29-35). The number 33 is a ‘beholding’ number that is heavy in patterns of Yeshua Jesus. History and also pi which is 3.1456789 etc. Pi just keeps going and is the number that can represent infinity. Six does not do that…as man does STOP to rest on seven.

Men found wonting

Review: 606 BC: Babylonian King Nebuchadnezzar and King Belshazzar (that was found wonting) ruled during Israel’s 70 years. 606 AD Mohammad rises up living between today’s Mecca and Medina. He is the father of Islam that in our modern day experiences Saddam Hussein reigning from a town called Babylon in Iraq. His reigned ended with Iraq becoming a republic. And, I must add here that in 2018 the current king of Saud Arabia also has changed Arabia to a republic where it’s people now share in the wealth of their oil.

With WWI and WWII there is a 60-year break from jihad on the earth (1917 – 1977). Hmm! Is this break because of oil being sold to our world because of the Saud family? If this is true, then how many years has radical Islam returned to it’s war path? 42 (2019 minus 1977). But, not all the earth is practicing what is called, radical Islam. Many are peace agents as we see Arabs wanting to help build our world without destruction.

It is my belief that Islam desires to practice a faith of believing in one God. I also agree in one God. But, in my case, I believe that the man known as a prophet, priest and king is the one and same man that came as God in the flesh. Yes, Yeshua Jesus came as God in the flesh.

Okay…can we find this historical pattern of 13 in this sect of religion that incorporates it’s political into itself as well as it’s religious base (no separation of religion and state). Let’s do some math starting with this year, 2019 and subtract the year that legend says that Mohammad died, 632 AD. That is 1387 years that this religion has tried to be forced on our world. That is 54 years too long for the number 1333. But, it is said that Muhammad was pushing his religion for 23 years of his life. 1387 – 23 years = 1364 years. We are close but we can get even closer…or even at that special exact number if we consider 1917 – 1977 not so peaceful. Of these 60 years we know that King Saud had his son meet with President Franklin D Roosevelt on The Quincy for a weekend in February 1945.

The President of the United States made a hand-shake agreement with these oil kings that these Arabs could have some say so about the land designated for the Jews after WWII. Thus, these were not all quiet years when it came to The Jew. The Jews received some land but it was a far cry from what was promised in the original Balfour Accord. It’s always about LAND….

I believe we can add Islam to a world power that controlled our world for 1300 – 1400 years…two generations according to Enoch and they also have met the 1333 pattern that brought land change of The Righteous of the earth.

Yes, there are political systems that ride our earth. They last 1300 to 1400 years. The beginning and ending is not exact as the first pattern with Noach reveals that. If Noach’s family survived their holocaust in year 1334, and the next generation according to Enoch did not start until year 1400, there were 66 (sixty six) years of continued sifting to sort out the ‘land grab’ by Noach’s kids. In fact, it was Ham’s children via a son called Kanin, that would not stay within their allotted land. Even after being told to leave, Kane’s children still grabbed the land given to Shem with Noach.

From the beginning it’s always been about land. So, why should it be any different in our day? The pattern continues and it continues in the same ancestry causing a stir. Amazing to see this…and yet there is hope…because we know that Abraham was faithful and 500 years from his being born…his children received, The Land of Promise.

On the Hebrew calendar Elul 1 5779 will line up EXACTLY with Gregorian calendar September 1, 2019. I repeat…everyone that was allowed to be alive in September 2019 witness the Pope Gregory calendar and Hillel’s Hebrew calendar face-to-face. Yes, they see God’s hand on our earth day-for-day as these calendars align.

And then on October 2, 2019 the calendars are only one day from seeing themselves event-for-event. October 2, 2019 is Tishrei 3, 5780.

Yes, October 2, 2019 is Israel’s New Year of 5780. Tishrei 1 was Month One with Adam through The Exodus. Tishrei becomes a Month Seven and stays a Month One as well. When Moses brings the Israelites out of Egypt, the month of Aviv (Nissan) was commanded to be considered their first month.

There are different school year starts, tax year starts, etc. Thus, the arguers about Month One not applying to Tishrei any longer is wrong. Tishrei will always be a month one but it also becomes a Month seven when calculating history after The Exodus. And Nissan also keeps it’s position of Month Seven after Tishrei, but is proud to be called Month One at the Exodus. Nissan (Aviv) becomes a power month holding the Death Burial and Resurrection of Yeshua Jesus. It truly deserves to be looked forward to as it also holds First Fruits and Fast of Firstborn. A powerful month to look back to and powerful months to look forward to.

Let the arguers calm down and live in peace…because it is our Creator who allows many patterns as He thinks Hebrew and NOT Greek; NOT black and white; NOT A-Z. Circular thinking is what we see in Creation…as what was in the beginning was also how they came out of Egypt and how it will end. Let’s go back to Enoch…his generation was 700 years and then we see a generation also being a thousand years. And forty years, and ….etc… So let’s relax and just be watching for patterns!

Enoch’s next 700 years ends in the year 2100 (3 x 700). This is amazing…watch this…The Book of Jubilees says that Abram and Sari got married in the 40th jubilee of the earth. (40 x 50 = 2000). Yes, Abram and Sari marry at year 2000 and it does fit with the dates given for Abraham’s birth. And, we know that Abram and Sari don’t have Sari’s son that leads to The Seed until Abram is 100 years old.

Thus, Abram is of the ‘third’ generation of 700 years. I believe he is 50 when they marry so they wait one jubilee before Isaac is born when Abram is 100 years old. The grandson that is pictured as Yeshua being a ‘Son of suffering’ and ‘Son of my strength’ is Benyamin. He carries two names that point to The Messiach.

Binyamin is born in the 22nd year of Ya’cov’s relationship with Laven. This is exciting because Beit Beit shows us the House House – Temple, temple – that is to come on the earth. The Temple on earth is a shadow of the one in Heaven. Binyamin is a shadow that points to Yeshua…even his tribe is a mess and is tormented by his brothers.

I’m excited to share when Binyamin was born. The Book of Jubilee tells us it is at the year 2200. Not only does he arrive to earth in the 22nd year of relationship with Laven…having left Laven in year 20 and returning home at the end of that third Shemittah cycle (years 15-21) with Laven, Benyamin closes the door to their past with idol worshipping Laven and opening the door to the Fourth Shemittah cycle (years 22-28).

Jubilee 32:33 describes the exact year of his birth: 2186. Isn’t it amazing how the year of his birth also ties to how many Shemittah cycles Ya’cov lived with Laven. “….called his name Binyamiyn, on the eleventh of the eighth month in the first of the sixth week of this jubilee.” (11 Cheshvan 2186)

Then SIX years pass….likened to ADONAI waiting for Noach to be 600 years old when he steps on the ark and begins the flood. Six years pass with their father Ya’cov being treated unfairly in his wages and suffering in the heat and freezing cold at night as he even sounded like he was likened to Yeshua words on the cross. Six years…600 years and 6000 years. They are years of trials…years of your assimilating into a world of idolatry.

In 14 years it would be year 2200 from Adam. Binyamin would be fourteen years old. His mother died at his birth from being under his own father’s curse that the person who had stolen Laven’s idols would die. We are under this same curse, as idolatry in our lives cause us to die. We should only desire to have heavenly priorities in our lives. If we are not covered by the atoning blood of The Messiach, as seen on Yosef coat, idols have clouded our minds as they did Rachel.

Binyamin was age 10 when his brother Yosef (17) had been killed (so they were told) with his father mourning his full brother for one year. At age TEN Binyamin had lost his brother who had helped raise him since their mother had died.

Binyamin does go down to Egypt with 11 children by the time of that severe famine. His father Ya’cov will then die at 17 years of being in Egypt. Yosef is still there to support his brother Binyamin. But, now Yosef will die seventeen (17) years after his father Ya’cov (Isra’el) dies. Seventeen is a powerful number that shows the strength (1) of rest (7). Repeat: Ya’cov loses Yosef at age 17. He enjoys him for only 17 more year and dies. Yosef will die 17 years after his father dies. He remains embalmed in Egypt…waiting to be carried out by his family. He is the reminder that they will leave.

Ya’cov was at 62 years old (61.8) when Binyamin was born and when he lost his favored wife, Rachel. The Third Shemittah cycle completed itself with Rachel dying and Binyamin is born closing out the Third cycle. Many will look to this as being Yeshua/Binyamin coming in The Third Day. Yeshua is said to arrive in The Third Day….just as He arose on The Third Day. And we do see Binyamin born at the very end of the Third Shemittah cycle. Things don’t always have to be perfect but in the general vicinity. The Third Day ends with The Fourth (4) Day (Dahlet) being the door that opens the one that was lifted up. It is Yeshua that knocks on the door asking The Church to open the door. She says that she just came in from the rain and doesn’t want to get wet right now. He leaves and does not return. (We are just learning that rain represents blessing and we should welcome it in any situation.)

Yes, it’s a good picture for letter three, the Gimel whose picture language is a camel…high and lifted off the earth. Yeshua was lifted high off the earth on a stake…and now He will return to be ‘high and lifted up’ as King of Kings…just as Binyamin was treated as a King when he arrived in Egypt from the famine.

Ya’cov had all of his children by year 14 in the ‘Land of Laven’ except Binyamin. Ya’cov had 11 children (11 boys, 1 girl) in years 8-14 with Laven. In the second set of 7 years with Laven, eleven sons are born. It is only after more suffering that Binyamin comes into the world. Even half of Ya’cov’s stock had to be given to Esau to have peace in their family.

Ya’cov dies at age 147. Yosef dies at age 110. Yosef lives 37 years less than his father lived.

Did Yeshua die at age 37? Is there a pattern in Yosef that we should look at?

Another pattern we could look at is: Ya’cov only beheld his son for 17 years outside of Egypt and he beheld him only another 17 years in Egypt. Thus, Ya’cov beheld his son Yosef a total of 34 years. Many believe Yeshua may have lived to age 33. Since there is no way of knowing for sure…these patterns to Yosef should be considered since Yosef truly is a picture of our Messiah…suffering and rising up as King of Kings.

Noach family closed out the ‘second’ generation (701-1400) according to Enoch’s 700-year generation and yet they were involved in the ‘third’ generation (1401 – 2100) which shows us Abraham’s family continuing ADONAI’s righteous ways. Abram was able to be with Shem’s progeny as a young boy and learned about our Living God.

Now, after all that information, let’s continue with looking at some figures that popped up in Walter’s research. If there are enough patterns through history than we should be paying attention to see if they will give more application in the days we live.

Watchman are always alert to the things going on around them and in history. Our Creator is still creating…it’s what He loves to do…create many things that tie together so no one is without excuse to see Him in their lives.

Can we find a 1300 – 1400 pattern? We can begin with Adam’s bride Chanoah known to the world as Eve (first woman). The Book of Jubilees specifically tells about her creation and exactly how many days she was set apart before being placed in the Gan of Eden. Adam’s sanctification was half the time of hers and so he was without her for 40 days and 40 nights.

Let’s start with Adam being created on Day Six. We can all agree on that. Day Seven God rested to be the example of what man should do on the earth and to the earth. Exactly 7 days later (showing our earth’s 7000-year program) Adam is put to sleep and a bone is taken from his side. This again is Day Six of the 7-day week. Adam would then rest on the 7th day from his surgery.

Chanoah is also created on Day Six. Neither of these first human’s had an umbilical cord. Their DNA was connected through a bone graft.

This couple do NOT have children until they are 50 years on the earth. One jubilee of time is given for them to cultivate the world around them in preparation for more humans. And, it does give HONOR to The Jubilee. Rest and forgiveness…set free. Five is full of beholding grace. They both sinned at the same time and now they are set free to become one in flesh to multiply on the earth.

Adam waited until Day Thirteen to have one of his kind given to him. Then, on Day Fourteen (the Sabbath) they both began their days of being set apart to The Lord. Adam is fourteen days old and it is Chanoh’s second day on the earth. Neither of them has seen The Gan of Eden but are still in the land from which they were made.

Let us go back even further to Creation Day Three when ‘The Light’ showed up. It was this Light that spoke everything into existence. Yes, Yeshua is called, The Light of the World. Day Three we see The Light! Three is the lifting up…location changer that bring us out of chaos.

We find that this number two will associate with Ya’cov as in Chapter 2 of Jubilees verse 24 “There two and twenty heads of mankind from Adam to Ya’aqov, and two and twenty kinds of work were made until the seventh day; this is blessed and holy; and the former also is blessed and holy; and this one serves with that one for sanctification and blessing.

Even the Hebrew Aleph-Beit language has twenty letters. The Evreit language has a symbol and a number associated with each letter. We see the Latin language attaching a number to its letters, as do many languages. The Evreit language also attaches a symbol…thus there are 66 (sixty-six) items attached to it’s language. Noach also had twenty-two specie which included eight human beings enter the ark to be saved during the flood. Could it be that 22 is pointing to those who will enjoy The Lord’s ‘Eighth Day’?

What does Jubilee 2:22 talk about? “And thus he created therein a sign in accordance with which they should guard the Shabbat with us on the seventh day, to eat and to drink, and to bless him who has created all things as he has blessed and sanctified unto to himself a peculiar people above all peoples, and that they should guard the Shabbat together with us.

Yes, it is a peculiar people that will set themselves apart and honor Day Seven. Yes, it is a sweet savor that he smells from the earth.

2:23 And he caused his commands to ascend as a sweet savour acceptable before him all the days.

The Creator chose for both Adam and Chanoah to begin their sanctification on The Sabbath. The Sabbath is a sign. Day Seven is a sign to remember who created us and to whom we are set apart.

The LORD of Heavens has established patterns from the foundation the earth. We will see these patterns because we have remembered Him and now we qualify to have them revealed to us.

Jubilee 3:1 “AND on the six days of the second week we brought, according to the Word of ELOHIY, unto Adam all the beasts, and all the cattle, and all the birds, and everything that moves on the earth, and everything that moves in the water, according to their kinds, and according to their types: the beasts on the first day; the cattle on the second day; the birds on the third day; and all that which moves in the water on the fifth day. 2. And Adam named them all by their respective names, and he called them, so was their name. 3. And on these five days Adam saw all these, male and female, according to every kind that was on the earth, but he was alone and found no help meet for him. 4 And YAHUAH said unto us: It is not good that the man should be alone: let us make a help meet for him. 5. And YAHUAH ELOHAYNU caused a deep sleep to fall upon him, and he slept, and he took for the woman one rib from amongst his ribs, and this rib was the origin of the woman from amongst his ribs, and he built up the flesh in its stead, and built the woman. 6. And he awakened Adam out of his sleep and on awakening he rose on the sixth day, and we brought her to him, and he knew her, and said unto her: This is now bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh; she shall be called my woman; because she was taken from her man.”

This shows us that The Bride (Israel) rises UP on the Day Six….6000 years has completed.

Man is associated with the number six because Adam was created on Day Six.

We have been confused that woman was created that same day as the many different versions of the Bible are not as explicit as some historical books. The Book of Jubilees has several versions to it and thus if we look at the copies that are similar in thought then we have our answer. It is in the copies not the original text that we can evaluate what was really written.

Woman also is associated with a Day 6 and Day 13. She was created on Day six of the second week of creation. And, it was also Day thirteen from the beginning of Creation. Man’s bride will continue to show up in the number 13…and she shows up as Walter talks about in a pan-national appearance. She brings about change….world change…a multiplier of troubles….as, Yes, she gave birth through her womb causing multiplication of whatever DNA attached to her.

By the year 1300 the ark was being built and by the year 1333 the waters were releasing to remove all the woman had multiplied on the earth. The DNA had been tainted by the cross-breeding from those of another realm. That DNA spirit could no longer function in purity in the heavenly realm to come. Early removal had to happen as no man could live longer than One day which is 1000 years in Heavens view (God’s view).

Bride arrived Creation Day 13 via piercing of Adam’s side.

Bride Israel enters marriage covenant by accepting pierced side of Yeshua, Son of God. (Christians are joined to this covenant via Israel’s Messiach.)

1000 years is a marker of time – One Day.

1300 years is a marker of time – 1.333 Days.

1400 years is going to be a marker of time – Enoch’s writings calculated a generation at their time to be 700 years. Thus, year 1400 closed out the ‘second’ generation.

On Day 14 Chanoah and Adam began a new program. They would be the first generation to be set apart for a certain time period in order to go into the special “Gan of Eden” designed just for them.

Adam was set apart for 7 days, plus three days, plus thirty days for a total of 40 days.

Chanoh’s days for sanctification will be double that for a total of 80 days. She began her sanctification at the same time which was Creation Day 14. Because she was capable of having children come from her womb she was being set to a pattern of sanctification for them as well.

What else do we know about Ya’cov and his life since his life pictured, The Messiach? We know that Yosef was born in year 14 of his father Yacov being under the authority of ‘The House of Laven.’

Year fourteen is always a Sabbath year in a Shemittah cycle of seven years. Just as seven is a Sabbath year so is fourteen, twenty-one, twenty-eight, thirty-five, forty-two and forty-nine. At the end of 49 years, the 50th year is the jubilee year…a major year of release. Fifty also is considered year 1 of the next jubilee. So, years are continuous and programs don’t end…only new beginnings is the Hebrew thought.

Walter’s materials indicate that in 606 BC Babylon the Great conquered Israel. Let us review ‘the why’ of 606. Is it similar to any other pattern? Believe me, when I write this I’m asking myself these same questions and then finding the answers. What did we just see in the life of Adam. Yes, he was born on Day 6…and he got his bride on the next Day 6 of the second week. Here we see 06 BC involved; 606 to be exact. There are many sixes in the history of mankind, but let’s stick to Ya’cov and his life-story and also Noach. Then perhaps we can narrow our search of patterns.

It makes sense that man (6) operates on that day. It is a day of double and triple blessing or cursing which follows the theme of mana given in, The Wilderness. It was likened to coriander seed from which they made their breads.

When we try The Lord…it is testing Him. And, we are told to do this in Malachi 3 so that our Creator can prove that He is good and does answer our cries. Isn’t that interesting…that when we don’t ‘try God’ such as resting on The Sabbath, eating correctly, etc. that it is then that we don’t see Him in our lives. Yes, it is when people don’t ‘try God’ they feel let down. This is when they question if God is real. It is in ‘trying God out in our lives’ that we see Him.

Therefore, let us get serious about Day Six. Day Six produced a man….Second Week Day Six produced a woman…one from the clay and one from a bone from a pierced side. Day Six was a day of surgery…Adam put to sleep. For 6000 years men will sleep through God’s heart surgery to only wake up on The Sabbath and not find rest…but only pain from the previous days.

It took several years to move Israel into the land of Babylon. And, it was the ones that had talent to help Babylon grow that were wanted. The ordinary were left behind to look after those that remained. In fact, we have the story of General Gedalia being killed because they didn’t like the leader that Babylon sent to lead them. He was even a Jewish soldier of The Torah. Therefore today, on Month Seven Day Three we can still fast and mourn for the disobedience of rejecting God’s man. Yes, again we see the days of Korah happened again in 606 BC.

Thus, two fasts are seen so far in this discussion: fast of Tammuz for following man’s desires of who to worship and Gedalia for man’s refusal to accept Yahweh’s chosen leadership during times of duress.

Since we just studied about Korach’s Rebellion which showed us 14,700 dying from a plague, let us go ahead and connect those days with the number 14. And, it was the people’s rebellion when they saw Korach and the 250 leaders disciplined. They didn’t repent for their first offense of wanting to choose their own leadership and continued into the second offense of still rejecting chosen Aharon as their leader. It must have been 14,700 that had a rebellious attitude.

When Ya’cov was fourteen years with Laven he leaves his family to tend sheep for the next SIX years. Ya’cov did NOT go home…they had to come see their father in the distant fields. The second Shemittah cycle of year 8-14 with Laven was a continual demand for more children by four woman.

At year 14 Rachel finally received her first child and it was Ya’cov last child until seven later. At year 14 Yosef was born and that was the end of children for 7 more years. Benyamin would be the first and last child born after 7 years. Binyamin was not born in The Land of Laven. He is born outside and yet inside Ya’cov’s own father’s precious homeland. These are fun things to think about. Yosef was the last born in year 14 and would be the one to rise up…as Noach family was rising up at year 1400.

Does that sound familiar to our ears, ‘SEVEN years of tribulation’ while out in the world of sheep (people) to then finally have God’s own son arrive to the world that carries the title, ‘Strength of my right hand’? What happened at Binyamin’s arrival will happen again with, The Messiach. Both suffered…Both raised up. Both raised in a family that chose to keep their distance.

606 BC – Walter writes as the year King Nebuchadnezzar breaks through Israel’s walls. We know that it took a few years to conquer Israel, so the wars could have started in year 608 BC. History also shows us that it is after 68 years of Israel’s captivity that Babylon was conquered by Persia, courtesy of their King Cyrus. (Today’s Iran occupies that land and is known for Persian products such as rugs.)

Israel’s 70-year captivity makes sense because it represents The Sabbath and 7000 year being set free. After Six, there is rest…no matter how many zeros are built into a number. These are numbers and numbers have flexibility on either side of them. The Israelites that were not familiar with their promised land did not want to return to a land they did not know. Just as Jews today like to live out in the world because they don’t visit their homeland. They are not connected to their heritage because they have only been persecuted by being connected to that heritage/land.

What happens on the other side of BC when we come to AD? What personality influences the world toward a new religion. We know that Babylon changed Israel in 606 BC and so what powers will change Israel in the years of 600 AD? And, how many years is that? Is there a 1300-year of change between them. YES!

Did our world once see Babylon, not see them and then see them again? Isn’t that what The Scriptures talk about? It was, was not and was again! This can be talking about Babylon…and it does get greater every time it shows up!

This is what PHD Walter’s paper talks about….but he uses other situations to define it. Let’s look at detailed information to see if this could play out on our earth…always remembering ‘the woman’ (a pan-national people group or cultural group) shows up on earth at Day 13 from Creation. Day 13 also shows as 1300 ish years.

Israel is the center of our world’s culture. How you treat her is how you get treated. She will not be perfect and it is up to her Creator to discipline her. Chanoah received 80 days of sanctification. Adam’s 40-day sanctification is patterned in how long Kings reign. We also see three segments of Mosch’s life placed in 40-year segments. He dies at 120 years after 40 years in Egypt, 40 years in Midian and 40 years in The Wilderness. Let’s also note that 120 jubilees is 6000 years. Another verification for change at 6000 years.

Forty years is the standard that is seen in men such as King Sh’ual, King David, King Solomon etc. And, our Suffering Servant Messiah Yeshua Jesus came when the earth was 4000 years from Adam. I believe we will see the ultimate power move on our earth in the year 8000. Is there a name that we are yet to learn…that is even above King of Kings? That is the title carried by Yeshua Jesus during the millennial reign (6000-7000). This is going to be incredible…for those that will believe it. It is beyond description!

Babylon the Great was the political system that Israel (the woman) rode for 70 years. They were to hate each other, but yet they learned to love each other. In the Book of Revelation, it is the same….the woman (Israel) rides the beast who is associated with a false prophet. These two hate each other but try to get along. Today’s beast is Islam’s false prophet Mohammad and any connecting religion that is against Yeshua Jesus…known as The Word..of whom instructs living by The Torah. Islam has joined the world in politics, financial investments and educational institutions. Islamic enterprises encompass the entire world and to its oil enterprise the world bows.

The beast that the Harlot rides hates her being on their backs. The financial powers of this Harlot consume the earth. There is nothing that is not attached to her via technology and finance. The Romans, Alexander the Great, Persians all took their destinies of being The Woman that rode the beast. They direct the earth until the next woman climbs on top of The Beast.

This is also pictured in the time-line of 600 BC and 600 AD. They are the same but at different times. There are 1300 years between them…give or take a few years as we also see Noach flood actually began in year 1333.

Could we be more exact in their timing? Let’s look to Islam’s foundation stones.

Since writing on Muhammad and the years of his life this past year, new updates as of June, 2019 have been written about it’s history. It seems no one knows too much about him. The happenings in his life can not be substantiated nor the years in which he lived and died. Everything seems to be a guess.

“The nature of the sources is not such as to inspire confidence that we possess historically certain knowledge about the Prophet’s life that is as detailed as many earlier scholars tended to assume. Especially the customary chronological framework for Muhammad’s life appears to have been worked out by later transmitters and collectors such as ibn Ishaq, rather than being traceable to the earliest layer of Islamic traditions about Muhammad. Thus, statements of the sort that on March 21 of the year 625, Mecan forces entered the oasis of Medina are inherently problematic.”

Therefore, even though history disagrees with the legends attached to Muhammad, the author of this article writes: “This digest does not aim to separate historical fact from later legend. For instance, unlike many Western accounts, no attempt will be made to remove supernatural elements from the narrative in the interest of transforming it into an account that appears plausible by modern historiorgraphical standards.”

Therefore we can only look at what legend has to say about Muhammad’s life since history does not back up many of the accounts about him.

I do agree with that author…information on Muhammad seems to change all the time. Therefore, I will speak to the religion itself and not dwell on the man. These are going to be general time periods as Babylon had it’s general time-period to be on the earth.

What is important is that we see that history repeats itself even if it is in governments that change or rise up because of certain leaders. Constantine was legitimate and we know his decrees were because of a ‘woman’s’ influence; his mother. There we also see his mother as a ‘woman’ riding that religion beast. Constantine was earlier than Muhammad taking the reigns from The Romans and turning it into today’s Rome. He also reigned at the 300-year mark and caused great change for Ya’cov’s children known as Israel.

Rome and Islam will fight each other as Ottoman’s rule via Turkey. This is why people believe that Turkey will resurrect in the ‘end of times’ because they are the ISLAMIC-MAJORITY.

Are we more confused now….Let’s go with what ‘Legend’ says about him.

It says: His father died before he was born. His mother died when he six years old. (He is pictured as a suffering child….just as Yeshua is pictured as first suffering in his life here on the earth.)

“Muhammad’s conception is preceded by a dramatic crisis: his grandfather Abd al-Muttalib narrowly fails to implement a vow to sacrifice his favorite son and Muhammad’s future father, ‘Abd Allah, an obvious adaptation of the biblical story of the binding of Isaac Genesis 22).”

Muhammad is born in 570. His father dies before he is born.

Muhammad is then raised by his paternal grandfather Abd al-Muttalib.

This is the man that almost killed his father in a sacrifice which now makes the story deepen and emphatic toward Muhammad. Was Muhammad ever tried to be offering up by his grandfather? So legend seems to his story to sound like similar biblical accounts such as Abraham offering up Isaac.

Age 6 (576) Muhammad loses his mother Aminah

Age 8 (578) Muhammad loses his grandfather

“Responsibility for Muhammad falls to the head of the clan of Hashim, his uncle Abu Talib. While on a trading journey to Syria, Muhammad is recognized as a future prophet by a Christian monk.”

“Age 25, Muhammad is employed by a rich woman, Khadijah, to oversee the transportation of her merchandise to Syria. He so impresses her that she offers marriage. Khadijah is said to have been about 40, but she bears Muhammad at least two sons, who die young, and four daughters. The best known of the latter is Fatimah, the future wife of Muhammad’s cousin ‘Ali’, whom Shi’ite Muslims regard as Muhammad’s divinely ordered successor.

“Until Khadijah’s death some three years before Muhammad’s emigration (hijrah) to Medina in 622, Muhammad takes no other wife, even though polygamy is common.”

Muhammad loses his mother at age SIX…576 AD – He is an orphan for 56 years. If born in 570 – he lived 62 years.

Muhammad emigrates to Medina 622 AD

Mohammad dies 632

Mohammad’s cleansing technique converts others to Islam – 609 to 632.

Muhammad’s prophetic initiation occurs at age 40…on top of a mountain. (sounds like a Moses experience.)

Muhammad age 43 does not speak openly of any of his revelations.

“After Qur’anic proclamations begin to deny the existence of gods other than Allah and thereby attack the religious beliefs and practices of the Quraysh tribe, tensions arise between Muhammad and his small circle of adherents.”

Mohammed dies age 62

Mohammed is 62 years without a father and was raised by a grandfather who believed in sacrificing children to the gods.

Earlier internet information had Muhammad being born in 583. 583 to 632 makes him age 49 when he dies. This newest information (also taken from legend) has him born in the year 570 AD…the year of the elephant.

570 + 40 = 610

632 d. – 610 = 22 years to promote his religion.

This legend of Muhammad began the Islamic religion. Previous information on websites stated that Muhammad became religious from 609 – 632. (This would fit the year 613 AD confirming the earlier time periods of 6 and 13).

If legend says that it is three year before Muhammad tells anyone of his religious experience, then it is in 613 AD that he begins to promote what today is known as Islam.

Sunni religion began 631.

And for some reason the year 622 AD was chosen to begin the Muslim calendar. (This fits the paradigm of 22 – the Beit house established).

Now another man comes on the scene of history with legend declaring 612 AD as a starting point. This religion would be one year old in 613 AD…when Mohammad is telling his religious experiences. This man will become so impressed with Mohammad that he promises Mohammad one of his female daughters. They will not consummate their marriage as she is too young before Muhammad dies in 632 AD. But, this marriage ties Abu Bakr to Muhammad and he declares himself the next caliphate (leader) upon Muhammad’s death. The leaders question his appointment but the questioning stops as war is their door with Muhammad dead. There is no time for an election…just an appointment. This self-announced caliphate becomes the cause of different factions within Islam. Many do not accept this self-proclaimed leader while his close military does.

Abu Bakr was born 612 AD in Mecca. (Another man at that 600 marker.) Abu Bakr will succeed Muhammad the moment he dies. No one heard Muhammad announce his preference of who was to replace him. After this ruckus many want the future leader to have an election while others want it to be by Muhammad lineage. Abu Bakr was the first caliphate leader in 632 AD. Abu Bakr dies July 10, 678 AD in Medina. He is SIXTY-SIX when he dies….Yes, the number of man eleven times over…(6×11 = 66).

Abu Bakr dies on 14 Tammuz…days from ‘worship of Golden Calf’. He dies on The Sabbath…the Pinchas study…where it was Aharon’s son that threw a spear through the Hebrew man and the Moabite woman. It stopped the plaque that killed 24,000. We can see that Abu Bakr was about war and death. He killed many people

Abu Baker was twenty years old when his hero Muhammad died. Abu Baker had a daughter nine years old that he gives to Muhammad as a wife. They did not have children as she was too young to be a fertile female.

So how does this work out if legend has it that Muhammad dies in 632 AD being 62. Abu Bakr is 20 years old when he dies (632 minus 612). This is another conundrum in these historical figures. How could Abu Bakr’s daughter be nine years old unless he was 11 years old when his wife gave birth…which means he was ten years old impregnating her?

And, this would mean that Muhammad married her on his deathbed because to marry any sooner really makes this story unreal. Abu Bakr would have had to impregnate his wife at age 8 or 9 for Muhammad to have been married to her at least two years.

This adds to other details that are very questionable because whoever wrote about Muhammad writes his life in a way that he continually portrays Biblical characters.

Back to the history of Babylon…Whew…I thought I knew Islam’s history but it keeps changing every day…but let’s just push forward with the years of history with things that were suppose to happen even if it is according to legend (hear say).

Islam’s one god theology came through Muhammad and expounded upon his death in 632 AD.

Iraq (Islamic state) reigned from former Babylon until it became a republic under the Bush administration. Saddam Hussein was executed on December 30, 2006. He was hanged for crimes against humanity.

Walter claims there was rest in Islam from 1917 to 1977. World War I and World War II were concentrating on removing communism in Japan, Russia and China. War turned into Cold Wars. Persecutions worldwide begin through Islamic beliefs of killing the ‘infidels’. New caliphates arise but are no longer recognized by it’s majority. Islam is focusing on riding the nations and assimilating into the world. Annihilation of it’s enemies has not worked and so this Beast grows bigger as it becomes acceptable to the whore riding her.

Where was Noach’s first speech to his children when getting of The Ark? Mt. Ararat.

Where was Muhammad’s last speech to his world? Mt. Arafat. Then he took off for Jerusalem and flew up into heaven on a horse….is his legend.

Who is to set his foot on the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem? Yes, our King of Kings. And, He will be right on time.

What day is it? I believe it is the day to examine the times. The real times and not the ‘fake times.’ We do NOT live by legends but truth from The Creator.

Here is what is true…

The woman was given on Creation Day 13.

Noach’s Flood removed the woman’s progeny on Month Two, Day Seventeen, Year 1333.

Noach’s family made it through the waters (nations) by the power of the Ruach HaChodesh (water). The animals disembarked the ark in Month Two, at Day Twenty-seven, year 1334 AM. Not to add more fuel to this fire, but it was not until the Rosh Chodesh of Month Four (Tevet) that Noach and his family left the ark completely. (This happens to be the EXACT days that Adam and Chanoh were in their days of sanctification.)

Babylon draws Israel’s power players to her soil. Israel absorbs into Babylon beginning 606 BC for 70 years. This assimilation stops in one day…in the year 538 BC. Babylon is taken over by Persian/King Cyrus in one day…while Babylonian soldiers and leaders are drunk inside their palace, Cyrus re-directed the waters and found a way into her stronghold.

In One Day Babylon surrendered. Thus after 68 years of carrying Israel off to Babylon to build it, they are rescued and those kings were no more. It takes a few years to return as they will now learn their original language and return to restore The Temple…but many don’t want to go back to WORK….and it just doesn’t quite get done…another failure on the people’s part.

Babylon captures Israel is 606 BC.

Islamic warriors in 606 AD.


Israel was safe under King Cyrus and Alexander the Great was good to them. When Alexander died his empire was split between his four generals. They were not so kind to Israel. They forced them to STOP honoring The Torah. Roman soldiers harassed them and in 167 BC forced The Torah to be null and void. No more worship in synagogues using kosher animals. The Temple held the figures of Alexander and Zeus with unclean animals sacrificed on the altar. 163 BC The Temple was won back after 3.5 years….Daniel’s prophecy fulfilled.

In 250 AD Helena Augusta was born. She gives birth to Constantine the Great, February 27, 274 AD. This 24-four year old woman will reign on the earth for only one jubilee…50 years. She dies in 330 AD. (250 – 330)

This woman rode the beast of a false prophet. This false religion removed all Jewishness and The Torah. It was only the message of Jesus dying on the cross for the sake of man’s sin. Forced conversations or die was the game-plan which became known as, The Crusades. Jews and pagans would not be tolerated. A new type of Rome had emerged on the earth by year 333 AD….showing us the imagery of Noach’s Flood of 1333.

Constantine and his mother Saint Helena, Empress of The Roman Empire built Constantinople. The Greeks still call it Constantinople but the maps of our day show it as Istanbul (Islamic headquarters). The seven hills in Rome were not enough for the woman Helena. She wanted to rule from it’s Cathedral on the seven hills on those waters. Mystery Babylon is called a mystery because it spreads itself out across our earth on many hills giving birth to many different religions. A woman rides this beast that is both political and religious. False prophets join false governments which in turn come to hate the woman riding over them.

Islam will cover the earth and consume many hills of seven or more. Islam is in France and Italy. Islam is in bed with the current Pope Benedict who has no problem with being the last Papacy on the earth. He understands that the Papacy rule is to merge with all religions…so they can be all things to all men. The woman riding the beast is the financial structure of the earth. They hate each other, but they tolerate each other for a time.

Babylon was bold and beautiful. She raised herself up on a 40-square mile plateau built by the Jews. The Jews felt they were back in Egypt…working for luxury was not too bad and they forgot the stories of Egypt as they assimilated into their new Babylon. Seventy years went fast and Daniel had been young enough to remember the prophecy that it would only be for seventy years. It was not a 400-year journey to their promised land but 70 to return.

Abraham’s promise began when Isaac was born when he was 100 years old. Four Hundred years later they would cross into the land promised to them. That land would be named Israel as Isaac’s son Ya’cov (Jacob). Ya’cov struggled all night with ADONAI to be blessed. And, after that struggle Ya’cov was not only promised blessings for his future generations, he also received a new name…Isra’el. (God struggler).

Thus, we see the struggles of a people group set apart by ADONAI to give birth to The Son of God…Yeshua Jesus. He is born on the earth at 4000 years. Forty (40) years of struggling in The Wilderness gave way to a 400-year land promise that gave way to a 4000-year birth, death and resurrection accomplishment.

4000 years is 80 jubilees (50 x 80). What will happen in the next 80 jubilees or 4000-year program? Our Creator has set the earth to what is known as The Eighth Day program. Each day is known to be one thousands years. That 8000 years holds 160 jubilees. 6000 years holds 120 jubilees (50 x 120). Thus we are at 40 Jubilees since Yeshua Jesus rose and and returned to be the strength of The Father. Six thousand years since Adam is another marker in history.

It’s the Day of Man – It’s the day he was created and it is the day his Woman was taken from his side…to walk next to him propping him up…being a good help-meet.

Our world came out of chaos…darkness was first and then light. In the Hebrew the day begins at dusk. This is taking darkness and turning it into light. Thus, our entire day in the Hebrew can be of light…dispelling darkness entirely. I like this spiritual picture of our future in Him…because He is the light of this world and in eternity.

A thousand-year reign is expected from our King and then the year 7000 can be complete. This pattern was established since the days of Creation. Creation Day Seven of rest explicitly shows us the 7000 years of COMFORT with The Son of God ruling. The earth finds it’s complete rest with no influence for ‘The Deceiver’. A perfect world on earth as was intended with Adam and woman.


When The Book of Revelations speaks of a ‘false’ prophet…it means “not the right one”. It also is stating that there has to be a ‘true’ prophet.

Since the woman was deceived in the Gan of Eden and Adam followed her into that deception…both are to blame because truly ‘all’ sin and come short of the glory of ADONAI. Thus, a man can blame the woman and the woman can’t blame the man. Free will gets to express what is in our minds. An uncircumcised heart unto The LORD allows blood to flow without being hindered. Freewill flows freely. A circumcised heart has been cut. It heals by creating a scar though which blood can no longer flow…it’s blocked. It has to find another path…a better path…a more narrow path. It does not go down the road to many idols of this world but it is content to be drawn back to it’s original life source and dwell there. (God’s Word..The Living Word..Yeshua…also pierced for us with a scar to hold us close to his heart.)

SIX THOUSAND YEARS COMPLETED – Day Seven Begins Millennial Reign

Babel – Tower = language confused so man will spread out on the earth.

Woman kills TRUE Prophet Yeshua Jesus – mankind hears others speaking in their own language.

One language returns to earth – Hebrew

Yeshua Jesus speaks Hebrew – men will understand him in their own language.

Only The Son of God returns to earth to reign from Jerusalem (City of Peace). Jews are a witness on the earth. Messianic Christians are witnesses on the earth. These are the two witnesses that adore Jerusalem and speak on her behalf to the world.

The last generation arriving to the earth will be born during the 7000th year which holds millennial rule. (6000-7000)

The first generation of the earth will rise up last…but not least. They will rise to see The Lord’s vengeance upon ‘The Watchers.’

Two generations of 700 years each (1400 years) will rise up to see the angels that violated their habitation and came into woman changing ADONAI’s spiritual DNA punished into everlasting fire. (1333 years of violation)

Could we say that they were first removed by water and next by fire? It does fit in the covenant sign of the rainbow….(never again by water, next time by fire!)

The first two generations will be avenged for the angel’s disobedience. Enoch’s generations were 700 years. Two generations is thus 1400 years…etc.

Adam to Enoch was 7 righteous generations. Noach is the 10th man in his righteous generations. By TEN generations of men ADONAI wiped the slate clean (earth) and began with one man…Noach…whose name means Comfort. He wipes the earth clean by ADONAI’s breath (Ruach Spirit) covering the earth.

And, Enoch 92 describes TEN generations of 700 years each of mankind’s history on earth. Yes, he explains what the world will view in the last week (year 6900-7000).

Israel was the family chosen to bring ‘the nations’ Yahweh’s instructions known as The Torah which Yeshua Jesus also quoted from The Writings, The Prophets and the Psalms. If we fail to connect the past to our future we deserve to be lost in time.

What do Walter’s notes say to me? They showed me more calendar dates that confirm history being played out with not too many people sitting in the bleachers. His dates of Islam being slowed down for SIXTY years from 1917 to 1977 shows us ADONAI’s mercy on the nations. Judgment will take another form as 50 million people and 6 million Jews are lost during a hidden Holocaust that was finally exposed in it’s last years. An entire Shemittah cycle (7 years) of humans being experimented on and thrown away as garbage….in the name of evolution. But through it all, Abraham’s homeland known as Israel would be renewed. Today in 2019, Isra’el is 71 years of age and maturing more every day and still people want to deny her holocaust and her land.

In that 60 years man went to the moon even though he was given dominion over the earth and NOT the universe. And now, from the universe man spies on each other all in the name of peace. John named it correctly when the best word for Babylon was that it would be a ‘mystery’ to be unveiled. The Tower of Babel did get built and men are still not satisfied with going to the moon…they only want more and more of the universe…there must be more life somewhere so they keep searching…when all they need is to quiet themselves and ‘KNOW that I AM He’…God!

God’s Calendar – Human Resources to Rule – HR&R.

Man was created on Day Six to pattern to the six thousand years of work on the earth. Six thousand (6000) years to prepare the earth for His Ruling Rest – HRR.

We are warned NOT to ‘NOT WATCH.’ The things in our future should not to be a surprise to us. The patterns of history cry out. The Bible cries out but, because we think we have to have originals, we don’t heed the warnings. It is in the comparing of the copies and their consistency that makes mankind without excuse.

Thank you PHD Walter…for not chasing after money to sell you insightful information. Thank you for looking at history that shows the warnings given in The Scripture. May we all become a PHD in God’s word, The Bible. The last writings don’t make sense without the first writing. The OT came before the NT. NT confirms the OT.

Today’s Babylon was seen as ‘Mystery Babylon’ to John. He had never seen communications as to what we have today. Artificial intelligence permeates the invisible. It is like the wind…you can see its results but not it itself. It can grow into ‘fake’ with such force invading our lives. Love disappears as hate grows to intolerance.

Mystery Babylon becomes intolerant of any ethic group. This woman rides the world so diverse in character that she grows larger and larger consuming every language and crossing every border. Mankind is now shaking their fists at Heaven declaring they will sit on ADONAI’s throne as we ALL will be as gods.

Only in the Judeo-Christian value are we called to love one another. In that value we are called to be servants…not gods!

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