What’s Happening in Double Portion? Annihilation is Not An Option!

Eye Witness Accounts for Month 12 – Adar II 5779 (March 8 – April 5 2019)

There is an extra month in 2019 added to the Hillel calendar.  It is called Adar I and the original month of Adar is known as Adar II.  When there is an extra month added it does something strange to calendars that usually never see eye-to-eye.  It causes them to see date-for-date.    Beginning in August 2019 they will pass by each other by one day and then in September they stand facing each other directly in the eye…which means the world is ‘without excuse’ in what The Creator is doing on the earth.  And then from October they just pass each other still seeing each other by one or two days.  Thus, from August through January 2020 our worlds are come together.

Let us remind outselves that August holds Av which Noach is delivered the olive branch representing Israel on the earth. The next month is Elul which sees the king drawing closer to his subjects to get to know them and give them His instructions as seen through David with Abigale and Mosch getting the second set of instructions at Mt. Sinai.  Elul is also Creation Day 25 which shows chaos before light.  The next month is Tishrei which begins the new year with trumpets blowing, days of awe, Yom Kippur leading to Sukkot which joins the world together for a wedding banquet.  Cheshvan is next showing the ‘day of deception’ and ‘day of judgment’ Cheshvan 17.  Kislev is next declaring ‘dedication to bringing Light to the world.’  January will hold the next month of Tevet with the calendars only being three days apart with Hillel being ahead of Gregory.  Tevet 10 is the Fast of Tevet because Israel’s walls were first breached by King Neb.  February is now five days apart and holds the  next month of Shevat.  Shevat 1 – 24 is spoken of in Zechariah 1-2 with Yahweh’s goals of bringing back The Temple on earth.  The ‘horseman’ are involved so peace is taken from the earth.  It will be election year with many ‘horsemen’ telling you their lies or truth.

I’ll show you what 2020 looks like…It does not have 20 20 vision.

January/Tevet – 3 days apart, February/Shevat 5 days apart, March/Adar 4 days apart, April/Nissan 6 days apart, May/Iyyar 6 days apart, June/Sivan 7 days apart, July/Tammuz 8 days, August/Av 10 days,  September/Elul 11 days, October/Tishrei 12 days, November/Cheshvan 13 days, December/Kislev 15 days apart.

You can get a wonderful calendar that includes what happened in the past and the civil and religious Hebrew months at http://www.elshaddaiministries.us.

2019 is an exciting time when the calendars are brought close together so no man is without excuse..  I have more to say on this and very shortly.  Now, let’s look what the first month of Adar looks like.  When we see Adar II on a calendar that is the main Adar that never leaves.  Adar I is added every few years to catch up with the sun and moon.

March 7, 2019 – 30 Adar I, Rosh Chodesh

March 9 – 2 Adar II – Parasha Pekudei ‘counting’.

March 16 – 9 Adar II – Parasha Vayikra ‘he called’.

March 19 – 12 Adar II – Patterns of Evidence

March 20 – 13 Adar II – Fast of Esther

March 21 – 14 Adar II – PURIM

March 22 – 15 Adar II – Purim Shushan

March 23 – 16 Adar II – Tzav ‘command’.

March 24 – 17 Adar II – began this writing

March 25 – 18 Adar II – BB Netanyahu with President Trump – Golan Heights annexed to Israel; Tele’viv Israel bombed 5:00 am Tel’viv …7 hurt. Gaza terrorist site bombed by Israel in retaliation.

Update:  On May 5 2019, 30 Adar I Israel’s Prime Minister BB Netanyahu announced that Hamas must stop bombing Israel as 150 bombs went off that day killing Israeli’s.  Isra’el dropped flyers telling the Palestinians to move south because Israel would start taking back Gaza from the north if the bombs did NOT stop.

Adar is the month that holds PURIM and this year we had two of them that could be  celebrated.  After Isra’el’s elections they stood unanamous and united in ridding their country of Hamas.  Today, is May 7 with tomorrow being 3 Iyyar being Israel’s Memeorial Day.  They will NOT allow any one to try to anniliate them again!

Original Post:

I stand in awe over many things as I post this.  Israel being bombed Sunday morning March 24, 17 Adar II when people are sleeping in their beds is pure murder.  War is never righteous and this act was heineous.  Gaza should be shut down and taken back so it can return to the beautiful area is was when given as a ‘peace’ offering to the nations.  Now it likened to a dump as ‘Damascus’ is a dump…and stench for the world to see from war.

Saturday night as I reread The Torah portion Tsav….God paused me and said….STOP and remember…Stop and think about this. I could not go any further. That day was the Sabbath and I had spent five hours with my friends studying, praying, laughing and then almost crying at the end. It is a lot of Type A personalities…all wanting to lead in their own opinions….but isn’t it good that they all have an opinion….which makes them thinkers.

Food discussion occurs every week as gluten invades the dishes or the sugar content rages. Different evils in our food affect each person differently, but my thought is that over the long term it affects each of us as we get sick and can’t come on the next Sabbath. We also have a young man about age 28 that is so explosive for his love of Yeshua Jesus that when his sugars implode, his autistic behavior intensifies. He becomes louder and stronger in drawing us to what he feels we should know. Then his feelings are hurt even more as we direct him back to what the discussion is about.


I start here because it is what we feed physically and spiritually into our bodies that helps all of us to remain calm and objective when studying God’s word. I’m still standing in ‘awe’ over many in our group and especially this young man of whom I’ll name, Joseph. Yosef is one that I can truly say that he can make me ‘jealous.’ How can a person with autism make anyone jealous? Because, his mother has directed his path unto ‘righteousness’ and it bothers him to deviate from it at all. He takes his Creator more serious that any adult person I know. His intensity spills over into the rest of us….we should all study to show ourselves approved workman of the LORD.

We should all be jealous for the LOVE Yosef has for God over anything else in his life. We should all be jealous for retention of what is read and then studied out. Once he commits to the answer, there is no wavering but he will listen to a better understanding. I am ‘jealous’ of this in Joseph….and I’ve told him many times of my ‘jealousy’ for him. This young adult man will not marry and that frustrates him….but he finds solace in God; and we all continue to pray for his healing as we have a God that heals our infirmities. Yosef is precious in His sight and in the sight of every person in our class. Autism that is directed to the Lord is awesome and we do ‘listen’ when he speaks.

I am thankful for Yosef, and I am thankful for our class and teaching leader, Bryan. I pray for my patience as we all try to stay on topic in our five hours together every Sabbath.


On the Friday before this last Sabbath I was given a personal message of ‘patience’ from Joel Richardson. I was privileged to drive to a Kansas City location that he was the weekend speaker. He had finished a heavy morning and afternoon session when I ask him to explain One Law. I had ask a question with a lot of comment ahead of it. Patience first came out of his mouth to me. Then he explained it’s result in the congregations where some will implode.

I’ve been frustrated with the ‘gentile’ wanting to come into the truth of The Torah, and yet I see them removing the ‘items’ they think just don’t have much weight in the whole scheme of things. Thus, it seems at Oneg (fellowship time with food) a sign could be posted by the food that is ‘kosher’ so those wanting to stay true to the ‘food laws’ can do so. (Will the gentile remain pagan and bring pork?)

Will the icons read: KF (kosher free); PF (pork free); GF (gluten free); GF? (God-free?). Everyone seems to want to be free….but perhaps it’s not about being free….but about being, ‘Obedient’.

The Council of which Ravi Peter and Ravi Paul (Kefa and Sha’ul) were part of did decide that circumcision would not be required to be part of ‘the believers’. The circumcised heart…a soft heart, no longer one of hard stone…is what causes man to walk according to God’s ways. But, the Messiah Yeshua Jesus did have his Brit-malah on his ‘Eighth day”. His parents were claiming him to be part of the Abrahamic Covenant. Circumcision of the flesh indicates their attachment to Abraham….through whom came all the promises of land, seed and blessing. A specific place, A specific man, A blessing to multiply on the earth.

In Judeo-Christian America the majority of males are circumcised because it has been considered a good health practice. I remember my Dad for health reasons had it done as an old guy and it was a very painful thing. Islam’s practice to circumcise is because Ishmael did. But, in Europe it seems only 4 per cent of males are circumcised. We know that it is the ‘circumcision’ of the heart that is required of The LORD for salvation. After the stone heart has turned soft through what Yeshua Jesus did for you may any offering be brought. Once our hearts are softened to that salvation, the heart propels the person into action to show it’s faith. Circumcision has been that sign of attachment to those promises.

The action of Baptism was not given an ‘exception’. Five Scriptures prove that baptism is in Jesus’ name: Acts 2:38, 8:16, 10:48, 19:5; Romans 6:3.

Mark 16:16 “He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved.”

Ephesians 4:5 One Lord, one faith, One Baptism

My class friend just wrote a book and handed me a bookmark on the highlights of that book. View that incredible book at http://www.benotfaithless.com.

Bookmark: The 5 Encyclopedias that prove the one baptism was changed (declared invalid). You’ll find that all this information in her book, Be Not Faithless But Believing, Jesus by Cheryl Alvarez. (I wrote out her bookmark at the end of this article.)

Truly, baptism was NOT removed by the Council of Elders (Jesus disciples) nor is it removed anywhere in The Bible which declares the councils actions.

Circumcision could be discussed as it is a ‘sign’ of a covenant and specifically to Abraham that through his loins would come the Land with The Seed with The Blessing. Genesis 17:11

Gen 17:11 You are to be circumcised in the flesh of your foreskin; this will be the sign of the covenant between me and you.

Gen 17:12 Generation after generation, every male among you who is eight days old is to be circumcised, including slaves born within your household and those bought from a foreigner not descended from you.

It amazes me that people would not want all of the blessings that God has available. Even, a few days before the Israelites crossed over the Yarden to enter ‘The Promised Land’, which closed out their 40-year wilderness experience which brought them face-to-face with Abraham’s 400-year old promise, all their males circumcised their flesh. They were agreeing to operate in a covenant set up by ADONAI.

How did they know it was time to cross over? The first generation (their parents) stopped dying…there were no more of them left alive except for Joshua and Caleb of whom were now over 80 years old.

Now, they would even leave those graves behind in order to cut ties to their ancestors of whom had lost faith to Adonai’s commitment to The Land, The Seed and The Blessing to multiply as the sands of the sea. This next generation not only said what their parents said at the Sinai Covenant, “We will do all ADONAI says”, but they actually cut their flesh in agreeing to it. Abraham cut his flesh at age 99 and one year later Isaac was born when Abram was 100. That second (new) generation cut their flesh to show their participation and NOT one of the 12,000 men were lost when they removed the Midianites before they crossed over.

There was ‘unfinished’ business with the Midianites before the next cities would be purged as well. Ba’lam’s suggestion to assimilate into the Israelites worked and now all of that had to be purged out of the tribes….but not Israelite soldier died in doing it…not ONE. Mosche took the 420 lbs of gold collected from that spoil was taken into the ‘tent of meeting.’

The ‘signs of the flesh’.

Parashah 25 Tsav stopped me to ponder and think seriously about why two of Aaron’s sons were killed and not even given time of a memorial. The readings are Leviticus 6:1(8) – 8:36. Why white linen and a loin cloth? Why does this visual example come back to the earth at year 4000 and again at 7000 and again at 8000 years? What is going on with white clothing?

I pondered this because of the experience of Purim on that previous Thursday night, March 21, 2019. If our group had not come together to celebrate the removal of ‘Haman’ from the Jews lives in the days of Esther we would not have met young Bruce Nicholas (8) and his grandmother. She loves the Bible and agreed to join us in reading The Book of Esther while her grandson was attending his martial arts class with teacher Bryan. She then instructed him to join us and read with us the remainder of Esther. He was a very respectful young boy and very obedient to want to do that.

It was a lively reading by the time he joined in as King Ahasuerus’ second in command, Haman, thought that he would be honored in a special way from the King. Instead Haman’s enemy, Mordicai, was the one to be honored of which Haman was in charge of doing the honoring. Bruce could not believe that people would want to kill other people and annihilate an entire race of people. He came to realize that ‘the hand of God’ was on the Jews. Through fasting and prayer God’s hand moved upon The King to issue another decree setting the Jews free to defend themselves.

Double Salvation –

By the end of The Book of Esther this eight-year old boy knew that Esther’s God should be His God. He knew that The Seed line that was preserved through the Jews at that time would be the Savior to whom he must look for his salvation.

This grandmother had never read much less understood the Book of Esther. Her spirit was also moved to salvation in Yeshua Jesus that night. In The Book of Esther it gives the exact dates of when to ‘remember’ this activity that occurred on our earth. It was now up to God’s children to read these verses and be obedient to them on their exact date.

I say this to show us God’s hand on Israel. PURIM Shushan (celebrated outside the capitol of Shushan) was recognized on the Hillel calendar 15 Adar II on March 22, 2019. Purim is our example of defending ourselves and pre-emptive if necessary. Monday, March 25, 18 Adar II is when President Trump officially signed papers with BB Netanyahu being present on United States soil to recognize The Golan Heights officially being Israel’s possession. They re-acquired that in the 1967 War and no president has had the stamina to recognize it.

As Israel’s Prime Minister and the President and Vice President of the United States agreed in solidarity about this and went public on television, Hamas shot a missle into the only city with their major airport, Tele’viv. It was 5:00 am and people did not have time to respond to the sirens that rang the warning. Seven people were injured. Israel immediately struck Gaza and took out the terrorist missile site. The message is clear that Israel defends herself immediately. And, I believe that Gaza should be shut down and annexed back into Israel. There is no room for annihilation from the Haman’s of the world that declare it.

Bruce is of black ancestry. His life too has been one of escaping death…and here he was in a martial arts class on how to defend himself. He kept saying that he has been so ‘lucky’ many times not to die….finally, I told him that there is such thing as ‘luck’ as God controls every hair on our head. He agreed that he liked the word, ‘blessed’ instead. And now, he really feels blessed as he acknowledged Yeshua Jesus as his savior and right at his human 9th birthday, March 23 2019. His grandmother even used the words, ‘as such a time as this’ that she would bring him to his class and read about Esther’s life….and now she wanted to move forward with new learning about God in her life. It was a ‘double’ salvation night.

The week of Esther’s fast turned into one of blessing in so many ways. I thought it was going to remain quiet during it’s first days of Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. I’m never sick but began to feel ache in my body Sunday and it did not let up until Purim on that Thursday evening at the class. It was only then that I felt the ‘freedom’ again of being energized. I had started my fast on Tuesday night walking into the movie Patterns of Evidence of Moses and ended it on Wednesday at dusk those closed out The Fast of Esther.

I remember praying not for Joyce to catch anything from me as my body would go into a sweat. It was a more than interesting and intense 2.5 hours of learning how professors that had looked for evidence had lost their faith when not finding it. But, evidence of a language written in Egypt at the time of Joseph proved what language came first and how early they found it. The Flood and The Exodus had been placed later in history with Ramses. But when placed with earlier Pharaohs, it’s evidence is there. This set of DVD’s will be a must for all of us own.

On Monday, March 18 2019 (11 Adar II) we picked up a new Odessey that was a gift from Adonai. Money was made available to pay off debt with cash left over. The last van we bought was an 1989 Dodge that isn’t even made anymore. Now, as retirees you would think we’d drive something cuter and smaller but our hearts are about family. We shopped for eight seats because of our beautiful grandchildren and family. Thus, 30 years later in life we’ve entered the VAN world once again and feel blessed doing it.

OUR WORLD – States that endorse abortion HIT hard!

The Cyclone Snow Bomb hit the northern and mid United States where STRONGER abortion laws are argued for. The Polar Vortex Freeze with -50 degrees temperatures left the snow solid with The SNOW Bomb now piling up on it. Just some of it melting has put Nebraska under water with homes having black ice chunks in their living rooms. It’s not flood water, but black icebergs smashing through these homes walls. No one has ever experienced this before…the pictures almost look made up but they aren’t.

I was struggling to be that cheerful person during the three days of fasting that some people were doing. My body was chilling and then situation after situation was arising where it seemed people were about to die and people did die and this was happening to couples…yes..two at a time. It began at the time we gathered to pray at the Rosh Chodesh to give thanks for all that God created…even the moon that was not able to be seen as it was hidden for three days.

On returning from prayer at 8:00 pm March 7, 30 Adar I. We had news that our daughter’s in-laws had been hit from the rear as they sat still in the dark night turning left. A truck slammed them from their right rear and it flipped them upside down. He coded but is now recovering from head trauma. She has fractured bones and living in pain while praising God they are both alive. At two weeks they were in rehab together in Texas and by March 24 the wife is now at home without her husband, a former pastor teacher of whom is still struggling to remember. Our prayers for health are with them.

LIFE – On March 8 we found our cow had given birth to a bull probably the night of March 7 when it was darker than dark and cold that night. This bull calf was named Pekudai (to give an account) after the Torah reading the next day, March 9 2019.

DEATH – A week later on Friday, March 15 a couple from Iowa were killed when on a motorcycle ride in Florida…at highway speed…the husband seems to have fallen asleep when it was cold and drove off the interstate killing them both. My brother’s and his wife’s best forever friends left four children who even had a 6-week old grandchild.

March 23, Saturday gave witness to their double funeral in Iowa.

March 23, Saturday gave witness to a double memorial service in Missouri.

DEATH – On March 23 another double memorial was held for a fireman’s parents at their church. His father died and six days later his mother also dies. They were in their 80’s. We all die but it is hard to lose a father…and it is hard to lose a mother…especially at the same time.

And, what was the Torah reading? It tells of the story of the High Priest Aharon seeing his two sons die before his eyes…removed by The Most High by fire. He who gave his sons also took their lives….because of false practice…disobedience. Did they think God should obey them when they offered their fire?

Life is very fragile isn’t it. We do not know when we will be called out of this world….but we will be given time to turn back to the one who created us. They had seven days and then ‘sinners’ were removed on the ‘Eighth Day.’

The Scriptures that are scheduled to be read around the world are powerful. I cling to them and take them very serious. They are lessons that we must learn from or they will happen to us as well. If we teach anything other than God’s instructions, we are held highly accountable.

January 30 began the days the ‘red horses’ were sent out in 2019 to take peace from the earth. We read about this in The Book of Zechariah. The Hebrew date was 24 Shevat.

By 2019 our nation has strongly pitted itself against the leadership that God established; leadership in America and in Israel. Abortion legislation has always been legalized murder and now state after state state is invoking this murder even after the human being is born. What what reason? The mother’s life is NOT in jeopardy for any reason. It’s just plain murder because even at 24 weeks a C-section can remove the child safety so neither die. We just don’t know when to stop pushing God’s button.

Esther and her people, the Jews…in 127 Providences and in the capitol of Shushan fasted three days and three nights in sackcloth with no food nor water. Even after three days, if her husband did not hold his scepter out to her, she would be executed for going before the king without being called. Even after receiving her he still might kill her once he learned she had lied about who she was…a Jewess.

She must reveal her Hebrew name, Hadassah. And, she was Mordicai’s niece. She was part of family that he had just written a decree to destroy every man, woman, and infant. Does the world know you’re a Believer in the living God whose son is Yeshua Jesus?


I have learned that it is in a sincere and contrite heart that my Creator hears my pleas. I do not have to be screaming at him to listen…He is already there with his ear bent toward me. It is his right ear stained with blood.

Bruce and his grandma bent their ears to hear the message being told through the celebration of PURIM. I write this because I am still in awe of what happened on PURIM March 21 from 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm. It started with singing praises with Chris S. who brought his guitar and sang soft edifying words that we could join in. He received a call that caused him to leave immediately for home which was 30 minutes away. His empty chair would next be occupied by a sweet grandma of whom would share in reading aloud, The Book of Esther. God wanted the Jews to return to Jerusalem to build The Temple, but many had already assimilated into the lands around them.

We are able to read the stories on the exact days they occur because Scripture tells those special days for that specific reason. The stories of Esther show us assimilation which leads to annihilation. Today’s Israel has refused to assimilate into the world and now has their own land ordained to them in 1917 via The Balfour Accord. Even as evils were planned against Tele’viv Israel at PURIM 2019, she immediately defended herself because she knew she had the help of other nations leaders in supporting her response. Thank you President Trump.

Chris S. had shared information about Joel Richardson speaking the next day which was Shushan Purim. I knew my path was being directed to be there. I drove 45 minutes by myself and sat with Chris. It was Adar 15, the day to celebrate again that The King gave permission to strike the enemy even outside the capitol of Shushan. And, even their governors and heads of the towns were instructed to help remove The Jews enemies. One year later, in his 127 provinces that reached into the ocean, there were 75,800 enemy removed. Today, Christians and Jews are targeted for annihilation and our public leaders….God-ordained…. are severely being discredited by worldly people.

As I returned Sunday evening from dropping our firstborn (44) off at an airport so he could advance his military survival training, he sent a picture of himself scowling at a sign that says,

“Become worldly Flying the most people the most miles internationally every day.” UNITED

Is it God’s goal for us to become more worldly? Or, do we fly the world to tell others how God sees our world…through His son’s eyes…pure and undeceiving eyes?

My first thought was that, United We Stand….but then if United Airlines wants people to read the big print and not take time to read the small print below it…in light gold lettering…then United will fall. Worldly people are selfish people…they do NOT have God at the center of their lives……they won’t observe God’s instructions and they certainly aren’t praying for His safety for them as they fly.

SACRIFICE – People sacrifice their lives for their country…and even a loved one. Parent know how to sacrifice for their children, but children have not learned how to sacrifice for their parents or their family. Children learn how to sacrifice by not taking all the ice cream and leaving some for the rest of the family. But, whose money bought the ice cream in the first place? God is our parent. He gave us everything. It becomes a parent’s joy when the child uses his own money to treat others in the family. Giving is a sign of learning sacrifice.

God does not want unwilling sacrifices but only willing sacrifices. It is the softened heart that can give. It is an even softer heart that gives without the other hand knowing it gave.

Who gave the ultimate ‘sacrifice’? The Spirit of God designed it from the foundation of the earth. And, the visual example is seen in this Torah portion called, Tsav. Not only do we see the crucifixion but we see the linen garments he was wrapped in and then another set of new clothing as the ‘ashes’ are taken outside to a clean place…the heavenly altar. We see the 7th day which leads to falso worship gone on the 8th day…Wow…what a study that shows us what is going to happen. Why would we want to get rid of a system that still is not complete in it’s story-line that is running through the earth?

Let’s step outside the ball park and look down into the arena of man’s thinking. Sacrifice is works and nothing more…sitting in the front row. Sitting in the second row they can see further out and hear more people speaking. Those in the second section have been taught that OT is wrong and only NT is for today. But, they like learning and so they try to listen in just in case there is something else to learn from their life coaches.

The second generation was willing to ask enough questions and now understood that it just wasn’t about a churches doctrine, but it was about a program instilled throughout the entire earth. They move on up to the Third Level and are excited to see the larger picture. They can stand up better in order to catch the balls flying at them. The ‘awe hah’ moment are heard everywhere. They are all cheering louder and their voices are reaching into the heavens.

The Purim stories and the Torah readings are being told from every week that week. They all agreed Israel could defend themselves and they cheered President Trump on as he stood before the world and gave witness that The Golan Heights should have never been contested since 1967.

A question that is continually ask by the bottom row people is, “Why will we sacrifice again?”

These are the same people that will rise up to know God is in charge as they saw The Seed prophesied through the loins of Abraham and now Esther. They are confused because it seems right that there is no longer a Temple because our Messiah lives within us.

The bottom row in the arena is labeled…REMEMBER. They are sitting near the coach so they can hear him speak. Why would the ‘coach’ tell the players that? Don’t these ball players remember how to pitch and how to hit? Why so many fingers being pointed down?

It is in the remembering…in the visual remembering….that we do NOT forget.

These players will rise up as their questions are answered and they realize….everything with God is about ‘remembering’, ‘looking forward’ or ‘looking back’ to the stories of history. There is nothing more that can be added to these stories, but there are situations in history that will confirm the things of God.

Wrong words spoken causes removal. Repentance (returning) brings salvation. Coaches are given yellow flags for bad attitudes and some coaches are ask to leave the game. Our vows to God in life can only be canceled by one person over us….God himself. Our vows to commit to His ways will never be canceled by Him…because His Words are true. His dress rehearsals prepare us for eterntiy.


Last week March 18-20, 2019. Three-day Fast of Esther began, Monday thru Wednesday.

Our world had many many many people observing that fast to the best of their human countenance. As dusk came on Wednesday night, March 20, people all over the world and in the land of Israel were breaking that fast. The Book of Esther should have been read by billions of people this week. It’s lessons played out on our earth as we wore a Hebrew thinking cap.

Life’s patterns are not about being Greek. Life is not about having a beginning and end but a circular motion that what came around will come around again. We are to learn from history in order not to make the same mistakes. (Israel gave Gaza away to appease the nations and has been sorry ever sense. It should be taken back never to be given again.)

Wednesday evening began PURIM…celebration from assimilation or annihilation. Jews and Christians enemies are defeated on 14 and 15 Adar and by 13 Adar a year later 75,800 died because of the King’s decree of all Jews being able to defend themselves from physical harm. Assimilation also ended with Esther declaring herself as Hadassah…a Jewess. (We are all free to be pre-emptive in protecting ourselves.)


What do we have to offer Yeshua Jesus that died on the stake for us? We certainly can’t give our life or even an animal’s life as that is not the meaning of offering. He was The Seed that was HOLY enough to be planted (striken) and raise up so the world could believe in a LIVING God. No one else is God come in the flesh. There never can be a better offer. But, they looked forward to it and we look in appreciation back to His offering. He is NOT here and thus we need that visual reminder…until He returns.

What is our sacrifice? What is our offering?

OBEDIENCE – Everything is a picture – Pictures must be acted out corrected or the next generation will not see the ‘clear’ picture. Those not presenting a ‘clear’ picture are removed.

What happened with Adam in the Gan of Eden? Everything was going along fine until what? Pride stepped in thinking man knew more than God and he was told he could be ‘as’ god. And, they thought God was ‘holding back’ on them and they wanted it all. This shows us that man began not to trust the One who made them. Man caused the ‘broken’ relationship…not The Creator.

The Ancient One (Deceiver) was a beautiful angelic described as being covered in eyes. The eye deceives us and this ‘Ancient One’ was the Greatest Deceiver of all.

What happened with Noach at the time of the flood? Obedience to God’s instruction had ended. Man no longer wanted to honor God’s appointments. Those appointments pointed to salvation…they pointed to man’s eternal existence. They pointed to the cross and the One to die on that cross. Noach’s ark was made of wood…lifted up just like a wooden temple or stake. Yahweh lifted him up on Month Two Day Seventeen. (17 – Aleph Zayin..Creation Day One through Seven)

Since God is a spirit, he communicates through many things and wants us to find those

secret’ things that are not ‘secret with Him.

By year 1333 man could no longer see The Creator pointing to the patterns of the Seventh Day. Mankind would no longer see the 7000-year plan for the earth. Enoch delivered the plan to Methuselach who gave it to Noach to be placed on the ark. It was delivered and understood. But, man today says that Enoch is an unworthy book to read. (I think they paid too much for their bottom row seats.)

Cain and his crew built their own cities and had their own calendar with their own festivals. They no longer wanted to call on God nor meet with God at His set times. We read in the annuals that the spring festival of Shavuot came and went even into the days of Abraham. Enoch functioned in it and Noach gave honor to it as well as his son, Shem. After the Flood, Shem taught Abraham about it and his family was instructed in it. Do Christians know what it is or when it is? Can you spell it?

Moses added another festival when he was told to make Aviv a new month for the year. When they left Egypt this month became a marker and relate itself to The Sacrifice at Passover. After Yeshua took his ashes to the heavenly altar he returned…left…and sent the Holy Spirit (Ruach haChodesh) on Shavuot. It’s still a very important day and has never been forgotten by Yahweh God.

There is disobedience occurring right now on our earth that involves the sign of the Abrahamic Covenant. People do not want to be grafted into this. This disharmony was seen in Moses wife with their two sons. She disgustingly hands him their ‘bloody’ circumcision.

The apostles had hard discussions about it with the Messianic believers. It was decided that everything else would stay in place for joining the Messianic community. But, the circumcision issue would be a personal decision…since it did not involve salvation….but was a ‘sign’ for one of God’s covenants with man. God can never break a covenant that He made with man….but man certainly can choose not to participate…and that is what is being discussed as I type. Whoa to our world!

Yeshua’s atoning blood has always been the base for salvation. But, the rest of the Torah could not be dissolved. The Sabbath was the Sabbath…the food laws were the food laws. But, if a person wanted to be one of ‘the way’ then they would stop honoring Zeus, Diana and another other god of that era. They were to be grafted into The Jew….and not the Jew grafted into the ways of the gentile (pagan).

The offering or sacrifice has never been about the animal’s death but about it’s life…the life that is in it’s blood. And, none of these animal’s blood could ever be holy enough to save someone. God’s own life-blood of his son Yeshua Jesus was to be sufficient…dying once and for all who would believe.

On March 23, 2019…The Sabbath named Tzav (Sav) means: give an order. There was an order to how things were to be done…even according to what day things were to be done. If the days were out of order, then God’s plans at the end would not be seen clearly by mankind. Every day had it’s order and had it’s exact instruction. The priest is anointed first, proper garments were key, remaining in service for 7 days. Adonai appears before all people…Eighth Day, evil priests killed and bodies cast outside.

The Days of Creation had their exact order according to a purpose. Their order still continues in our calendar week system that runs through the earth. Mankind should know to be prepared because of the examples set before him.

The story of the Life-Blood of our Messiah Yeshua Jesus is seen in the order of all the patterns God has played out on the earth.

As I returned home from The Sabbath Tsav thinking of all the things Joseph had to say…all the things Teacher Bryan had said…and all the things Pastor Biltz had declared on his newest DVD on ‘Decoding the Anti Christ’ that we watched …I still stand in ‘awe’ of two questions that are still ask.

  1. The questions being ask by the go’em/gentiles is, “Why did they offer sacrifices and Why do you think we will again see offerings restored to the earth?”

The answer is simple to me….”Because God said to.” If God said to NOT eat a ‘banana’ instead of ‘no smooth skinned fish’ than I would be obedient to that. It is not for me to question the why but how do I apply it….because there are certainly things a woman can’t do and things a man is commanded to do.

But for those that don’t want to just ‘DO IT’ and need a reason….we will take them to a midrash view…a deeper view of ‘why’ by others who study these things.

First, let us begin at the close of the Tsav study to show the verses that explain the consecration offering. We all agree that Yeshua Jesus is pictured as the ‘burnt’ offering and now we also see what is called, the consecration offering. He had the only holy blood that could consecrate.

We all have seen the terrible pictures portrayed by Hollywood in what the crucifixion might have looked like for our Savior Yeshua. Blood flows from his head dripping from his ear lobes. His hands are pierced and they are roped to the stake so that blood will run down his thumbs and his feet are roped and nailed so blood is dripping out from all toes. Now, let’s read the anointing that happens once in a priest’s lifetime while remembering the crucifixion our Messiah had done once and for ALL that qualifies Him to be King over ALL.

Two rams offered: Lev 8:18 –

First ram is a burnt offering – cut up and burnt up completely. (The Suffering Servant Yeshua had been cut and he died (burnt up). Then immediately – at mid day – the Fourth Day – He left to take his blood to the Heavenly altar to present it there. It was finished.)

Second ram is a consecration offering – Moses took blood from this ram and put it on Aharon…the first high priest to be anointed. This same ram’s blood then consecrates Aharon’s sons. Notice that these men were hands on at this anointing.

Lev 8:2 Then the other ram was presented, the ram of consecration; Aharon and his sons laid their hands on the head of the ram.

Lev 8:23 After it had been slaughtered, Moshe took some of its blood and put it on the tip of Aharon’s right ear, on the thumb of his right hand, and on the big toe of his right foot.

This my dear friends is the ‘anointing/messiach’ of the first priesthood….sons of Aharon a Levite. It is done with the blood of two witnesses (rams). One is completely burnt up after being pierced (cut up). This shows the venue of redemption coming from the blood that gives life. Life is in the blood.

We must realize that these visual actions continue to remind us of God’s ultimate sacrifice…upon which our salvation is based. We have gone without this visual picture for 2000 years and now we ask ourselves ‘why’ do we need it…we’re just fine? We are not fine….as annihilation is on the rise and assimilation is almost complete.

The Book of Esther reminds us of The Seed. The Temple keeps The Seed planted in our earth. Everything about the offerings reminds us of The Seed that sprouted and awaits it’s watering in order to return. None of it can be dismissed as ‘hoke poke’ or abracadabra. Once we stop discussing the stories, we stop the revelation of truth. How many Christians met to celebrate Purim? Even in my group it was hard to get their schedules to work together.


Now, let’s go back and see how the priest was to dress. Let us remember that Yeshua Jesus’ body was wrapped in linen with a piece placed on the face. A loin cloth prevented exposure of man’s nakedness as he walked up The Temple steps. A loin cloth may have been supplied to Yeshua as he was carried to his grave.

Lev 6:10 (6:3) When the fire has consumed the burnt offering on the altar, the cohen, having put on his linen garment and covered himself with his linen shorts,

This burnt offering is known as a Peace Offering. This sacrifice is truly the only way that man can come before their Creator. This burnt offering all through history looked to that FINAL offering….that sacrifice of HOLY blood that has G0d-life in it. No bulls or goats or rams or birds blood could ever come near to this ultimate sacrifice of God coming in human flesh to shed and pass His life-blood on.

These linen clothes were put on as clothing to represent burial garments…dying to self and ready for eternal resurrection. They were white linen that would have blood stains all over them as that priest would serve at The Temple that day. These priests would wear these clothes when being anointed as a priest by having blood placed on the tips of their right ear, right thumb and right toe. Right stands for power and strength just as Yeshua is known as ‘the strength of the hand’ of The Father.

And what happens next? What happens to the ashes from what was burnt up? Let us remember that Yeshua had different garments garments on after resurrecting.  He would not let Miriam touch him as He had not yet presented Himself to the heavenly altar.  He was to be a Melchezedek of the Most High in the heavenlies.  But, He was to be King on earth.   An earthly king could not also be a priest at the same time.    It is John that qualified to be an earthly priest through his father Zechariah of whom was an Aharonic priest and his mother was even of Aharonic bloodline.   The ashes kept the fire burning.  The priests clothes were changed from white linen when they carried the ashes outside to a clean place.  Yeshua had changed clothes when he entered to present his ashes.  Ashes and incense represent our prayers. With incense they make a sweet aroma to Adonai.

These passages are so heavy in meaning…the more I read it, the more excited I get.

What house was Yeshua from? He was from the Tribe of Judah from where we get the word Jew. He is our heavenly High Priest and yet He will reign as King over the earth.

Yeshua is a Jew as were all the disciples. The Herod’s were hated because they were acting as priests but were not even Jews much less qualified Levites to even work around The Temple. They would marry a Jewish to claim some authority in the community. This discord eventually lead to the destruction of The Temple in 70 AD. America is likened to King Cyrus who wanted to help Israel reset The Temple. Before King Cyrus could be of much help in it’s rebuilding after 70 years in Babylon, we see The Esther story with Mordicai returning at age 116 years old.

We are living in the Days of Esther as The Temple discussion is causing division among it’s own people….much less Christians who think the OT is done away with. I can tell you without a doubt that if you remain in the OT done away with camp….you will die in your camp and not see it built. You don’t want it and God will grant you your wish….you will die before your expected time..because God’s plans for it will not be thwarted.

This is where the patience of this saint is wearing out…but I choose to remain to see it and I will see it in His timing!

It was burnt down in 70 AD. Israel is 70 years old as a nation and just as they returned after 70 years in Babylon she too has endorsed The Israel Bible for all it’s people at age 70 years old. We can now expect trouble unless all nations aide their countries to disband her enemies. The governors helped remove her enemies and we should ask them to do it again. If we are not part of the answer, then we are part of the problem.

In the next Parshah study called Sh’mini (Eighth) we see two of Aharon’s sons die. (Leviticus 9:1-11:47)  DOUBLES.

I want to say that we have another picture of The Messiach’s coming right here. If Moses’ personal family did anything wrong it had to be corrected here in The Wilderness. And, if we discontinue to show these examples to the world then we are at fault for our families being burnt up (removed). These are NOT man’s ways, but our Creator’s standard for the earth and they can NOT be deviated from.

There are hundreds of patterns for seven in the Bible and we best pay attention to them. Even The

Book of Enoch describes ten generation of years with each having 700 years in them when he describes

the earth’s 7000 years of history. It closes year 6900-7000 with the windows of heaven opening to witness the ‘watchers’ being released and judged.

Thus, we see the world’s reality show right before our eyes that takes us into a period of purification for the next 1000-year reign of The Messiach on the renewed earth.

But, what we don’t see a lot of pattern to is, “The Eighth Day” theme. We do see it here with the Nadab and Abihu story of their being removed. The “Eighth Day” patterns to “new beginning…Hei…behold” exactly as the number eight means.

Before we leave the study called Tzav (sav) we should note that the meat has been boiled at the door of the ‘tent of meeting’. Aharon and his sons have been consecrated with the sprinkling of blood and they are to eat the boiled meat along with the bread. Anything left over is to be burnt up on by the ‘8th’ day. They were to remain at the door day and night for seven days. They had been anointed and made atonement for and must remain at the door so they would not die. (Lev 8:35)  This reminds us of the verse that Yeshua must remain in heaven until the restoration of all things.

We can count on our Messiah to be at the door. He is our burnt sacrifice and we are to share bread with him..which confirms His blood covenant with us. I will add this to encourage those that understand the Hebrew language. The door is represented by the letter four. In the scheme of things Yeshua Jesus came (opened the door) at the year 4000 from Adam and now we see another 3000 years will pass making a total of 7000 years. He is still standing at that open door of history to welcome all who will come. The Eighth Day shows a new beginning completing at year 8000 with evil cast out.

This aligns with information about what Christians believe from studying the Bible and it aligns with what Enoch portrayed in his accounts.

This 7000-year program is to permeate the earth day and night just as the evening and morning sacrifice was to be done morning and night. If it is not adhered then the people in retaliation are removed. Now, let’s see what Day Eight shows us….this is what happens at the end of 7000 years….and Day Eight begins.

We are to remember that the burnt offering was eaten at this ‘tent of meeting’ door for 7 days. This shows us that the pattern of looking to the The Messiach as this burnt offering of consecration is to be impressed on the earth for a solid 7000 years. Adam looked forward to a Seed, Noach replicated The Seed being lifted off the earth, Abraham saw The Seed afar off and substituted the ram as an offering, as did Moses, David and Solomon all knew The Seed would come to reign as King.

Christians today look to a thousand-year reign after the Sixth Day (6000 years) and then after the Seventh Day it is The Eighth Day…where we’re told The New Heaven and Renewed Earth are formed.

On The Eighth Day – Aharon’s sons are still alive…but God’s glory has not yet consumed the ‘tent of meeting.’ Once the real ‘fire falls’ revealing God’s presence and the people fall down in awe of what they behold…then the ‘prideful priests’ are burnt up.

‘because today Adonai is going to appear to you.’

Lev 9:1 On the eighth day, Moshe called Aharon, his sons and the leaders of Isra’el,

Lev 9:2 and said to Aharon, “Take a male calf for a sin offering and a ram for a burnt offering, both without defect, and offer them before Adonai.

Lev 9:3 Then tell the people of Isra’el, ‘Take a male goat for a sin offering and a calf and a lamb, both a year old and without defect, for a burnt offering,

(A goat represents the nations, the lamb is Yeshua Jesus and the calf is Israel.)

Lev 9:4 and an ox and a ram for peace offerings, to sacrifice before Adonai; also a grain offering mixed with olive oil — because today Adonai is going to appear to you.’

(The ox represents the strength (God) and the ram was the burnt offering (exchanged at Isaac’s offering.)  Wow….all of these animals show us God desired for all to be saved.

Mosche was given the orders to tell the people. Yeshua was given to us to tell us how to live on the earth until He returns to reign. He promised to return…just as he left…it will be in a cloud and with witnesses returning with him….just as witnesses saw him leave. It will not be a ‘secret’ thing in some room but it actually will be a ‘loud’ happening with people screaming. Many will die and witness others dying just many saw Aharon’s sons die on Day Eight.

Aharon’s sons Nadab and Abyhu had become very proud young men and made a false fire (unauthorized by God)…it was offered in the wrong containers and at the wrong time. Aharon’s two sons were burnt up on the spot as will be those that say, “Didn’t we do signs and wonders in your name?” and He will say He never knew them. (They are lawless…without His Torah (instructions) nor His Festivals/calendar.)

Lev 9:5 They brought what Moshe had ordered before the tent of meeting, and the whole community approached and stood before Adonai.

All peoples of the earth will be present at this meeting.

Lev 9:6 Moshe said, “This is what Adonai has ordered you to do, so that the glory of Adonai will appear to you.”

Lev 9:7 Moshe told Aharon, “Approach the altar, offer your sin offering and burnt offering, and make atonement for yourself and the people. Then present the offering of the people and make atonement for them, as Adonai ordered.”

Lev 9:8 So Aharon approached the altar and slaughtered the calf of the sin offering which was for himself.

We will each approach the altar and declare by whose blood we are saved.

Lev 9:9 The sons of Aharon presented the blood to him; and he dipped his finger in the blood and put it on the horns of the altar; then he poured out the blood at the base of the altar.

All of humanity is cleansed by God’s son, Yeshua the Messiah…the Anointed One. Yeshua will raise his hands for all to see them pierced. Yeshua is coming down to enter the ‘tent of meeting’ in order to come to the people on the earth as their King in all His glory. Every knee shall bow and every tongue confess……….except a few….and a few more and a few more during the next thousand year reign.

Lev 9:22 Aharon raised his hands toward the people, blessed them and came down from offering the sin offering, the burnt offering and the peace offerings.

Lev 9:23 Moshe and Aharon entered the tent of meeting, came out and blessed the people. Then the glory of Adonai appeared to all the people!

Lev 9:24 Fire came forth from the presence of Adonai, consuming the burnt offering and the fat on the altar. When all the people saw it, they shouted and fell on their faces.

Mosche’s brother Aharon was anointed first. Then his four sons. Nadab and Abihu were anointed as Aharonic priests just seven days before and now on Day eight they are removed by fire. Their cousins Misha’el and Eltzafan were told to remove them away from the front of the sanctuary to a place outside the camp. We know Scripture says that men will be sent out to darkness where there is gnashing of teeth. (Misha’el sounds like Micha’el an angel we are all familiar with.)

Adam and Chanoah had sought to be lifted up ahead of The Creator but were cast at the Rosh Chodesh of the Month Four. It was 40-42 days from their sin being found out. Adam and Chanoah fellowship lasted seven years and then at the end of that seventh year, The Deceiver showed up in the 2nd month known as Cheshvan on Day 17, Year: 7 AM (Adom).  (we use a.m. and p.m. to tell morning from night…this from Adam / AM even indicates the a.m. of history.)

Yeshua first had to be rejected even though he had not failed his human temptations in his 40 days in The Wilderness. Flesh always has to die because of sin. If we say that we don’t sin we deceive ourselves. Even Yeshua strengthened the original Torah through Mosche when he said…and I tell you that even if you ‘THINK’ it, it is LUST. The whole point is to get man to realize he is a sinner. Only at that realization can one turn back to repentance. John spoke about Repentance and Yeshua spoke about His being the road to salvation.

Aharon’s sons dying before his face crushed Aharon. He had four sons anointed as priest and now two had died. Was Aharon being corrected for the deception at the golden calf? He knew that his sons were responsible for their own actions and NOT his.

No, their deaths were on their own heads for their prideful acts. The calf incident had caused many other parents sons and daughters to be lost and now he had lost his own two sons to pride. The pattern had to hold. The 8-Day pattern was not a respecter of persons nor was any pattern. What was is and what is is and it is what is intended. A consistency in behavior revealed an elohim (god) that man could count on.

Our Creator came in the flesh and knew the pain of losing an innocent son. We see that expressed when David lost his firstborn son with Bathsheba. His child was innocent of any crime. But, Aharon’s sons were guilty and there would be no tears…they had just spent 7 days at the door of the ‘tent of meeting’ enjoying the cooked meat. 7000 years have passed and men have enjoyed the food provided by God’s earth. But, now it would be spiritual food that would let them enter the House of YHWH.

Aharon’s next two son would not die but serve in that Eighth Day. Yeshua is pictured in their death as he held all the sin on him. He had to die for the previous 4000 years of sin and the next 4000 years of sin. It was a pattern of mourning…sitting Sheva…for the world for 7000 years. People have come and gone from the earth for what will be 7000 years. They have come to recognize the earth’s groaning in the loss of their Creation being violated. Man does not give the earth it’s Sabbath or Jubilee rest. But, soon the earth will be renewed…in the Fourth Day.

Lazarus was dead for four days and then rose up by the power of Yeshua. Three days later Yeshua is placed on a donkey being hailed as the Jews king. Seven days…7000 years will The Messiach rise up as King. By another 4 days (4000 years) a new burning heart will be within man and all things will be new.

Israel had promises made to them and our world has promises made to it….no one is to be left out.

Deu 8:1 “All the mitzvot I am giving you today you are to take care to obey, so that you will live, increase your numbers, enter and take possession of the land Adonai swore about to your ancestors.

Deu 8:2 You are to remember everything of the way in which Adonai led you these forty years in the desert, humbling and testing you in order to know what was in your heart – whether you would obey his mitzvot or not.

Deu 8:3 He humbled you, allowing you to become hungry, and then fed you with man, which neither you nor your ancestors had ever known, to make you understand that a person does not live on food alone but on everything that comes from the mouth of Adonai.

Deu 8:4 During these forty years the clothing you were wearing didn’t grow old, and your feet didn’t swell up.

Deu 8:5 Think deeply about it: Adonai was disciplining you, just as a man disciplines his child.

For four thousand years Adonai supplied man with clothing and food. At the end of that 4000 years the real messiah Yeshua Jesus was wrapped in priestly burial clothing after he had a covenant meal of bread and wine before he was consecrated at his ears, hands and feet.

For four more thousand years Adonai will continue to supply man with clothing and food. But, this time they are to ‘remember’ by bringing their willful offerings because they are appreciative of that FINAL offering…that FINAL sacrifice.

What can man do to show their thanks? Be Not Faithless, But Believing, Jesus said.

BOOKMARK information:

Be Not Faithless But Believing Jesus by Cheryl Alvarez


Five encyclopedias that prove the one baptism was changed.

1) Schaff – Herzog Religious Encyclopedia The New Testament knows only the baptism in the name of Jesus.

2) Canney Encyclopedia of Religion – The early church baptized in the name of the Lord Jesus until the second century.

3) Hastings Encyclopedia of Religion – Christian baptism was administered using the words, “in the name of Jesus.” page 377. Baptism was always in the name of Jesus unti time of Justin Martyr, page 389.

4) Britannica Encyclopedia – Baptism was changed from the name of Jesus to the words Father, Son and Holy Ghost in the 2nd Century.

5) The Catholic Encyclopedia, 1913 Edition, Vol. 2, page 263 states: “…some theologians held to, that the Apostles baptized in the name of Jesus only.”

AND in the same Catholic Encyclopedia, on the same page, says, “In addition to the necessary word “baptize”, or it’s equivalent it is also obligatory to mention the separate persons of the Holy Trinity.” AND “Any ceremony that did not observe this form has been declared invalid.

There is clear proof from the Scriptures Jesus (Yeshua’s) Apostles baptized in his name and there is clear proof that baptism was changed.

The Bible gives 8 very important reasons for baptism, including for the remission of sins, salvation.

Jesus (Yeshua) said, “he that believeth and is baptized shall be saved.”

So we must know the one true Baptism of Ephesians 4:5; One Lord, one faith, One baptism.

Luke 1:77 To give knowledge of salvation unto his people by the remission of their sins.

Luke 24:47 And that repentance and remission of sins should be preached IN HIS NAME among all nations, beginning at Jerusalem.

Acts 10:43 To him give ALL the prophets witness, through his name whosoever believeth in him shall receive remission of sins. (Remission of sins – Salvation…see Luke 1:77)

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