What Befalls Us In The Last Days!

Gen 49:1  And Jacob called unto his sons, and said, Gather yourselves together, that I may tell you that which shall befall you in the last days. 

Gen 49:2  Gather yourselves together, and hear, ye sons of Jacob; and hearken unto Israel your father. 

These words are part of the Torah portions being read all over the world today. In Missouri thick ice was predicted with 4-6 inches of snow on top of that. When reality hit,,,it was a thin sheet of ice with very little snow…so men continued to move about to knock on the doors to invite people to church for Sunday.

This is the day that Ms. Gabriel gave her take on Iran’s new take on our world…after denying and then admitting their taking down a Boeing 737-800 killing all 176 people on board.

We all have a take on life…and I admire Ms. Bridgett Gabriel as she has risen to be one of the top 50 admired speakers in America. As a legal immigrant to America born in Lebanon, Ms. Gabriel survived war in the Middle East living in an 8×10 underground bomb shelter from the age of 10 until 17. Ms. Gabriel was knighted in Europe in 2016 and became “Dame Brigitte Gabriel. She speaks Arabic, French, English, and Hebrew.

When we wonder why our lives just seem to be one of living in a box (as she did for SEVEN years), we should remember that our life experience builds us to become what our Creator has in mind for us. She was released at age 17 just like Yoseph was enslaved at age 17 and also rose up to rule all the world through Pharaoh. Ya’cov trusted God to go down into the world (Egypt) so he could be a blessing to Pharaoh. Pharaoh saw the hand of God on his son Joseph and on Ya’cov’s entire family as they journeyed there.

The Torah portion last week and this week keep reminding us of seventeen. Yoseph was sold into slavery at that age. So, why are we told the age of Ya’cov when Joseph presents him to Pharaoh and why are we told his age when he dies?

Seventeen years is all Ya’cov enjoyed with his favored wife’s, Rachel, son; Yoseph. And, at the end of his life he only had another set of seventeen years with that son but it was one of royalty…king of kings on the earth is how Yosef was treated. We know that Yosef is a picture of The Messiah that was to come both in suffering and in reigning.

The powerful Torah portion of Genesis 44:18-47:27 should put chills up and down your spin as you read it’s words knowing that it’s entirety refers to The Father and The Son. It’s title, Vayigash means ‘He Approached’. Then Y’hudah (Judah) approached Yosef and said, “Please, my Lord! Let your servant say something to you privately; and don’t be angry with your servant, for you are like Pharaoh himself.”

Let us not be angry with this either. It is not about President Trump, but it is about a man submitted to God’s purpose of being a leader for our world to save it from destruction. Donald J Trump patterns Joseph as well as King Cyrus. And, he entered in at the year 2017. Yoseph had two terms…7 years plenty, 7 years of famine – 14 year – 2 Shemittah cycles…Just as Yoseph was born year 14 with Laban…and end of 2nd Shemittah cycle.

Judah (3rd born) approaches with total respect…knowing his position of being a servant. Privately, we speak our hearts to God. Judah will now tell Yosef about the status of their youngest brother Binyamin (of whom himself has ten children). Binyamin was born in 2186, 14 years from year 2200. (THIS we should pay attention to…or our 21st and 22nd century!)

Ya’cov lives 147 years. This is 21 Shemittah cycles….7 x 21 = 147. It truly is my belief that we will see Israel in the 21st century….and we have…they are now a nation…70 years old. So when does Binyamin return? Soon my friends….Before the 22nd century.

The words of Scripture are so powerful that we sense that the loss of Yeshua Jesus to the Father is so bound in God’s heart that the loss of him would cause him to no longer hold our universe together….as Ya’cov would probably just outright die if he lost the last son of his beloved Rachel. This wife died according to Ya’cov’s prophetic words or whoever had Lavan’s idols would die. None of his brides could have idols but only trust ADONAI for their well being. Rachel…the idols keeper…had to die…she is our example of removing idols from our lives.

Words are powerful my friends…and we need to hang on every word, even number and every date given. It is good of us to search into these matters. Our Creator wants us to dig and dig and dig….so we see His patterns…so NONE miss this incredible journey into The Kingdom that is forever and ever.

I was just informed that President Trump did NOT have the priviledge of selecting one judge but he selected 142 justices because of vacant positions. It is normal to have one or two….but for Obama to leave 142 seats open…was perhaps another God Move.

142 opportunities to appoint righteous justices to our land of America.

One Hundred and Forty Two federal judicial openings available immediately for appointment in 2017 when Donald J Trump took office. Ya’cov brought his righteous ways to Egypt and I’m sure were respected judges in their own right because of Yosef. Yosef provided their clothing every month for five years.

42 is a BIG number for prophecy. Daniel relates it to 3.5 years; 1260 days; 42 months which are all relate to the similar amount of time. 42 days is given to both Adam and Chanoh before entry in The Gan of Eden…..and YES…upon their leaving the Gan of Eden….as revealed in The Book of Jubilees. And, Noach does the same thing….he is held up that same time period and same dates as Adam. They both leave their places of safety Month Four at it’s new moon (rosh chodesh)..Day One. Month Four is known as the Month of Tevet.

A full term pregnancy is 40 to 42 months. Yeshua Jesus arrived to the earth and was gone by year 4200. He arrived at year 4000 and then his group was dispersed into the world a few hundred years later.

The Sixth Shemittah cycle begins at year 42. And, then closes at year 49 which is The Jubilee year. 0-7; 8-14; 15-21; 22-28; 29-35; 36-42; 43-50.

Six times seven is 42. It is last year of the sixth segment.

The letter dahlet is also expressed by a door and the number 4.

The letter beit is expressed by the picture of a house and is the number 2. Together (4+2) they equal six…which means and, connect. Man is the connected force between God and earth. Six is known as the number for man as Adam was born on Day Six of creation. 4 + 2 = 6…The door of the house is man.

What is the name that is knocking? What is the name of the man who OPENS the door? Who is the man who came down from heaven and is the only one that went back up? Who is the messenger that we wrestle with all night and who put Ya’cov socket out of place?

What we consider a ‘terrible’ life just might be what molds us into a people group that will possess the land forever and ever. Genesis 48:4.

Today, I will speak more about 42 because it is a number that is pushing forth on our earth for all men to see. I have more than been embraced with it since 2017 when we had a calf resurrect from the dead on what I later found to be Parshah 42 entitled Mattot Massei…the tribes and the journeys. How many pounds of silver and gold were taken from the Medianites before Joshua could cross over the Jordan to take the land? 420 pounds was delivered into Moses tabernacle….after the slaughter of anyone that was a foreigner to Ya’cov’s children’s God…Israel’s living God. God is Merciful to those who seek His ‘comfort’.

Each sheet in The Wilderness Tabernacle was 42 feet long and six feet wide.

My dearest friend,,,we are on a journey and it comes through The Tribes of Israel that we find our directions. Those directions never changed since the days of Adam. And, we are closer to the year 6000 than ever before.

Why do we need to know that Noach’s grandfather Methuselah was 604 when he was born? Because it’s about life continuing on earth. Our Creator is COMFORTED from sin only when it’s removed. Noach’s name means Comfort…and as terrible as we think of people dying…if they are NOT in step with righteousness…they are removed. Our Comforter is only comforted when sin no longer reigns.

Noach was age 604 when he began to see more children born to him that would occupy the earth. He is 600 getting on the ark…601 getting off the ark. 604 children multiplying.

Genesis 14:7 says that Pharoah took 600 chariots as well as other chariots to chase the Hebrews after he changed his mind of letting them go. This again allude to year 6000 plus. And, Muslims grew up at 600 AD. Mohammad’s next leader died in 642 AD. And, by 60 AD The Temple was really done…The Shekinah had gone many years earlier and violence permeated it. By 70 AD ADONAI comforted Himself and burnt it down….no one will abuse it.

How many men were in the tribes when they were counted coming out of Egypt? Exodus 38:26 and Numbers 1:45 confirm 603,550 without the clan of Levi for census of males over twenty years of age. This census for a beka per person to be paid to the tabernacle.

They numbered 601,730 in Numbers 26:51 when they were ready to cross over after forty years. It included children one month old but did not count 23,000 Levite who would not be given any land to spread out on.

Patterns will permeate our history, affect movie story lines, and show up in history that even held The Holocaust years and Israel being a nation can’t deny. Temperatures drop to 42 degrees by 60 mph winds save the life of cattle on our hills that July 22, 2017 dark night…rosh chodesh.

President Trump appointed 142 judges immediately even to the Court of Appeals. And now, he states that they have appointed 182 so far in his tenure. When people pray…we should give praise to the answers seen…in God’s timing…even as time passes…everything is set to His schedule.

If you examine the sanctification days for Adam and Chanoh before they entered the Gan of Eden…you would find that he is given 40 days and nights and she is given 80 days and nights. But, if you look at how Chanoh (Eve) had to have a day to be molded around Adam’s bone, complete her 80 days…and then set in the Gan of Eden…it was on Day 82 that it happens.

Adam also had extra days added to his santification time before going into the Gan of Eden. It was 40 days but they began once he acquired his bride. His time began when her time began. Once he completed his time…the next day he was set in. Thus, he is set in on Day 42. Forty two ends the Sixth Shemittah cycle.

7, 14, 21, 28, 35, 42, 49.

In 2017, 142 justices were appointed. And because some retired or died, President Trump stated that the number was 182. Oh my…both numbers attach to serious patterns.

Was I surprised? No, because it makes God-sense…not my sense or man-sense…but to God…it makes sense.

On Tuesday, November 20, 2019 we flew into Phoenix for a time of Thanksgiving with family for 21 days. On that flight the only seats available with two side-by-side for my husband and myself were in the very last row….row 35.

A woman sat next to me in her isle seat as I was in the middle seat. When I met this younger woman, of whom was making a quick flight to Arizona from Colorado to see her grandfather who was in a coma from a stroke, I ask her age…she said 42. I thought…that makes sense.

Did I think that strange? No…it made sense because I knew when I’m reminded of that number, I must tell ‘the resurrected calf’ story from 2017. I said to her, what do you think about being 42? She had three sons..a set of twins, young in grade school and knew she would NOT have any other children. I knew 42 was the closing of her womb. She immediately turned to me and said, “Do you know that someone just told me that there are 42 molecules in an atom?” Again, I was NOT amazed and yet very AMAZED. When these things happen,,,I just say, “Okay, I know you’re reminding me.” Okay, I’m learning more about 42….it’s the building block of everything that exists. AMAZING just never stops with this number.

That was my Day 1 of 21 days of walking with God’s hand on us while in AZ. On the last day…I had to allow parking and walking time as my friend was flying into Terminal Four and we were leaving out of Terminal Two. It took me over 40 minutes to figure this out and walk/run to my gate. My husband was worrying and relieved when I finally showed up.

As my husband was showing weakness on this trip with his heart, I chose to be the runner on this project. I went around and around and finally as I’m almost to the top…Ninth floor…still on Floor 8 a parking spot was seen. But, the car ahead of me took it and I was polite and calm about it. there had not been one spot available before that one but there must be one for me, I thought. I slowly moved past him and then I saw the opening…that was for me. It was perfect for my friend’s car…it was in the center and should easiky find it.

I got out of the car to film the area and take pictures of the cars that surround my friend’s car. She had given explicate directions because she had lost her car in that parking garage and was very stressed over finding it.

I opened our trip with a young mother of 42 and I was ending it with a friend that would look for 42.

I parked in spot 8-1142. Level 8 and spot 42. Yes, it all made sense and yet in my last hours in Arizona I’m reminded of the day that ends but soon brings resurrection…our tribes and journeys on this earth. Day Seven was coming….but not yet. I’ll be 70 in August…my day was coming…complete rest in Him…so looking forward to the 7000th year – that holds the millennial reign of Yeshua Jesus on the earth for one thousand years…that’s what is next…if we can make it to see it.

And, how old is my daughter we stayed with? 42. She was born in 1977…a perfect number again now that I’m aware of it. When she was born…I was clueless.

What is the saros series of the next TOTAL Solar Eclipse that is scheduled for our world on 12.14.2020? 142

Last week we studied Genesis 42 and next year it should fall the same way.

Let’s return to the study today…it closes out, The Book of Genesis…Yes, last week we studied Genesis 42. Today, we read Genesis 47:28-50:26 Vayechi (He lived). There is a ‘first shall be last’ theme presented by Ya’cov as his eyes grow dim. He is NOT 142…but 147…almost made it to 149…but did not.

Let us also give credit to this great man for his perseverance of looking to his children’s future…not his immediate future. We get to see him again rising up in our generation…the 20th generation…in the year 1947…after a holocaust in covering 1942.


Vayechi – numerical value = 34 (He Lived)

As I just typed this…I laughed aloud because as I have believed Yeshua Jesus to be alive 34 years on our earth as that shows up in patterns, I just typed….He lived 34 – Yayechi’s numerixal value is 34. Amazing how all things point and point…if we just accept it. (My friends do agree on 34 as life is before conception. And, in human reality…at conception. Yeshua Jesus was on the earth 34 years…some of which was in Miriam womb.

It begins with “Ya’cov living in the land of Egypt seventeen years; thus Ya’cov lived to be 147 years old.”

He stood before Pharaoh at age 130 and since he dies at age 147…we had already self-defined his age last week. But, now our Bibles are going to state it exactly. You can do this you know…take numbers and tell the rest of their story…and yet sometimes, God will put the information there as well….and that means…it has a purpose. Today…He lived…has a purpose…He blesses all these tribes with a purpose to each of them.

Seventeen years of having Yosef suffer because of thinking he was a proud man.

Seventeen years of having his son Yosef in a position of kingship.

Thirty Four years total is all that Ya’cov enjoyed the presence of this son.

Thirty four years – I believe this plays into the timeline of our Messiah Yeshua Jesus. 17 years of being chased and perhaps 17 more years of finally being listened to and appreciated for his wisdom in Torah. He learned The Torah because in it he had to complete everything pictured of him in it.

Now, we continue in Torah because we see that He filled it up….if we don’t know Torah, we won’t know the correct Messiah. It’s The Torah that sets the guideline of what his return will be like.

I was impressed this week of something very very simple. I will now rest in trying to find comets and eclipses to match up with our Savior’s birth. There were no three kings but many magi that sought to honor a new king.

What does Shikinah glory look like? It was in The Wilderness Tabernacle. It was on That Night with the shepherds and it was above his manger. Such bright lighting would scare anyone.

Why did the shepherds quake…as the song goes? There were miriads of angels in the sky….all declaring Holy, Holy, Holy….and what did they say….”Don’t be afraid….it was their ‘brightness’ that shocked the shepherds. But, to you a star is born…a king is born…he lay in a manger. You’ll find this in the Book of Luke.

A star was to be born. The word ‘star’ meant king to the Jewish people. It eludes to Numbers 24:17 where Balaam prophesies, “There shall come forth a star out of Jacob.” Judaism understands this ‘star’ to be the Messiah. See 2 Peter 1:19 on ‘the Morning Star.”

The Magi were not necessarily believers in Ya’cov’s god, but secular men who studied signs in the sky. A ‘star’ meant a king was to be born. They were looking because of prophecy just like the rest of Israel was looking because of, The Scriptures. ‘They were sages, wise men, often in positions of responsibility but sometimes commanding respect because of their wisdom even when not holding office. These Magi came from Medo-Persian Empire or Babylon.’

A star…(king) was to be given gifts. Our Creator designed this sytem so Miriam and Yoseph would have gifts to sustain their time in Egypt. If the Magi came from the east they could have just risen up as the sunrise came up in the eastern sky. If they could not find him, they then ask the authorities to tell them which led them to Herod, unfortunately.

Did they see the sky have ‘shekina’ glory in it? They could have.

What year did Herod die? 4 BC closed his door on life, but not before he ruled in 42 BC when he completed The Temple. This is key to our pattern of 42. He finished building his DEFILING Temple in the last year of the 6th Shemittah cycle…showing man’s rule…and not God’s rule.

The Herodians were only Jews because of the Macabeans in the second century. His family was from the Idumeans (Edomites) who had been forcibly converted to Judaism under the Hasmonean Maccabbees. (see Mat 23:15) He did reconstruct and enlarge the Second Temple, which had been built under Z’rubavel (book of Haggai) in 520-516 BCE.

Thus, we have a time period in the second century of forced religion…via skin removal and not HEART circumcision. The Herodian dynasty: Herod the Great (c. 73-4 B.C.E.) ruled the Land of Israel and its surrounding from 37 B.C.E. unti the war with Rome in 66-70 B.C.E. Herod’s career comes to notice in 47 B.C.E. in Syria And the Galil; a combination of military successes, politcal machinations and bribery of Roman superiors enabled him to replace the last of the Hasmonean rulers, Antigonus, when the later died in 37 B.C.E.

Once again we see 42 coming into play as dynastaies change hands.

Will this next SHEKINAH brighten our entire earth? We are told that we will NOT need the sun or moon any longer because of His brighteness. The Messiah will not be found in a dark hidden closet. Just as the sky was BRIGHT at his birth, so shall it be when He returns.

And who is with him? Before there were miriads of angels (messengers). The next miriads will be riding white horses…dressed in white robes as his robe is white…but drenched in BLOOD. His brightness will be seen by all.

The Sword in his mouth is The Torah. All who do NOT obey it will be admitting that they don’t know Him. His blood saved them, but they don’t believe in the plan of revealing himself on the earth. It sounds so archaic. They can repent…even the demons know who He is and yet refused to join in The Torah. They would rather murder and kill to raise up their thrones…instead of coming as a servant…humble and forgiving.

Let’s now look at Joseph who has his firstborn’s hand in his left hand so that son can be in his father’s right hand…the hand of strength. Ephraim is the youngest and he is walking toward Ya’cov holding his father’s right hand. This boy was thought to walk straight ahead and for Ya’cov to catch him in his left hand. But, it is a pattern that runs throughout God’s pre-ordained plan showing The Messiach first being the ‘suffering son…younger…not respected as much as the older children’ that will change positions and become the strongest in the family.

It will then make sense when we see the one that was scorned and suffered physical abuse so that he was so marred that you could not recognize him…that he is also the one that is risen up to be King over all the world.

As we remember Bridgett Gabriel who was last in life…living in an underground 8 x 10 room for SEVEN years, we again see The Blessing of what His Sword does. He will lift others up in the same way. Even her last name is that of a messenger angel…Gabriel…a fighter for ADONAI…The Lord.

Ya’cov claimed these two sons for himself as far as inheritance with his children. Yosef would have all their children’s children for himself…but they would become part of the twelve tribes for inheritance sake.

We are born into Yeshua for our inheritance and our children can join us…but it will only be by His Atoning Blood…drenching ourselves in it’s purpose…of always remembering that is blood of sacrifice…His blood…that saves us from the penalty of spiritual death for our sin.

First we recognize our sin…repent of it…return to The Torah because that was the ‘first love’ that God gave us…the love that would permeate through the earth…and people would do it because of His sacrifice was enough…we could do no more…but then by our works…for righteousness sake…we will be found faithful…Hebrew 13.

Israel said to Yosef, “I never expected to see even you again, but God allowed me to see your children, too.”

God’s program is to see myriads of Ya’cov’s children. They are to be that ‘shekina glory’ on the earth. Our brightness will make a difference to others lives. But, we can NOT do it without The Living Torah…Jesus Yeshua…The Living Word.

I’ve written enough for one setting as I’m almost overwhelmed myself if I’ve done enough to convince you of certain critical elements of this atom….(42 points? Lol).

But, one more thing….Genesis 49:8 “Then Isra’el noticed Yosef’s sons and asked, “Whose are these?”

He is really stating….Whose are you? Are you His? He wants to adopt you!

Gen 49:1 And Jacob called unto his sons, and said, Gather yourselves together, that I may tell you that which shall befall you in the last days.

Gen 49:2 Gather yourselves together, and hear, ye sons of Jacob; and hearken unto Israel your father.

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