PodOmatic | November 25, 2017: “And he went out (Vayetze)


“He Went Out” Vayetze, Genesis 28:10-32:3; Hosea 12:13-14:10; Matthew 15-16.

Outstanding study by Pastor Biltz of El Shaddai Ministries.  Kislev 7 Sabbath.  Bread and lentils…Jewish mourning.

Shem has just died and who is going to get the Melchezidec blessing…Shem dies and now who gets the birthright?  Listen to this lesson…it’s great.

Jacob is making the funeral food…red soup and lentils…

The kingdom of Priesthood is being passed on…but to who?  Shem just died.

Why does Isaac reap one hundred times more than he planted…during a famine?  Whoah!….

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