Iwo Jima 6.3 EQ Aug 4 2016 Pattern

Our Olympians are encouraged to look ‘evil’.  Diana and Zeus worship combine with CERN….  TODAY:  Brazil fires their President.  TODAY:  Earthquakes…. hurricanes… Europe’s financial change…Vatican removes Romes borders to welcome all…so “Vatican will be poor as the world is poor.”  Colonialism for the world.  And now…what is God doing about all of this?

“Can you see what I see?” keeps running in my mind….  Patterns keep popping up matching the Hebrew and Gregorian calendars.  After seeing an earthquake in Spain (who hates Jews), and seeing one in Greece (Zeus and Diana) and Italy… I found myself  starring at where Russia was located compared to Israel.  I was locating Turkey on the usgs earthquake map and thinking about ‘Gog’ who would come from the north.  Turkey is Gog because it says it is…not Russia.  Turkey just sent tanks into Syria on Wednesday prepared until 2023 to fight…7 years.

What happened next was a BIG Red dot came on my screen indicating that a Big earthquake had just occurred.   I sat there amazed that The Creator God let me watch the New Zealand 7.1 occur.  Two other red dots surfaced at the same time but nothing as BIG as New Zealand.  I love the usgs.gov maps as you can zoom in to even see the rifts in the sea…and every little town and mountain.  I could see this earthquake was just off the north land mass and it sat near the ‘Bay of Plenty.’  It was a perfect name for that bay as you can see plenty of earthquakes happen in that location.

First, I like to give God credit for having me right at the right place and it moved my thinking to get the information out to my friends..instead of playing with the chickens or dog on this beautiful day in the Midwest.

Our attention has been drawn to the Middle East, Europe and now the Orient.

So, let me show you what I see today.  I pulled the report that gave me earthquakes that the usgs people thought were the most significant earthquakes in the last thirty days.   Let’s see if you see The Hand of God in any of it.

Earthquakes Aug 12 to Sept 1 is 8 Av to 28 Av 2016
August 2016 30-Day Significant Earthquakes

Now, I don’t expect you to know the Hebrew calendar pattern, but what about the Gregorian calendar.  When was the first atomic bomb in 1945 dropped?  And to what city?

It was August 6 to Iwo Jima (Hiroshima) and three days later, August 9, to Nagasaki.

The August 4 2016 earthquake of 6.3 was issued to Iwo Jima.  Same city as first atom bomb dropping and same days.  God is being very intentional so the world does not miss this.

There is an equation of the power of an atomic bomb that is equal to magnitudes of an earthquake. This is something that is in one of my reports.    But, ‘Little Boy’ delivered by Paul in the B-29 bomber Enola Gay (his mother’s name) weighed 9700 lbs and was 120 feet long.  It destroyed 80 to 120,000 lives….a very sad day.

This war was known to Japan as The People’s War.  It was December 7, 1941 Kislev 17 that Japan bombed America at Pearl Harbor in Hawaii.  We also have three hurricanes in the world’s oceans right now…  The Atlantic’s Gaston is churning at 100 mph.  The two in the Pacific could cause harm to Hawaii.  And what are the dates on the Hebrew calendar?  They are the dates that were on the Hebrew calendar at the time of the two bombs dropped on Japan.  The dates were Av 27 and Av 30 1945.  These dates were August 6 and August 9 1945 on the Gregorian calendar but Av 27 and Av 30 on the Hebrew calendar.

Today,  Av 28 an explosive 7.1 earthquake released in waters at New Zealand.  Water always points to nations in the biblical sense.

These are the things that cause me to blog.  Build this blog has take hours and hours into a year so people can see what I see…. that God is real and active in our earth.

Paul is the man who dropped the bomb to stop the wars that killed over 50 – 70 million people in WW II.  We have had WW I, WW II and today most people believe we’ve been living in WW III.  And, this has all occurred since the early 1900.  Wars just do not seem to stop and God’s Hand just does not stop either….He is our avenger.

Let’s refocus…what else is seen in these earthquakes.  I have submitted many posts on the yhebrew.com blog about earthquakes.  This is not Mother Nature…this is Abba Father.

He is an exact Creator with all things set to a schedule.  They are likened to umbilical cords that reach through history and squeeze and pulsate pushing blood into the world in order to survive.  They are the ‘labor pains’ that The Scriptures speak about.  And so… on the exact day that Japan hit America The Creator gives reminder to the world that He does not forget their hurts.

It was on December 7, 1944…three years to the day that Japan had a huge 8.1 earthquake.

America was officially in the war by  three years in 1944.  Pearl Harbor was December 7 1941.    And, then in 2012 the same thing…to the day…Japan was issued a 7.3 earthquake on December 7, 2012.  Exact day: December 7 for 1944 and 2012 to Japan.  These are not small earthquakes and seldom is an 8 point earthquake seen on the earth.  They happen every few years….and to have it happen on December 7, three years from Pearl Harbor…to the day…don’t kid yourself….God was involved in that….it was issued to avenge the blood lost because of,  The People’s War.  God’s War vs People’s War with him.

But, what is even more confirming is that our Creator of whom is LORD of The HOSTS issues Japan again a earthquake but this time  on the Hebrew calendar date that they bombed America on December 7, 1941…It was Kislev 17.

Kislev 17 2014 Japan is issued 4.6 earthquake which was December 7, 2014.  Now…that is THREE on December 7 directed at Japan…and death was involved.  Nuclear waste still floats to the shores of the world and contaminates food sources from God Hand still bringing discipline to a people that believes in their ancestors or Him.

A review of my personal calendar for that date revealed Japan again on December 7.  The year 2013 Japan had riots against their government…as were many other nations that day.  But, that was the day and time period set forth for Japan to endure The Spring…the rejection of it’s persecuting government….December 7, 2013.

Kislev 15…the day and time period the Maccabees fought against their rulers who had come to put in place their type of Greek governments and gods.  It took three years for the Macabees to bring the Jews back together and fight.  The Maccabees father and brothers died in the battles but they did win The Temple back in Jerusalem from Antioch Epiphanes in 163 BC.  They had lost The Temple in 167 BC with ten’s of thousands of Jews dying and a PIG set up in the Temple instead..  Scavengers are not a clean specie.  They had pig, Zeus, Diana, Molek, and even Alexander the Great was a god in The Temple.  Diana and Zeus are still with us as we pass the torch through the world with the Olympics making oaths of worship to them.

The Olympics is about CERN and demon worship…  The view from the top was a duplication of CERN.  All their lighting was to do in duplicating the play to Satan and determining to open a portal…to tear a veil to release knowledge from the other side.  And, all the time of the Dire Straits….I would never allow my child to participate…and go to Brazil?  Corruption everywhere as was seen…  And are these all girls in the picture and why so dirty looking…it was about being ‘bad’ because bad has become good…and good bad.  Right there before our eyes…  they are right…there is nothing to smile about when you seek what you don’t understand….they look depressed and ready to cut themselves.

All of these stories are real and reveal the character of a loving and yet avenging Creator.  Our world is a mess…with correction due us…that will bring PEACE…with respect to whom it is due…YHVH.

A few months ago I learned the real date of the end of WW II.  We are told that the Emperor signed to end the war on August 15, 1945, but the final sword was laid down in Indo-China on November 30, 1945.    It was four years  for America.   The Japanese warriors in the jungles were hard to reach and then refused to stop fighting as they could not believe The Emperor would stop after so many lives had been sacrificed. They resisted the truth because how could their ‘god’ The Emperor be defeated?   The final sword was laid down the same day the Lights of Dedication were lite.  It was Chanukah Day One..It was Kislev 25 in 1945 …  It was Chanukah all over again….The end of a false god on display to the world.

I don’t think the Macabees or the apostle Paul had a Easter and they certainly didn’t serve PIG next to lamb at the Seder service.  The Messiach is known as the ‘sacrificial lamb.’  Why do not know why people laugh at Americans when pig is served.  Other world religions know how defiled a PIG is and even use it as a curse word.  It was a sign of defilement…and yet Constantine in 325 AD removed Passover…and Rome gave us Easter honoring the goddess Estar..which is on the Starbucks logo….yes, we need avenged.

The Temple had to be cleaned of the trees on which children were sacrificed to Diane and Zeus and any other gods that were to be appeased.  They had a different ‘god of the month’ as they spun around the solar system.  Molek still had his place in the world with the Roman Greeks of whom kept Zeus of whom is really Nimrod.  That is why no tree can be within certain feet of The Temple today.

The candles were lite once again but with very little oil.  It was Kislev 25 that began the days of when those candles burned until the priests proper oil was supplied..at least eight days later.  God never wants His lights to go out…nor should the light in our human temple go out.

Short Review:  August 4, 2016 Iwo Jima Japan 6.3 earthquake

At this writing today…THREE hurricanes are spinning in two oceans of the world.  Nasa reports them on Av 27 – 2016; the day of the first ATOM bomb dropped…Av 27 1945.  Three days later another bomb dropped.  In our next three days into our future…is Labor Day Weekend and the Torah reading is called, Re’eh meaning, “see”.   I would say we are being told to SEE – behold what The Lord is allowing to happen to men who put other ‘gods’in their lives.

It is the great Elohim of whom a Hebrew Jew named Yeshua is coming…but with purification first.

Earthquakes at BOHEMIA GROVE – Owl (Moleck) worship and sacrifice.  Search this blog site for those posts….  I dance a little gig and smile as I see our Creator in action.  Oh, I can’t stand the death and suffering  but it not up to me to determine the Hand of God.  Man alone is responsible to The Creator.  I am only responsible for myself and I want to have a good finish in walking in HIS ways…not my own.

Okay….here we go….

I’ve been noting the California earthquakes and where they occur.  As I studied the sickening party of the upper crusts of the world and what they do at their parties…it is a disgusting thing.  So, when I see a shaking…I know The Creator Elohim is trying to shut it down.  The chastening occurred during the ‘Dire Straits’ which covers the worship of the Golden Calf dates.  Israel’s prophets noticed a definite chastening by Adonai at this time and called to bring those 21 days into mourning and repentance.  Men of the world, only seem to get more into the world and the lusts of it…likened to Sodom and Gomorrah.

Tammuz 17 through Av 9 is known as The Dire Straits.  It is like coming out of Mitzvarim (Egypt) meaning a narrow strait.  The Israelites came through that narrow path and now into history to be, The People of the Book.

Upper Lake, California is what it says…Upper…it is where the first highway, named 101 begins…and these ‘First Men of the Earth’ of whom even decided to make the atomic bomb, meet.  It is located near the Russian River…so this is an international and national party.  King Saude and his group have been there as well.  On August 4 2016 we see a 4.5 occurred at Janesville, California and six days later a 5.1 to Upper Lake, California. These were land earthquakes and not in the waters than can absorb the shock.  They sit at the same location and in this Bohemia area and at the time of their ‘Owl’ fest offering a sacrifice.

The Creator Elohim issued these earthquakes in the month of Tammuz and Av.  The first quake struck on August 4 2016 which was 29 Tammuz.  (The Golden Calf Worship is Tammuz 17 and goes through the Ninth of Av, known as The Fast of the 9th of Av.)

There is no moon and it is a dark time.  Then six days later, August 10 2016 it is the 6th of Av.  In three days it is The Ninth of Av…the day that The Temple was lost twice and World Wars began twice.

There were other earthquakes inland in California but these are the ones listed for ‘Significant quakes in the last thirty days.’  And Wyoming get noted with a 4.8 on 23 Av.  These are large earthquakes for the United States along with the fact that Oklahoma’s earthquakes are getting much large, as well.

The mountains of America shake in their sins;  Japan is hit again and again; and we also have Italy of whom the Pope teaches Catholics that they ARE Israel.  Not only does this church replace Israel, they also replaced the Twelve Tribes and honor the twelve apostles and have made them as gods.  Paul warned against that and even said do not bow down to him nor Barnabas.    The stars around the woman’ head should be…. The Twelve Tribes.

Is it a mess….yes…  but nothing that can’t get fixed.

The King is in the field in Elul and wants his sheep to draw near.  Moses is up on Mt. Sinai for the second time which pictures The Messiach coming back the second time…but this time to reign in truth..which is His Word…The Torah.

I hope you don’t tire of reading about God’s patterns because they are for you.  They are for me.  They are to show us how to return so He can come back.

He is shaking history to remember the days of old and to even remember our current days. We are given new history and He speeds it up so we see Him right in our current time line acting on our behalf.

He cares about every day…but every day is not holy…  He alone can determine what is holy…

He has set the Sabbath before man and it is in this obedience that we see blessing or cursing.  I can not say it enough.  Just look at the Erev earthquakes….  They begin as the Sabbath is being prepared for in their time zone.   He wants man to rest and to some he gives permanent rest.

Let’s put the names of the Sabbath study in a sentence.  The title the studies according to the first words in the Parsah study.  Let’s see what the sentence  would read.

8-12-16  “These are the words.”

8-19-16 “I pleaded”

8-27-16 “because or consequence”


Will your life be cut short?  In the days of Noah their lives were cut short…even though they lived to almost a thousand years old.  It was cut short because they died in the ‘day that they sinned’ and a day is as a thousand years to the LORD.

We have an eternity of seconds, minutes and days to live into eternity.  Our Creator Elohim reached down into eternity and created Adom (Strong’s #120).  He also created a plan for a second Adom.  This man would return a second time to reign.  He is the first Blood avenger and there is much blood that still cries from the soils of our earth.

These earthquakes are about “Remembering” and ‘Returning.’

This chart will show you the Hebrew dates…so you are not deceived in what day it is.  May HaShem bless you as you return to His ways.  Find a Jew and ask him about his book; then perhaps he will ask you about yours.

Earthquakes Significant Aug Hebrew

30 Day Significant Earthquakes with Hebrew calendar dates.




2 thoughts on “Iwo Jima 6.3 EQ Aug 4 2016 Pattern

  1. The August 4th date is a result of the spirit of the antichrist changing the days and times. The gregorian calendar is used to cover up the true birthdate of Yeshua and his crucifixion. 04 Aug is obamas birthday and the day of the destruction of the 2nd temple which is in the form of a man. The body is the Temple and image of God. The final day of destruction was the dark ritual in the 70 years of darkness to destroy the first man and not allow a day with the Lord where a thousand years is as a day. Adam lived 930 years.

    The replacement calendar is a solar based calendar which is a false reading of time.
    The time that is currently used is a babylonian system that is sexagesimal in nature. 60 seconds = 1 minute. 60 minutes = 1 hour, and 24 hours = 1 day. All components reduce to6 in simple numerology this yielding collectively 666. The day contains 86,400 seconds.

    The 864 math is Sun math. In the false heliocentric model the sun is 864,000 statute miles in diameter. The tallest pyramid in the world, the TransAmerica Building is 864 feet tall without towers. This fact is covered up. In days there are intervals of 864 that are precise.

    Here’s one tying the 75th anniversary of Pearl harbor into a foreshadowing event. It is a 86,400 day interval.


    Now look at the math around obama.
    Sun math 8640 day interval


    Starts his political ascent in 1993.


    864 day interval



    This may not be convincing for you but the rest will be.

    The sun is on a 28 year cycle known to the Jews with the celebration of birkat ha’chama. The ancient druids of which winston churchill was a member had ancient rites invoked at stonehenge on 25 Aug 1905. A sun cycle 28 years later the talmuds made a deal with the devil, hitler called the Havaara Agreement on 25 Aug 1933. 28 years later their false sun god is born 04 Aug 1961.

    Around stonehenge are 56 stones known as Aubrey stones that were found by the namesake in 1666. 1961 – 56 = 1905 when this invocation took place and marks two sun cycles.

    This man of perdition works off of moon cycles. In akkadian/babylonian language the pronunciation of the moon is sin. The metonic cycle known to the babylonians is exactly 19 years. Now lets use it on this guy and see what happens.

    From Black Tuesday ( Hashem’s judgment for the establishment of Vatican City – whore of babylon on 11 Feb 1929) 29 Oct 1929 to the 04 Aug date in 1942 is exactly 666 weeks.
    This is the year stanley anne dunham is born.
    Now add a moon cycle of 19 years. It is 04 Aug 1961 which is obama’s birthday.
    Now add 666,000,000 seconds to 04 Aug 1961.
    From the 04 Aug 1942 date you can also use a 40 year venus to arrive at 11 Sept 1982 which is obamas 21st birthday and marks the same interval as the fake death of hitler on 30 Apr 1945 to the formation of the US satanic church on 30 Apr 1966.
    Now add another 19 year moon/sin cycle to 11 Sept 1982. It is 8am 11 Sept 2001 right before the first plane hits.

    19 years from 1961 is 1980 which is the year the georgia guidestones were dedicated on 22 Mar which is the skull and bones date. A mars interval of 47 years earlier the first concentration camp, dachau was opened and on 23 Mar 1933 hitler was made furher.

    In the book of Daniel, Hashem’s writing on the wall was “mene mene tekel upharsin” which translates into 2520. 2520 days is 7 prophetic years. Now apply this math to the son of perdition who is obama. From 11 Sept 2001 to 04 Aug 2008 which is the 47th Mars cycle birthday of obama (year of first election) is exactly 2520 days. https://www.timeanddate.com/date/durationresult.html?m1=9&d1=11&y1=2001&m2=8&d2=4&y2=2008&ti=on
    Now go from his first election on 04 Nov 2008 to the 4th blood moon on Sukkoth 28 Sept 2015.
    Yet again there is a 2520 day interval.
    Now take his birthday and go in reverse 2520 days and land on 11 Sept 1954. https://www.timeanddate.com/date/durationresult.html?m1=9&d1=11&y1=1954&m2=8&d2=4&y2=1961&ti=on
    Now go 666 weeks behind that and land on the bombing of pearl harbor on 07 Dec 1941.

    The whole life of obama is a fabrication. Here;s the truth which was independently corroborated by another source.
    X is the symbol of nimrod.
    Luke 8:17 is being fulfilled. There is a lot more. Blessings to you.

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