S and P 500 at Fast of Esther

S&P 500

Fast of Esther and Purim in 2001 2008 2015 Shemittah Years


PURIM – Adar 14

Shushan Purim – Adar 15

Shemittah Year                   OPEN           CLOSED

2001 – March 8      Adar 13       1261.89        1264.74         Fast of Esther

2001 – March 9     Adar 14        1264.74        1233.42         PURIM

2008 – March 20   Adar 13        1299.67        1329.51         Fast of Esther

2008 – March 21   Adar 14         Saturday/Sunday             Sabbath, Purim, Shushan

2008 – March 24   Adar 17          1330.29        1349.88      Monday, market open

2015 March 3 Adar 12               2107              2102          BB Netanyahu speaks                                                                                                     10:30 am

2015 March 4 Adar 13               2099              2096          Fast of Esther 2014

2015 March 5 Adar 14               2101              2101          Purim – volume 9,338

Today is March 9, 2015. The major headlines today is that the S&P topped 2000 once again. Not since the day of the crash on the Fast of Esther, March 9 2009, has it risen above 2000.

2009 had a 56 percent in America’s GDP to debt ratio. America was 6 Trillion in debt in 2009. It has taken how long to raise the bull? One Shemittah cycle exactly. Seven years to the week. It was Adar 13 2009 and today it is Adar 18 2015.

Who stood on the stage of the world on the Fast of Esther? Israel’s Prime Minister BB Netanyahu.

There has been much discord between the Obama administration and Israel that President Obama and thirty other democrats boycotted BB speech.

What happened? Americans called their congressmen and told them to ‘show up’ and hear what IsraEL had to say. The results….there has never been such a standing ovation for any president in this world.

Yes, America now showed IsraEL that she cared from the bottom of her heart. Stocks now rise as confidence was shown. America needed BB more than BB needed us. America needs God more than God needs us.

My heart was leaping for joy for our country.  It would be this stand with IsraEL that would show the world whose side they were on.  We were birthed a Christian nation and we want to continue to stand on Christian Judeo principles.  We both believe in the one Elohim of Israel.  IsraEL God is the Adonai of the Bible.  It began with their Torah and it continues with Torah (instructions).

2015 is the Shemittah’s 7th cycle known as the year of release.

The joy of hitting 2000 is called an American Big Bubble.  The stock market has become a thing of speculation. America is near and possibly over 100 percent in it’s GDP to debt ratio.

America is 18 Trillion in debt in January 2015 the Shemittah year when it was 6Trillion in 2008, again it’s Shemittah year of release.

6th Shemittah cycle – Double/Triple blessing and cursing depending upon who YOU honor.

2009 – March 9      Adar 13      680.76       Fast Esther- LARGEST FALL in Spring Wave

2014 – March 13     Adar 13    1846.13      Fast Esther-  6TH Shemittah

2015 – March 3      Adar 13                        Israel’s BB Netanyahu speaks to Congress

2015 – March 9      Adar 18                        Confidence High

Big winners 2015: Bio tech, Pharma, Value Stocks showing 618% increase.

The S&P has rallied 200% since Fast of Esther, March 9, 2009.

They say they could be in a 15-20 year secular bull market. This would involve three Shemittah cycles. 2001 began the fall with America’s 9/11. 2008 saw a huge economic collapse and now 2015 is 100% debt ridden and called The Biggest Bubble ready to pop.

Jacob worked three Shemittah cycles: seven years for each of his wives and then another six for his animals. It was in the twentieth-first year that he desired to return to his father’s house. It is during this 21st year that he overcame many struggles in order to receive his new name, IsraEL.

That last seven-year Shemittah cycle he struggled with Laban and in the last year of that Shemittah cycle he was chased by Laban for 21 days. Laban wanted his idols returned. Jacob also was embarrassed by his very own sons when they killed all the men in Shekham. He also contended with his twin brother Esau and his 400 men. His gifts to Esau pacified for a time. Then he struggled with the Angel of the Lord. He knew he could not go on in life without God’s blessing. It was in that struggle that he acquired the name IsraEL, servant ruling with Adonai.

His favored wife, Rachel gives birth to Benjamin. She was a complainer and idol worshiper their entire marriage. As she dies, she names the baby, ‘Son of my sorrow.’ Jacob renames him Benjamin, ‘Son of my right hand.’

As we look at this example of Jacob’s life and what it took for him to have a stable household, what lessons can we see.

Could America’s 2001 and 2008 cycles represent the two wives?  Jacob loved Rachel more than she loved him.   She represents the world.   Leah loved Jacob and was patient to gain his love. God saw Leah’s heart and blessed her with children that drew Jacob to her. She is the one we see buried with him in Hebron at the MacPhelah site.

America is now wanting to be free from the debts and rules of Laban. It was by God’s guidance that Jacob grew his flocks and Laban’s maintained his.   It was God who gives the ideas on survival. It was Jacob who told his family that it was God who was growing his wealth. Even Laban (the world) gave credit to Jacob’s God for his success.  Christians give God the credit for putting Israel back in her land.  Israel (Jacob) still helps to maintain our world (Laban’s flocks).  But, Israel can step away anytime because we change the rules continually for them.   We don’t look out for their survival, but our own.

This my friends is the same pattern shown through Laban.   Laban changed Jacob’s wages TEN times before Jacob left without telling Laban. Laban had eaten up all of his daughter’s inheritance and the daughters agreed that they owed their father nothing.  They felt no sorrow leaving their father when they struck out on their own.

Will America return to God. Will they trust Him?  Will America Stand With IsraEL?

I personally believe that the Christian is being called to learn from the Jew. They were called to be a blessing and then became haughty.   America has been humbled.  And yet do they know it is because of their rejection of Israel’s wages over the last years?

On the Fast of Esther we received with open arms Israel’s Prime Minister and he received us.    He was fasting.   Their people were fasting, ‘for such a time as this.’ It brought tears to my eyes as I too was fasting and saw God honoring the fasting of His children.

IsraEL is who keeps creating the new technology that changes the world. We CANNOT allow her products to be boycotted any longer. We are the nation that must stand up with her. She does NOT need us. We, my friends, need her.

This blog is to show you the ‘Yood of Elohim.’

I just showed it to you. If we choose to continue to go about our old ways of worship we continue to violate God’s instructions.  It is living in God’s ways that will bring us to glory. God’s instruction brings glory to us as we learn to glorify Adonai as He desires.

Purim Play

Learn about the ways of the Hebrews. The small congregation I attend while in Arizona just finished up an incredible play that will be put out on U-Tube, The Unveiling of Esther. It was written by a lady who does not want to take any credit for it. It was played out by people who had few practices and they certainly were not professional actors. What happened? It was a true praise to God. It was a standing ovation crowd as God was given witness to.

I will continue this blog….but what will it take for you to pass it forward so the word spreads.

September 13, 2015 is the last day of this special 7th Shemittah year. It is known as the Day of Remission.  It has a partial solar eclipse that day.

September 23, 2015 is 10 Tishrei, Yom Kippur, Day of Atonement, Day of Judgment.

The year of Jubilee can only begin on Yom Kippur.  This special day can only occur after the 7th Shemittah cycle.  WOW…..time is near!

Yom Kippur, Tishrei 10 2015, could it be the Year of Jubilee?   Will Messiah return?

Who is chasing you? Study the life of Jacob so you can see the end from his beginning.

What does it take for you to desire a blessing from God that your hip is put out of place?

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