Carmel Alert – June 12 2015

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The CARMEL ALERT  –  June 12th 2015
.; A compilation of news reports from the past week for the information of those committed to ..praying .. for the restoration of Israel

David’s Comment:

The Mother of All Battles – An Explanation of the Irrational Hatred of Israel and the Jews.
Revelation 12:7   and war broke out in Heaven   ……………

In the military conflict that followed the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait in 1991, Sadam Hussain called the war with the United States “the mother of all battles”. The first time I heard Saddam say that, I immediately thought to myself, ‘this is not the mother of all battles, the battle for the restoration of YHVH’s Kingdom in Jerusalem is the real mother of all battles“.  This is a battle that is older that man’s time on the Earth. It began in Revelation 12:7 when “war broke out in Heaven” and it has been raging even since. The battle is over who will rule and reign in the Temple in Jerusalem. In 2 Chronicles 7:16, the Bible declares that YHVH’s name will dwell in that specific place forever. And in Isaiah 14:12-13  Lucifer declares that he will take the LORDS’s place in Heaven and he will also take GOD’s place on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.  This is what is at the heart of the 4000 year conflict between the Arab nations and Israel.

Down through the ages this battle has raged on as each of the major empires rose up to be the dominant nation on Earth at their time. Babylon, Medo-Persia, Greece and Rome. You can add the British Empire to that list as well. They all made the same fatal or near fatal mistake – they came to take Jerusalem for Lucifer, however they were all seriously injured in the process and are now non-existent or just a shadow of their former power, while little Israel is one of the strongest nations on the Earth today, militarily, financially and technologically. And the mother of all battles between the nations and Israel is building up to its climax.

There was a major development in the battle in 1776, when the Lucifer inspired Adam Weishaupt, an Austrian Jew who converted to be a Catholic and later became a Jesuit priest,  to begin an organisation called the Illuminati (the enlightened ones). Weishaupt’s goal was to establish a New World Order with a single world government and a single world religion. This is exactly what The God of Israel plans to do by sending His Son Yeshua back to Jerusalem to re-establish a New World Order in His Kingdom on the Earth, but Wisehaupt’s new world plan is the Anti-Christ system.

The most recent world empire has been the USA. Interestingly the USA became the USA in 1776, the same year that the Illuminati came into being.  Although the USA was founded by the Pilgrims, Lucifer has also had his hand on America from the beginning. Go to Google and check out the back of the US $1 note. On the note it does say “In God We Trust” but we have to ask “what God”?  The symbol on the left hand side is the seal of the Illuminati. The eye at the top of the pyramid is the eye of the Egyptian God Horus. The pyramid has 13 levels, the number of top Illuminati families that control Europe and the Western World. The Latin words at the top Annuit Coeptis means Announcing the Birth   and Novus Ordo Seclorum at the bottom of the seal means New World Order.

This symbol is also the symbol of the Freemasons, an organisation that began as the stonemasons trade union, but which was taken over and corrupted by the Illuminati and is now a Luciferian organisation that at the 33rd and 32 Degrees declares that Lucifer is the true God. This ancient conspiracy against YHVH and Yeshua also includes groups like the Bilderbergers, the Club of Rome and The Order. There is a secret society at Yale University called the Skull and Bones.  Selected students get invited into this society and if they submit to their evil ways, they graduate into The Order. The single purpose of The Order is to establish the New World Order of a single governemt and one religion.  Every president of the USA, except Ronald Reagan and most other world leaders, leading busisnessmen and men of influence are high level Freemasons and / or involved in the organisations I have just mentioned. Even more shocking, many leaders of the Christian denominations are Freemasons. They claim to be serving God, but they are really serving Lucifer as they learn at the 32 Degree.

I learned much of what I have written above from Barry Smith, an evangelist from our native New Zealand who preached about these things and brought thousands of people to the LORD.  It was a major focus of my life in my early years as a Believer. Then my focus turned to Israel and I left the New World Order message behind. A few years ago I sensed  the Holy Spirit showing me that the NWO message and the message about Israel are absolutely connected. And now I am sensing that over the last few weeks the LORD is giving me a fresh assignment to share what He has shown me with the international Body of Messiah.

Several years ago I was in Toledo. which was the center of the Spanish Inquisition.  A  Messianic Jewish  brother showed me around Toledo, explaining how Toledo was designed  by the Church in Spain as a ‘pseudo’ Jerusalem.  The walled old city of Toledo is set out very similar to Jerusalem in the time of the 2nd Temple and I see it as a religious or spiritual replacement for Jerusalem.

Jerusalem 2nd Temple Period – Toledo

Last weekend I was in The Hague in Holland. The Hague is the home of the International Court of Justice and the Peace Palace. I believe that both of these places are under the
control of the New World Order leaders and both are institutions where seriously anti-Israel activities take place, and to be anti-Israel is to be anti-God and to be anti-Christ.  The International Court of Justice is seeking to try Israeli leaders for war crimes and I see the Peace Palace as the secular replacement of Jerusalem which YHVH has ordained to be the city of Peace & Justice.

The final thing that I believe the Lord showed me while I was in The Hague, is the great danger this city presents to Israel and the Jewish people.  Thousands of Jews were killed during the Toledo based Inquisition and if what I am saying is correct then there is the likelihood that the powers that be in The Hague will also see to destroy Israel and the Jewish people in the not too distant future.  There is no doubt that the Illuminati / New World Order organisations including the UN, the EU, and the organisations based in The Hague are seeking to drive Israel out of most of the Land that is rightfully hers.  Any retreat by Israel could weaken her to the point that she could no longer defend herself.  This is the plan of Lucifer and he has an enormous army under his control.

I believe that what I have written above makes it very clear that Israel is indeed facing the Mother of ALL Battles. It is the battle for the re-establishment of God’s Kingdom on the Earth. To close on a positive note, if we read the Bible, we know who wins. Allow me remind you of the words of a worship song that is being sung around the world today  …… Our God is greater – our God is stronger  – our God is higher than any other and if YHVH is for Israel, then no-one can stop her and as the Bible states   …   NO weapon formed against her will prosper !

I have written this article to increase your understanding of what Israel is facing and to inspire you to pray and intercede as never before  – as if YOUR life depends upon it
The Lord bless you as you bless Israel by standing in defense of her right to exist in the land promised to the Jewish people by the  God of Israel. Please pray that
Israel will turn back to their God. Do not be silent at this most strategic time, but please share this
.. with all of your fellow Christians, share it with your pastors, and
with anyone you have a chance to speak to. Please also pray for a major breakthrough to the Muslim world, and remember to pray for all of the soldiers in the IDF.  Even though they are not aware of it, they are defending and fighting for the soon coming of the Messiah and the Kingdom of God.

S habbat Shalom ……  David & Josie


1. Israeli Jets Hit Gaza After Rocket Attack    Times of Israel News   June 7th

Israeli jets struck targets in the Gaza Strip early Sunday morning in an apparent retaliatory attack, hours after a rocket fired from the coastal Palestinian territory exploded in southern Israel.  The targets attacked were in the northern Gaza Strip, witness accounts said.  There were no initial reports of casualties and it wasn’t immediately clear what the targets of the airstrikes were.  The IDF confirmed in a statement that it had struck “terror infrastructure” targets in northern Gaza.  The army also said it would close the Erez and Kerem Shalom crossings into the Strip, in an apparent punitive measure.  “The defense minister has instructed that the two crossings be closed,” the IDF said in its statement. “A decision to reopen the crossings will be made based on a situation assessment and in accordance with security considerations.”

On Saturday night, at least one rocket fired from Gaza landed in an open area near Ashkelon, where residents reported hearing at least one explosion.  There were no reports of injuries or damage.  A Salafist terror group that has been at loggerheads with Gaza’s Hamas government took responsibility for the rocket fired at southern Israel on Saturday.
The past week has seen an uptick in tit-for-tat exchanges in Gaza, with Palestinians firing small volleys, and Israeli aircraft attacking installations belonging to Hamas hours later.
Military sources said they were concerned about the Salafist group, which is affiliated with Islamic State and has been brazenly firing at Israel ­ in violation of a truce that has been in place since last summer’s brutal war ­ apparently with the intention of triggering Israeli retaliatory strikes against the Gaza rulers.  Please pray that no weapon sent agaimst Israel shall prosper

2. Orange CEO Will Travel to Israel    Ha Aretz News   June 6th

Orange CEO Stephane Richard will travel to Israel to reaffirm the French telecom company’s commitment to its business in the country, a spokesman said on Sunday.  The spokesman, cited by the French Le Monde news site, that Richard accepted an invitation extended by Israel’s government and will visit the country “soon” to “provide all the information necessary to put an end to this controversy and reaffirm the group’s commitment.”  Earlier Sunday, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who holds the foreign portfolio, ordered the Israeli embassy in Paris to reject Richard’s request to meet the Israeli ambassador there, in order to apologize for his remarks about cutting off ties with Israel’s Partner Communications.  A senior Israeli official said that Netanyahu instructed the Foreign Ministry to respond to Richard’s request with the message that if the CEO wished to offer any explanations on the matter, he was invited to come to Israel to do so.

Following the row last week over Orange’s plan to end a licensing deal, Richard said Saturday that his firm had no plans to leave Israel. The day after apologizing to the Israeli deputy prime minister, Stephane Richard told AFP he “sincerely regrets” the furor caused by his remarks, adding that Orange “is in Israel to stay.”   Israel protested to France after Richard said the 25 percent state-owned telecom group planned to terminate an arrangement with Israel’s Partner Communications, drawing accusations Orange was bending to a pro-Palestinian boycott movement.   French President Francois Hollande told PM Netanyahu on Sunday evening that he categorically opposes boycotts of Israel and expressed the desire to maintain economic ties between the two countries, according to a statement issued by Netanyahu’s office. Lets pray that this fiasco will doscourage other companies from trying to boycott Israel

3. Netanyahu Slams World for Failing to Condemn Rocket Fire   Ynet News    June 8th

PM Benjamin Netanyahu slammed the international community on Sunday 7 June, 2015 for failing to condemn Gaza rocket fire at southern Israel. “I did not hear a single member of the international community condemn the attack, and the UN did not say a word,” Netanyahu said. “I’m interested to see if the silence will continue when we act in self-defense. It should be clear: the hypocrisy that is sweeping the world will not chain our hands from defending the citizens of Israel,” he added. Sporadic rocket fire has been ongoing over the past few weeks, with errant Palestinian factions, particularly one sympathizing with ISIS, breaking the ceasefire. Please pray that the world leaders will wake up to see the real  situation in the Israeli / Arab conflict

4. Israel Takes No Chances  –  Iron Dome Deployed in South     Jerusalem Post   June 8th

Just over a day after the firing of rockets by Palestinians at the Gaza frontier towns, the army deployed three anti-rocket Iron Dome interceptors in the South. One battery was stationed near Ashdod and another was positioned not far from Netivot. Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon on Thursday, 4 June. 2015 vowed that Israel will not tolerate any attempts to harm its civilians or allow the return of a reality where rockets trickle into the state. Ya’alon made the remarks after Palestinians in the Gaza Strip fired two rockets into the South on Wednesday 3 June, 2015. The Israel Air Force struck Hamas targets in the Strip that same night. There were no injuries in the rocket attacks or air strikes.  Please pray  that the Iron Dome will successfully intercept & destroy all incoming missiles.

5.  Jerusalem Mayor Urges Obama to Recognise Jerusalem

Jusalem Mayor Nir Barkat on Monday urged US President Barack Obama to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, hours after the US Supreme Court struck down a law to permit Americans born in Jerusalem to list their birthplace as Israel in their US passports.  The landmark ruling, which backed the president’s official stance on Jerusalem, was also fiercely criticized by MK Michael Oren ­ formerly the Israeli ambassador to the US ­ while the Foreign Ministry declined to comment.  “Just as Washington is the capital of the US, London is the capital of England, and Paris the capital of France ­ so too Jerusalem was and always will be the capital of Israel,” Barkat said in a statement.  Pointing to rising anti-Semitism and the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement, the mayor said, “I call on US President Barack Obama to publicly declare what we’ve known for generations ­ that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel and Israel is the home of the Jewish people.” Oren, a Knesset member from the center-right Kulanu party and a former US citizen, also denounced the ruling, which he said was “damaging to Israel’s sovereignty and to the alliance of Israel and the United States.

“Today, to my regret, the court rejected the appeal on the claim that recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital is in the unique purview of the president and behold ­ President [Barack] Obama uses this authority and chooses not to recognize Jerusalem as our capital,” he said.  “I gave up my American citizenship at the time, but my daughter Lia, who is still an American citizen, was born in Jerusalem, Israel, despite what her passport says.”  The Supreme Court decision also drew criticism from the Orthodox Union, which said in a statement it was “disappointed” by the move.  “But we are more disappointed by the persistent policy of the United States government ­ carried out by successive presidents ­ to treat the capital city of Israel with less respect than that accorded to capital cities of virtually every other nation. Jerusalem is unquestionably the capital of Israel,” said Nathan Diament, executive director for public policy of the OU.  The policy is part of the government’s refusal to recognize any nation’s sovereignty over Jerusalem, until Israelis and Palestinians resolve its status through negotiations.  Justice Anthony Kennedy said in his majority opinion that the president has the exclusive power to recognize foreign nations, and that the power to determine what a passport says is part of this power.   Please pray that the US Government will see the light and recognise Jerusalem

6.  US Air Forces Signs Agreement with Israeli Air Force     ICEJ News    June 10th

The US Air Force and the IAF signed a historic strategic accord this week, significantly upgrading relations at all levels and cementing one of the closest alliances the Jewish State has. “It is a constitutive moment and a significant milestone in the cooperation between the forces, realized for the first time as signed agreement”, said Brigadier General Ya’akov Sharabani, IAF’s Attache in Washington. “What makes the ASNR document special is how it codifies everything that the IAF and USAF has been doing together and identifies new areas where we can cooperate”, added Maj. Gen. Lawrence Martin, Assistant Deputy Under Secretary of the Air Force International Affairs. “In that sense, the ASNR is not only a very practical framework for moving forward the issues both of our air forces care about, but it also clearly serves as evidence of the deep and committed friendship between us.”   Please pray for good fruit from this agreement between the USA & Israeli Air Forces

7.  Byzantine Church Unearthed on State Highway 1    Israel Today News   June 10th

A Byzantine church dating to the 5th century AD was discovered this month along Highway 1 connecting Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. The site is situated near the Arab village of Abu Ghosh and the Messianic moshav of Yad Hashmonah.  According to archaeologists, the church was part of a rest stop on the route between Jerusalem and the coastal region. During the excavations, a chapel featuring a white mosaic and a small baptismal in the shape of a cross (pictured) was found. Red plaster chips scattered around the floor indicated frescoed walls.  Nearby living quarters and storage facilities contained ceramic tiles, beautifully-preserved oil lamps and other objects belonging to the church. Annette Nagar, an archaeologist with the Israel Antiquities Authority, noted that this was the third church that had been discovered along this ancient route, the other two being located in Kiryat Ye’arim and Emmaus. The church was discovered quite by accident during a major construction project to expand the highly-trafficked Highway 1. It again goes to show that no matter where you dig in Israel, you are certain to come face-to-face with history.


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