Impossible People – Part II

Impossible People – Part II 

Who is wearing the prayer shawl today?

I’m continuing now with why Christians are being persecuted in the world TODAY. America has already had a woman beheaded.

Temple wall

Do you know what this picture is?  I took it as I walked on the Temple Mount May 2009. The Mount’s care and access is totally run by the Arabs.  They allow tourists to visit but not pray on it.  Jews can NOT access it but only on certain days in the year for a few hours.  Please note the clothes line at the top of the building.  This is what you see from the Mount along with the garbage thrown on the ground from these tenants.  This Mount is NOT treasured as the Jewish people would treasure it.  This was shocking to me.

Christianity Gone Beserk, by author Steve Apfel, has added fuel to the fire burning in me.   It is now the 2014-2015 Shemittah 7th cycle where everything that will FALL will FALL and everything that is to RISE will RISE.

Heads are falling and it is disgusting.  Mass graves are being dug and it is disgusting.  All in the name of a god who doesn’t respond to it’s worshipers.  These murderers are trusting a human being for their very souls.   How has this happened?  What God is presented to the people on this earth?  It is NOT the God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob I assure you.   This ‘unknown god’ to the world is, ‘The Living God’ who reacts.

We have life biographies – not stories – of people’s lives in the bible that we should be learning from.  As I grew up I was told that the bible had stories in it but they weren’t true.   Today, I believe people are searching for the truth and they do seek out the bible for real truth.

I will be calling Jesus, Yeshua because that is His Hebrew name.  He came as a Jew and will return as one.  Thus, it is appropriate that we call Him by what He’ll be called when He returns to earth to reign for a thousand years.   I do believe He is God in the flesh and therefore, I do not apologize for capitalizing any word that speaks of Him, such as Him. Thank you for understanding.

Pastor Mark Biltz just had a program in which he mentioned the Council of Nicaea in 325 and what affect it had on our lives.  That is some 300 years after the death of Messiah.  That is longer than the United States has been a nation.  Constantine would have been the sole Emperor at that meeting.

It was his mother, Helen, who pursued the issue of finding the True Cross.  Hmm….300 years later and she wants to return to IsraEL to find the TRUE cross?  For what purpose? Stayed tuned in…it gets interesting.

God tells us not to have anything of false worship before us.  We should definitely never venerate another human being.  Even the Apostle Paul denounced being called A god like Apollos.  Lev 19:4, Num 15:39, Exodus 22:27, 20:4, 5, 20:20. Deuteronomy 13, 16, 18, 22.  This subject is constantly covered but was removed from the Catholic version of the Ten Commandments.  The first and second commandment are to love the Lord thy God and then to love thy neighbor.  Removing the idolatry verse allowed the statues and saints to be venerated at will.  Thus, men make demi gods of men and label them saints to pray to.   Changing Torah changes the ways of men.  Jesus (Yeshua) Christ is the only way to God…there is NO other mediator…sorry!

The Constantine’s will have BIG churches built which in themselves become venerated. His churches will actually sit on top of martyrs..and Wah lah.. we have ‘holy’ ground? Oh my dear people, how Satan has tricked those who don’t study His words.  God tell us that touching something dead defiles us?  Read Numbers Chapter 19.  It is okay to touch a dead person, but not if you’re going to come into God’s house of prayer.

Numbers 19:16 Also whoever is in an open field and touches a corpse, whether of someone killed by a weapon or of someone who died naturally, or the bone of a person, or a grave, will be unclean for seven days.

Jews view the body as a temporary dwelling place.   Several people will witness the body being put in ground with a short prayer read.  I don’t know all the details but it occurs within 24 hours.  I do know that the wife will sit in her home for seven days receiving those that would like to come and give their condolences.

Temple Mount Tombs
Temple Mount Tombs

When I visited Israel in 2009 I was shocked to see tombs in large numbers right outside the Temple walls and they seemed to push up right against it.  I was told that the Arabs do that to prevent the Jew’s Messiah from returning through that gate.  They know that walking in a graveyard would defile the priests.  The thing that the people are forgetting is that the next High Priest to show up will be Yeshua as Messiah.  He can no longer be defiled by death because He rose from the dead.  I am told that the Jews are also buried there, but they whitewash their stones so as not to walk on them.  These bodies are expected to rise first upon Messiah’s return and so it is a privilege to be buried OUTSIDE The Temple Mount walls.  Thus, two viewpoints!

If something dead or unclean defiles a person, why would a church intentionally defile it’s people by placing something dead within itself?  Is it man’s stubbornness against the Torah?  Leviticus 10:19 speaks of mourning for relatives.  Leviticus 21 speaks of the High Priest and Kohen not defiling themselves with a corpse.  As the Temple is built again, will we know how to behave.  Our lives are dress rehearsals for the future and our lives should be honoring to God’s instructions.  We can NOT do all of the instructions because they are not applicable many times.  Yes, there is NO temple today.  But, the basic principles are there for us.  We could also ask ourselves…where in God’s instruction book (bible) does it say to do it?

The clergy at the time of 325 AD encouraged Constantine to build the church right over the graves of the ‘martyrs.’  Satan always has the false appearing as truth.  They say it is like having a church within a church.  A crypt is a church?

But wait…   God’s timing is too much at times.  Today on Netflix they posted for me  being a ‘new release’ showing the Sagrada Familia (The Holy Family) carrying the movie title in 2012, The Mystery of Creation.  It was started 129 years ago in 1886 and still is not completed.  It has now made the Top 25 list of choices things to see in our world.  It, too, has a crypt inside…making it ‘unclean’.  Do they know this?  Do the people know they have wasted their donations to this monstrosity of a Church?   The bigger question is, “Do they care?”  I’ll insert a picture but can follow it’s progress on the web.

I will eventually get to 1483 – 1546 with Martin Luther:  The Jews and Their Lies (excerpts).  But let’s start closer to the scene of Yeshua dying on the cross and on The 40th day of the Counting of the Omer He ascends to heaven.  It is on the 50th Day of the Counting of the Omer that the Holy Spirit comes and dwells on about 3000 souls and they go OUT to spread the teachings of Yeshua’s death and resurrection and the correction of ‘lowering the fences’ that had been applied through the last 1500 years since Mosche heard them from Adonai on Mt. Sinai.  Many received the Holy Spirit at that time in the desert on that SAME day.

Shavuot has always been celebrated every year and is known as Feast of Weeks.  It was like a ‘dress rehearsal’ for the Real Deal…and this day it happened again.  It was about the Holy Spirit showing up and indwelling men.  This was not a new concept, but a renewed Spirit that they needed to go on to do the hard task ahead.   It would be so hard for the next forty years after Yeshua left as thousands of Jews and new believers in Yeshua would hang on stakes like Yeshua was crucified.  By 70 AD, General Titus would tear down the magnificent temple and leave only one wall standing, the western wall.  That is where Jews are allowed to stand to pray today.  It is ALL they have……. But it’s time for change my friends.

The State of IsraEL was born in 1948 in much labor pain and got Jerusalem returned to them in 1967 in a Six-Day Labor of War full of miracles.  This new baby would be born as God would see to it.

2014-2015 is the Shemittah year with eclipses and blood moon occurring exacting on The Lord’s Feasts.  I have been talking about this for an entire Shemittah cycle, 2008 – 2015.   I’ve been blue in the face talking about this getting just a puzzled look on my friend’s faces.  I’m afraid that puzzling face will turn to one of deeper puzzlement as their lives crumble around them as they didn’t expect what is about to happen.  You must realize that God will get people to STOP and look one way or another….He is God!

Hmm…Holy Spirit in the Old Testament?  Yes!  And, surprise…think about it…there was more mercy and grace in the OT than the NT.  They had more challenges and thus needed more mercy.  Grace is pictured as a tent held down with stakes.  Faith is proven by our works.   Nothing has changed people!  It was faith in what God said then and it is still faith in what Yeshua says now.  After all, He can only say what the father tells Him…and as they are One…they never disagree.  You see, together they wrote the Torah.  It was written on Mosche’s heart who gave it to the people on their hearts.  Every year it was the King that was to write out the Torah and READ it to his subjects/the people.  They would bury it in their hearts, my friends.

Yeshua came to tear some walls down but confirmed that He was the Foundation Stone. Torah was the Foundation Stone because they knew Messiah would fully reveal the Torah (instructions of God). If Yeshua broke one instruction of the Torah, then it proved He was not the Messiah.  Whenever they confronted Him, Yeshua threw it back in their face as to what the Torah really says.  He confirmed the Torah.

How did the people respond to this new revelation?

PROBLEMS IMMEDIATELY —  Nothing knew under the sun people!

3 John 1:9, 10 shows us problems already as Diotrephes will not accept them and has malicious words against the Jews.  In Acts 18:26 they were speaking boldly in the synagogue.  James 2:1,2 shows us again the assembly is meeting in the synagogue and Revelation 2:9 speaks of the meeting place as a synagogue.

The Romans brought Greek (Hellenism) thinking to the arena of life along with their idol worship.  The Ephesians were involved with the goddess Diana and Jupiter for just two of the many gods.  The Greeks had many gods to make sure their problems were covered just as Abraham’s father, Terah, made many idols for Nimrod.  People don’t seem to change much as they worship what can NOT respond to them.

Romans did NOT understand this LIVING God that just died on the cross.  They did not realize that He was a jealous God and would NOT have other gods near Him.  Even with Constantine’s mother pushing him toward Christianity he couldn’t fully embrace it.  He walked lightly so as not to disturb these other gods.  Actually he ends up worshiping them as well as this Yeshua that just died and rose 300 years earlier.   He walked around for forty days and then left.   They couldn’t kill Him or Lazarus twice…they would just rise again.

Constantinus’ mother was the daughter of an Innkeeper and got pregnant by his father, a military soldier, who visited the Inn often as he lived in that town.  It seems he never married Helen, but when the boy was of age to go to school he called for them to come live with him.  The boy had been named Constantinus. This is our future Constantine The Great of whom also excels in the military.

(note: they have the same name but the son has an ‘n’ in his name.)

Dad, Constantius, becomes a governor and they lived on an estate.

Governor Constantius desires to rise higher in life and therefore makes an agreement to marry into a family that leads to the imperial circle.  Constantine’s mother, Helen, is pushed out and she moves to where her son is located to be close to him.

The son, Constantinus, marries Minervina and has a son, Crispus.

How are we doing?  Are you following these men’s lives?

Interestingly, both men will now come to marry half sisters to keep everything very tight-reigned in the kingdom.  Like father like son they say.

Yes, our Constantine The Great does divorce Minervina to marry Theodora who is much younger than her half sister, Faustra, his father’s wife.

Both father and son have two different female relationships that produce children from both.  There is no one following Torah in their generations.

As we look at study of the Book of Daniel and the different dynasties that evolve through history….I find their lives very interesting.  Families always have opportunity to change and end well.  That is God’s desire for each generation.  There has to be one leader that will begin to follow God according to His ways.  God is looking for strong family leaders.

Our Constantine The Great had a mother raising him, but I’m guessing she was also begging his father to accept them back.   She is accepted and then gets rejected again.  But, she will be the one who leads the crusade for religious power.  I see her as The Great whore at this moment in history.  Sorry for such thoughts but she will be the one that influences the safety for Christians but NOT for the Jews.  Her son will be busy building his cities on the seven hills of Rome and then Constantine moves outside of Rome of which her religion again will ride on those next seven hills.  It takes four years to build this new city sitting on seven hills which sits bordering three sides of water fortified with walls.   It was dedicated in the month of Sivan, May, 330.  It is the second Shemittah cycle.  It will become the seat of the Empire and will last until 1453, when it falls to the Asiatic onslaught.  Martin Luther comes on the scene in 1483-1546.

(It always amazes me that God gives me stories right at the time of their happening in the past.  Today is Sivan 24 2015.  This was May, Sivan, 330 AD)

What are the names applied to this city?  Anthous (or Flora), New Rome, Second Rome, Constantinople, Byzantium and the Polis (City) Istanbul.

Constantine will become a murderer of his own son, Crispus.  God gave him this son through a legitimate wife, Minervina.  It is the second wife, Fausta that bore him five more children: three sons and two daughters.  He now has a total of SIX children.  She plotted a plan so that it would be her offspring that would rise to power.   She lost in that scheme as he took her life after he took his first-born son’s life.   He imprisoned his son and then had him executed one year later.  He had time to think.  He definitely was a premeditated murderer.  And, this, I keep telling myself, is our “Great Constantine’ of whom the world owes so much?

His father Constantious died July 25, 306.    Constantine’s troops ushered him in as the proclaimed Augustus.  This event marked the beginning of Constantine’s climb to the top.  It was Tammuz 26, 4066, Thursday, during what the Jews know as, ‘The Dire Straits.’  Between Tammuz 17 and Av 9 is a three-week time period of repentance and fasting before God.  The Jews are still repenting for the ‘golden calf’ false worship catastrophe in the desert.  They ask God to help them not to have any false worship before Him.  God removed a Constantine during a very repentant time.  Perhaps they had prayed for a solution to some of their persecutions.  Would this next ruler help the Christian and Jew?  They say that Jerusalem was not for a lack of trees and looked like a forest for all the crucifixes that lined its hills.

Six years will pass and on Cheshvan 11 4073 on Taanit BH’B (a fast and prayer day) in the 6th Shemittah year of double blessings or cursing, Constantine will conquer the northern portion of Italy.  On October 28, 312 he attacked and conquered Rome as a liberator. He used a monogram of Christ to march under to inspire his victory.  He adopts this symbol which becomes a permanent part of his life, the sign for his troops and the Empire.

On Cheshvan 10 God closes the door on the ark.  Noach, seven other family members and the animals now wait TEN days.  It will be Cheshvan 17 that the flood waters begin their release.  It is a time of perspective.  Ten days until judgment or release.  God’s calendar is circular so you can expect similar happenings in history.

Men devise their own way, but God directs their path.  This verse if found about six times in the bible.  Men have free will.  I think of the people of faith from the OT in the book of Hebrews.  God is looking for men of faith.  Was Constantine a man of ‘faith’ or a man of superstition?

One year later in 313 we see his Edict of Milan formulating the language of tolerance with religions.  It seems one-tenth of his empire may have consisted of Christians.  He politicized the clergy to see the Church and the Empire prosper.  He issued harsh treatment against those that practiced non-Christian rituals.  It will now be twelve more years where his tolerance wears and the Council of Nicea of 325 is held with Constantine himself being sole Emperor.  It is July 3, 325 AD,  5 Tammuz 4085.

(This is the same time that Mosche is receiving the instructions from God on Mt. Sinai and on 17 Tammuz Mosche is told by God to go down and see what the people have done.)

This council will be deciding some of the most critical matters that will come down through history that even affects my life today.  This will be Constantine’s edict for the world on the instruction of religion.  It will violate Torah and remove many jots and tittles…believe me!

They will be removing God’s traditions and The Lord’s Feasts while adding the traditions of men.  I see why heads are being chopped off in our modern day!  Do you see it?

We have left Torah at the exact time of the Worship of the Golden Calf once again.  Amazing to see this…but not shocked~ as Satan is evil and cunning in his ways.  The dust of the bitter gold is once again put in the water for the nations to drink and they drank it’s poison and continue to die to this day.

Mystery Babylon begins in two sets of seven hills.  Each will prophecy to the nations and the nations will continue their war against their Creator.  They will not listen to the Jews who carry, The Book.  This ‘Impossible People’ will disperse themselves into the world.

But wait…there is hope….  As prophecy is revealed as the God of IsraEL, the God of Abraham, David, and the God of all Torah believers see the RETURN to Torah happening all across the nations.

The prayer shawls with the tassels representing the Torah (God’s instruction) are being worn now by Christians who want to chase that Jew and understand how to live safely in Messiah through those instructions.  It is a prophecy being fulfilled right before our eyes.

Many Christians are making the Jew jealous because they know more about the Torah and The Lord’s Feasts than the secular Jew knows.  Again, this is a prophecy being fulfilled before our eyes.

Yes, the Jew has been in their land now for 67 year and Jerusalem has been returned to them and the land is productive and they have become a ‘mean machine’ to protect themselves.  They are not stateless wanderers.  “They have built a Tel Aviv of Manhattan skyscrapers, and win an over-flowing amount of Nobel Prizes and boast of a bustling high-tech economy with a currency stronger than Europe’s.” Steve Apfel

It will be God that determines how long before these stubborn Gentiles RETURN to Him in Torah.  It is being grafted into this powerful group that must be appreciated so we can all say, “Blessed is He who comes in the Name of Adonai.”  The Messiah coming is God in the flesh, my friends.

Part III next..Good night!

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