Purim » The Golden Report


Purim remembers the time of “Esther” when Harman wanted to anniliate every Jew.  At our same time in history there are 100 outbursts in February in the United States. And it continues around the world. This anti Semitism is not new to Adonai’s children. And neither is retribution for it. 85,750 died at the hands of Esther and the 120 Shushan Providence governors. Our world is about to suffer in mass proportions because they bring judgement on themselves for their attitudes against Gods holy ones.  By having a set apart people, men can have a choice of joining them or annilalating them.  Let’s Fast with them and also protect their graves. 

 Esther was close to 50o years before the Messiach. Another pattern in years to observe. We are four sets of 500 years plus 17 years from The Suffering Servant Yeshua. 2017. Yeshua was on the earth in 17 AD.  It’s was the 80th Jubilee of the earth. We just finished the 120th Jubilee entering the 121st Jubilee.   Esther ruled 120 provinces. Jacobs Benjamin (Son of right hand) was born in his 21st coming away from Laben (the world). 

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