America’s Walls Breached – Tevet 22, 2021

Fast of TEVET – Walls Breached

Tav eth – Covenant (tav) in God’s name (eth)….Tav eth

Letter Tav: Mark, Covenant, Seal, Sign, Own

President Trump Patriots Try to Hold America’s Walls!

VP Mike Pence in question: Tevet 17, Jan 1, 2021.

(Noach’s Flood Gates Opened 60 days earlier Cheshvan 17, Month Two Day 17.)

U.S. Capitol Breached January 6, 2021

January 7, 2021 VP Pence Awards 2020 contested Electorates to Biden Kamala (Amalek).

Genesis 50 closing: Hazek, hazak, v’nit’chazek! Be strong, be strong, and let us be strengthened!

The Hebrew month of Tevet is it’s own marker. It sets covenants on the earth sealing events.

Adam removed 2 Tevet, Enoch says to mark the rosh chodesh of Month Four; Noach’s rain stopped 2 Tevet; Ezra Nehemiah die on rosh chodesh Tevet; 911 Twin Towers marked by Fast of 10 Tevet 2001.

Jer 9:23  instead, let the boaster boast about this: that he understands and knows me—that I am Adonai, practicing grace, justice and righteousness in the land; for in these things I take pleasure,” says Adonai. 

Tevet meaning: God’s mark is sealed by covenant sign owned by Him.

Tevet 10 – Parashah 11 Vayigash: He approached, He came near: Genesis 44:18 – 47:27

How does God mark the earth? Spirit, calendar, fasts, land, wind, water, fire

Zechariah 8:19 – Four fasts, four horses, four winds

Zechariah 6:4 – Horses (winds) coming between two bronze (strong) mountains.

Two ‘Fast of Tevet’ occurred in 2001: January 5; December 25. (canceled Christmas)

The two 2001 ‘Fast of Tevet’ bookend America being ‘marked’ by her TOWERS falling.

September 11, 2001 winds flew into two strong mountains in New York.

Portent: Fast of Tevet: January 5 1982, January 5, 2001, December 25, 2001; December 25, 2020.

Portent: 10 Tevet – Ten: Letter Yud (‘) representing Strong hand; The ‘Aleph’ of God’s, strong hand.

10 Tevet, January 5, 1982 – Born: daughter-in-instruction (law) has FOUR children, two girls and two boys in that order, ages 5-12. She sets borders. She requires their private family space. They home school on 11.7 acres where God’s glorious border of sunsets is claimed to view every day.

The Land – Must fast to be fruitful. (Today, people are poisoned by chemicals to get it to produce.)

Solomon did NOT protect his borders…He did NOT observe laying the land fallow every seven years. The land would get it’s deserved rest for seventy years while it’s caretakers were in Babylon.

Our earth is scheduled to have a complete generation of rest. We should consider Enoch’s 700-year generation where he is the seventh and last of that 700-year cycle. Noach is born into the second 700-year cycle. If we can go back and wrap our thoughts around this being a generation than we can see that it points to the ’70’ pattern that permeates our earth. The biggest evidence with science behind it is Israel being in Babylon for 70 years. Thus, we could see ‘satan and deceivers’ rule the earth in 70 year cycles. Thus, after King Yeshua Jesus reign for a generation finishing Adam’s 930 year to make it a complete DAY, it will take 70 another 70 years of rule with ‘evil’ released to prove King Yeshua can defeat that horrible evil.

Yes, we’re seeing a pattern of 700 years flow into that one thousand years that is called, One Day with the Lord’s heavenly time. Adam’s Day (with deception present) would finish up proving to all hosts in the heavens that the Highest Angel created would not qualify to rule the heavens, but God’s own son Yeshua who ruled on earth would qualify to do it. The kingdom on earth is to be given back to Yeshua, the true chosen son, to rule forever is truly God’s purpose in all of what we see happening on our earth.

In fact, we know it’s the end of things when His Kingdom is preached to be set up. This message is being declared right now to you in these ‘end of times’ as we know it. The earth isn’t going away but a New Kingdom is coming to be set up. Our earth is being prepared to accept it. Will you speak about this Kingdom coming or do you still just want to ‘fly away ol glory’..rapture out…and come back to what? A still evil earth? No, my friends…believers have been lead down a path that they don’t really know what it to happen next….they don’t know what heaven is like. There is truly a ‘battle for our minds.’

The anti-Torah-Kingdom people will be removed for their bones will be a witness to this war as we leave The House of Peace on this earth when we visit it in the future. There are so many bones from this war that they keep finding more bones and they are left as memorial, just as a few stones were left by Roman General Titus in 70 AD to remember there really was a Temple where God dwelt.

President Trump was 70 years old when Inagurated in 2017. He has done more for The Land than any other president to return it to God’s set borders. He is all about Tevet…building up the walls torn down by many King Nebuchadnezzar of our world. And, on January 6, 22 Tevet 2021 the Speaker of the House called for his ‘impeachment’ again just 13 days before he’s replaced by President Elect Joe Robinette Biden.

The Left in Congress on January 7, 2020 (23 Tevet) pledged to convince The Two Houses of Congress that President Trump had headed up a coup to change the election. His deplorables (representing 72 million voters) protest on the day the electorates were counted. (22 Tevet) Two Houses being breached.

It has been confirmed that The Nation’s Capitol Police allowed a bus load of ‘antifa’ (hired by The Left) to get off a bus. This group dressed in all black linked arms and together broke through the capitol police to then try to break into our Nation’s Capitol. There is video showing Trump supporters trying to stop their breaking out windows. They are throwing these men down to the capitol police.

A single door was cracked open by someone inside to let Trump supporters in. They were not screaming and yelling but walking slowly in amazement of an empty room with no police. I was watching this via PBS if you want the true story. They gave their names and said that they were protesting because of the fradulent election. They kept walking staying inside of the ropes which eventually more and more people caused the ropes to make their path wider. They looked like tourists enjoying all the statues of our founders.

No one had any weapons but it seems they found some from the antifa group. And no one was allowed to carry medical supplies which is why one gentlemen’s friend was dying. For no reason the police began spraying gas on the people are the 6:00 pm curfew put on by the Washington DC Mayor came closer. They did not announce for the people to move back but just sprayed them with gas. A man in his 60’s was very upset has he has asthma and has had heart surgery. His wife was upset because they were just quietly standing and the police came up and sprayed them. The police just kept pushing these quiet Trump supporters causing them to cry as they fell down.

Inside….I’m sure it was these citizen’s first look inside their nation’s capitol. It was peaceful with no capitol police around…like it was a setup from The Left. Even the PBS female reporter thought it odd as to where are the police?

There is a plan being laid out to totally remove Donald Trump from God’s purposes for him. He has brought light to our world while exposing evil.

After I found out about TWO ‘Fast of Tevet’ in 2001…warning us to fast for our own ‘gates’, I also found out about The Insurrection Act that ADONAI had our Congress establish. It declares that when our land has been infiltrated from any outside or inside negative influence, our President may take military power over The Nation. Exactly 20 years later our Nation is going to find that this act is being implemented by President Trump. Our enemies (The Left) has permeated our Congress and our American corporations and schools. We must ACT now or turn into the world we see in China, Russia, Iran, Iraq with dictators controlling people.

God’s ‘Insurrection Act’ continued to close pagan holidays. This Christmas 2020 I found myself ‘mourning with those that mourn’ for the Hebrew’s God having to tear down their walls because they failed to keep God’s patterns on the earth. Since God is not ‘screaming’ from a mountain top via thunder bolts and lightening which scared them at Mt. Sinai, he works through things that we see him being faithful to us. The Land resting every seven years was a BIG trial and test of faith because it would actually take reserving necessities for several years until that next year crops could be planted and then it takes time to see a harvest.

We are in the Sixth Shemittah year of a seven-year cycle. This year is when double, triple blessing or cursing are promised based on obedience to God or disobedience to God.

Shemittah year six began on September 23, 2020 also known as Rosh Hoshana which brings in the new civil calendar for Israel. God’s civil year goes from fall to fall and it’s ecclesiastical year goes from spring to spring. You best learn The Hebrew calendar to visualize and connect to God’s calendar.

Day Six is when man was created so it makes since that MANKIND will have more trials in order to bring our earth a quieter time in the seventh year. We can be in the Spirit of God, but we are still going to go through The Six patterns,

Today we live with ‘adversaries on the earth. They control people by causing upheaval. Food is claimed to be in short supply when it should not be with all the modernization in farming around our world. China controls all markets. Right now it is proven that they ‘dump’ what foods she buys from American farmers. In dictatorships you want the people controlled. First you remove the smart race known as elites. We saw this in controlling Haiti when doctors, teachers, lawyers were murdered. The class of people left are those that will learn how to take down a tree to make coal out of it.

China dumps food to fulfill her commitment to President Trump. American farmers got an income, but China’s people stayed controlled. And, China have 1.3 million Muslims and ‘weegers’ that live in an open camp just trying to survive on minimums not employing them. It is believed that this group is used for body organ transplants for our world. When you believe in abortion you turn an eye to helping life. When you limit your nation’s population, you limit their potential to family. The 5000 year old dynasty of China is first committed to staying in existance as a dynasty. This ancestry is worth life…their citizen’s lives and even it’s leaders lives. This ancestry is very self centered and needs to change. President Nixon and others have tried to enhance China’s poverty but China’s basis for existence wins out…it’s the dynasty first…not the population.

The book of Revelation declares that the dragon gets upset with God’s children because they won’t cooperate when they try to cut off their horn (nation) from it’s head. The dragon of China has 70 nations paying tribute to it for loans it has forced upon those people. The nations that want democracy are lead into riots as what we’ve seen in America in 2020. The Left has sided with these red dragons as even Senate leader Mitch McConnell found himself married to a Chinese woman who falsely sat on American boards. He is so quiet because he knows he’s become part of this problem. How can he speak up against CIA agents when they have his records. Blackmail is the name of the game in our nation today. No not one…not one is good, says The Lord.

Our earth is suffering spiritually too. It will look very bleak as churches obey Left governors and left governments. This is a time we will ‘suffer’ for the sake of Christ. Christians weep with fasting and prayer asking their intercessor, The Suffering Servant, to take their plea to The Father to allow The Messiach to come as our King of Kings. President Trump wants this as well. He does NOT want to be our King of Kings. He does not want to be a dictator but a ‘servant’ to the Most High.

We have so many coverups going on in our nation and this Planned Demic by The Left is keeping our citizens and pastors from talking to each other about it. We MUST get back to church before they burn our churches down and us in them as they did to the Jews.

President Trump and anyone linked to him are now being sought out this very hour. AI- artificial intelligence – media deny this problem quieting / stopping 72 million from communicating with each other.

This new King AI is an enemy just as Joshua had to defeat King AI before they could cross The River Jordan to secure The Land. It is this same piece of real estate that The Last Trump worked with Israel’s Prime Minister BB Netanyahu from 2017 – 2020 that Joshua lead his Troops of Trumpers to blow their Last Trumpets to have the walls of Jericho fall. They fought the King AI and we fight ‘Artificial Intelligence’ AI.

At age 70 I have lost any fear of this Planned Demic. People are dying that were scheduled to die. In fact, there are less people who died in 2020 than were scheduled to die from their normal death causes. We should not fear death. This plague allows 99.97 per cent of people to live. FEAR is False Evidence Appearing Real. We are not to listen to false evidence but to ‘the Science’. Science tells us that you will get sick…there are products to enhance you so you revive. You do NOT need a vaccine that wakes up a previous vaccine in you. Their combinations inflame you. Concentrate on nutrition and exercise. This has proven to bring all of our families through it…they have all had it and didn’t even visit a doctor.

And, I just read a scripture lately that says, when we walk out his commandments, we will NOT die. Hmm! Thank you Adonai. I count on that spiritually that I won’t die and I count on being lead to eat correctly and other answers via the wisdom of ADONAI that Solomon claimed at the beginning when he was just seventeen. He then went away from God’s insructions and The Kingdom was taken from him in his grandchildren’s day. One of the last kings was young Joshia (Yoshuah). Even though he was the best king ever…even hosting a larger Seder than King Solomon, ADONAI had to remove them to Babylon because He never breaks his word.

We can feel like we are doing everything correct spiritually and wonder why our world is falling apart. King Josiah thought the same thing. But, it is the sins from the past that were never repented of that God will deal with later. We are to stay diligent, trusting and praying. We move on after death has smitten someone because it’s God’s will. God knew the day of their beginning and the day of their end. We mourn because of their loss, but we should also stand in awe of ‘God’s salvation’ offered for each person on this earth. That is what is sad….if they did not want to ‘love’ their creator while here,

Donald J Trump is an anointed man who desires God to work through him. He is a Joseph raised up second in command only to ADONAI. It seems VP Pence is also a Joseph being second in command to our President. Both of these men have been lifted up by ADOANI. We will see if VP Pence stayed true to his position of supporting his king as it plays out. Maybe he will be left in Egypt to continue to protect The Family he loves as did Yoseph stay in Egypt and visited his father and family in Goshen.

Yoseph played a part that portrayed the Life of Yeshua Jesus. Yeshua is the ‘second in command’ in the heavenlies. He laid his blood on Elohim’s ‘altar’ in the heavenlies before anyone could touch him on earth. He did eat and they did touch him. His new body could defy elements and appear where he wanted. We will do that as well once we claim his blood laid on Heaven’s altar. It takes that cleansing of blood alone for spiritual life to happen within us.

The portent of an altar is seen in Noach being risen up in a wooden ark off the earth. Abraham was involved personally with God’s chosen firstborn son Isaac on an altar of wood. Adam was involved with a tree in the Gan of Eden. Wood burns until burnt up. Wood burns hard enough to make coal I’ve seen sold by Haitians in Haiti. Wood carries things around as Daniel asks, Why do men do this…carrying it into their homes decorating it with silver and gold when it does them no good? This beam of wood was carried by The Suffering Servant and should not be desecrated by making it an altar brought into our homes at Christmas.

The Season of Christmas is full of idolatry…even with gifts that no one really likes or it’s the wrong size. Any gift should be given because it is HE that is our gift from ELOHYM told about when Adam sinned. The Seed shall rise up crushing the one who strikes our heels. He is also known as, The Branch…from which all The Torah (words of God) hang from. The Branch did not break in one point which qualified this one man to be the true Son of God. And, not one of his bones was broken…Yes, Yeshua Jesus did not violate the Torah in one point…because He is The Living Word….filling it up to it’s fullest everything that was said about him was complete.

Yosef was first put in a well for three days and three nights as Yeshua was put in the grave for three days and nights. Yeshua Jesus said there was no other sign to be given about The Messiach accept for Jonah being in the belly of a large sea creature for three days and three nights. Thus, any time we see three days and three nights…it is a portent to The Messiach’s RESURRECTION from the dead.

Yosef raised up to be ‘second’ in command only to Pharaoh. His father Ya’cov mourned him for years as his physical presence was missing in Ya’cov’s life and his influence was missing in their families life.

ELOYIM also mourned that he had to turn his face away from His son as he carried every penalty for sin to hell in his death at 4000 years from Adam. For 4000 years they looked to The Seed to sprout on the earth. The next 4000 years we look back to The Sprout and help His branches grow over the earth.

Ya’cov’s name was changed to Israel because he struggled with The Lord’s Angel all night never letting go until this angel would reveal who is was to him. Do we struggle in our lives seeking who God is? Do you want to see God active in your life? Or, do we just hurry through life to get it over with. What you do on this earth is what will be remembered by humans. What happens here on earth will be remembered in heaven as well. You will carry with you the feeling of greatness for God or sorrow you didn’t do more for God’s Kingdom.

Believers are ‘lifted off’ (Greek word: harpodso) when this earth is cleansed with fire. Those that died physical deaths first will rise up say out of their coffins as those holders will burn. Believers will return to earth as a ‘Cloud of witnesses’. All of the blood that cried out will mourn no more. All believers are covered by Messiach Yeshua’s atoning covenant blood shed on a tree, a stake of execution designed just the right way and at just the right time in history…At year 4000 from Adam.

The promise of ‘The Seed’ was declared to Adam in Month Four, Tevet. The Seed would come at Day Four (4000 years). In TEVET 2020 a seed from ADONAI rose up playing out a scheme to expose evil. The man called ‘Trump’ arrived with signals attached to his Hebrew birthday. He is born at the full moon to open the doors of darkness so light can return to our earth. At age 75 his birthday will signal darkness has covered the earth and especially the new Babylon people write books about…America.

Donald J Trump may not know his Hebrew birthday is 15 Sivan, but now he may since he is attached to a Total Lunar Eclipse in 2021.

DJT born: June 14, 1946: 15 Sivan…a full moon. Erev Sabbath ‘When you set up”, Beha’alotcha, Numbers 8:1-12:16; Zechariah 2:14-4:10. (Zech Beit:Aleph Dahlet-Dahlet:Yud) The house The Aleph The Door to The Door: Strong Hand and (2): The Temple: 14 (noon)

In 2021 Saros Series #121 will cross the Americas. This TOTAL Lunar Eclipse celebrates God’s chosen vessel DJT to unveil darkness to our world. Each of us has a specific time with only a 12-hour window to be conceived to be the person God designed us to be. Erev Sabbath

Donald J Trump is born on 15 Sivan. He is 70 years old in 2017 to declare Jerusalem Israel capitol. It is from this little piece of land that ADONAI chose to fight his battles.

Donald J Trump born on 15 Sivan will be 75 years old as Abraham was 75 leaving his father’s idols in Haran. Donald J Trump is a ‘portent’ signal to leave darkness. He is anointed to establish borders. He is anointed to lead ‘the slave’ out of slavery. He is appointed to be Yosef who had it all and yet shared I portions beyond measure to help his family live on the earth in safety and yet knowing they would all return to the God of Abraham, Isaac and Ya’cov.

We don’t add more names to Abraham Isaac and Ya’kov because ADONAI spoke to each of them separately about His promise of, The Land. Isaac’s birth began the 400-year schedule to, The Land.

The Land resurrects throughout history on schedule to show mankind the standard by which they should live in order to be safe on the entire earth.

President DJT (dahlet yud tav) open doors (4) by the strong hand (10) of Elohim to make covenant (400). President Trump is about restoring The Land and it’s borders. But, when Israel was held back in April 2020 for proceeding with The East Gate Plan, COVID 19 shut the world and Israel down.

America was busy with large numbers of our ships coordinating with the world’s fleets to take down the drug and sex trade via Venezuela and other countries. Our military was busy and not quite ready to help Israel in securing her borders.

On 9 Nisan 5780, April 3, 2020 Venezuela navel ship sinks after ramming empty German cruise ship.) On 8 Nisan, April 2, 2020 President Trump allows 42 (dahlet beit) the (dahlet) doors to open it’s (beit) house (America) people testing positive to COVID to brought into America.

God’s War via The Planned Demic was unleashed on the world because of us NOT stepping up to help secure that East Gate at The Jordan Valley. The ‘half tribe of Manasseh’ (Yoseph’s firstborn ‘forgotten’ son) represents us, ‘gentiles’. We are to help remove those on God’s soil and then keep that gate secure.

Yes, Gentile America is failing to secure this gate. This is the bible narrative and we don’t see it because we only think of the defiled Temple mount in Jerusalem. It is defiled yet because her borders have been given but not yet claimed. This East Gate was given to the firstborn Reuben to have…but the price for her was to come help your brothers secure their land. Reuben did it. Gad (with troops) did it. Manasseh would join them. These firstborns show us where God’s firstborn will also RETURN to fight to protect the rest of The Land. Palestinians intentionally plant ‘olive trees’ on land they do not own. They collect a harvest from these olives and so to remove them will make The Nation of Israel seem wrong. But, this land was reclaimed first in 1967 in The Six Day War…it now The Last to be settled.

We know our fight is not with flesh and blood but fought with the princes of the air. This land has been fought over again and again because it is God’s earthly example of what is going on in the heavens. You have spiritual and then you have physical. We must pray in The Spirit to win physical battles.

America has been so consumed with our own gates that now they truly seem to have fallen down with The Left wanting to ‘impeach’ him with only 13 days left of his reign. Caravans are again lining up at our borders because they see the ‘old system’ coming back to America.

Israel may feel she is going to be left on her own and this is dangerous as Iran already feels strong again to even threaten President Trump’s life on January 1, 2020. He arrived back to the WH from Margo Largo to lay out final strategies for securing our borders….so we remain a a deterrent for evil against The Land promised to Abraham, Isaac and Israel (AII). Yes, they are filled with the highest of intelligence..Elohim’s intelligence…who knows the end from the beginning…the Aleph to the Tav.

President Trump’s initials show us his purpose on earth. He’s a man of covenant with God. The covenant in and of itself is a sign to us. The sign or covenant even bears the shape of the letter on which it is carried out…a cross (t). The letter Tav looks like a small t but slanted. It takes the shape of two stakes put together to form an execution stake on which God’s only son died. It even shows us the secret of the number four. The last letter of the Hebrew Aleph-Beit has the numerical value of 400 showing AIY (Abram, Isaac, Ya’cov) or AII’s Land Promise. Portents to the 4000-year appearance to The Suffering Servant Yeshua Jesus.

ADONAI has his hands on Donald Trump to help open up The Land.

The covenant or TAV is even designed into the DNA of man’s human blood.

Let us pray for his continued anointing as Yeshua Jesus prayed for his disciples in those last hours….Oh Father, you gave them to me, please do not let any of them be lost,,,except the one that will deceive.

Donald J Trump was allowed to be a billionaire and yet much of it has been cast aside for the greater purposes of God. This TOTAL Lunar Eclipse Saros Series 121 happens in 2021. May 26, 2021 is 15 Sivan. It is a time on the Hebrew calendar known as SHAUVOT that celebrates the ruach HaChodesh, the spirit of God on the earth. We are familiar with it being called Pentecost which occurs 50 days after Yeshua Jesus rose from the dead. Yeshua follows his own pattern and leaves at 40 days from resurrection. This new pattern is when God speaks to mankind.. It is at Mt Sinai…at day 50 that The Torah is being given to Moses. It is not an exact day but it is a timing…such as Sivan 6 might not always be Day 50 of the Counting of the Omer.

What is key is the jubilee…being set free on Shavuot. Noah taught his children to honor it because Enoch and Methuselah taught him to honor it. Each generation and leader have honored this because without The Spirit of God on you you do NOT communicate with God. I know people who are so under God’s spirit that their daily walk is heavy in the spirit. I’m not gifted like that but I love to see the presence of God on His children.

Shavuot was celebrated by Adam, Enoch, Methuselah, Noach and passed forward to mankind confirming itself at Mt. Sinai with Moses. President Trump being born as the Sabbath begins on 15 Sivan on a full moon truly shows the spirit wanting to work in his life. And, it is his aunts who pray over him to spiritual leadership. Praying for our children, family and nation is so very important. I hope you find yourself tearing up when you hear of evil happening in it.

Genesis 1:14-19 – Day Four “God said, ‘Let there be lights in the dome of the sky to divide the day from the night; let them be for signs, seasons, days and years; and let them be for lights in the dome of the sky to give light to the earth”; and that is how it was.”……

People don’t quite get what signs and seasons are but they think they understand days and years. What we do know is that these two lights…one larger and one smaller both had a purpose. The signs are what we see in eclipses giving signal to mankind. Eclipses attach to God’s children even as ‘hybrid’ men are born under ‘hybrid’ eclipses. This is seen through a study noting Abraham’s family, Yeshua lifetime and others like Isaac Newton have around 20+ hybrid eclipses within a hundred year period.

Seasons are not necessarily on spring, summer, fall and winter. They are ‘mo’eds’ or appointments. God chose certain months as seasons to bring his children together. By man’s traditions we created Christmas, Easter, etc. God’s seasons are different…and we should honor them.

Month Four with Adam is Tevet. Four Hundred is Tav. Both are T relating to 4. Hebrew words have a primary letter which all things play off of that meaning. I’m noting that the numbers do the same as both Tevet is Month Four and the letter Tav’s value is 400. The number 4 is also the letter dahlet. Thus, the words connect. It is in this that patterns open up on our earth…such as:

Adam cast out on rosh Chodesh (dark) of Month Four after 40 days from ‘deception’ on Month Two Day Seventeen.

Trump builds 420 miles of border wall. His goal is to have 450 miles built by end of first term. He is the 45th President and finishing 450 miles of border wall.

Four is the letter dahlet, ‘move, hang, enter, open, path or way.

Five is hei ‘look, man, behold, reveal, show, sign, the.

Trump 45th President: Behold, look the man reveals the sign to move, hang, enter, to open the way or the path to enter our world to build it’s house and it’s walls.

This certainly describes Donald J Trump. His presidential walls have continually been torn down in his first four years where the last administration never accepted his presidency. God says that they will hate you because of me….they hated Me first.

The office of the Presidency of the United States continues to be breached from within on Christmas, December 25, 2020, The Fast of 10 Tevet, 5781. On January 10 it seems our President may have been moved to safety..13 Tevet, Erev Sabbath parshah Vayechi “And he lived’. Our President will live and be back.

Our history is being written and seems very dark as FOUR people died on out Nation’s Capitol’s steps with no one aiding them. How many lives will The Left offer up for their ‘dragonistic’ beliefs. Let us know these names and call them HEROS. And now they want to kill our Presdient? Fraudulent elections have been running our world. It is NOT about President Trump, it is about a new definition of ‘racisim’. They define it now as ‘class’. If you are NOT part of the ‘upper’ class…you are not to have any choice. The word ‘racist’ to them is about class, not color. President Trump cares about the lower and middle class…thus he is ‘racist’. He cares about all races and all income groups. They have no respect for ‘lower and middle’ class..but only their class…(their race).

This is a new concept I’m wrapping my head around as I heard Tucker Carlson speak about this. Racism is not color….it now about class. This is why Nancy Pelosi and such can say Trump 72 million supporters are just low lifes….I forget the word, but it truly is insulting.

This reminds me of Proverbs 30 where it says: Please don’t let me be so rich that I forget you and don’t let me be so pour that I embarrass you. These elite humans have forgotten who made them.

Even the flicker of a small match will shine in the complete dark. We are not to hide our light under a basket but shine forth. We should pray for our lights (our Menorah’s light) not to be removed from it’s lampstand.

I’m reminded of the prophet who laid on his side for three years having no word from God, but only what they had heard before. God has spoken enough to us and we’ve refused to RETURN to His ways…His instructions.

There are times of quiet and we have entered into that time. Noach’s family finally departed out of the ark and went their ways at the rosh chodesh of Month Four…Tevet 1.

Mark this day in Tevet: January 7, 2021, Tevet 22-23 The Left headed by Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, with Chuck Schumer and others spoke out against God’s appointed man…with 13 days left in office. On Monday, when the earth is again closing into darkness on the 27th of Tevet, the dragons will lift their gavel before our world and reveal their evil hearts. We don’t fear them because right now they are just exposing who they are….children of ‘The Deceiver’.

I believe we should sincerely fast before the Lord as the Rosh Chodesh of Month Five Shevat. Open the book of Zechariah and we see horsemen are going out onto the earth to remove man’s peace. God wants his peace to come in order to establish The Temple on the earth. I find volcanoes become active which moves the earth’s plates. If man will not submit, God returns yelling with thunderings, lightenings and the earth shaking. Then they fell down at Mt. Sinai and said to Moses: “You talk to him, if we hear any more we will surely die. We will do all He says.”


Adam’s bride was born on a Friday, Day Thirteen. On Day Fourteen Adam began his 40 days of sanctification before he could enter into The New Land…called Gan of Eden. Adam’s sanctification period ended at the rosh chodesh of Month Four, Tevet. Month Four is to be marked said Enoch. If you don’t mark the sight of it’s new moon you will be off by perhaps TEN days for other scheduled events by God…is his thought. Yes, if they don’t mark it, they would be off for the future memorial of being carried off to Babylon…10 Tevet. This began the being hauled off. It lasted over a year as they fought the process. America may fight this process as well. But, this time period ends to eventually bring them back after 70 years.

After 7000 years we also return to see an incredible world being delivered by heaven for us. It is called the New Heave and Renewed Earth. We have privilege in that we are the generation to see this flip….not in states, but in our world as it flips. It is flipped to Kingdom Living with our Messiach arriving to reign. But, it will be another hard delivery with Herods all around us trying to kill off those that loved that little baby that grew up and died for our sins. In Adam’s bride Eve whose real name is Chanoah we see the time schedule for The Bride.

Chanoah sanctification will last 80 days. Adam is in the Gan of Eden without his bride for 40 days just as Yeshua is without his bride for 4000 years and then comes to reveal himself to her at 4000 AM. Her sanctification is separated into three segments as was Adam’s. Her sanctification was just doubled because it’s first about The Groom coming and then it’s about The Bride being received. Thus, they were both set apart for 3 days, then 7 days which total ten days and then they will have another 30 days for a total of 40 days.

We might think this is a lot of think about and what are these patterns, but it’s not hard. There is a three pattern all pointing to Yeshua Jesus in the grave 3 days and 3 nights. So any time you see that theme…know that it points to The Resurrection.

Seven days is our earth going through it’s allotted time to reach the last goal of Day Eight when all is accomplished reaching 8000 years of earthly activity to mankind. All the expressions of SEVEN pattern and flow to point to the 7000 years which The Messiach will reign as King of Kings.

When you add their 3 days and 7 days it totals 10 days. These are Enoch’s ten generations expressed in 700 year increments. These 700 year generations complete 7000 years. Ten has always been known as a time of completion.

Thirty shows us Day Three again but also God’s time clock of one month which varies from 29 to 30 days per month. We don’t have to think too deep on the number thirty. Actually the letter Lamed shown in the picture language of a tall staff that look up and over the entire Hebrew aleph-beit. It’s sits in the middle….so we could say that it’s half of Six which is a smaller version of the lamed sitting close to the ground looking like a tent peg. Both hold the tent from together.

Week Six – Jubilee 2 of our earth, the first female is born in year 42. Chanoah’s womb opens to give birth to a female that is fought over….she will go to the firstborn, as Cain killed the second born Abel.

What does this tell us? The Six is double blessing or double cursing. A female of beauty would produce men of good and evil hearts. She is the door (4) to the future human (temples) (2) of men.

Forty Two is the last year in the Sixth Shemittah cycle. Forty Three begins the last seven years which go from 43-49. It’s done….50 (the jubilee) begins year 1. Awan is born in Jubilee 2 in the 42nd year; (50 plus 42). Thus, Adam is 92 years old when this future bride that can reproduce other humans is given to continue to seed the earth.

Pattern: Again WEEK SIX, Year 42…again..but Jubilee 3 the next female is born to help multiply on the earth: Azura. Adam is how old? 50+50+42 years is 142 when this future bride is born. Thus, we can see 42 is the Door to the human temple. It can also be the door to The Temple on earth for God’s bride known as Israel. It is this bride that we are to attach ourselves to.

FORTY TWO – The Year of The Bride Born

From all of my experience since 2017 with 42 hitting me right between my eyes everyday, I can today say, it’s making sense. The 60-day old calf that died and resurrected with a sign of lifting it’s head and sitting it on it’s front right hoof shows us it’s time for God to resurrect His Bride. By morning he had moved to a slightly different spot. His strength was coming into his temple as I then helped him climb up a steep hill to where he found a empty mineral tub to lick. We must lick up and absorb The Creators nutrients called, The Torah. We must have the correct head lifted up…that of Yeshua’s crowned head. This calf laid in thorn bushes and had to climb up through them in order to find his mother.

Nine months to full term in a cow and human.

December 20, 2020 Americans are informed that for about nine months America’s national security systems have been infiltrated by CHINA, Russia and Iran. Labeled: Worst American Crisis. Wikileaks copied and pasted security files to internet for all the world to see. But, that wasn’t the worst of leaks…that just revealed who The Left were. Security Walls are now gone in America. Our President will trust Patriots for his life. It’s a New War property named, God’s War. God’s War involves land and The Land can be secured with this President’s help. It’s The Land that holds The East Gate in Israel that we need to stay focused. BB Netanyahu’s two years is done…the red white and blue who don’t believe in arms will now rule for the remaining TWO years. Fear of annihilation has been spoken out loud. May it not be so ADONAI. If it is so, may it all be done according to your will and not ours. Help us to be strong as we endure to bring YOUR righteous ways back to our earth. We pray with this calf in mind…that you lift up our heads and not have them removed. May you lift up our feet to help us run the race set before us. May you help our leaders to lead under your visions…not false prophets.

I close now as Sabbath begins. I will post last weeks Torah portion as my friend made it ready to publish last week. I will add it’s patterns, so watch under an article at called, Vayechi (He lived) Genesis 47:28-50:26.

“Ya’cov lived in the land of Egypt seventeen years (Trump was building up The Land in 2017); thus Ya’akov lived to be 147 years old. (Israel became a nation in the fall of 1947. It was President Harry S Truman that congratulated them in May 1948 that brought bombs down on their heads.)

Genesis 47:29 The time came when Israel was approaching death, so he called for his son Yosef and said to him, “If you truly love me, please put your hand under my thigh (on his testicles) and pledge that, our of consideration for me, you will not bury me in Egypt. Rather, when I sleep with my fathers, you are to carry me out of Egypt and bury me where they are buried.” He replied, “I will do as you have said.” He said, “Swear it to me.” and he swore it to him. Then Isra’el bowed down at the head of his bed.

Israel did not die here…it is later that he fell ill and called all his sons to himself and declares a prophecy over each of them.

President Trump has moved out of The White House. He is in hiding. What a sad day for America. It was not sad to see 250,000 America have a peaceful protest in Washington, but it is sad how our Congress thinks Americans will submit to Communion.

Yoseph was hidden in Egypt because they tried to kill him. Yeshua Jesus was hidden in Egypt because Herod wanted to kill him. President Trump will hide in our world until the enemy is removed. The Promise is agreed…I will take you out of Egypt and return you to your land. You will NOT be buried among Gentiles but will be honored in The Land…forever these names are still remembered.

Let us close Genesis praying for our President of the United States and his family. May he come up out of Egypt leading into a free land. May ADONAI bless him as he now rests at the side of those that love him and his efforts to save America. God has blessed this, The Trumpet Man, who blew God’s shofar revealing America’s and worlds sins. May these ‘red dragons’ burn up in their own fiery plans as they backfire on them.

Hazak, hazak, v’nit’chazek!

Be strong, be strong, and let us be strengthened!

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